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28012 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 531 36 09
Fax: +34 91 522 28 57

Inigo Pastor

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A division of Distrolux SL. Sister label of Vampi Soul.

Munster Records is an independent Spanish label created in the 1980s. In the last
decade its main focus has been reissues of punk, garage, rock and other akin genres and
subgenres. From its early days, Munster was conceived as a label catering for the
demanding music fan and record collector, releasing its records on both CD and vinyl,
the latter usually as limited editions. Munster also frequently releases records by
contemporary bands. Some of Munster's recent releases include the complete recordings
by 60s Peruvian garage band Los Saicos, the early recordings of seminal Spanish punk
band Eskorbuto, a compilation of Czech experimental rock band The Plastic People Of
The Universe and the acclaimed Daniel Johnston box-set "The Story Of An Artist".

Start  : 1983
Distr. : SP - PIAS/Army/Running Circle/Comforte/
         UK - Cargo                  (1995)
              Shellshock             (2004)
              Piccadilly             (2009)
         GE -
         NE/BNX - Sonic Rendezvous
         FR - Differ-Ant
         IT -
         AU -         (Austria)
         SW -         (Switzerland)
         GR -
         CA - Scratch
         US - Forced Exposure   (2010)
              Get Hip
         JA -
         AUS-     (Australia)
         NZ -
Lab code   : LC 4921
Sub labels : Ay Carramba! Rekkids, Beat Generation, Electro Harmonix, Fiebre,
             Munster Books, The Munster Dance Hall Favorites, ViNiLiSSSiMO
Style  : garage rock / punk / reissue / revival rock / mod / indie rock / noise
         / shoegaze / alternative / folk rock / hard rock / hardcore / HC punk /
         glam rock / proto punk / avantgarde / space rock / no wave / new wave /
         slowcore / punk blues / stoner / rockabilly / beat music / psychedelic /
         minimal wave / minimal synth / ska / oi / r&r / r&b / soul /

                (m)     mono format

MR      001     V / A : THE MUNSTER DANCE HALL FAVORITES VOL.2          LP        .1989

        A1      La Granja               High School
        A2      Locos Mosquitos         No Time to Turn Around
        A3      Departamento-B          The Crusher
        A4      The Amateurs            She'll Cut You Inside
        A5      The Loads               Ou Ou Ou
        A6      Los Comomolo            Las perras
        A7      Los Deltonos            Ahw Baby
        B1      Bombarderos             Don't Stop Me Now
        B2      The Bumpers             Route 66
        B3      Los Mescaleros          Can You Hear Me?
        B4      Cerebros Exprimidos     Gritos en la noche
        B5      Los Potros              Where Are You?
        B6      La Burla                Me trata como un negro
        B7      Los Bichos              Black Blood Nightmare I
MR      002     LOS COMOMOLO            POR LA CARA                     12"       .1989
TOR     002

        A1      Por la cara
        A2      Bombón
        A3      Tus viejos
        B1      Colmenar
        B2      La filosofal
        B3      Dime cuando
MR      003     V / A : MUNSTER DANCE HALL FAVORITES VOL.3              LP        .1990

        A1      The Bam Balams          Munster Rock'n'Roller
        A2      Celebrity Skin          Poissanna
        A3      Infidels                Any Way You Want It
        A4      The Sinners             Don't Mind Rockin' Tonite
        A5      Happydeadmen            Heaven No!
        A6      The Chemistry Set       Sitting on the Top of the World
        A7      The Ultra 5             Don't Know Why
        A8      Kid Pharaon and The Mercenaries : Knockin' on Heaven's Door
        B1      Villa 21                We've Still Got a Long Way to Go!
        B2      Bored!                  Electrophonic Tonic
        B3      The Spanks              Rockin' Hood
        B4      The Honeymoon Killers   Head Twister
        B5      The Last Drive          Black / Limbo
        B6      Lul                     Words
        B7      Spacemen 3              Big City-Hypnobeat
        B8      La Secta                Sweet Browny
MR      004     CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS     MAS SUICIDIOS                   LP        .1990

        A1      A punta de navaja
        A2      Perdi mi mente
        A3      Enterrado vivo
        A4      Mas suicidios
        A5      Surfin´dee dee
        A6      Dentro de mi
        A7      Zapatos de piel
        B1      Instrumental
        B2      Esquizofrenia
        B3      La visita
        B4      Arrepientete!
        B5      Tienes razon
        B6      Vacaciones en Siberia
MR      005     V / A : THE SURF & SKATE RIOT VOL.1                     LP        .1990
TRES    60

        A1      The Raunch Hands        I Live for the Sun
        A2      Surfin' Lungs           Let 'em Eat Surf
        A3      The Neurones            Surfin' With Jesus
        A4      The A-Bones             Genocide
        A5      The Devil Dogs          Be True to Your School
        A6      The Untamed Youth       The Hearse
        A7      Sonic Surf City         Sonic Surfer Boy
        B1      Doggy Style             Don't Hit Me Up
        B2      8 Forces                Seek the Light
        B3      Corn Flakes             The Weakest Man
        B4      Cerebros Exprimidos     Skatin' Dee Dee
        B5      Flitox                  Deus Ex Machina
        B6      Wipe Out Skaters        Canonazo
        B7      Tropel Nat              Fresas
MR      006     LA SECTA                BLUE TALES                      LP        .1990

                Esta cara
        A1      Blue Tale
        A2      Don't Look Back
        A3      Youth
        A4      The Beast
                La otra
        B1      I Just Want to Be Myself
        B2      Pseudo
        B3      Sick
        B4      I Hate That Trip
MR      007     LOS PORTOS              BLACK LIGHT                     LP        .1990

        A1      Inside My Brain                                 2:02
        A2      To Keep You Satisfied                           2:03
        A3      Close Your Eyes                                 2:55
        A4      Walkin' With My Girl                            2:17
        A5      Shades of Myself                                2:26
        A6      Without You                                     2:08
        B1      No, Not Again                                   2:27
        B2      Black Clouds                                    2:11
        B3      Letters Are Written                             1:36
        B4      Waters Always Run With Mud                      2:35
        B5      Love Is Dead                                    3:37
        B6      The 'She' You Lose                              2:09
MR      008     V / A : THE MUNSTER DANCE HALL FAVORITES VOL.4          LP        .1991

        A1      Los Malditos            Es la edad
        A2      The Blue Bus            Love, Death & Sea
        A3      Doctor Explosion        Change Your Mind
        A4      Salamanders             Paper Woman
        A5      The Pribata Idaho       When the Day Fall Down
        A6      Murder in the Barn      El color oscuro del alma
        A7      Los Valendas            Lady X
        A8      Los Imposibles          Todo el mundo
        B1      El Desvän del Macho :  La pasión del mullido (Cuello escamoso)
        B2      Lagartija Nick : I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night
        B3      Penelope Trip           Ingrid Superstar
        B4      La Perrera              Busca y destruye
        B5      Escuela Muerte          Sangre
        B6      Labanak                 Sorterik Badut
        B7      Patrullero Mancuso      La matanza de Lugo
        B8      Club Eléctrico          Contigo
        B9      Cancer Moon             Voice of the Sax
MR      009     LA SECTA                OUR KICKS EP                    12"       .1991

        A1      20th Century Boy
        A2      Ghost Rider
        B1      Demolition Derby
        B2      Revolution
MR      010     JOSETXO                 MY DEAF PINK...LOVE             LP        .1991

        A1      Foo Sex Fly
        A2      Nancy Fucker
        A3      Sand
        A4      Solid Gold Hell
        B1      I Remember
        B2      Sittin' On Top Of The World
        B3      Deepdeepbabe
        B4      I'm Not Your Kind Of Guy
                (Note : LP + 12 p. comic booklet)
MR      011     SPACEMEN 3 : LOSING TOUCH WITH YOUR MIND                LP        .1991
MR      011 CD  SPACEMEN 3 : LOSING TOUCH WITH YOUR MIND                CD        .1991

LP      A1      Honey
        A2      Walkin' with Jesus
        A3      Repeater
        A4      X-Tacy Symphony
        A5      Transparent Radiation
        B1      Losing Touch with My Mind
        B2      Suicide
        B3      Things'll Never Be the Same
        B4      Why Couldn't I See

CD      1       Honey                                           3:01
        2       Walkin' Wth Jesus                               5:16
        3       Repeater                                        8:25
        4       X-Tacy Symphony                                 3:21
        5       Transparent Radiation                           6:45
        6       Losing Touch With My Mind                       5:17
        7       Suicide (Heavy Drum Mix)                        10:23
        8       Things'll Never Be the Same                     5:28
        9       Why Couldn't I See (Alternate Mix)              6:30
MR      012     V / A : NOT THE SINGER BUT THE SONGS...AN ALEX CHILTON  2LP       .1991

LP 1    A1      The Hucksters           Ballad of El Goodo
        A2      The Dangtrippers        In the Street
        A3      The Wishniaks           Thirteen
        A4      Pyramidiacs             When My Babe's...
        A5      Los Valendas            Watch the Sunrise
        A6      The Dambuilders         ST 100/6
        B1      The 27 Various          Life Is White
        B2      Big Citizen             You Get What You...
        B3      The Chevelles           Back of a Car
        B4      September Gurls         September Gurls
        B5      Silver Chapter          Morpha Too
        B6      The Popes               I'm in Love With a Girl
        B7      Mitch Easter & Angie Carlson : Kizza Me
        B8      Happy Hate Me Nots      Jesus Christ

LP 2    C1      Head Candy              Thank You Friends
        C2      Los Bichos              Holocaust
        C3      99th Floor              Nightime
        C4      Dum Dum Boys            Big Black Car
        C5      The Young Fresh Fellows : She Might Look...
        C6      Exploding White Mice    Bangkok
        D1      Vancouvers              Hey Little Child
        D2      The Preachers           My Rival
        D3      Interstellar Villains   Like Flies...
        D4      Ben Vaughn              Paradise
        D5      La Secta                Dalai Lama
        D6      Pink Slip Daddy         Junkyard

CD              [same track details]
MR      013     PETRULLERO MANCUSO      EL TRABAJO DE ODIAR             LP        .1991

        A1      Canción de amor
        A2      Duda
        A3      Ebria tertulia
        A4      (Hazte un) Lifting
        A5      El trabajo de odiar
        B1      Crimen astral
        B2      Oda a la espera
        B3      El graduado
        B4      Rocas abajo
        B5      Lola Tomillo
MR      014     LOS VALENDAS            TURTLE FRIEND                   LP        .1991
MR      014 CD  LOS VALENDAS            TURTLE FRIEND                   CD        .1991

LP      A1      Whith the tide
        A2      Purple Friend
        A3      Water Python Skin
        A4      A Pair of Velvet Gloves
        B1      Satellites
        B2      Butter Tricks
        B3      Good Old Days
        B4      Purple Friend (Version Acustica)

CD      1       Tweety Bird Tatoo
        2       Miserable Day
        3       Purple Friend
        4       Whith the Tide
        5       Running Over Dogs (After Making Love)
        6       Satellites
        7       Water Python Skin
        8       A Pair of Velvet Gloves
        9       Good Old Days
        10      Rows of Eyes
        11      Black Widow
        12      Watch the Sunrise
        13      I Want What You Got
        14      Purple Friend (Version Acustica)
        15      Butter Tricks
MR      015     THE YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS : SOMOS LOS MEJORES             LP        .1991
MR      015 CD  THE YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS : SOMOS LOS MEJORES             CD        .1991

LP.CD   A1      Two Guitars, Bass and Drums
        A2      I Don't Let the Little ...
        A3      Get Outta My Cave
        A4      How Much About Last Night ...
        A5      Divorce #9
        A6      Taco Wagon
        A7      Horses, Horses, Horses, Horses
        A8      Rock and Roll Guitar
        B1      R&R Pest Control
        B2      Celebration
        B3      Lost Track of Time
        B4      Picture Book
        B5      Hank Karen and Elvis
        B6      I Hate Everything
        B7      Topsy Turvy Theme
        B8      Take My Brain Away
MR      016     CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS     BONZOMANIA                      LP        .1991

        A1      Sentirme bien
        A2      Listos para sufrir
        A3      Experto en muerte
        A4      Dragon Lady
        A5      Bonzomanía
        B1      Ritual
        B2      Irresponsable
        B3      Dum
        B4      Hazlo ahora
        B5      Pennies From Heaven
MR      017     THE PRIBATA IDAHO       CACTUS JUICE                    LP        .1992

        A1      Day After Day
        A2      Everythings's The Same
        A3      Shake Some Action
        A4      ... Ahead Of Time
        A5      Mr. Rickenbacker Man
        B1      But She Don't Care
        B2      Old Glory
        B3      Maybe We'll Meet Someone
        B4      For What Is Worth
        B5      When The Day Falls Down
MR      018     HELLMENN                ELECTRIC CRAZY LAND EP          12"       .1991

        A1      Broker
        A2      Window
        A3      Touch
        B1      Longarm
        B2      Loaded
        B3      Whirlwind
MR      019
MR      020     THE WISHNIAKS : ALL DRESSED UP AND NOWHERE TO GO        LP        .1992

        A1      Two Dannys                                      3:34
        A2      Under Your Wing                                 4:19
        A3      Me + Gemini Take A Long Ride                    4:38
        A4      Whistle Stop                                    3:26
        B1      Wake Up, Tracey Paul                            3:22
        B2      Passenger Trains                                3:13
        B3      Birthday School                                 4:56
        B4      Chemical Road                                   3:16
MR      021     LOS VALENDAS            TWEETY BIRD TATTOO EP           12"       .1992

        A1      Tweety Bird Tattoo                              2:50
        A2      Running After Dogs (After Making Love)          2:57
        B1      Miserable Day                                   3:16
        B2      Rows Of Eyes                                    2:21
MR      022     PENELOPE TRIP           POLITOMANIA                     LP        .1992
MR CD   022     PENELOPE TRIP           POLITOMANIA+HAMMERHEAD          CD        .1992

LP      1       Tigremoon
        2       Helly
        3       Spycho
        4       Demo
        5       Inside the taxi
        6       Sugar colt
        7       Ingrid Superstar
        8       Overdriver

CD      1       Tigre Moon
        2       Helly
        3       Spycho I
        4       Spycho II
        5       Demo
        6       Inside The Taxi
        7       Sugar-Colt
        8       Ingrid Superstar
        9       Overdriver
        10      Ultravioleta
        11      Francine
        12      Candy City
        13      All Tomorrow's Parties
MR      023     CANCER MOON             FLOCK, COLIBRI, OIL             LP        .1992

LP      A1      Solution (Mooncycle)                            3:11
        A2      Ink                                             4:39
        A3      Have You Seen It?                               3:04
        A4      White Sky                                       6:26
        B1      Smokers                                         2:43
        B2      Folks                                           3:50
        B3      Stocks                                          6:21
        B4      Whole World                                     2:07
        B5      Indians                                         3:29

CD      1       Solution (Mooncycle)                            3:11
        2       Ink                                             4:40
        3       Have You Seen It?                               3:05
        4       White Sky                                       6:27
        5       Human Jukebox                                   5:32
        6       Smokers                                         2:44
        7       Folks                                           3:51
        8       Stocks                                          6:21
        9       Whole World                                     2:08
        10      Indians                                         3:30
        11      Girl                                            7:28
MR      024     EL VEZ                  NOT HISPANIC                    LP        .1992

        A1      Esta bien mamacita
        A2      En el barrio (Video Mix)
        A3      Maria's the Name (Of His Latest Flame) (Re-Mix)
        A4      Lordy Miss Lupe
        B1      Esta Bien (Impersonators Sing-Along Mix)
        B2      Samba para Elvis
        B3      Black Magic Woman
        B4      Never Been to Spain
MR      025     GERMS                   CAT'S CLAUSE                    10"       .1993

        A1      Public Image
        A2      Lion's Share
        A3      Strange Notes
        A4      Shut Down (Never Ending Version)
        A5      Germ's Riot
        B1      Lexicon Devil
        B2      Other Newest One
        B3      My Tunnel
        B4      Circle One
        B5      Strange Notes
MR      026     THE YOUNG FRESH FELLOW : IT'S LOW BEAT TIME             LP        .1992

        A1      Low Beat Overture                               0:14
        A2      Right Here                                      3:33
        A3      Snow White                                      1:55
        A4      Mr. Anthony's Last                              2:34
        A5      Whatever You Are                                1:57
        A6      Two Headed Fight                                3:03
        A7      A Minor Bird                                    4:35
        A8      Faultless                                       2:54
        A9      The Crafty Clerk                                3:20
        B1      Low Beat                                        2:43
        B2      Love Is A Beautiful Thing                       2:32
        B3      She Sees Color                                  2:02
        B4      Monkey Say                                      2:49
        B5      99 Girls                                        2:05
        B6      She Won't Budge                                 1:52
        B7      Green Green                                     8:42
MR      027     THE A-10                RADIO CONFUSION                 LP        .1992
MR      027 CD  THE A-10                RADIO CONFUSION                 CD        .1992

LP      A1      Natural
        A2      Mary Morgenstien
        A3      Same Old Stuff
        A4      Angry
        A5      Solaris
        A6      Downer
        A7      Xenophobia
        B1      Fool Around
        B2      Stupid World
        B3      Opern Heart
        B4      Flies Again
        B5      Despair
        B6      Quantity
        B7      Blue Sky Variation

CD      1       Natural                                         3:53
        2       Mary Morgenstien                                3:47
        3       Same Old Stuff                                  3:21
        4       Angry                                           2:43
        5       Solaris                                         4:12
        6       Downer                                          5:21
        7       Xenophobia                                      2:41
        8       Fool Around                                     2:27
        9       Stupid World                                    2:44
        10      Opern Heart                                     6:00
        11      Flies Again                                     2:50
        12      Despair                                         3:32
        13      Quantity                                        5:29
        14      Blue Sky Variation                              5:11
        15      Egypt Fire                                      2:40
        16      Stelazin                                        4:59
        17      Hologram Rose                                   3:22
        18      Cheree                                          3:37
        19      Bay City                                        3:41
MR      028     THE CHEVELLES           IN THE ZERO HOUR                LP        .1993

