Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/Bleep/piccadilly/
Style   : world / electronic / modern classical / ambient /

MP      001     VISIBLE CLOAKS          VISIBLE CLOAKS                  12"     05.2018

        1       Wind Voice
        2       Lost Lake
        3       Painter/Stream
        4       Vocal Study
        5       Escape Music From City To Paradis
MP      002     PEDRO (PETER MEKWUNYE) : ONE KIND OF LOVE               LP      05.2017

        1.      One Kind Of Love                                03:57
        2.      Amor                                            03:47
        3.      Ndidi                                           03:33
        4.      Hosanah                                         04:13
        5.      My God                                          03:53
        6.      Omogé                                           02:52
        7.      Love, Perfect Bond                              03:32
        8.      South Africa                                    03:01

(Note : first-ever vinyl edition, mastered by Brandon Hocura of Invisible City and
        housed in a gorgeous screen-printed jacket)

Peter Mekwunye aka Pedro’s self-released side of homebrew boogie pop is a total
one-of-a-kind find dating to 1993 Portland, OR, and has been newly discovered by
Musique Plastique, who issued Visible Cloaks eponymous debut LP in 2015. Trust
that you’ve hardly ever heard such a raw, lo-fi slab so full of soul and vibes as
One Kind of Love!
MP      003     COLMAN                  DAEDALUS                        LP      08.2018

        1.      Wings Unfolding 
        2.      Forest Of Axes 
        3.      Sails Unfurled 
        4.      Glass Labyrinth 
        5.      Ambulant Sculptures 
        6.      Wings Unfolding (Part Two) 
        7.      Hot Air Balloon 
        8.      Empty Sky 
        9.      Fallen Angel 
        10.     Inside These Walls

Following on from releases of music by Visible Cloaks and Pedro, Portland’s record
shop-turned-label Musique Plastique have decided to give reissues a go. John Gilbert
Colman composed Daedalus in the mid-80s to accompany an avant-theatrical piece. It is,
of course, quite strange. Sometimes it sounds almost like chamber music, sometimes like
the intro to a children’s TV show, and sometimes it’s little more than someone cooing
and plucking a banjo.
MPL     4       ATTILIO                 ART TAKES A HOLIDAY             LP      02.2019

        01.     DO YOU DREAM IN COLOR?
        03.     NORMAL LIFE REFUGE
        05.     GIVING UP TIME
        06.     DREAM CURVE
        07.     SHAPE IN COLOR
        08.     PROTECT ME
        09.     MENAGE A TROIS
        10.     PILLOWS

Glassy, new age FM synth chimes, fragrant atmospheres and jazzy, light-footed drum
machine programming, hatched in 1989 and reissued for first time - tipped to fans
of Lifted or Ramzi.
MPL     5       GUERILLA WELFARE : THE NATURE OF HUMAN NATURE           LP      04.2019

        01.     MELTING POT
        02.     FEAR ARISES
        03.     AGGRESSION
        04.     THOUGHT BREEDS FEAR
        05.     EASY STREET
        06.     ATOM BOMB
        07.     ROCK-A-BYE
        08.     I WAS BORN
        10.     SO, TODAY

Rude dub-funk experiments from 1986 Canada - think ‘My Life in the Bush Of Ghosts
Eno at Tubby’s studio, overseen by Bill Laswell’s Material. Remastered from original
tapes. 2nd hand copies aren’t cheap!