Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : soul / funk / r+b /

MTMB    1       ZOHRA                   BADALA ZAMANA                   7"      03.2019

        A1.     Badala Zamana
        B1.     Badala Zamana (extended)

Repress on 7" of the 1977 produced title track 'Badala Zamana' by Algerian singer
Zohra, with extended version on the flip! Born in 1950 near Constantine and raised
on a parental diet of traditional Arabic music, Zohra quickly took up singing and
playing the guitar and kept doing so after she and her family moved to the North of
France. Playing gala events and receptions during her first years in France it took
an encounter with multi-talented instrumentalist, composer, arranger and conductor
Joel Hannier to take her into the world of recorded music. Joel Hannier's experience
in writing and interpreting music for ballets, television, orchestras and a vast
array of French and international musicians made sure their collaboration - sung
in a Berber dialect - was destined for success. The title track 'Badala Zamana' gets
picked up by various radio stations, most notably in Arabic speaking countries.
In France the song did not go unnoticed either, but until today - although championed
by Habibi Funk among a few others - it remains relatively unearthed.