        A1      Be My Friend                                    2:56
        A2      She Don't Come...                               3:35
        A3      Show Me Your Love                               3:43
        A4      Tracie Lee                                      2:55
        A5      First Time                                      3:19
        A6      Hold On                                         4:08
        A7      The Kid's Ain't Hip!                            3:28
        B1      Deceivin'                                       3:25
        B2      Run & Hide                                      2:50
        B3      Elroy                                           2:16
        B4      Find My Way Out                                 3:35
        B5      Can't Stop                                      3:26
        B6      Red Dress                                       3:46
MR      029     CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS : 1987-92 COMPLETE STUDIO REC.      LP        .1993
MR      029 CD  CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS : 1987-92 COMPLETE STUDIO REC.      CD        .1993

LP      A1      Cerebros exprimidos
        A2      Que quieres de mí
        A3      Huye de ellos
        A4      Tienes razón
        A5      Chinese rocks
        A6      La visita
        A7      Quiero morir
        A8      (Sigue el ritmo que) golpea tu cabeza
        A9      Vacaciones en siberia
        A10     Dentro de mí
        A11     A punta de navaja
        B1      La super-rápida
        B2      Huye de ellos
        B3      Terror en Jacksonville
        B4      Las cosas van mal
        B5      Exprímelo
        B6      Zapatos de piel
        B7      Gritos en la noche
        B8      No lo vi venir
        B9      Fraga quiere ser una chica James Bond
        B10     Pastanaga dance

CD      1       Que Quieres De Mi
        2       Exprimelo
        3       Gritos De La Noche
        4       Huye De Ellos
        5       Sigue El Ritmo...
        6       Terror En J. Ville
        7       A Punta De Navaja
        8       Perdi Mi Mente
        9       Enterrado Vivo
        10      Mas Suicidios
        11      Surfin' Dee Dee
        12      Dentro De Mi
        13      Zapatos De Piel
        14      (Instrumental) 	
        15      Esquizofrenia
        16      La Visita
        17      Arrepientete!
        18      Tienes Razon
        19      Vacaciones En Siberia
        20      Sentirme Bien
        21      Listos Para...
        22      Experto En...
        23      Dragon Lady
        24      Bonzomania
        25      Ritual
        26      Irresponsable
        27      D.U.M.
        28      Hazlo Ahora
        29      P. From Heaven
MR      030     V / A : MUNSTER DANCE HALL FAVOROTES VOL.5              LP      02.1993

        A1      Ex-Crocodiles           Idiot With a Flute
        A2      Ross                    At Home
        A3      Los Brujos              Rápidamente
        A4      Cosecha Roja            Nada más
        A5      Soul Bisontes           Rio de chocolate
        A6      The Flashback Five      You're Victor
        A7      Brioles                 Cretin' Song
        A8      Malcolm Scarpa          Three Little Flowers
        A9      Al Ácido                I Love How You Love Me
        B1      La Clausura             Baby It's Wrong
        B2      Parkinson D.C.          Let It Show (Alt.)
        B3      ?                       No T.V.
        B4      Electric Garden         Aftershock
        B5      Pop Crash Colapso       RIP Motherfuckers
        B6      Vívoras                 La hoguera
        B7      Shock Treatment         People
        B8      Eléctrico Azul          Azul
        B9      Los Canadienses         Game of Janken
        B10     Usura                   Brainstorm
MR      031 CD  V / A : BEST OF MUNSTER DANCE HALL FAVORITES VOL.1-4    CD        .1993

        1       Sex Museum              You                     3:03
        2       Los Enemigos            Chicken All Over        3:10
        3       La Granja               High School             2:32
        4       The Loads               Ohh Hoo Hoo             3:18
        5       Los DelTonos            Ahw Baby                2:56
        6       Los Bichos              Black Blood Nightmare   3:25
        7       Cerebros Exprimidos     Gritos en la noche      3:56
        8       The Amateurs            She'll Cut You Inside   3:31
        9       La Secta                Sweet Browny            2:58
        10      Los Malditos            Es la edad              3:47
        11      The Blue Bus            Love, Death & Sea       3:03
        12      The Pribata Idaho       When the Day Fall Down  3:32
        13      Los Valendas            Lady X                  2:47
        14      El Desvän del Macho     Cuello escamoso         2:47
        15      Lagartija Nick : I Had Too Much to Dream Last
                Night                                           2:56
        16      Penelope Trip           Ingrid Superstar        2:33
        17      La Perrera              Busca y destruye        2:26
        18      Patrullero Mancuso      La matanza de Lugo      3:10
        19      Cancer Moon             Voice of the Sax        2:26
        20      Ex-Crocodiles           Idiot with a Flute      3:12
        21      Ross                    At Home                 3:11
        22      Al Ácido : I Love You How You Love Me           2:23
        23      ?                       No TV                   2:57
        24      Eléctrico Azul          Azul                    3:45
MR      032     THE ZEROS               KNOCKIN' ME DEAD                LP        .1994

        A1      Baby's Gotta Have Her Way
        A2      Wimp
        A3      Wanna Go
        A4      Lay Off, She's Mine
        A5      Knockin' Me Dead
        A6      Beat Your Heart Out
        A7      Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
        B1      Shannon Said
        B2      Outta Place
        B3      Left To Right
        B4      She's So Wild
        B5      Looking For Some Fun
        B6      Ninos
        B7      Stop-N-Think
        B8      I Don't Know
MR      033     WHITE FLAG              THRU THE TRASH, DARKLY          LP        .1993
MR CD   033     WHITE FLAG              THRU THE TRASH, DARKLY          CD        .1993

LP      A2      Don't Give It Away
        A3      Face Down
        A4      I Need You
        A5      Suicide King
        A6      He's a Whore
        A7      Beyond Hurt
        A8      Babysitter
        A9      Fruit Loop Dreams
        A10     Medicine Man
        B1      Everything Means Nothing
        B2      Call on Me
        B3      Instant Breakfast
        B4      Hot Rails to Hell
        B5      Loaded
        B6      Middle Clash Hell
        B7      Shattered Badge
        B8      Flipside (Video Theme)
        B9      Mirror Mirror
        B10     Cheze
        B11     Thurston Moore Socks
        B12     Jungle

CD      1       In The City (Previously Unreleased)
        2       Don't Give It Away (Alternate Mix)
        3       Face Down (Alternate Mix)
        4       I Need You
        5       Beyond Hurt (Alternate Mix)
        6       In A Different Light
        7       Suicide King (7" Mix)
        8       He's A Whore (Alternate Mix)
        9       Think 4 Yourself
        10      Everything Means Nothing (Previously Unreleased)
        11      Hot Rails To Hell (Alternate Mix)
        12      Fruit Loop Dreams
        13      Glass Dagger
        14      I'm Down
        15      Instant Breakfast ("Freedom Fighters" Mix)
        16      Butterfly Revolution
        17      Demolition Girl (Alternate Vocal Take)
        18      Return Of The King
        19      Jungle ("Sgt. Pepper" Version)
        20      I'll Be Back (Alternate Mix)
        21      Loaded
        22      Suite Bobby Brady
        23      Hot Bitch (With An Electric Guitar) ("Lovedolls" Film Soundtrack Mix)
        24      Shattered Badge
        25          Flipside (Video Theme) (Album Mix)
        26      Wake Up Screaming
        27      Over My Head (Alternate "Loud Mick Ness" Mix)
        28      Celebrate ("Third Strike" Version)
        29      Mirror Mirror
        30      Suzy Secret
        31      Hoppity Hooper ("R Is For Rocket" Version)
        32      Flaming Halos
        33      Cheze / First Gig Chaos (Previously Unreleased)
        34      Why? Because!
MR      034     EX-CROCODILES           NARCOLEPSIA                     LP        .1992

        A1      Summertime Girl
        A2      Peace On Earth
        A3      Is It Your Name
        A4      Dear Brian
        B1      Never Again
        B2      Like A Crocodile
        B3      Nobody Dreams As Much As Me
        B4      Wavin' Goodbye
MR      035     PARKINSON D.C.          OVERDREAM                       LP      11.1992
MR CD   035     PARKINSON D.C.          OVERDREAM                       CD      11.1992

LP      A1      The Trip
        A2      Let It Show
        A3      Walk Away From Me
        A4      Love's a Haze
        A5      If You Smile
        A6      Sonic Waves
        B1      Compulsion
        B2      Heavy Drug
        B3      All That I Care
        B4      Sad Love

CD      1       The Trip
        2       Let It Show
        3       Walk Away From Me
        4       Love's A Haze
        5       If You Smile
        6       Sonic Waves
        7       Compulsion
        8       Heavy Drug
        9       All That I Care
        10      Sad Love
        11      Creamland
        12      Breath
        13      Everything
        14      Kill Your Darlings
        15      Only A Week
MR CD   036     V / A : MUNSTER RECORDS GONNA GET YOU                   CD        .1993

        1       Dr. Jack Van Impe       Intro "An Important Message"
        2       Ben Vaughn              Paradise
        3       The Pribata Idaho       Old Glory
        4       Flop                    Tomato Paste
        5       Penelope Trip           Helly
        6       Cancer Moon             Solution
        7       Cerebros Exprimidos     Red Cross Medley
        8       El Vez                  Never Been to Spain
        9       The Young Fresh Fellows : Mr Anthony's Last
        10      La Secta                We Get What We Deserve
        11      The A-10                Angry
        12      The Chevelles           Tracy Lee
        13      White Flag              Call on Me
        14      Crocodiles              Peace on Earth
        15      ?                       No T.V.
        16      Parkinson D.C.          Compulsion
        17      Pyramidiacs             Solo una vez
        18      Los Valendas            Lonesome Clowns
        19      Mudhoney                Baby Oh Baby
        20      New Bomb Turks : Cryin' Into the Beer of a Drunk Man
MR      037     PATRULLERO MARCUSO      FANTASIA                        LP        .1993

        A1      El marcapasos                                   2:46
        A2      Simago                                          2:43
        A3      Canción de amor II                              3:52
        A4      Mentiras                                        3:07
        A5      Fantasía                                        4:07
        A6      Gato de mar                                     4:23
        B1      Pienso luego miento                             3:59
        B2      El chico con ruedas                             3:29
        B3      T.V.                                            4:43
        B4      21-Cacao                                        3:11
        B5      Camino al cielo                                 3:21
        B6      No estar                                        3:54
        B7      Marcha del duende fumador                       1:25
MR      038
MR      039     BUM                     WANNA SMASH SENSATION           LP        .1993

        A1      Debbie Speak
        A2      Your Disciple
        A3      When She Walked
        A4      The Eternal Idea
        A5      Wedding Day
        A6      Bent on Being Bent
        A7      I Hardly Breathe
        B1      Mallory
        B2      Instant Kool-Ayd
        B3      At the Well
        B4      A Promise Is a Promise
        B5      I'm Not One
        B6      No Idea
MR      040     V / A YOUR INVITATION TO SUICIDE-TRIBUTE: SUICIDE       2LP       .1994

LP 1    A1      White Flag (With Two Virgins) : Speed Queen
        A2      Thin White Rope         Rocket USA
        A3      The Gories              Ghost Rider
        A4      Cancer Moon             Girl
        A5      The A-10                Cheere
        A6      The Chrome Cranks       Cool As Ice
        B1      Darkside                Frankie Teardrop
        B2      Jackknife               All Night Long
        B3      Mudhoney                Baby Oh Baby
        B4      Dum Dum Boys            Baby Oh Baby
        B5      The Honeymoon Killers   Fireball
        B6      Luna                    Dream Baby Dream

LP 2    C1      Sonic Boom              R&R Is Killing My Life
        C2      Fireworks               Be Bop Kid
        C3      The Flaming Lips        Ice Drummer
        C4      The Nomads              Magdelena
        C5      La Secta                Raver
        C6      The Sick Rose           Goodbye Darling
        C7      Rex Mundy               Sweetheart
        C8      Action Family           Rock & Roll Rebel
        D1      Ben Vaughn              Jukebox Babe
        D2      The Last Drive          Outlaw
        D3      Pray TV                 Wipe Out Beat
        D4      Angel Corpus Christi    Surrender
        D5      Zenith                  Bring in the Year 2.000
        D6      Codeine                 Two Faced Man

CD      1       White Flag (with Two virgins) : Speed Queen     7:27
        2       Thin White Rope         Rocket USA              5:35
        3       The Gories              Ghost Rider             3:46
        4       The A-10                Cheere                  3:35
        5       The Darkside            Frankie Teardrop        9:11
        6       Mudhoney                Baby Oh Baby            3:46
        7       The Honeymoon Killers   Fireball                2:32
        8       Luna                    Dream Baby Dream        5:54
        9       Sonic Boom : R&R Is Killing My Life             4:15
        10      The Flaming Lips        Ice Drummer             4:24
        11      The Nomads              Magdalena               3:54
        12      La Secta                Raver                   3:21
        13      Ben Vaughn              Jukebox Babe            4:41
        14      Angel Corpus Christi    Surrender               3:41
        15      Zenith                  Bring in the Year 2.000 7:24
        16      Codeine                 Two Faced Man           3:03
MR      041     THE PRIBATA IDAHO       THE PRIBATA IDAHO               10"       .1993

        A1      Don't Put the Blame on Me
        A2      Starry Eyes
        B1      Don't Wait Up for Me
        B2      Headless Man
MR      042     LOS VALENDAS            ONE, TWO...TREE!                LP        .1994
MR CD   042     LOS VALENDAS            ONE, TWO...TREE!                CD        .1994

LP      A1      Narrow Minded Kids                              3:45
        A2      Ice-Cream World                                 3:23
        A3      In A Tiny Box                                   2:32
        A4      Dear Lady X                                     3:00
        A5      Seth Dove (The Scarecrow's Son)                 3:32
        B1      Through The Needle's Eye                        3:36
        B2      The Death Of Dr. Mertens                        3:11
        B3      Answering With Questions                        3:23
        B4      Lonesome Clowns                                 3:12
        B5      Shiny Leather                                   4:00

CD      1       Narrow Minded Kids                              3:45
        2       Ice-Cream World                                 3:23
        3       In A Tiny Box                                   2:32
        4       Dear Lady X                                     3:00
        5       Seth Dove, The Scarecrow's Son                  3:32
        6       Through The Needle's Eye                        3:36
        7       The Death Of Dr. Mertens                        3:11
        8       Answering The Questions                         3:23
        9       Lonesome Clowns                                 3:12
        10      Shiny Leather                                   4:00
        11      Seth Dove... (Electric Version)                 3:14
MR      043     LA SECTA : IT'S GONNA BE A WILD WEEKEND                 LP        .1993
MR CD   043     LA SECTA : IT'S GONNA BE A WILD WEEKEND                 CD        .1993

LP      A1      Back To The Jungle
        A2      Kill-A-Cop
        A3      Wha-Wha
        A4      No Advices
        A5      We Get What We Deserve
        B1      Break My Boy
        B2      Take A Guru Trip
        B3      Want Sin
        B4      Fuck Ya Please
        B5      Black Hair

CD      1       Back to the Jungle                              2:41
        2       Kill-A-Cop                                      2:41
        3       Wha Wha                                         2:30
        4       No Advices                                      3:24
        5       We Get What We Deserve                          2:42
        6       Wild Weekend                                    1:36
        7       Break My Boy                                    3:51
        8       Take a Guru Trip                                3:00
        9       Want Sin                                        2:22
        10      Fuck Ya Please                                  1:27
        11      Black Hair                                      5:24
MR      044     PATRULLERO MANCUSO      iViva Bonito!                   LP        .1994

        A1      Camino al cielo                                 3:20
        A2      Hazlo otra vez                                  2:37
        A3      Lola Tomillo                                    3:18
        A4      T.V.                                            4:25
        A5      El chico con ruedas                             3:37
        B1      Solo                                            2:48
        B2      Rocas abajo                                     4:44
        B3      La matanza de Lugo                              3:01
        B4      Gato de mar                                     4:34
        B5      Mentiras                                        3:08
MR CD   045     V / A                   JUST BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU        CD        .1993

        1       La Secta                Back to the Jungle      2:46
        2       Bum                     When She Walked Away    0:59
        3       Los Valendas            Answering With Questions3:25
        4       Parkinson D.C.          I Need You              7:12
        5       The Meanies             One Right to Grieve     2:44
        6       White Flag              Medicine Man            4:48
        7       Ben Vaughn              Toe Stubber             2:07
        8       The Pribata Idaho (+ Peter Holsapple) :  Don't
                Put the Blame on Me                             4:04
        9       The A-10                Stupid World            2:44
        10      Cerebros Exprimidos     Reality Show            2:09
        11      Patrullero Mancuso      T.V.                    4:23
        12      The Nomads              Wimp                    2:58
        13      Snatch : The Money Will Roll Right In           2:59
        14      Dum Dum Boys            Reverberation           2:46
        15      Penelope Trip           Nadiuska                3:30
        16      Zeros                   Knockin Me Dead         2:43
        17      Thin White Rope         Ants Are Caveman        4:59
        18      Zenith                  Bring in Back           7:19
MR      046     THIN WHITE ROPE         WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE             LP        .1994
MR CD   046     THIN WHITE ROPE         WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE             CD        .1994

A.      1       Down in the Desert                              3:25
        2       Valley of the Bones                             2:55
        3       Moonhead                                        4:46
        4       Elsie Crashed the Party                         3:36
        5       Red Sun                                         4:00
        6       Eleven                                          2:24
        7       Ruby Sea                                        4:24
        8       Roadrunner                                      4:20
        9       Take It Home                                    6:18
B.      10      Tina and Glen                                   2:23
        11      Macy's Window                                   3:45
        12      Triangle                                        4:40
        13      Wire Animals                                    4:01
        14      Diesel Man                                      3:43
        15      Some Velvet Morning                             4:42
        16      Napkin Song                                     1:30
        17      Ants Are Cavemen                                4:59
        18      Burn the Flames                                 5:34
        19      Fish Song                                       3:52
MR CD   047     DUM DUM BOYS : COMING DOWN (FOR THE SECOND TIME)        CD        .1994

        1       Reverberation
        2       5:35 of Happiness
        3       Sleepwalking
        4       Forever
        5       Losing Touch
        6       Big Black Car
        7       No Man's Land
        8       Fallin' Down
        9       Sound of Confusion
        10      Nitro
        11      Real Cool Trash
        12      Point of No Return
        13      Pablo Picasso
        14      Don't You Wanna Go
        15      Baby O Baby
        16      In My Heart
MR      048     THE YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS : TEMPTATION ON SATURDAY        10"       .1993

        A1      Roller Coaster by the Sea
        A2      Dear Red
        A3      Everybody Said Was Wrong
        A4      City of Joy
        B1      Rhythm Stand
        B2      Teengenerate
        B3      Supersnazz (Part Two)
        B4      Find A Finger
        B5      Drunkard's Lullaby
MR      049     PARASITES               PUNCH LINES                     LP        .1994

        A1      Crazy
        A2      Nothing at All
        A3      I Don't Believe You
        A4      Young and Stupid
        A5      When I'm Here With You
        A6      You're Gonna Be Mine
        B1      Someday
        B2      I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
        B3      The Next Time
        B4      Dead Roses
        B5      Staring at the Ceiling
        B6      Letdown

CD      Shredder        SHRED 20 CD     1993    US
MR      050     TEENGENERATE            AUDIO RECORDING                 10"       .1994

        A1      Wild Weekend
        A2      Shake A Tail Feather
        A3      I Don't Mind
        A4      She's A Dumb
        A5      Don't Come Close To Me
        A6      Midnight To Six Man
        B1      Baby Doll
        B2      White Talk
        B3      The American Rules
        B4      Dirty Robber
        B5      Burn My Eye

CD      Cruddy          plcrd 1         1993    US
MR      051     BUM                     I AM SUPERWOMAN                 LP        .1994

        A1      Your Name Was Next to Mine
        A2      I Wanna Be
        A3      Weekend
        A4      Bent on Being Bent
        A5      1983
        B1      Got Yourself Together
        B2      Don't Come Close to Me
        B3      Raped and Freezing
        B4      Oh No
        B5      My Pal
MR      052     POWDER MONKEYS          SMASHED ON A KNEE               LP        .1994

        A1      Another Nite In Hell
        A2      I Stand Bare
        A3      Persecution Blues
        A4      Yin Yang
        A5      Bruised Battered And Bloodshot
        B1      Atomic Resolution
        B2      Crank Me Up
        B3      Ugly
        B4      Valediction
MR      053     THE CELIBATE RIFLES     YIZGARNNOFF                     LP        .1994

        A1      A Word About Jones
        A2      Downtown
        A3      Groovin' In The Land Of Love
        A4      Happy House
        A5      Dream Of Night
        A6      Invisible Man
        A7      S & M TV
        B1      Glasshouse
        B2      Tubular Greens
        B3      Ocean Shore
        B4      O Salvation!
        B5      The More Things Change
MR      054     PENELOPE TRIP : USTED MORIRA EN SU NAVE ESPECIAL        LP        .1994

A.      1       Crescendo
        2       Galaxina
        3       Zoom
        4       Gran guinol
        5       Lucifer complex
        6       Espirú
        7       Nadiuska
B.      8       Superprofit
        9       Kamikaze suicide
        10      Dual
        11      Autopsia
        12      Twp
        13      Infraser
        14      Plasticine
MR      055     PARKINSON D.C.          GREEN FIELDS                    LP        .1994
MR CD   055     PARKINSON D.C.          GREEN FIELDS                    CD        .1994

LP      A1      Mermelade Drums
        A2      Cows
        A3      The Rope
        A4      Candylove
        A5      Don't Let Your Hair Grow Too Long
        A6      How Do You Feel?
        B1      Here Comes Another Sunday
        B2      Strawberries
        B3      They Don't Know
        B4      Fourteen

CD      1       Mermelade Drums
        2       Cows
        3       The Rope
        4       Don't Let Your Hair Grow Too Long
        5       Ear Freak
        6       Candylove
        7       Strawberries
        8       Here Comes Another Sunday
        9       They Don't Know
        10      How Do You Feel
        11      Ear Freak II
MR      056     THE NOMADS              POWERSTRIP                      LP        .1994

        A1      (I'm) Out Of It                                 2:50
        A2      Bad Vibes                                       3:35
        A3      Better Off Dead                                 2:12
        A4      I Don't Know / I Don't Care                     2:10
        A5      Sacred                                          3:59
        A6      Just Lost                                       3:38
        B1      Kinda Crime                                     3:14
        B2      Dig Up The Hatchet                              3:26
        B3      Robert Johnsong                                 3:27
        B4      In The Doghouse                                 3:18
        B5      Glad To Be In Your Past                         3:58
        B6      Blind Spot                                      3:42
                (Note : LP , 1500 numb. copies)
MR      057     PARASITES               PAIR                            LP      11.1994

        A1      Refuge
        A2      If You Knew
        A3      Waiting Time
        A4      Die Trying
        A5      Fool For You
        A6      Never Giving Up On You
        B1      Good Grief
        B2      Make Up Your Mind
        B3      Love Me Too
        B4      Make You Mine
        B5      772
        B6      Both Sides Now
                (Note : LP , 1300 copies)
MR      058
MR      059     THE PRIBATA IDAHO       SUEROINE                        LP        .1994
MR CD   059     THE PRIBATA IDAHO       SUEROINE                        CD        .1994

        A1      Bad Boys Dream
        A2      Jump The Gun
        A3      Bird On A Tree
        A4      Sueroine
        A5      Awonawilona
        B1      Just Married, Just Died
        B2      Soul For Sale
        B3      Who's Calling?
        B4      Don't Put The Blame On Me
        B5      The Bridge
        B6      Little Pet Song
MR      060 1/2 LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RIO : DIRECTO A LOS COJONES        2LP       .1994
MR K7   060     LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RIO : DIRECTO A LOS COJONES        CS        .1994

LP 1    A1      Monopatín
        A2      No dais la cara
        A3      Venid a las cloacas
        A4      Vulgaridad
        A5      Confusión
        B1      El saco
        B2      No te entiendo
        B3      Misógino
        B4      Nacido del polvo de un borracho y del cono de una puta

LP 2    C1      Curriki de barrio
        C2      Eunucos mentales
        C3      Juventud tatuada
        C4      Padre nuestro
        C5      Ciutat podrida
        D1      Joven viejo
        D2      Nos gusta cagarnos en la sociedad
        D3      No me mola tu pistola
        D4      La regla

CD      1       Monopatín
        2       No dais la cara
        3       Venid a las cloacas
        4       Confusión
        5       El saco
        6       Misógino
        7       Nacido del polvo de un borracho y del cono de una puta
        8       Curriki de barrio
        9       Eunucos mentales
        10      Juventud tatuada
        11      Padre nuestro
        12      Ciutat podrida
        13      Joven viejo
        14      Nos gusta cagarnos en la sociedad
        15      No me mola tu pistola
        16      La regla
MR      061     CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS     DEMENCIA                        LP        .1995
MR CD   061     CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS     DEMENCIA                        CD        .1995

LP      A1      Fuera De Control
        A2      No Sabes Que Existo
        A3      Romper La Red
        A4      Ley De Vida
        A5      Mega-Slam
        A6      Quién Es Quién
        A7      Tempos De Ignorancia
        A8      Sin Solución
        B1      Loucura
        B2      Reality Show
        B3      Anti-Rave
        B4      Ser Humano
        B5      Diez Días
        B6      Desquiciado
        B7      En Alerta
        B8      Bone Idol

CD      1       Fura De Control
        2       No Sabes Que Existo
        3       Romper La Red
        4       Ley De Vida
        5       Mega-Slam
        6       Quien Es Quien
        7       Tempos De Ignorancia
        8       Sin Solucion
        9       Loucura
        10      Reality Show
        11      Anti-Rave
        12      Ser Humano
        13      10 Dias
        14      Desquiciado
        15      Bone Idol
MR CD   062     V / A                   La 1A Internacional             CD      12.1995

        1       Bum                     I Wanna Be
        2       Shame Idols             I Got Time
        3       The Meanies             Ton of Bricks
        4       White Flag              He's a Whore
        5       Zeros                   Left to Right
        6       El Vez                  La cucaracha
        7       Mojo Nixon              Bring Me the Head of David Geffen
        8       Ben Vaughn              When Free Love Reigns
        9       Dum Dum Boys            Walking in My Head
        10      Flop                    We've All Seen Better Days
        11      The Young Fresh Fellows : Dear Red
        12      The Affected            Jenny/8675309
        13      Parasites               Love Me Too
        14      The Nomads              I don's Know / I Don't Care
        15      The Stand GT            Mudsick
        16      The Whisniaks           Twod Dannys
        17      Kim Fowley & Ben Vaughn : The King of Saturday Night
        18      The Celibate Rifles     Invisible Man
        19      Sicko                   Farm Song
        20      Candy 500               Wet Nurse
MR      063     V / A                   THE WORLD OF THE ZOMBIES        10"       .1994

        A1      Flop                    She Does Everything For Me
        A2      The Posies              Leave Me Be
        A3      Young Fresh Fellows     Whenever You're Ready
        A4      Fastbacks               Hung Up On A Dream
        B1      The Posies              Brief Candles
        B2      Fastbacks               Just Out Of Reach
        B3      Young Fresh Fellows     Indication
        B4      Flop                    Imagine The Swan
MR      064     DUM DUM BOYS            HYPNOVISTA                      LP        .1995

        A1      Walking In My Head
        A2      Everything's Gonna Be Alright
        A3      White Jazz
        A4      Sweet Sweet Rain
        A5      In A Cotton Candy World
        B1      Tomorrow Belongs To Me
        B2      Dreamland
        B3      Rise
        B4      Elevator
        B5      You Just Don't Understand
MR      065     KIM FOWLEY & BEN VAUGHN : KINGS OF SATURDAY NIGHT       LP        .1995

        A1      Cities in Shock
        A2      Stop the Madness
        A3      The King of Saturday Night
        A4      Back in My Childhood
        A5      Chasin' the Dragon
        A6      Born to Die
        B1      Livin' on the Edge (Of the Underworld)
        B2      Dark & Empty Rooms
        B3      Bad Man Bangin
        B4      21st Century Blues
        B5      Drugs (Nobody's Here)
MR      066     BEN VAUGHN              RAMBLER 65                      LP      07.1995
MR CD   066     BEN VAUGHN              RAMBLER 65                      CD      07.1995

        A1      Rock Is Dead
        A2      7 Days Without Love
        A3      Song 4 V
        A4      Heavy Machinery
        A5      Beautiful Self Destruction
        A6      Levitation
        B1      The Only Way To Fly
        B2      Boomerang
        B3      In Bad Faith
        B4      Perpetual Motion Machine
        B5      Too Much Sorrow
        B6      A Panic Of Flies
MR      067     THE AFFECTED            FATE                            LP        .1994

        A1      Mind
        A2      Clawback
        A3      No One Else
        A4      Jenny / 867 5309
        A5      Blown
        A6      Never Gonna See You Again
        B1      Let It Bleed
        B2      Sage
        B3      Misjudge
        B4      Like You Didn't Know
        B5      Zilche
        B6      Empty Promises
        B7      Dannii [bonus vinyl track]
MR CD   068     YAGE                    INTEGRATION                     CD        .1995

        1       Dreams
        2       Waiting
        3       Channel
        4       OpenTo
        5       El Hotel Electrico
        6       Zanzare
        7       Rice Dream
        8       Tselfik
        9       J.G. Ballard
        10      Rolling Springs
        11      Little Crazy Stars
        12      Margalit
        13      Kashmir
        14      Speechless
MR CD   069     PARKINSON D.C. : DON'T LET YOUR HAIR GROW TOO LONG      CD        .1994

        1       Don't Let Your Hair Grow Too Long
        2       Learning To Play
        3       I May Not Want To Fool You
        4       Tell The Water
        5       Don't Let... (Mississipi Version)
        6       So You Wanna Be A Porn Star
        7       Goodnight
MR      070     LOS VALENDAS            WORLD UNDER WATER               LP        .1995
MR CD   070     LOS VALENDAS            WORLD UNDER WATER               CD        .1995

LP      A1      The Clock Is Ticking
        A2      Nobody There
        A3      All Over the Neighbourhood
        A4      Red
        A5      Sedatives, Laxatives and Sticking Plasters
        A6      The Summer of the Jellyfishes
        A7      World Under Water
        B1      Like Jumpy Women Do
        B2      The Genie in My Pocket-Flask
        B3      To Lively to Be Dead
        B4      Drizzle in My Shoes
        B5      The Glo-Worm Song
        B6      Open Books

CD      1       The Clock Is Ticking
        2       Nobody There
        3       All Over the Neighbourhood
        4       Red
        5       Sedatives, Laxatives and Sticking Plasters
        6       The Summer of the Jellyfishes
        7       World Under Water
        8       Like Jumpy Women Do
        9       The Genie in My Pocket-Flask
        10      To Lively to Be Dead
        11      Drizzle in My Shoes
        12      The Glo-Worm Song
        13      Open Books
MR CD   071     EX-CROCODILES           BITTER ISLAND                   CD        .1995

        1       Bitter Island
        2       If Dylan Were God
        3       Kissing at the End
        4       Let the Cops Work
        5       Down on the Bay
        6       Days
        7       Pirates
        8       Out of My Life
        9       The Beat Generation
        10      Broderick Crawford
        11      Celery Salt
        12      39 Days
MR      072     THE MEANIERS            10% WEIRD                       LP        .1994
MR CD   072     THE MEANIERS            10% WEIRD                       CD        .1994

LP      A1      10% Weird
        A2      Eating Roaches
        A3      Ton Of Bricks
        A4      Redneck Door
        A5      Conan
        A6      Smack Bottom
        A7      Example To Change
        B1      Plan Nein
        B2      Pull The Switch
        B3      Grandmothers Dead
        B4      Corpse In Love
        B5      Hold On Champ
        B6      Pull Your String
        B7      Virus

CD      1       10% Weird                                       1:34
        2       Eating Roaches                                  1:47
        3       Ton Of Bricks                                   1:51
        4       Redneck Door                                    2:07
        5       Conan                                           1:48
        6       Smack Bottom                                    2:35
        7       Example To Change                               2:38
        8       Plan Nein                                       2:49
        9       Pull The Switch                                 1:30
        10      Grandmothers Dead                               1:20
        11      Corpse In Love                                  2:08
        12      Hold On Champ                                   0:52
        13      Pull Your String                                2:32
        14      Virus                                           3:46
MR      073     THE OFFSPRING           SELF ESTEEM                     10"       .1994
MR CD   073     THE OFFSPRING           SELF ESTEEM                     CD        .1994

10"     A1      Self Esteem
        B1      Burn It Up
        B2      Jennifer Lost The War

CD      1       Self Esteem                                     4:21
        2       Jennifer Lost The War                           2:37
        3       Burn It Up                                      2:42
MR      074     THE SHAME IDOLS         I GOT TIME                      LP        .1995

        A1      Superman
        A2      Impossible
        A3      Lucky Dollar
        A4      I Got Time
        A5      Sun Ra
        A6      Down In Alley
        A7      Pretty Baby
        A8      Where I Want You
        A9      Slug Buffet
        B1      Probably Safe
        B2      Thing
        B3      Record Breaker
        B4      Airhead
        B5      Not In The Way
        B6      Split
MR      075     FLOP                    WORLD OF TODAY                  10"       .1995

        A1      Act 1, Scene 1
        A2      Waste Of Space
        A3      Idle Hands
        A4      April Ate Our World
        A5      Of Today
        A6      North Mason Middle School
        A7      Eggs And Ash
        B1      Around
        B2      We've All Seen Better Days
        B3      Yellow Rainbow
        B4      Vancouver Door Company
        B5      Miniaturize
        B6      Two Martians Working
MR      076     MOJO NIXON              WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN             LP        .1995

        A1      Gotta Be Free
        A2      Not As Much As Football
        A3      Mr. Correct (Don't Tell Me What To Do)
        A4      Buck Up & Stop Your Whinin'
        A5      My Free Will Jusay Ain't Willin'
        A6      Bring Me The Head Of David Geffen
        A7      Girlfriend In A Coma
        B1      The Pleasurelegience
        B2      Don't Ask Me Why I Drink
        B3      My T.V. Is Watchin' Me
        B4      Take A Look In My Eyes
        B5      Tie My Pecker To My Leg
        B6      You Can't Kill Me
        B7      If I Can Dream
MR      077     V / A                   13 SODA PUNX                    LP        .1994

        A1      Bum w/ Kim Warnick      Strictly Confidential
        A2      Mr. T Experience        Hello, Kitty Menendez
        A3      Sicko                   Pain In The Ass
        A4      The Stand GT            Corner Store
        A5      Fastbacks               I'm Cold
        A6      The Stuppes             Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah
        A7      Old Man                 History
        B1      Huevos Rancheros        Evacuation
        B2      The Smugglers           Amnesia
        B3      Young Freshfellows      Bookstore
        B4      Cub                     Best Friends Girl
        B5      The Model Rockets       Balcony
        B6      The Primate 5           Jim Goes To Spain
MR      078     THE STAND GT            THEY'RE MAGICALLY DELICIOUS     LP        .1994

        A1      Mudsick
        A2      Paying The Piper
        A3      The Wait
        A4      The Great Big Brainwave
        A5      No Punchbacks
        A6      Planet Bob's
        A7      Strain
        B1      Near In Control
        B2      Always A Laugh
        B3      Into Downs
        B4      Dragged Across This Boredom
        B5      Mary's Favorite Number
        B6      I Retire
        B7      Johnny Walker
MR      079     SICKO : LAUGH WHILE YOU CAN MONKEY BOY                  LP      05.1995
MR CD   079     SICKO : LAUGH WHILE YOU CAN MONKEY BOY                  CD      05.1995

LP      A1      Wave Motion Gun                                 1:29
        A2      Farm Song                                       1:17
        A3      When To Quit                                    1:49
        A4      Johnny Be Not So Good                           1:40
        A5      Bad Year                                        2:16
        A6      Rehashed                                        2:45
        B1      Snowcone                                        1:14
        B2      Little Star                                     1:01
        B3      The Juice Is Loose                              1:18
        B4      Who Owes                                        2:04
        B5      Mom                                             1:12
        B6      What's On                                       2:45

CD      1       Wave Motion Gun
        2       Farm Song
        3       When to Quit
        4       Johnny Be Not So Good
        5       Bad Year
        6       Rehashed
        7       Snowcone
        8       Little Star
        9       The Juice Is Loose
        10      Who Owes
        11      Mom
        12      What's On
MR      080
MR      081     EL VEZ                  EL VEZ IS ALIVE!                LP      10.1995
MR CD   081     EL VEZ                  EL VEZ IS ALIVE!                CD      10.1995

        A1      iLive!
        A2      La Cucaracha
        A3      Esta Bien Mamacita
        A4      Chihuahua (You Are Nothin' But A...)
        A5      This Was The Story Of My Life...
        A6      Caliente Amor
        A7      Intro To East LA (Heroin)
        A8      En El Barrio
        B1      Trouble
        B2      Fever
        B3      Huaraches Azules
        B4      Dixie Intro-Immigration Time
        B5      Introduction Of The Memphis Mariachis
        B6      2001 (Custome Change)
        B7      Si I'm A Lowrider (W/Exit)
CD +    18      Applause
        19      (Encore) Woolly Bully (W/Exit) 	
        20      El Vez Has Left The Building
MR      082     LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RIO : MENTEMBLANCO                 LP        .1995
MR CD   082     LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RIO : MENTEMBLANCO                 CD        .1995

LP      A1      Mentemblanco
        A2      Sábanas sucias
        A3      Aluminosis corporal
        A4      El la boca del lobo
        A5      Casi consigo lograrlo
        B1      Yonky Palace
        B2      Joven viejo
        B3      Besos higiénicos
        B4      Asesino tierno
        B5      De ruta madre

CD      1       Mentemblanco                                    3:01
        2       Sábanas sucias                                  4:08
        3       Aluminosis corporal                             3:55
        4       El la boca del lobo                             4:59
        5       Casi consigo lograrlo                           3:54
        6       Yonky Palace                                    4:35
        7       Joven viejo                                     3:11
        8       Besos higiénicos                                4:02
        9       Asesino tierno                                  4:48
        10      De ruta madre                                   3:09
MR      083     PARKINSON D.C.          ALBANIGE                        LP        .1995
MR CD   083     PARKINSON D.C.          ALBANIGE                        CD        .1996

        A1      Do You Know How You Make Me Feel?
        A2      Albanige
        A3      Once a Week
        A4      Velvet Girl
        A5      Green Bananas
        B1      I've Got to Boogie
        B2      You
        B3      Be Sweet to Me
        B4      On the Beach With Her
        B5      Natural Nobritol
MR      084     ROSS                    SUGAR                           LP        .1996

        A1      My Sister
        A2      And Nothing Is True
        A3      Sugar
        A4      Rainbows
        A5      Where I Really Am
        B1      She And I
        B2      Like A Photograh
        B3      At Home
        B4      Magic
        B5      Lucky Times
MR      085

LP 1    A1      Something To Hold Onto
        A2      Young & Stupid
        A3      Die Trying
        A4      What A Day
        A5      Crazy
        A6      When I'm Here With You
        B1      Good Grief
        B2      Make You Mine
        B3      Someday
        B4      Refuge
        B5      I Almost Loved You

LP 2    C1      I Don't Wanna Go Out With You
        C2      Fool For You
        C3      Waiting Game
        C4      Burnt Toast
        C5      Never Giving Up On You
        C6      Pep Talk
        D1      Stay Awhile
        D2      Let Down
        D3      If You Knew
        D4      Teenage Radiation
        D5      Last Caress
        D6      Suzanne
                (Note : double LP , 1000 copies)
MR      087     FASTBACKS               Alone In A Furniture Warehouse  10"     05.1996
                Scaring You Away Like A Hotel Mattress
MR CD   087     FASTBACKS               Alone In A Furniture Warehouse  CD      05.1996
                Scaring You Away Like A Hotel Mattress

10"     A1      No Information                                  2:43
        A2      The Ladders                                     2:03
        A3      The Buried Treasure Was Crap                    1:43
        A4      All in Order                                    3:01
        B1      Wait It Out                                     2:20
        B2      Sign of the Times                               3:12
        B3      Eyes of a Child                                 3:12
        B4      Alone in a Furniture Warehouse                  3:15

CD      1       No Information
        2       Ladder
        3       Buried Treasure Was Crap
        4       Wait It Out
        5       Alone in a Furniture Warehouse
        6       Eyes of a Child
        7       All in Order
        8       Sign of the Times
MR      088     THE ODD NUMBERS         JAZZ CIGARETTES                 LP        .1996
MR CD   088     THE ODD NUMBERS         JAZZ CIGARETTES                 CD        .1996

        A1      Another Day                                     1:55
        A2      If I Knew                                       3:03
        A3      The Big Mistake                                 3:08
        A4      Cradle To Grave                                 2:43
        A5      Autumn Leaves                                   2:19
        A6      So Many Girls                                   3:14
        B1      Something New                                   3:43
        B2      What Love Is?                                   2:47
        B3      Don't Bother Me                                 2:42
        B4      Holiday                                         2:13
        B5      About Time                                      2:33
        B6      Little Kings And Queens                         2:32
        B7      If I Only Had You                               1:47

        1       The Summer of the Jellyfishes                   3:19
        2       Through the Needles Eye (acoustic version)      3:19
        3       In a Tiny Box (remix)                           2:39
        4       The End of the Rainbow                          3:01
        5       The Summer of the Jellyfishes (alternate vers.) 2:34
MR      090 LP  GREEDY GUTS             FROM MARS TO THE BEACH          LP        .1995

        A1      Serial Dolls Killer
        A2      I Want You Around
        A3      Try To Skate
        A4      Little Plastic Girl
        A5      Speed Fire Balls
        A6      Enough Of You
        A7      Lughead
        A8      Punchin' Ball
        B1      Kicks On Your Way
        B2      Our World Is Fun
        B3      So Stupid
        B4      Surfin' With U
        B5      Suicide Girl
        B6      Happy Hours
        B7      Boring Bastard
MR      091
MR      092     HANK                    A LO BOMBA                      LP        .1996
MR CD   092     HANK                    A LO BOMBA                      CD        .1996

        A1      Mundo Alrededor                                 2:58
        A2      En Mis Ojos                                     4:08
        A3      Colegio                                         2:35
        A4      Seco Y Fuerte                                   3:10
        A5      Día De La Marmota                               3:35
        A6      Dime Más                                        4:20
        B1      Arte                                            2:58
        B2      Una Y Dos                                       3:24
        B3      Rey De Algo                                     4:10
        B4      Humor                                           2:27
        B5      Puercoespín                                     4:12
        B6      Se Acabó                                        2:30

CD      01      Mundo alrededor
        02      En mis ojos
        03      Colegio
        04      Seco y fuerte
        05      Día de la marmota
        06      Dime más
        07      Arte
        08      Una y dos
        09      Rey de algo
        10      Humor
        11      Puercoespín
        12      Se acabó
        13      A lo bomba (pista oculta)
MR      093     THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA          LP        .1995

        A1      Kitty                                           3:23
        A2      Feather Pluckn                                  2:57
        A3      Lump                                            2:14
        A4      Stranger                                        3:04
        A5      Boll Weevil                                     3:16
        A6      Peaches                                         2:51
        A7      Dune Buggy                                      2:44
        B1      We Are Not Going To Make It                     1:52
        B2      Kick Out The Jams                               1:25
        B3      Body                                            4:11
        B4      Back Porch                                      2:59
        B5      Candy                                           3:16
        B6      Naked And Famous                                3:42
                (NOte : LP , white vinyl)
MR      094     SICKO                   CHEF BOY RU DUMB                LP      12.1995

        A1      Half The Battle                                 2:03
        A2      I Hate Big Deal People                          1:37
        A3      Don't Ask Don't Tell                            1:43
        A4      60 Pound Mall Rat                               1:24
        A5      The Dateless Losers Club                        2:01
        A6      Cover Up                                        1:57
        A7      Obsessive Compulsive Complainers                1:53
        A8      You Are A Space Alien                           1:39
        A9      Little                                          3:12
        B1      Believe                                         2:00
        B2      Escalater                                       3:07
        B3      The Inland Empire Strikes Back                  1:12
        B4      Computer Geek                                   1:13
        B5      Fields                                          1:32
        B6      On The Dole                                     1:24
        B7      Bad Situation                                   1:19
        B8      The Breakfast Song (Live)                       2:17

CD      Empty           MT 315          1995    US
MR CD   095     ROSS                    AND NOTHING IS TRUE             CDEP      .1996
[MR 7097]

        1       And Nothing Is True
        2       Where I Really Am
        3       Glass Onion World
        4       And Nothing Is True (Demo)
MR CD   096     PIOLINES                NO QUIERO PENSAR                CD        .1995

        1       Algo Grande 1
        2       La Hormiguita Punk
        3       Guachisnai
        4       Yellow Fever
        5       Atari
        6       Meaniemania
        7       Relatividad
        8       No Todo Lo Que Grunge Es Una Fiera
        9       Guachisnai Rapidomix
        10      I Wanna Be Kike Turmix
        11      Huevosaurio
        12      I Am A Winner (Wanna Be Bad Religion)
        13      Los Patos
        14      Guachisnai Locomix
        15      Fistfucking
        16      Dracula
        17      No Quiero Pensar
        18      Turmix Mix
        19      Salvaje
        20      10 En Punkitud
        21      Wonderbra
        22      Tarantino
        23      Megan
        24      El Jevi No Es Biolencia 3
        25      Algo Grande (Maketotecamix)
        26      Bonus Track (Ghost Track)
MR      097     V / A                   RADIO SAMPLER #1                CD        .1996

        1       Goodbye Planet          End Of Century Club
        2       Hank                    Colegio
        3       La Secta                Still Don't Feel
        4       Los Valendas            The Clock Is Ticking
        5       Piolines                Relatividad
        6       The Crocodiles          Kissing At The End
        7       La Banda Trapera Del Rio : Yonki Palace
        8       Parkinson D.C.          Once A Week
        9       Cerebros Exprimidos     Romper La Red
        10      Ross                    Rainbows
MR      098     PARKINSON D.C.          NATURAL NOBRITOL                12"       .1995
MR CD   098     PARKINSON D.C.          NATURAL NOBRITOL                CD        .1995

12"     A       Natural Nobritol
        B       Natural Nobritol (Instrumental)

CD      1       Natural Nobritol
        2       Natural Nobritol (Instrumental)
MR CD   099     ELVEZ                   THE MEXICAN ELVIS!              CDEP      .1996
[MR 7092]

        1       Saludos De Elvez
        2       Never Been To Spain
        3       Maria Se Ilama
        4       Chicanissima
        5       Fever
MR      100
MR CD   101     EL VEZ : NEVER BEEN TO SPAIN (UNTIL NOW)                CD      05.1996

        1       Never Been to Spain                             4:00
        2       Está bién mamacita                              1:50
        3       María se llama                                  2:47
        4       Senora Lupe                                     2:02
        5       Huaraches azules                                2:29
        6       Chicanisma                                      3:24
        7       Feliz navidad                                   2:35
        8       Fever                                           5:55
        9       Si, I Am a Low Rider                            2:18
        10      Go! Zapata Go!                                  3:59
        11      The Cuauhtemoc Walk                             3:52
        12      Whole Lot of Living to Do (with Sugar Cubes)    3:42
MR      102     THE NOMADS              MADE IN JAPAN                   LP        .1996

        A1      Bad Vibes
        A2      Primordial Ooze
        A3      Surfin' In The Bars
        A4      I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time
        A5      16 Forever
        A6      Fan Club
        A7      Wasn't Born To Work
        B1      Bangkok
        B2      Real Gone Lover
        B3      Fire And Brimstone
        B4      She Pays The Rent
        B5      Ratfink A Boo Boo
        B6      TCP
        B7      Call Off Your Dogs

        A1      Cub                     Here Comes The Summer
        A2      Pansy Division          Male Model
        A3      The Deflowers : You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?)
        A4      Clay Wheels             Top 20
        A5      UFOFU                   Wednesday Week
        A6      The Smugglers           The Smugglers
        A7      The Figgs               Boys Will Be Boys
        B1      The Vacant Lot : More Songs About Chocolate And Girls
        B2      The Queers              Get Over You
        B3      Pluto                   Girls Don't Like It
        B4      The Milkduds            Mars Bars
        B5      The Shambles            It's Going To Happen
        B6      The Odd Numbers         Teenage Kicks
        B7      Racetrain               Casbah Rock

CD      Square Target   STD 005         1996    US
MR CD   104     FLYING COLOR            FLYING COLOR                    CD        .1997

        1       Dear Friend                                     3:07
        2       It Doesn't Matter                               3:06
        3       One Saturday                                    4:03
        4       Through Different Eyes                          2:24
        5       Tumble                                          3:54
        6       Believe, Believe                                2:31
        7       Farewell Song                                   2:57
        8       Bring Back the Rain                             2:25
        9       I'm Your Shadow                                 2:53
        10      Wise to Her Ways                                2:34
                Bonus Tracks
        11      The Road We're On                               3:00
        12      By the Fire                                     2:20
        13      Love Is on Its Way                              2:30
MR LP   105     GOODBYE PLANET          SU TRAJE SENOR                  LP        .1996
MR CD   105     GOODBYE PLANET          SU TRAJE SENOR                  CD        .1996

A.      1       Cover Me In Roses
        2       Real
        3       Sick Of It
        4       Anaesthetic
        5       Burnout
        6       End Of Century Club
B.      7       Goodbye Planet Earth
        8       Paper Throne
        9       Drop
        10      Stay
        11      Plaga De Langostas
        12      Next
MR      106     GOODBYE PLANET          ANAESTHETIC                     CDS       .1996
[MR 7099]

        1       Anaesthetic
        2       Plaga De Langostas
        3       What A Lovely Way To Go
MR      107     TAV FALCO'S PANTHER BURNS : SHADOW DANCER               LP        .1995

        A1      Invocation of the Shadow Dancer
        A2      Funnel of Love
        A3      Sway
        A4      Love's Last Warning
        A5      Lotus Blossom
        A6      Quando Vedrai La Mia Raggazza
        B1      Born to Cry
        B2      I'll Take Care of You
        B3      Have I the Right
        B4      Music Maestro Please
        B5      Guarda Che Luna (Re-mix)
        B6      Born Too Late (Film / Video Version)
        B7      Shadow Dancer: Reprise
MR      108
MR CD   109     V / A                   LA 2 INTERNACIONAL              CD        .1996

        1       Fastbacks               All in Order
        2       Yage                    Channel (Alt Mix)
        3       White Flag              Ask Anybody
        4       The Nomads              Call off Your Dogs
        5       Alan Vega, Alex Chilton & Ben Vaughn : Lover of Love
        6       Tav Falco's Panther Burns : Sway
        7       Flying Color            Dear Friend
        8       Greedy Guts             Speed Fire Balls
        9       Sit n' Spin             High School
        10      The Odd Numbers         So Many Girls
        11      Sicko                   Little
        12      Milkdudes               Mars Bars
        13      El Vez                  JC Si Lowrider
MR      110     ALAN VEGA/ALEX CHILTON/BEN VAUGHN : CUBIST BLUES        2LP       .1996

LP 1    A1      Fat City                                        8:30
        A2      Fly Away                                        5:32
        A3      Freedom                                         8:08
        B1      Candyman                                        4:43
        B2      Come On Lord                                    3:24
        B3      Promised Land                                   4:43

LP 2    C1      Lover Of Love                                   5:04
        C2      Sister                                          3:32
        C3      Too Late                                        5:37
        D1      Do Not Do Not                                   5:33
        D2      The Werewolf                                    3:50
        D3      Dream Baby Revisited                            2:19

CD      1       Fat City                                        8:30
        2       Fly Away                                        5:32
        3       Freedom                                         8:08
        4       Candyman                                        4:42
        5       Come On Lord                                    3:24
        6       Promised Land                                   4:44
        7       Lover Of Love                                   5:04
        8       Sister                                          3:34
        9       Too Late                                        5:36
        10      Do Not Do Not                                   5:34
        11      The Werewolf                                    3:50
        12      Dream Baby Revisited                            1:48

        1       Gentleman In Black
        2       Kiss Of Fire
        3       Chains Of Love
        4       Hell Have To Go
        5       Endless Sleep
        6       Mississippi River Blues
        7       Tobacco Road
        8       Dissapearing Angel
        9       Invocation Of The Shadow Dancer
        10      Funnel Of Love
        11      Sway
        12      Love's Last Warning
        13      Lotus Blossom
        14      Quando Vedrai La Mia Raggazza
        15      Born To Cry
        16      I'll Take Care Of You
        17      Have I The Right
        18      Music Maestro Please
        19      Guarda Che Luna (Re-mix)
        20      Born Too Late
        21      Shadow Dancer
MR CD   112     PARKINSON D.C.          GREEN BANANAS                   CDEP      .1996
[MR 7101]

        A1      Green Bananas
        A2      E.N.M.
        B1      I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
        B2      Into The Gold (Live)
MR      113     PUSSYCATS/BESTTIAS      BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL            10"       .1996
MR CD   113     PUSSYCATS/BESTTIAS      BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL            CD        .1996

A.      1       Pussycats               Hey Pussy
        2       Pussycats               Pervertion
        3       Pussycats               You Gotta Suck
        4       Pussycats               Red Moon
        5       Pussycats               Fucking Bitch
        6       Pussycats               Butcher Baby
B.      7       Besttias                Bloody Pills
        8       Besttias                All We Want
        9       Besttias                Adventure
        10      Besttias                Mercy
        11      Besttias                Soap Opera
        12      Besttias                Rock And Roll All Nite
MR      114     V / A : ALL KINDSA GIRLS VOLS. TO 4 & BONUS             CD        .1996

        1       Stepford 5              Little Sister Of Satan
        2       Snatch                  Girl Inside
        3       Bazooka                 Detoxification
        4       Pork                    Wanna Ride
        5       Gloo Girls              Meow
        6       Headcoatees             Automatic Love
        7       Mini Skirt Mob          Psycho Candy Baby
        8       Cub                     Your Bed
        9       Lemonbabies             Ugly
        10      Pink Cross              Chopper Chix (From Teenage Hell)
        11      Candy 500               Dicklicious
        12      Mambo Taxi              Mr. Spaceman
        13      Hyperdrive Kittens      Sue Shitako
        14      The's           Let Him Dance
        15      The Neptunas            Dan Valenti Wears Hai Karate
        16      Rainbow Curtains        I Wanna Be A Bangle
        17      Pebbles                 Stick & Stones
        18      Sit 'N' Spin            Find Out
        19      Maow                    Man's Gotta Gun
        20      Lolita 18               Saloone
        21      Motorhoney              Couldn't I Just Tell You
MR      115     THE CELIBATE RIFLES     ON THE QUIET                    LP      09.1996

        A1      Netherworld
        A2      Back on the Corner
        A3      Sentinel
        A4      Electric Flowers
        A5      This Gift
        A6      No Sign
        B1      Electric Snake River
        B2      Jesus on TV
        B3      Boys (What Did the Detectives Say)
        B4      Astra Wally
        B5      Hot Generation
        B6      Hindu Gods of Love
MR      116     SIT N' SPIN             PAPPY'S CORN SQUEEZIN'          LP        .1997
MR CD   116     SIT N' SPIN             PAPPY'S CORN SQUEEZIN'          CD        .1997

LP      A1      Dance With Me Baby
        A2      Primate Mixer Party
        A3      El Guapo
        A4      Hillbilly Bill
        A5      Be Your Girl
        A6      I'm Sick
        A7      Goodbye
        B1      Buffie's Hearse
        B2      Little K-Car
        B3      Lupine Valentine
        B4      Buffalo Jump
        B5      No More
        B6      Shafto Road

CD      1       Dance With My Baby                              2:14
        2       Primate Mixer Party                             2:47
        3       El Guapo                                        2:28
        4       Hillbilly Bill                                  1:56
        5       Be Your Girl                                    1:59
        6       I'm Sick                                        2:39
        7       Goodbye                                         2:33
        8       Giant Squid                                     2:37
        9       Little K-Car                                    1:51
        10      Lupine Valentine                                3:39
        11      Buffalo Jump                                    2:40
        12      No More                                         3:01
        13      Find Out                                        2:33
MR CD   117     XAVIER ESCUTIA          SISTER REINCARNATION            CD        .1996

        1       Time
        2       Beneath Your Pillow
        3       Years Of Solitude
        4       My Shameful Past
        5       Sometimes I Dream
        6       The Ghost Of Someone's Father
        7       World Of Satin
        8       Speaking In Riddles
        9       Indoors
        10      1,000 Days Of Shame
        11      Bright Yellow Leaves
        12      Hang Your Wings
        13.1    Time
        13.2    Beneath Your Pillow
        13.3    Years Of Solitude
        13.4    My Shameful Past
        13.5    Sometimes I Dream
        13.6    The Ghost Of Someone's Father
        13.7    World Of Satin
        13.8    Speaking In Riddles
        13.9    Indoors
        13.10   1,000 Days Of Shame
        13.11   Bright Yellow Leaves
        13.12   Hang Your Wings
                (Note : CD + 16 p. booklet)
MR CD   118     V / A                   MUSTERAMA                       CD        .1996

        1       Pussycats               Fuckin' Bitch
        2       Goodbye Planet          Stay
        3       Goodbye Planet          Sickly
        4       La Secta                Cracked
        5       La Secta                Revolution
        6       Magic Teapot            Charles Bronson
        7       Magic Teapot            Hashabubbles
        8       Ross                    Like A Photograph
        9       Ross                    Son Of Joy
        10      Cerebros Exprimidos : Huye De Ellos' 96
        11      Cerebros Exprimidos : 1.984
        12      Parkinson D.C.          Velvet Girl
        13      Parkinson D.C.          Into The Gold
        14      Besttias                Mercy
        15      Xavier Escutia          Tme
        16      Xavier Escutia          Suneye
        17      Piolines                Hijo De Puta
MR      119     LA SECTA                FUZZ GODZ                       LP      10.1996
MR CD   119     LA SECTA                FUZZ GODZ                       CD      10.1996

LP      A1      I Try
        A2      In Your Style
        A3      Is When I Fly
        A4      Ba Bye
        A5      Can't Be Ye-Ye
        B1      Cracked
        B2      No Ceder
        B3      Dingo
        B4      What Isn't Right!
        B5      The Sect
        B6      No Ceder 2

CD      1       I Try
        2       In Your Style
        3       Is When I Fly
        4       Ba Bye
        5       Can't Be Ye-Ye
        6       Cracked
        7       No Ceder
        8       Dingo
        9       What Isn't Right!
        10      The Sect (Fuzz Godz)
MR      120     THE ONYAS : GET SHITFACED WITH THE ONYAS                LP        .1997
MR CD   120     THE ONYAS : GET SHITFACED WITH THE ONYAS                CD        .1997

LP      A1      Weapon
        A2      I Love Girls
        A3      Nightrider
        A4      Jaws Is Legal
        A5      Jaws' Revenge
        A6      Storm Boy
        B1      Real Tight Arse
        B2      Mrs Deagon
        B3      Beaten By A Whisker
        B4      Pornbrokeher
        B5      Now It's Gone
        B6      Hit By A Tram

CD      1       Weapon
        2       I Love Girls
        3       Nightrider
        4       Jaws Is Legal
        5       Jaws' Revenge
        6       Storm Boy
        7       Real Tight Arse
        8       Mrs Deagon
        9       Beaten By A Whisker
        10      Pornbrokeher
        11      Now It's Gone
        12      Hit By A Tram
MR      121     THE SHAME IDOLS         ROCKET CAT                      LP        .1996

        A1      Übermensch                                      3:27
        A2      Endora                                          2:22
        A3      Neon Gyser                                      3:28
        A4      Picture Of A Clown                              4:19
        A5      Rocket Cat                                      4:15
        A6      Kiss Kiss Bang Bang                             2:59
        B1      My Star                                         4:04
        B2      Well Wisher                                     3:41
        B3      I Don't Trust You                               2:46
        B4      She's On The Phone                              2:45
        B5      Mascot Lodge                                    4:33
        B6      If I Fell (In Love With You}                    2:45

CD      Frontier        31071 2         1996    US
MR      122
MR      123     KEN STRINGFELLOW        THIS SOUNDS LIKE GOODBYE        10"       .1997
MR CD   123     KEN STRINGFELLOW        THIS SOUNDS LIKE GOODBYE        CD        .1997

10"     A1      Here's To The Future                            3:34
        A2      Trans Potato                                    4:16
        A3      Your Love Won't Be Denied                       3:13
        A4      A Short Drum Break                              1:47
        A5      Any Sign At All                                 2:43
        B1      Bi-Son                                          3:02
        B2      Too True                                        5:42
        B3      Anxiety Ryder                                   2:12
        B4      Unfortunate Threnody                            3:24
        B5      Take Care                                       2:37

CD      1       Here's To The Future                            3:34
        2       Trans Potato                                    4:16
        3       Your Love Won't Be Denied                       3:13
        4       A Short Drum Break                              1:47
        5       Any Sign At All                                 2:43
        6       Bi-Son                                          3:02
        7       Too True                                        5:42
        8       Anxiety Ryder                                   2:12
        9       Unfortunate Threnody                            3:24
        10      Take Care                                       2:37
MR CD   124     V / A                   PUNKIN'                         CD        .1997

        1       Los Perros              Yo Nunca Me Lavo
        2       Pussycats               Lazy
        3       Piolines                Motorhead
        4       Bongolocos              Hangin' On A Rope
        5       La Secta                In Your Style
        6       Safety Pins             Let's Fuck
        7       King Trash Fandango     Super Cherry
        8       Cerebros Exprimidos     Ratas Sucias
        9       Las Ultrasónicas        Vente En Mi Boca
        10      Atom Rhumba             Calypso
        11      La Banda Trapera Del Rio : Casi Consigo Lograrlo
MR      125     ROSS                    SUPERSONIC SPACEWALK            LP        .1998
MR CD   125     ROSS                    SUPERSONIC SPACEWALK            CD        .1998

        A1      Son Of Joy                                      3:20
        A2      Glass Onion World                               3:24
        A3      Joy                                             2:48
        A4      Living In The Sun                               2:43
        A5      Serenity Inside                                 2:35
        A6      It's Not Use At All                             3:10
        B1      Starships                                       0:23
        B2      The Supersonic Spacewalk                        3:56
        B3      Song For My Little Things                       2:35
        B4      One Summer Dream                                4:02
        B5      Laughcream                                      3:09
        B6      Next Time Will Be The Last                      2:19
        B7      I Can Believe                                   3:33
        B8      Foam Rubber Room                                2:55

CD      1       Son of Joy
        2       Glass Onion World
        3       Joy
        4       Living in the Sun
        5       Serenity Inside
        6       It's Not Use at All
        7       Starships
        8       The Supersonic Spacewalk
        9       Song for My Little Things
        10      One Summer Dream
        11      Laughcream
        12      Next Time It'll Be the Last
        13      I Can Believe
        14      Foam Rubber Room

10"     A1      Bongolocos              Hangin' On A Rope
        A2      Bongolocos              Bright New Shoes
        A3      Bongolocos              Obsessive Desire
        A4      Bongolocos              You Loose Again
        A5      Bongolocos              Boredom
        A6      Bongolocos              Howlin' To The Moon
        A7      Bongolocos              We Gotta Date Tonite
        B1      King Trash Fandango     Psycho Vortex
        B2      King Trash Fandango     Flesh And Bones
        B3      King Trash Fandango     Supercherry!!!
        B4      King Trash Fandango     Honeymoon In Red (The Lonely Hear Tkillers)
        B5      King Trash Fandango     Lisa
        B6      King Trash Fandango     R'n'R Is Killing My Life
        B7      King Trash Fandango     Suspiria
                (Note : 10" , white vinyl)

CD      1       Bongolocos              Hangin' On A Rope       1:54
        2       Bongolocos              Bright New Shoes        2:37
        3       Bongolocos              Obsessive Desire        1:10
        4       Bongolocos              You Loose Again         2:02
        5       Bongolocos              Boredom                 1:58
        6       Bongolocos              Howlin' To The Moon     2:34
        7       Bongolocos              We Gotta Date Tonite    2:17
        8       King Trash Fandango     Psycho Vortex           2:08
        9       King Trash Fandango     Flesh And Bones         2:52
        10      King Trash Fandango     Supercherry!!!          1:55
        11      King Trash Fandango : Honeymoon In Red (The
                Lonely Heart Killers)                           3:18
        12      King Trash Fandango     Lisa                    2:33
        13      King Trash Fandango : R'N'R Is Killing My Life  4:13
        14      King Trash Fandango     Suspiria                2:45
MR      127     LOS PERROS              YO NUNCA ME LAVO                10"       .1998
MR CD   127     LOS PERROS              YO NUNCA ME LAVO                CD        .1998

LP.CD   A1      That Bitch
        A2      Shake Mama
        A3      Hey Hey
        A4      Machupichu
        A5      I Got A Right
        A6      Motherfucker
        A7      Yo Nunca Me Lavo
        A8      Solitaria
        A9      Paquito Kingsland Es Asi
        B1      I'm Garbage
        B2      Speedball
        B3      Do The Pop
        B4      Esta Bien
        B5      Ta Mare Te Busca
        B6      Motherfuckin Motherfucker
        B7      Ultratrash
        B8      Aburrido
        B9      Over The Top
        B10     Instrumental
MR      128
MR      129     V / A                   ALL KINDSA GIRLS, VOL.5         10"       .1997
MR CD   129     V / A                   ALL KINDSA GIRLS, VOL.5         CD        .1997

A.      1       The Knockouts           Aeba Suki Suki
        2       The Knockouts           Alligator Boogaloo
        3       The Chubbies            Living in Hell
        4       The Chubbies            Querido
        5       Thee Ultra Bimboos      95% Fake
        6       Thee Ultra Bimboos      Who Stole My Underwear?
B.      7       Pussycats               Sadistic Room
        8       Pussycats               Riot
        9       Snort                   Long Gone
        10      Snort                   Fatherfucker
        11      Mummy the Peepshow      Theme of Ten Chei
        12      Mummy the Peepshow      I Bub, You Bub
MR      130     PIOLINES                !BUEN PROVECHO!                 LP      11.1999
MR CD   130     PIOLINES                !BUEN PROVECHO!                 CD      11.1999

LP      A1      Intro (no tengo ritmo)
        A2      El express
        A3      I Wanna Be Motörhead
        A4      Lobisome Rock
        A5      La cuenta atrás
        A6      J.A.S.P.
        A7      ?Qué hay para cenar?
        A8      Insomnio
        A9      Veredicto
        A10     Yes I Do
        A11     We Want Turrón
        A12     Ciclo cital
        A13     La puerta abierta de Satán
        A14     Vichiname
        A15     Castidad celibato compromiso
        A16     TV Freak
        A17     Por un punado de euros
        A18     Voy a volar
        A19     Todo a 100
        A20     Todo a 200
        A21     La invasión de los chiquitos del espacio exterior
        B1      Ketchup II
        B2      Árbol genealógico
        B3      Corazón roto
        B4      Hong Kong
        B5      Encuentros con el Estado en la 3a dimensión
        B6      Desequilibrado
        B7      Fórmula 44
        B8      Los munecos
        B9      Soy tan feliz
        B10     Acero inglés
        B11     Fistro o fistroman
        B12     El hombre de cromanón
        B13     Wanna Be an Ultraliberal
        B14     Por favor, deja de sodomizarme que tengo almorranas
        B15     Alicia
        B16     Pacto social
        B17     Todas las canciones son iguales
        B18     Instrumental loco
        B19     El precio de la carne
        B20     Fiebre del Saturday Night
        B21     Aplanando

CD              [same track details]
MR      131     V / A : WE WANT THE AIRWAVES! (POWER POP ISSUE VOL.1)   LP        .1998
MR CD   131     V / A : WE WANT THE AIRWAVES! (POWER POP ISSUE VOL.1)   CD        .1998

        A1      Shame Idols             Gone
        A2      The Sharing Patrol      I Can Take You There
        A3      The Roswells            Foul Weather Friend
        A4      Michael Shelley : Shrink Me Down (All Over The World)
        A5      Chris Von Sneidern      Go On, Go On
        A6      The Rockinghams         So Glad You Came
        A7      Dee Rangers             I Need Trips
        B1      Martin Luther Lennon    Nobody I Know
        B2      Shake Appeal            Bulle Train Romance
        B3      Ross                    Next Time It'll Be The Last
        B4      Tune Bureau             Electric
        B5      Joey Kline & The Saltine Falcons : Emotion On Display
        B6      The Rooks               Love Said To Me
        B7      Epoxy Glow              Fly Me To London
MR      132     CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS     CEREBRATOR                      LP        .1998
MR CD   132     CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS     CEREBRATOR                      CD        .1998

        A1      Falsa Felicidad
        A2      Camuflage
        A3      Presion
        A4      La Calle Es Nuestra
        A5      Planet Pizza
        A6      Electro Shock
        A7      Kaos & Descontrol
        A8      Norte Contra Sur
        B1      Emergencias
        B2      Vomitaré
        B3      Cerebros Exprimidos
        B4      Autogestión
        B5      Acción-Reacción
        B6      Psicópata
        B7      1984
        B8      Ratas Sucias
        B9      La Balada De Son Goku
MR      133     CHARIOT                 I AM BEN HUR                    LP        .1998
MR CD   133     CHARIOT                 I AM BEN HUR                    CD        .1998

LP      A1      Gypsy Son
        A2      What If I Run Out of My Pills?
        A3      Running Kind
        A4      Runaway Girl
        A5      Him or Me
        A6      Hanging Song
        A7      Keep on Trying
        B1      Black Is Black
        B2      See You Around
        B3      I'd Rather You Leave Me
        B4      I Want You
        B5      Dogs Wear Eyeliner
        B6      Peace of Mind
        B7      You're So Fine
        B8      Run Out of Numbers
        B9      Temptation

CD      1       Gypsy Son                                       3:52
        2       Black Is Black                                  2:58
        3       See You Around                                  2:48
        4       I'd Rather You Leave Me                         2:04
        5       Runaway Girl                                    3:01
        6       Him or Me                                       2:34
        7       What If I Run Out of My Pills?                  2:48
        8       Running Kind                                    3:24
        9       Hanging Son                                     3:13
        10      Keep On Trying                                  2:27
        11      The Haunting                                    3:42
        12      Dogs Wear Eyeliner                              2:25
        13      I Want You                                      3:19
        14      Peace of Mind                                   3:04
        15      You're So Fine                                  2:17
        16      Run Out of Numbers                              2:06
        17      [hidden track]                                  14:40
MR      134     SAFETY PINS : STEEL KNIVES & RAZORBLADES                10"       .1998

        A1      Red Leather Jeans
        A2      Let's Fuck
        A3      Mutilated Power
        A4      We Never Reach
        A5      G.G. Allin Is Dead
        A6      Surgery Case
        A7      I Hate Society
        A8      Dog Corpse
        A9      I Just Call (To Say Fuck Off)
        B1      Mad Boys
        B2      See You in America
        B3      Fuck You Die II
        B4      One-Eyed Man
        B5      Acid Party
        B6      Steel Knives & Razorblades
        B7      Do You Wanna Dance?
        B8      Audiopeste
MR      135     NEW YORK DOLLS          TEENAGE NEWS                    LP        .1999

        A1      Personality Crisis
        A2      Bad Girl
        A3      Looking For A Kiss
        A4      Give Her A Great Big Kiss
        A5      Pills
        A6      Vietnamese Baby
        B1      Trash
        B2      Chatterbox
        B3      Puss 'N Boots
        B4      Hoochie Coochie
        B5      Jet Boy
MR      136     SUICIDE                 ZERO HOUR EP                    10"       .1997

A.      01      Ghost Rider
        02      Rocket U.S.A
        03      Cheree
B.      04      Harlem
        05      96 Tears
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM)
MR      137     ALEX CHILTON            LIKE FLIES ON SHERBERT          LP        .1997

        a1      Boogie Shoes                                    2:30
        a2      My Rival                                        3:27
        a3      Hey! Little Child                               3:43
        a4      Hook or Crook                                   2:24
        a5      I've Had It                                     2:23
        a6      Rock Hard                                       2:42
        a7      Girl After Girl                                 2:27
        a8      Alligator Man                                   2:39
        b1      Waltz Across Texas                              4:46
        b2      Like Flies on Sherbert                          2:08
        b3      Baron of Love, Part II                          4:11
        b4      No More the Moon Shine on Lorena                4:43
        b5      Baby Doll                                       2:49
        b6      She's the One Who's Got It                      1:54
        b7      Stranded on a Dateless Night                    2:31
MR      138     V / A                   SONGS OF THE NAKED CITY         LP        .1997

        A1      Fleshtones              Shadow Line
        A2      Blondie                 X Offender
        A3      New York Dolls          Human Being
        A4      Ramones                 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
        A5      The Real Kids           All Kindsa Girls
        A6      Walter Steding With Robert Fripp : Hound Dog
        B1      New York Dolls          Stranded In The Jungle
        B2      Fleshtones              F-F-Fascination
        B3      Blondie                 In The Sun
        B4      Ramones                 Judy Is A Punk
        B5      The Real Kids           Reggae, Reggae
        B6      Suicide                 Keep Your Dreams
MR      139     PUSSYCATS               PLAYIN' DIRTY                   LP        .1998
MR CD   139     PUSSYCATS               PLAYIN' DIRTY                   CD        .1998

        A1      D-Generation
        A2      End Of The Century
        A3      No TV/Knock Out
        A4      Fuckin' Bitch
        A5      Riot
        A6      Nasty
        A7      Mongoloid
        B1      No Summer
        B2      Lazy
        B3      Crime
        B4      Machine Gun
        B5      Helium Bar
        B6      Gasolina
MR      140     THE HEARTBREAKERS       LIVE AT MOTHERS                 10"       .1998

        A1      Love Comes in Spurts
        A2      Chinese Rocks
        A3      Pirate Love
        A4      Can't Keep My Eyes on You
        B1      Hurt Me
        B2      So Alone
        B3      New Pleasure
        B4      Blank Generation
                (Note : 10" , pink vinyl)
        141     SMACK                   ON YOU                          LP        .1998

        A1      Good Morning Headache
        A2      Run Rabbit Run
        A3      Through The Glass
        A4      Skin Alley
        A5      Little Cunt
        A6      Completely Alone
        B1      Some Fun
        B2      Ten Foot Cell
        B3      Primitive
        B4      Cemetary Walls
        B5      Criminal
        B6      No Peace On Earth
                (Note : LP , green vinyl)
MR      142     JOHNNY THUNDERS         IN COLD BLOOD                   2x10"     .1998

10"/1           Studio Material
        A1      In Cold Blood                                   2:28
        A2      Just Another Girl                               3:58
        B1      Green Onions                                    5:08
        B2      Diary Of A Lover                                3:11
        B3      Look In My Eyes                                 1:59

10"/2           Live Material
        C1      Intro                                           2:22
        C2      Just Another Girl                               1:22
        C3      Too Much Junkie Business                        3:00
        C4      Sad Vacation                                    3:08
        C5      Louie Louie                                     3:24
        D1      Gloria                                          3:26
        D2      Treat Me Like A Nigger                          2:03
        D3      Do You Love Me                                  2:17
        D4      Green Onions                                    1:23
        D5      10 Commandments                                 3:12
MR      143     JOHNNY THUNDERS         HURT ME                         10"       .1998

        A1      Sad Vacation
        A2      Eve of Destruction
        A3      Too Much Too Soon
        A4      Joey Joey
        A5      I'm a Boy I'm a Girl
        A6      Go Back to Go
        A7      I Like to Play Games
        A8      Hurt Me
        A9      Illegitammate Son of Segovia
        A10     It Ain't Me Babe
        B1      Diary of a Lover
        B2      I'd Rather Be With the Boys
        B3      You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
        B4      She's So Untouchable
        B5      Ask Me No Questions
        B6      She's So Strange
        B7      Lonely Planet Boy
        B8      MIA
        B9      Cosa Nostra
                (Note : 10" , purple vinyl)
MR      144     DM3                     RIPPLED SOUL                    LP        .1998
MR CD   144     DM3                     RIPPLED SOUL                    CD        .1998

A.      1       Everything That You Told Me                     4:45
        2       Lure                                            4:00
        3       Augustine                                       3:57
        4       Anyway That You Like                            3:33
        5       Quicksand                                       3:12
        6       Last to Know                                    4:20
        7       Big Bad World                                   5:30
        8       Give It Up                                      3:11
B.      9       Spend Some Time Alone With You                  3:47
        10      Falling for You                                 3:16
        11      Better Light                                    3:44
        12      Find Out                                        3:12
        13      You Don't Care                                  3:05
        14      Clearview Mirror                                3:14
        15      Jumping to Conclusions                          3:15
        16      Eversince                                       2:07
MR      145     ATOM RHUMBA             HORMONAL RIOT                   LP        .1998
MR      145     ATOM RHUMBA             HORMONAL RIOT                   CD        .1998

A.      1       Lindane
        2       Switch on
        3       3rd Hormonal Riot
        4       Calypso
        5       Heart Is a Trolley
B.      6       Screaming Fat Ramírez
        7       Boil
        8       Soho affaire
        9       Con Tura Satana y Damo Suzuki
        10      Afasia
MR CD   146     CHARIOT : WHAT IF I RUN OUT OF MY PILLS?                CDEP      .1998

        1       What If I Run Out Of My Pills?                  2:45
        2       Nos Vemos Por Ahi                               2:41
        3       Un Poco De Animo                                3:02
        4       Interview Part I                                3:07
        5       I'd Rather You Leave Me                         2:08
        6       Interview Part II                               1:40
        7       Another Day Passes By                           2:43
        8       Interview Part III                              3:11
        9       Black Is Black                                  2:52
        10      Un Angel Del Fuego                              1:24
        11      Interview Part IV                               1:05
        12      -                                               0:06
MR      147
                + L.A.M.F. OUTTAKES
                + L.A.M.F. OUTTAKES

10"/1           Live In Paris
        A1      All By Myself
        A2      Let Go
        A3      Can't Keep My Cock In Your Mouth
        A4      I Love You
        A5      Too Much Junkie Business
        B1      London Boys
        B2      Give Her A Great Big Kiss
        B3      Born To Lose
        B4      One Track Mind
        B5      Do You Love Me

10"/2   C1      I Wanna Be Loved
        C2      Take A Chance With Me
        C3      Baby Talk
        C4      Chinese Rocks
        D1      All By Myself
        D2      Get Off The Phone
        D3      I Wanna Be Loved
        D4      I Love You
        D5      Get Off The Phone # 2
        D6      Get Off The Phone # 3
                (Note : 10" , 500 copies)

CD              [same track details]
MR      149     MC 5                    THUNDER EXPRESS                 LP        .1999
MR CD   149     MC 5                    THUNDER EXPRESS                 CD        .1999

LP      A1      Kick Out the Jams                               2:13
        A2      Empty Heart                                     8:34
        A3      Ramblin' Rose                                   3:05
        A4      Thunder Express                                 4:22
        B1      Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa                              10:06
        B2      Motor City Is Burning                           4:19
        B3      I Can Only Give You Everything                  2:55
        B4      I Just Don't Know                               2:35

CD      1       Kick Out the Jams                               2:13
        2        Empty Heart                                    8:34
        3       Ramblin' Rose                                   3:05
        4       Thunder Express                                 4:22
        5       Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa                              10:06
        6       Motor City Is Burning                           4:19
        7       I Can Only Give You Everything                  2:55
        8       I Just Don't Know                               2:35
MR      150 1/2 IGGY & THE STOOGIES    METALLIC 2xKO.                   2LP       .1999
MR CD   150     IGGY & THE STOOGIES    METALLIC 2xKO.                   CD        .1999

LP 1            Disc One: Michigan Palace, Detroit, 6th Oct '73
        A1      Raw Power
        A2      Head On
        A3      Gimme Danger
        B1      Search and Destroy
        B2      Heavy Liquid
        B3      I Wanna Be Your Dog

LP 2            Disc Two: The Last Ever Iggy and The Stooges Show, Michigan
                Palace, Detroit, 9th Feb '74
        C1      Open Up and Bleed
        C2      I Got Nothing / I Got Shit
        D1      Rich Bitch
        D2      Cock in My Pocket
        D3      Louie Louie

CD      1       Heavy Liquid                                    3:24
        2       I Got Nothin'                                   4:29
        3       Rich Bitch                                      11:46
        4       Cock In My Pocket                               7:08
        5       Louie Louie                                     3:40
        6       Raw Power                                       5:48
        7       Head On                                         8:31
        8       Gimme Danger                                    7:11
        9       Search And Destroy                              8:44
        10      Heavy Liquid (I Wanna Be Your Dog)              9:52
        11      Open Up And Bleed                               3:56
MR 151/1999     V / A : Radio Cramps - Purple Knif Show                 2LP       .1999
MR      151     V / A : Radio Cramps - Purple Knif Show                 2LP     02.2018
MR      151 CD  V / A : Radio Cramps - Purple Knif Show                 CD        .1999

LP 1    A1      The One-Way Streets     Jack the Ripper
        A2      The Swamp Rats          Louie Louie
        A3      J. J. Jackson & The Jackals : O Ma Liddy
        A4      The Trashmen            Bird '65
        A5      The Sparkles            Oh, Girls, Girls
        A6      Link Wray               The Fuzz
        B1      Bill Carter & The Rovin' Gamblers : Baby Brother
        B2      The Tides               Midnight Limbo
        B3      Earl Hagan & The Interns : New Interns Watusi
        B4      Mad Mike and the Maniacs : The Hunch
        B5      Billy Strange           007 Theme
        B6      Ted Weems & His Orchestra : Heartaches
        B7      Ray Anthony             Dragnet
        B8      Grady O'neal & the Bellatones : Turkey Neck Stretch

LP 2    C1      Enchanters              Cafe Bohemian
        C2      Sam Space & the Cadets : Take Me to Your Leader Cha Cha Cha
        C3      Archie Bleyer           Fernandos Hideaway
        C4      Vic Mizzy               Addams Family Theme
        C5      Spark Plugs             Chicken
        C6      The Frantics            The Whip
        D1      The Five Blobs          The Blob
        D2      The Troggs              Miller Beer Ad
        D3      Ward Darby and the Raves : Safari
        D4      Cozy Cole               Topsy Pt.II
        D5      The Deadly Ones         It's Monster Surfing Time

CD              [same track detaila]
MR      152     THE WEIRDOS : WEIRD WORLD-VOLUME ONE 1977-1981          LP        .2000

        A1      Weird World                                     3:02
        A2      Arms Race                                       2:21
        A3      Pagan                                           1:29
        A4      Helium Bar                                      3:22
        A5      Rhythm Syndrome                                 2:22
        A6      Fallout                                         2:25
        A7      Fort U.S.A.                                     3:12
        B1      Happy People                                    2:33
        B2      Message From The Underworld                     2:35
        B3      Teenage                                         2:22
        B4      I'm Not Like You                                2:36
        B5      We Got The Neutron Bomb                         2:59
        B6      Solitary Confinement                            2:30
        B7      Life Of Crime                                   2:19

        1       Tupperguarros : I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
        2       Bummer                  Chinese Rocks
        3       Safety Pins : Today Your Love, Tommorrow The World
        4       Painkillers             Judy Is A Punk
        5       The Rabid Happy         I Wanna Be Sedated
        6       Haggish                 Rockaway Beach
        7       Sick F*cks              Loudmouth
        8       Discipulos De Dionisos : Oh I Love Her So
        9       Elektrobikinis          Rock'N'Roll Highschool
        10      Zodiacs                 Cretin Hop
        11      Ladys Ramone & The Mongoloids : Chainsaw
        12      Ya Te Digo              Don't Come Close
        13      Dee Knees               Death Of Me
        14      Dear Twit               Love Kills
        15      Senor No : Somebody Put Something In My Drink
        16      Biffs And Johnny        Poison Heart
        17      The Snobs               Life's A Gas
        18      Colt                    I Wont Let It Happen
        19      La Secta                I Believe In Miracles
        20      Daisy Cutters           Pet Sematary
        21      Popper                  Commando
        22      Toxic Squeak            I Remember You
        23      Don Cikuta              Ramona
        24      Rip KC : I Just Want To Have Something To Do
        25      Las Brujas              Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
MR      154     DESECHABLES : LA MAQUETA+GOLPE TRAS GOLPE               LP        .1999
MR CD   154     DESECHABLES : LA MAQUETA+GOLPE TRAS GOLPE               CD        .1999

LP              Demo 1982
        A1      No Me Consigues Divertir
        A2      En Un Rincón De Tu Cabeza
        A3      El Caso Del Hombre Serio Y Formal
        A4      El Asesino
        A5      Golpe Tras Golpe
        A6      Maldito Seas
        A7      El Vampiro
        A8      Fin Del Mundo
        A9      Quiero Pasarlo Bién Esta Noche
        A10     El Peor Dios
                "Golpe Tras Golpe" LP 1984
        B1      Golpe Tras Golpe
        B2      El Asesino
        B3      Surfin' Bird
        B4      Quiero Pasarlo Bién Esta Noche
        B5      El Caso Del Hombre Serio Y Formal
        B6      El Balcón De Mi Casa
        B7      No Me Consigues Divertir
        B8      En Un Rincón De Tu Cabeza
        B9      El Fin Del Mundo

CD              Demo 1982
        1       No Me Consigues Divertir                        1:33
        2       En Un Rincón De Tu Cabeza                       1:15
        3       El Caso Del Hombre Serio Y Formal               2:56
        4       El Asesino                                      3:08
        5       Golpe Tras Golpe                                1:44
        6       Maldito Seas                                    1:37
        7       El Vampiro                                      1:41
        8       Fin Del Mundo                                   4:13
        9       Quiero Pasarlo Bién Esta Noche                  1:34
                "Golpe Tras Golpe" LP 1984
        10      Golpe Tras Golpe                                1:59
        11      El Asesino                                      2:32
        12      Surfin' Bird                                    2:55
        13      Quiero Pasarlo Bién Esta Noche                  3:02
        14      El Caso Del Hombre Serio Y Formal               2:44
        15      El Balcón De Mi Casa                            4:41
        16      No Me Consigues Divertir                        1:21
        17      En Un Rincón De Tu Cabeza                       1:24
        18      El Fin Del Mundo                                6:03
MR      155     BEN VAUGHN : THE PREHISTORIC BEN VAUGHN 1978-1980       LP        .1999
MR      155     BEN VAUGHN : THE PREHISTORIC BEN VAUGHN 1978-1980       CD        .1999

A.      1       Growin' a Beard                                 1:54
        2       Enchilada                                       3:05
        3       Blues #47                                       3:20
        4       Ham & Beer Syndrome                             2:45
        5       Rockin' at McDonald's                           1:18
        6       Fun in My Car                                   2:32
B.      7       She's About a Mover                             2:03
        8       Hawaiian Shirts                                 2:48
        9       Lookin' For a 7-11                              2:52
        10      Fun With Lloyd                                  3:05
        11      Rockin' at McDonald's Again                     1:26
        12      Supermarkets Are to Blame                       3:13
MR      156     SAFETY PINS             POWERGENERATOR                  LP        .1998
MR CD   156     SAFETY PINS             POWERGENERATOR                  CD        .1998

        1       White Scum Rising
        2       Teenage Alcoholic
        3       Cyanide
        4       Puke!
        5       Why Should I
        6       Suburbia
        7       Drink&Fuck
        8       The First Rule
        9       Bad Kiss
        10      On The Grime
        11      Media Control
        12      Strychnine
        13      Nympho Girl
        14      Shes Got Drugs
        15      Suck You Dry
        16      Rubber Patch
        17      Decadent Forecast
        18      People Like Us
        19      Do The Contract Hustle

LP 1    A1      Someone I Care About                            4:01
        A2      Dance With Me                                   5:54
        A3      She Cracked                                     4:20
        A4      Hospital                                        6:24
        B1      Girlfriend                                      3:59
        B2      Foggy Notion                                    3:18
        B3      Ride Down on the Highway                        3:08
        B4      Pablo Picasso                                   5:01

LP 2    C1      A Plea for Tenderness                           7:09
        C2      Walk Up the Street                              5:20
        C3      Modern World                                    3:00
        C4      Old World                                       5:02
        D1      96 Tears                                        2:45
        D2      I'm Straight                                    5:06
        D3      Wake Up Sleepyheads                             2:46
        D4      Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste                 1:41
        D5      Roadrunner                                      4:50

LP 1    A1      Sweet Little Rock'N'Roller
        A2      Slow Death
        A3      Let Me Rock
        A4      Dog Meat
        B1      Blues For Phylis
        B2      Jumpin' Jack Flash
        B3      Little Queenie
        B4      I Can't Explain

LP 2    C1      Shake Some Action
        C2      Paint It Black
        C3      Feel A Whole Lot Better
        C4      Do I Love You
        D1      And Your Bird Can Sing
        D2      She Don't Care About Time
        D3      So Much In Love
        D4      River Deep Mountain High

CD              [same track details]
MR CD   159     SAFETY PINS             SHE'S GOT DRUGS                 CD        .1999
[MR 7126]

        1       She's Got Drugs
        2       I Hate Society
        3       Nympho Girl
        4       Teenage Alcoholic
MR      160     GENERATION X            K.M.D.-SWEET REVENGE            LP        .1998

        A1      Dancing With Myself
        A2      Modern Boys
        A3      Stars Look Down
        A4      Triumph
        A5      Girls Girls Girls
        B1      Anna Smiles
        B2      Flash As Hell
        B3      Psycho Beat
        B4      Cathy Come Home
        B5      Revenge
MR CD   160     THE CAVEMANISH BOYS     GET A LOAD OF...                CD        .1999

        1       Have We Met
        2       Remember This Time
        3       When People Talk
        4       Come On Baby
        5       Laughing to Keep From Crying
        6       You're the One
        7       Long Black Road
        8       Sunday Street
        9       You're so Jealous (Of Me That I Can't Talk to You)
        10      It Came to Me
        11      Don't Let Me In (Eleanor)
        12      Wide Open Lie
        13      Outta Side Outta Mind
        14      Reprise
        15      Leave Me Alone
MR      161     ANGEL CORPUS CHRISTI    I LOVE NY                       10"       .1999
MR CD   161     ANGEL CORPUS CHRISTI    I LOVE NY                       CD        .1999

        A1      Cheree                                          3:10
        A2      Blank Generation                                2:27
        A3      Redondo Beach                                   3:44
        A4      Dream, Baby, Dream                              2:59
        B1      The Day John Kennedy Died                       3:41
        B2      Femme Fatale                                    2:53
        B3      Theme From Taxi Driver / New York, New York     5:33
        B4      Here Today, Gone Tomorrow                       2:54

LP      Criminal Damage CRILP 128       1985    UK
MR      162     THE PRISONERS           THERE'S A TIME                  10"       .2001

        A1      There's a Time
        A2      Revenge of the Cybermen
        B1      I'm Looking for You (Previously Unreleased)
        B2      96 Tears (Previously Unreleased)
MR      163     Ultrasónicas : Yo Fui Una Adolescente Terrosatánica     CD        .1999
                / Las Versiones Definitivas 

        1       Monstruo Verde
        2       Pedro Fuzzca
        3       El Espacio Exterior
        4       Ramona
        5       Dulce Hoja
        6       Dame Chela
        7       Vente En Mi Boca
        8       Luxor Y Mohawk
        9       Pinotepa Surf (En Chevy '57)
        10      Fuck The Mall
        11      Palomitas
        12      Casco
        13      Quiero Ser Tu Perra
        14      Tema De Las Ultras
MR      164     FASTBACKS               THE DAY THAT DIDN'T EXIST       LP        .1999
MR CD   164     FASTBACKS               THE DAY THAT DIDN'T EXIST       CD        .1999

        A1      One More Hour
        A2      Goodbye, Bird
        A3      Like Today
        A4      As Everything
        A5      New Book Of Old
        A6      Defy's Gravity
        A7      I Was Stolen
        B1      Dreams I.H.S.
        B2      Have You Had Enough
        B3      We Can Be
        B4      Maybe
        B5      What's The Use?
        B6      My Destiny
        B7      The Day That Didn't Exist
CD +    15      No Information
        16      Hung On A Bad Peg
        17      I'm Cold
        18      Just Say
        19      Everything I Don't Need
        20      On The Couch
        21      Gone To The Moon
        22      K-Street
        23      Seven Days
        24      Set Me Free
MR      165     KIM FOWLEY              ANIMAL GOD OF THE STREETS       LP        .1999
MR CD   165     KIM FOWLEY              ANIMAL GOD OF THE STREETS       CD        .1999

A.      1       Night of the Hunter                             2:12
        2       Long Live Rock 'n' Roll                         2:09
        3       Werewolf Dynamite                               1:38
        4       Is America Dead?                                8:11
B.      5       Rumble                                          2:15
        6       California Swamp Dance                          2:16
        7       Hobo Wine                                       2:15
        8       Dangerous Visions                               5:41
        9       Ain't Got No Transportation                     6:18
MR      166     PUSSYCATS               ROCK ON!                        LP        .2000
MR CD   166     PUSSYCATS               ROCK ON!                        CD        .2000

        A1      SS Nurses
        A2      Queen of the Jungle
        A3      Kung Fu Master
        A4      Wichita
        A5      Marnie the Vampire
        A6      Satan Met a Lady
        A7      Rock On
        B1      Toomuch Smoke
        B2      Silver Jet
        B3      Daddy-O
        B4      Catwalk
        B5      Instrumental
        B6      I Need a Man
        B7      Baby Doll
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
MR      167     NEW YORK DOLLS          New York Tapes 72 - 73          10"     05.2000
MR CD   167     NEW YORK DOLLS          New York Tapes 72 - 73          CD      05.2000

10"             New York Tapes 73
        A1      Bad Girl                                        3:15
        A2      Pills                                           3:22
        A3      Personality Crisis                              3:59
                New York Tapes 72
        B4      Looking For A Kiss                              3:33
        B5      Don't Start Me Talking                          3:33
        B6      Don't Mess With Cupid                           3:06
        B7      Human Being                                     5:54

CD      1       Looking for a Kiss
        2       Don't Start Me Talking
        3       Don't Mess With Cupid
        4       Bad Girl
        5       Pills
        6       Personality Crisis
MR      168     BLUE OYSTER CULT        LIVE IN  NY 1972                10"       .2001
MR CD   168     BLUE OYSTER CULT        LIVE IN  NY 1972                CDEP      .2001

10"     A1      Workshop Of The Telescopes                      3:40
        A2      Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll              4:42
        B1      The Red And The Black                           4:35
        B2      Buck's Boogie                                   5:18
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM)

CD      1       Workshop Of The Telescopes                      3:40
        2       Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll              4:42
        3       The Red And The Black                           4:35
        4       Buck's Boogie                                   5:18
MR      169     SONNY VINCENT           PARALLAX WONDERLAND             LP        .2001

        A1      Knifeman
        A2      Dedication
        A3      Good Ideas
        A4      I Don't Care Anymore
        A5      One, Two, Three, Boom!
        A6      Do What I Want
        A7      Anywhere With Nikki
        B1      Lost Again
        B2      I Will Take You
        B3      2 Years 1 Joint
        B4      Signed In Blood
        B5      Seratonin'
        B6      Change Now
        B7      French Music

CD      Empty           MT 471          1998    US
MR      170     THE CAVEMANISH BOYS     GET A LOAD OF...                LP        .2000
MR CD   170     THE CAVEMANISH BOYS     GET A LOAD OF...                CD        .2000

        A1      Have We Met
        A2      Remember This Time
        A3      When People Talk
        A4      Come On Baby
        A5      Laughing To Keep From Crying
        A6      You're The One
        A7      Long Black Road
        B1      Sunday Street
        B2      You're So Jealous (Of Me That I Can't Talk To You)
        B3      It Came To Me
        B4      Don't Let Me In (Eleanor)
        B5      Wide Open Lie
        B6      Outta Side Outta Mind
        B7      Reprise
        B8      Leave Me Alone
MR      171
MR      172     ATOM RHUMBA             DIRT SHOTS                      10"       .2000
MR CD   172     ATOM RHUMBA             DIRT SHOTS                      CD        .2000

10"     A1      Clandestine Touch Up
        A2      Funky Town
        A3      Cancerous Lover
        B1      Klaatu's Vacation Journey
        B2      The Worst Wish
        B3      Wet Cigarettes

CD      1       Clandestine Touch Up
        2       Funky Town
        3       Cancerous Lover
        4       Klaatu's Vacation Journey
        5       The Worst Wish
        6       Wet Cigarettes
                WORLD WAR III
                WORLD WAR III

LP      A1      Back In The Delta
        A2      Stay & Dance
        A3      Thunder Claude
        A4      Brainwash Time
        A5      Dating With Witchkraft
        A6      Sun Eclipse 1999
        B1      Hotel Escobar
        B2      Jack's Ink Gone Red
        B3      Kiss My Limousine
        B4      Magnetic K.O.
        B5      Space Mountain Blues
        B6      Granada Smokin' Gipsy

CD      1       Tijuana Jam                                     0:56
        2       Back in the Delta                               4:49
        3       Stay & Dance                                    3:05
        4       Brainwash Time                                  4:30
        5       Dating With Witchkraft                          4:37
        6       We Are the Zombies                              3:02
        7       Granada Smokin' Gipsy                           3:12
        8       Cosmic Power                                    2:55
        9       Hotel Escobar                                   4:55
        10      Magnetic K.O.                                   4:48
        11      Sun Eclipse 1999                                3:54
        12      Space Mountain Blues                            4:36
        13      Jack's Ink Gone Red                             3:16
MR      174     ALEX CHILTON : LOOSE SHOES AND TIGHT PUSSY              LP        .1999

        A1      I've Never Found A Girl
        A2      Lipstick Traces
        A3      Hook Me Up
        A4      The Oogum Boogum Song
        A5      If You's A Viper
        A6      I Remember Mama
        B1      April In Paris
        B2      There Will Never Be Another You
        B3      Single Again
        B4      You've Got A Booger Bear Under There
        B5      Shiny Stockings
        B6      Goodnight My Love
MR      175     G.G.ALLIN               ROCK'N'ROLL TERRORISTst         2LP       .2000

LP 1    A1      I Wanna Fuck Myself                             2:53
        A2      Fuck Woman I've Never Had                       2:31
        A3      Needle Up My Cock                               3:11
        A4      You'll Never Tame Me                            2:40
        A5      Bite It, You Scum                               3:39
        A6      Scumfuc Tradition                               3:03
        A7      Abuse Myself, I Wanna Die                       4:00
        A8      Kill the Children, Save the Food                2:36
        A9      I Wanna Piss on You                             2:11
        A10     I Don't Give a Shit                             2:26
        B1      Drink, Fight and Fuck                           1:29
        B2      Fucking the Dog                                 2:29
        B3      Clit Licker                                     2:52
        B4      Blowjobs                                        1:57
        B5      Gimmie                                          3:09
        B6      I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out                    3:12
        B7      Teachers Pet                                    2:53
        B8      I'm Gonna Rape You                              2:13
        B9      Bad Habits                                      3:52
        B10     Sluts in the City                               3:56
        B11     I Wanna Suck Your Cunt                          2:05

LP 2    C1      Ass Fuckin', Butt Suckin', Cunt Lickin',
                Masturbation                                    2:58
        C2      Fuck the Dead                                   5:05
        C3      God of Fire in Hell                             2:12
        C4      Devil's Prayer                                  3:20
        C5      Eat My Diahrrea                                 3:39
        C6      Cock on the Loose                               2:51
        C7      Blood for You                                   3:33
        C8      Savage Blood Bath                               0:54
        C9      Murder for the Mission - Terrorist Anarchy      1:33
        C10     Sidewalk Walking                                0:56
        C11     I Love Nothing                                  2:03
        D1      Self Absorbed                                   1:54
        D2      99 Stab Wounds - Decapitation Ritual            1:46
        D3      No Limits No Laws                               1:37
        D4      War in My Head - I'm Your Enemy                 3:01
        D5      A Dead Fuck                                     1:16
        D6      Sister Sodomy - Death and Defecation            1:29
        D7      Kill, Kill, Kill                                2:24
        D8      Violence Now - Assassinate the President        4:05
        D9      Drink From the Pissing Snakes Mouth             1:02
        D10     Rape, Torture, Terminate and Fuck               1:08
        D11     Guns and Revolution                             0:40
        D12     Kill the Police - Destroy the System            2:18
        D13     Immortal Pieces of Me                           1:56
        D14     My Prison Walls - 206045                        3:55
        D15     Death Before Life - Bloody Cunt Slider          0:22
MR CD   176     MASHED POTATOES         UP AND OVER!                    CD        .2000

        01      Braindead                                       2:24
        02      Friday Evening                                  2:39
        03      My Turn                                         2:37
        04      Such Good Friends                               1:50
        05      Malibu, Malibu                                  3:45
        06      Think it Over                                   3:00
        07      My Biggest Fan                                  3:45
        08      Sweet Sweet Song                                2:17
        09      Mexican Donkey Ride                             2:33
        10      Watch It                                        2:43
        11      Make Me                                         1:08
        12      Pink Noise                                      3:18
        13      Up and Over                                     3:43
        14      Yes or No                                       4:01
MR      177     DWIGHT TWILLEY          BETWEEN THE CRACKS-VOLUME ONE   LP        .1999

        A1      Black Eyes
        A2      Let Me Down
        A3      Don' You Love Her
        A4      Lullaby
        A5      Forget About It Baby
        A6      Round And Around
        A7      Reach For The Sky
        A8      Too Young For Love
        B1      Eli Bolack
        B2      Oh Carrie
        B3      Living In The City
        B4      Christmas Love
        B5      To Get To You
        B6      Where The Birds Fly
        B7      No Place Like Home
        B8      Perfect World
MR      178     THE RAMONETURES         The RAMONETURES                 LP        .2001
MR CD   178     THE RAMONETURES         The RAMONETURES                 CD        .2001

        A1      Glad To See You Go
        A2      Rockaway Beach
        A3      Blitzkrieg Bop
        A4      She's The One
        A5      Babysitter
        A6      Rock & Roll High School
        A7      She's A Sensation
        A8      Tod y Your Love, Tomorrow The World
        B1      Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio?
        B2      I Wanna Be Well
        B3      Carbona Not Glue
        B4      The KKK Took My Baby Away
        B5      Cretin Hop
        B6      Oh, Oh, I Love Her So
        B7      I Wanna Be Sedated
        B8      Pet Sematary
MR      179
MR      180     V / A : MUNSTER RECORDS GOES HI-FI                      CD        .2001

        1       Chris and Tad           Radio Control           3:12
        2       The Cavemanish Boys     Remember This Time      2:43
        3       Safety Pins             I Am Not Pretty         2:05
        4       Sonny Vincent           Good Ideas              2:04
        5       Fastbacks               I Was Stolen            3:52
        6       Mashed Potatoes         Pink Noise              3:42
        7       The Rooks               Maybe                   2:36
        8       Angel Corpus Christi    Redondo Beach           3:42
        9       Ramonetures             Blitzkrieg Bop          1:59
        10      Webelos                 Celos                   1:16
        11      Ultrasónicas            Palomitas               1:25
        12      Ben Vaughn              Growin' a Beard         1:54
        13      Pussycats               Catwalk                 2:57
        14      Atom Rhumba             Funky Town              4:52
        15      Jack Meatbeat & The Underground Society : Hotel
                Escobar                                         4:55
MR      181     ELEPHANT BAND           FABRICA DE CHOCOLETE            LP        .2000
MR CD   181     ELEPHANT BAND           FABRICA DE CHOCOLETE            CD        .2000

        A1      Yademos
        A2      Falling Leaves
        A3      I Will Give You My Soul
        A4      Strange Roads
        A5      Blue Dead Souls
        A6      You Are Me
        A7      Chocolate's Factory
        B1      Waterfall
        B2      Fashion Victim
        B3      Softly
        B4      Painter Man
        B5      Sweet Sad Room
        B6      Just A Boy
        B7      The Great Glass Elevator
MR      182     THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT : GEAR BLUES                 2x10"     .2000

10"/1   A1      West Cabaret Drive                              5:26
        A2      Smokin' Billy                                   3:26
        A3      Satanic Boom Boom Head                          2:50
        A4      Dog Way                                         3:15
        B1      Free Devil Jam                                  2:42
        B2      Killer Beach                                    5:10
        B3      Brian Down                                      4:45
        B4      Hotel Bronco                                    1:43

10"/2   C1      Give The Gallon                                 5:15
        C2      G.W.D                                           3:52
        C3      Ash                                             3:34
        D1      Soul Warp                                       4:14
        D2      Boiled Oil                                      4:10
        D3      Danny Go                                        4:54

CD      Alive           ALIVE 0040      2000    US
MR      183     THE GRAVES BROTHERS DELUXE : LITTLE LOVE THINGS         LP        .2000

        A1      Honey
        A2      Gypsies, Whores, and Doctors
        A3      Somewhere Someone
        A4      Old Blunt Knife
        A5      Sun Sneak Down
        B1      Chance and Luck
        B2      Dirty Blue
        B3      Shotgun Silence
        B4      The Godamn Sky
        B5      My Little Nunavut (Ice Ice Bastard)
MR      184     THE BOBBY FULLER FOUR : THE MUSTANG YEARS               2LP       .2000

        A1      Let Her Dance
        A2      Julie
        A3      A New Shade Of Blue
        A4      Only When I Dream
        A5      You Kiss Me
        A6      Little Annie Lou
        A7      I Fought The Law
        A8      Another Sad & Lonely Night
        A9      Saturday Night
        A10     Take My Word
        B1      Fool Of Love
        B2      Never To Be Forgotten
        B3      You're In Love [Unreleased]
        B4      Our Favorite Martian
        B5      Those Memories Of You
        B6      Think It Over [Unreleased]
        B7      Pamela [Unreleased]
        B8      Wolfman
        B9      Thunder Reef
        B10     It's Love, Come What May

LP 2    C1      King Of The Wheel
        C2      KRLA Top Eliminator
        C3      Keep A Knockin'
        C4      The Phantom Dragster
        C5      The Lonely Dragster
        C6      She's My Girl
        C7      Love's Made A Fool Of You
        C8      Don't Ever Let Me Know
        C9      Cheat & Lie [Unreleased]
        C10     Jenny Lee [Unreleased]
        D1      My True Love
        D2      Baby My Heart [Unreleased]
        D3      The Magic Touch
        D4      I'm A Lucky Guy [Unreleased]
        D5      The Things You Do
        D6      Now She's Gone
        D7      Angel Eyes [Unreleased]
        D8      Only When I Dream
        D9      Never To Be Forgotten [Stereo Alt.]
        D10     My True Love [Unreleased Instr.]
                (Note : double LP , 220 g. vinyl , gatefold)
MR      185     TIGHT BRO'S FROM WAY BACK WHEN : LEND YOU A HAND        LP        .2001
MR CD   185     TIGHT BRO'S FROM WAY BACK WHEN : LEND YOU A HAND        CD        .2001

        A1      Make It A Habit                                 2:24
        A2      Bless Me                                        4:28
        A3      Might & Maybe                                   2:26
        A4      My Bad Luck                                     3:08
        A5      Bring Your Thunder                              2:40
        A6      Gimme the Key                                   3:24
        B1      Nose in the Corner                              2:45
        B2      Show Me                                         3:17
        B3      Badger                                          3:23
        B4      Because I Said So                               2:49
        B5      Lend You A Hand                                 1:56
        B6      Inside Looking Out                              4:19

LP.CD   Kill Rock Stars  KRS 370        2001    US
MR      186     REDD CRO$S              BORN INNOCENT                   LP        .2000

        A1      Linda Blair
        A2      White Trash
        A3      Every Day There's Someone New
        A4      Solid Gold
        A5      Burnout
        A6      Charlie
        A7      Tatum O'Tot And The Fried Vegetables
        A8      St. Lita Ford Blues
        B1      Self-Respect
        B2      Pseudo-Intellectual
        B3      Kill Someone You Hate
        B4      Look On Up At The Bottom
        B5      Cellulite City
        B6      I'm Alright
        B7      Cease To Exist
        B8      Notes And Chords Mean Nothing To Me
MR      187     EDEN AHBEZ "NATURE BOY" : EDEN'S ISLAND                 LP      04.2001

        A1      Eden's Island                                   2:12
        A2      The Wanderer                                    3:43
        A3      Myna Bird                                       2:21
        A4      Eden's Cove                                     2:44
        A5      Tradewind                                       3:01
        A6      Full Moon                                       2:57
        B1      Mongoose                                        1:51
        B2      Market Place                                    2:30
        B3      Banana Boy                                      2:50
        B4      The Old Boat                                    2:36
        B5      Island Girl                                     2:25
        B6      La Mar                                          2:43
MR      188     THE FLAMIN GROOVIES     SNEAKERS                        10" (m)   .2000

        A1      Golden Clouds                                   2:53
        A2      The Slide                                       4:00
        A3      Prelude In A Flat To Afternoon Of A Pud         1:22
        B1      I'm Drowning                                    2:05
        B2      Babes In The Sky                                1:50
        B3      Love Time                                       2:50
        B4      My Yada                                         2:10
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM , mono format)
MR      189     SONNY VINCENT           HELL'S KITCHEN                  LP      04.2001
MR CD   189     SONNY VINCENT           HELL'S KITCHEN                  CD      04.2001

        A1      Bringin' The Psycho Back Home
        A2      Vegas Goodluck
        A3      Surfin' Motherfucker
        A4      Urban Shock
        A5      Medicine Indians
        A6      Get Ready
        A7      City Streets
        B1      Real Cool Girl
        B2      All Again
        B3      Resistor
        B4      No Sacrifice
        B5      Afterburner
        B6      Super Sonic
        B7      Search And Destroy
MR      190     SAFETY PINS             PUNK ROCK DISASTER PT.1         10"     04.2001
MR CD   190     SAFETY PINS             PUNK ROCK DISASTER PT.1         CD      04.2001

        A1      I'm Not Pretty (The Lewd)
        A2      Media Control (The Nuns)
        A3      Just Like Your Mom (Vox Pop)
        A4      Negative Reaction (Fuck Ups)
        A5      Gimme, Gimme, Gimme  (Black Flag)
        A6      Kill The Hippies (Deadbeats)
        B1      Solitary Confinement  (Weirdos)
        B2      Confused (The Nurs)
        B3      Climate Of Fear  (The Lewd)
        B4      Superficial Love (TSOL)
        B5      Burn Out  (Redd Kross)
MR      191     THE ONLY ONES           REMAINS                         LP      06.2001

        A1      Prisoners
        A2      Watch You Drown
        A3      Flowers Die
        A4      Devon Song
        A5      My Rejection
        A6      Baby's Got A Gun
        A7      Hope Valley Blues
        B1      Counterfeit Woman
        B2      River Of No Return
        B3      I Only Wanna Be Your Friend
        B4      Oh No
        B5      Don't Hold Your Breath
        B6      Silent Night
        B7      Don't Feel Too Good
MR      192     RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS : DESTINY STREET            LP      06.2001

        A1      The Kid With The Replaceable Head               2:24
        A2      You Gotta Move                                  2:36
        A3      Going Going Gone                                2:34
        A4      Lowest Common Dominator                         2:23
        A5      Downtown At Dawn                                5:59
        B1      Time                                            3:33
        B2      I Can Only Give You Everything                  3:57
        B3      Ignore That Door                                3:13
        B4      Staring In Her Eyes                             4:20
        B5      Destiny Street                                  4:38
                ['78 VINTAGE NYC ROCK & ROLL GEMS]
                ['78 VINTAGE NYC ROCK & ROLL GEMS]

        A1      The Cops Are Coming
        A2      Teenage News
        A3      Kids Are Back
        A4      I'm So Sorry
        A5      Casting Couch
        A6      It's Love
        A7      Without You
        B1      14th Street
        B2      Emily
        B3      Deeper And Deeper
        B4      Out With The Wrong Woman
        B5      Dreaming About You, Baby
        B6      Rockin' Good Time
        B7      I Love A Little Pussy
                THE UNDERGROUND

LP 1    A1      I'm Stranded
        A2      No Time
        A3      Know Your Product
        A4      No You're Product
        A5      Swing For The Crime
        A6      All The Times Through Paradise
        A7      The Chameleon
        A8      Save Me
        B1      In The Mirror
        B2      Always
        B3      Follow The Leader
        B4      Rescue
        B5      Casablanca
        B6      Gost Ships
        B7      Photograph
        B8      Down The Train

LP 2    C1      Just Like Fire Would
        C2      All Fools Day
        C3      How To Avoid Disaster
        C4      Temple Of The Lord
        C5      Big Hits On The Underground
        C6      Blues On My Mind
        C7      Grain Of Sand
        C8      Stay
        D1      Shipwreck
        D2      Howling
        D3      Something Wicked
        D4      Only Dreaming
        D5      Fall Of An Empire
        D6      Easy Money
        D7      S+M+M'S
        D8      Mustar
MR      195     JOHNNY THUNDERS         PANIC ON SUNSET STRIP           LP      06.2001
MR CD   195     JOHNNY THUNDERS         PANIC ON SUNSET STRIP           CD      06.2001

A.      1       Pipeline
        2       Blame It on Mom
        3       Personality Crisis
        4       I Can Tell
        5       Dead or Alive
        6       Can't Keep My Eyes on You
        7       I Ain't Superstitious
        8       Too Much Junkie Business
B.      9       You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
        10      Eve of Destruction
        11      It's Not Enough /Lonely Planet Boy
        12      The Wizard
        13      Play with Fire
        14      Green Onions
        15      The Midnight Hour
        16      Sad Vacation
        17      Little Queenie
        18      Born To Lose
MR      196     V / A : AGAIN...THIS ONE'S FOR J.O.H.N.N.Y.             10"     04.2001

        A1      Backyard Babies         One Track Mind
        A2      Ramones                 I Love You
        A3      Ronnie Spector : You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
        A4      Nikki Sudden            Have Faith
        B1      Sonny Vincent & Safety Pins : Chatterbox
        B2      Atom Rhumba             Downtown
        B3      La Secta                I Wanna Be Loved
        B4      Sabrejets               Little Bit O'Whore
MR      197     SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS : LIVE AT THE OLYMPIA/PARIS 1998  LP      12.2001

        A1      I Feel Alright                                  6:36
        A2      Pretty Girl's Everywhere                        7:37
        A3      I'm Lonely                                      3:58
        A4      I Don't Know                                    7:05
        A5      I'll Be There                                   3:35
        B1      Bite It                                         6:32
        B2      Constipation Blues                              6:26
        B3      Alligator Wine                                  5:55
        B4      I Put A Spell On You                            4:38
        B5      Shout                                           4:13
        B6      Goodnight Sweetheart                            3:35
                (Note : LP , clear vinyl)
MR      198     GOLDEN ZOMBIES          THE 24 KILATE SOUND             10"       .2000
MR 198/2000     GOLDEN ZOMBIES          THE 24 KILATE SOUND             CD        .2000

10"     A1      44 Pound Rat
        A2      Walkin' In The Dust
        A3      Brand New Clock
        A4      Tail Pipe
        A5      Cheatin' Charlie
        B1      Les Cornichons
        B2      Stoned Chicken
        B3      Stay
        B4      Creepy Conga
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM , black or gold vinyl)

CD      1       44 Pund Rat                                     2:14
        2       Walkin' in the Dust                             2:10
        3       Brand New Clock                                 2:14
        4       Tail Pipe                                       2:06
        5       Cheatin' Charlie                                3:29
        6       Les Cornichons                                  2:06
        7       Stoned Chicken                                  2:39
        8       Stay                                            1:39
        9       Creepy Conga                                    2:53
        10      Untitled Track                                  20:59
MR 199/2000     SCREAMING LORD SUTCH    MUNSTER ROCK                    LP        .2000
MR CD   199     SCREAMING LORD SUTCH    MUNSTER ROCK                    CD        .2000

LP      A1      I'm a Hog for You Baby                          2:08
        A2      Jack the Ripper                                 2:43
        A3      Monster Rock                                    2:25
        A4      Penny Penny                                     3:05
        A5      Medley: Jenny Jenny / Keep a Knockin' / Long
                Tall Sally                                      4:41
        B1      Rock 'A' Billy Madman                           3:25
        B2      Murder in the Graveyard                         2:59
        B3      All Black and Hairy                             2:32
        B4      London Rocker                                   2:15
        B5      Rock and Shock                                  2:01
        B6      Scream and Scream                               1:55

CD      1       I'm a Hog for You Baby                          2:08
        2       Jack the Ripper                                 2:43
        3       Monster Rock                                    2:25
        4       Penny Penny                                     3:05
        5       Medley: Jenny Jenny / Keep a Knockin'           4:41
        6       Murder in the Graveyard                         2:59
        7       Rock 'A' Billy Madman                           3:25
        8       All Black and Hairy                             2:32
        9       London Rocker                                   2:15
        10      Rock and Shock                                  2:01
        11      Scream and Scream                               1:55
MR      200     V / A : I WAS A TEENAGE MUNSTER                         CD        .2003

        1       The American Four       Lucy Baines             2:33
        2       The Neanderthals        Speed Bump              2:26
        3       The Real Kids           Hit You Hard            2:19
        4       Los Perros              If You Want Women       2:28
        5       Downliners Sect                 Outside         2:28
        6       The Black Lips          Ain't Coming Back       3:08
        7       The Gun Club : She's Like Heroin To Me          2:35
        8       Legendary Tiger Man     Sometime I Miss You     3:47
        9       Scientists              Soild Gold Hell         3:31
        10      Demolition Doll Rods:Big Rock Candy Mountain    6:19
        11      James White & The Blacks : Contort Yourself     6:14
        12      The Monks               Complication            2:42
        13      The Fast                Wow Pow Bash Crash      3:18
        14      Sonny Vincent           Busted                  2:31
        15      Von Lmo                 Outside Of Time         2:48
        16      Guitar Wolf             Lightning's Melody      3:42
        17      Los Mockers             Girl You Won't Succeed  2:07
        18      Mermaid : Forgiven In The Awakening Sand        6:50
        19      Los Walkers             19.8                    2:57
        20      Arthur Lee & Love       Five String Serenade    5:22
MR      201     NEW YORK DOLLS          ENDLESS PARTY                   2LP     04.2001
                [UNRELEASED 1973 STUDIO SESSIONS]

        A1      Babylon                                         3:28
        A2      Private World                                   3:54
        A3      Subway Train                                    5:02
        A4      Who Are the Mystery Girls                       2:58
        A5      Frankenstein                                    5:44
        B1      Looking for a Kiss                              3:35
        B2      Trash                                           3:11
        B3      Human Being                                     5:59
        B4      Vietnamese Baby                                 3:36
        B5      Endless Party                                   6:21

LP 2    C1      Personality Crisis                              4:03
        C2      Bad Girl                                        3:16
        C3      Lonely Planet Boy                               4:09
        C4      It's Too Late                                   3:54
        C5      Jet Boy                                         4:49
        D1      Give Her a Big Kiss                             3:36
        D2      Bad Detective                                   3:29
        D3      Pills                                           3:24
        D4      Don't Start Me Talkin'                          3:22
        D5      7 Day Weekend                                   3:25
        D6      Back in the USA                                 2:17
                (Note : 1000 copies , 220 g vinyl)
MR      202     THE FLESHTONES          BLAST OFF!!!                    LP      07.2001

        A1      B.Y.O.B.
        A2      Critical List
        A3      Shadowline
        A4      American Beat
        A5      Cara-Lin
        A6      Watch Junior Go!
        B1      Atom Spies
        B2      The Way I Feel
        B3      Comin' In Dead Stick
        B4      Judy
        B5      Soul Struttin'
        B6      Rockin' This Joint
        B7      Rocket USA
MR      203     THE KINGSMEN            LIVE & UNRELEASED               LP      06.2002

        A1      Kingsmen Introduction
        A2      Louie Louie
        A3      Bent Shepter
        A4      The Waitin'
        A5      What'd I Say
        A6      Twist & Shout
        A7      Do You Love Me
        B1      Ooh Ooh Pah Doo
        B2      J.A.J.
        B3      David's Mood
        B4      I Go Crazy Long Tall Texan
        B5      Mojo Workout
        B6      Doin' The Seaside
        B7      Money
MR      204     THE SONICS              MAINTAINING MY COOL             LP (m)  06.2002
MR      204     THE SONICS              MAINTAINING MY COOL             CD      06.2002

LP      A1      The Witch
        A2      You've Got Your Head on Backwards
        A3      I_m a Man
        A4      On the Road Again
        A5      Psycho
        A6      Dirty Old Man
        A7      I'm Going Home
        B1      High Time
        B2      I'm a Rolling Stone
        B3      Like No Other Man
        B4      Maintaining My Cool
        B5      Bama Lama Lu
        B6      Leave My Kitten Alone
        B7      Hanky Panky
        B8      Diddy Wah Diddy

CD      1       The Witch                                       2:41
        2       You've Got Your Head on Backwards               2:20
        3       I'm a Man                                       2:59
        4       On the Road Again                               1:44
        5       Psycho                                          2:11
        6       Dirty Old Man                                   2:16
        7       I'm Going Home                                  2:24
        8       High Time                                       1:44
        9       I'm a Rolling Stone                             2:21
        10      Like No Other Man                               1:59
        11      Maintaining My Cool                             1:51
        12      Bama Lama Lu                                    2:38
        13      Leave My Kitten Alone                           2:41
        14      Hanky Panky                                     2:21
        15      Diddy Wah Diddy                                 2:24
        16      Anyway the Wind Blows (Pt.1)                    2:51
        17      Anyway the Wind Blows (Pt.2)                    3:24
        18      Loveitis                                        2:31
        19      Always Love Her                                 2:41
        20      Lost Love                                       2:15
        21      Good Hard Rock                                  2:17
        22      Once Again                                      2:32
        23      I'll Stay With You                              2:50
        24      I'm Right                                       2:19
        25      Only She Would Do                               2:20
        26      Love Lights                                     2:44
        27      Goodbye                                         2:20
        28      Near My Soul                                    2:23
        29      Wake Me, Shake Me                               2:18
        30      You're in Love                                  3:24
MR      205     THE SONICS              FIRE & ICE!                     LP      06.2002

        A1      Anyway The Wind Blows (Version A)
        A2      Anyway The Wind Blows (Version B)
        A3      Loveitis
        A4      I'll Always Love Her
        A5      Lost Love
        A6      Good Hard Rock
        A7      Once Again
        A8      I'll Stay With You
        B1      I'm Right
        B2      Only She Would Do
        B3      Love Lights
        B4      Goodbye
        B5      Near My Soul
        B6      Wake Me, Shake Me
        B7      You're In Love
MR      206     DON & THE GOODTIMES     BIG BIG KNIGHTS                 LP      06.2002

        A1      Turn On
        A2      Money
        A3      Big Big Night
        A4      Jolly Green Giant
        A5      Long Green
        A6      Lip Service
        A7      Louie Louie
        A8      Tall Cool One
        A9      There's Something On Your Mind
        A10     The Witch
        A11     Little Sally Tease
        B1      I'm Real
        B2      There Is Love
        B3      I'll Be Down Forever
        B4      Blue Turns To Grey
        B5      Hey There Mary Mae
        B6      Sweets For My Sweet
        B7      Colors Of Life
        B8      I Hate To Hate You
        B9      You Did It Before
        B10     You Were Just A Child
        B11     I Could Be So Good To You
MR      207     THE MONKS               LET'S START A BEAT              LP      05.2001
MR CD   207     THE MONKS               LET'S START A BEAT              CD      05.2001

A.      1       Monk Time
        2       Oh How to Do Now
        3       We Do wie Du
        4       Boys Are Boys
        6       Hushie Pushie
        7       Cuckoo
B.      8       Complication
        9       That's My Girl
        10      Shut Up
        11      I Can't Get Over You
        13      Blast Off!
        14      I Hate You
                (Note : LP 220 g vinyl)
MR      208     THE SONICS              JERDEN YEARS                    CD      06.2002
MR      209     ADRENALAIN O.D.         A.O.D. THEMES                   LP      05.2001
                [RARE & UNRELEASED 1982 DEMOS]
MR CD   209     ADRENALAIN O.D.         A.O.D. THEMES                   CD      05.2001
                [RARE & UNRELEASED 1982 DEMOS]

A.      1       New Year's Eve                                  1:01
        2       A.O.D. Theme                                    1:19
        3       Entrapment                                      1:07
        4       Suicide Abortion                                1:21
        5       Old People Talk Loud                            0:37
        6       World War IV                                    0:47
        7       Mister Rogers                                   0:36
        8       Die for a Cause                                 2:15
        9       Ass Kisser                                      0:57
        10      Scare Tactics                                   0:57
        11      Paul's Not Home                                 1:54
B.      12      Status Symbol                                   1:31
        13      Hi Jack the Senior Citizen's Bus                1:14
        14      Suburbia                                        1:42
        15      Status Symbol (Version 2)                       1:30
        16      Work Song                                       1:23
        17      Suburbia (Version 2)                            1:25
        18      Trans-Am                                        1:41
        19      Old People Talk Loud (Version 2)                0:34
        20      House Husband                                   0:45
        21      Mischief Night                                  1:14
        22      Status Symbol (Version 3)                       1:21
MR      210     THE MEANIES : Secrets Of The Ancients Revealed          10"     11.2001
MR CD   210     THE MEANIES : Secrets Of The Ancients Revealed          CD      11.2001

A.      1       Hazzard a Guess                                 2:14
        2       Splinter                                        3:02
        3       Blacklist                                       1:33
B.      4       Four Walls                                      1:11
        5       Play This Song Each Night                       1:32
        6       Snapshot                                        4:11
MR      211     SUICIDE KING            NEW YORK                        LP        .2001
MR CD   211     SUICIDE KING            NEW YORK                        CD        .2001

LP      A1      Get On Up (Off The Floor)
        A2      Runaway
        A3      I Don't Think So
        A4      Shadow Girl
        A5      Yeah
        A6      Loosie
        B1      Get Outta Town
        B2      Circle Bitch
        B3      Money Honey
        B4      Hold Tight
        B5      Black Magic Junkie

CD      1       Get On Up (Off The Floor)
        2       Runaway
        3       I Don't Think So
        4       Shadow Girl
        5       Yeah
        6       Loosie
        7       Get Outta Town
        8       Circle Bitch
        9       Money Honey
        10      Hold Tight
        11      Black Magic Junkie
MR      212     SAFETY PINS             PUNKASSBITCH                    LP      05.2001
MR CD   212     SAFETY PINS             PUNKASSBITCH                    CD      05.2001

LP      A1      Vampira
        A2      So Many Ways
        A3      Aiky's Got A Green Cloud
        A4      Murder NIte Kids
        A5      If I Die, I Die
        A6      Do The Dog
        A7      Sweet Charity
        A8      Fast Food Party
        A9      Bittersweet Sensation
        B1      Punkassbitch
        B2      C19 H28 O2
        B3      Trash
        B4      Spanish Psycho
        B5      We Fight
        B6      Just In Fun
        B7      Bionic Girl
        B8      One Day Fashion
        B9      Falling

CD      1       Vampira                                         1:09
        2       So Many Ways                                    1:05
        3       Aiky's Got A Green Cloud                        1:13
        4       Murder NIte Kids                                1:13
        5       If I Die, I Die                                 1:13
        6       Do The Dog                                      2:26
        7       Sweet Charity                                   2:06
        8       Fast Food Party                                 1:37
        9       Bittersweet Sensation                           2:25
        10      Punkassbitch                                    2:33
        11      C19 H28 O2                                      1:43
        12      Trash                                           2:05
        13      Spanish Psycho                                  1:52
        14      We Fight                                        0:29
        15      Just In Fun                                     2:24
        16      Bionic Girl                                     2:16
        17      One Day Fashion                                 1:05
        18      Falling                                         1:51
MR      213     ATOM RHUMBA             CHASIN THE ONAGRO               LP      05.2001
MR CD   213     ATOM RHUMBA             CHASIN THE ONAGRO               CD      05.2001

A.      1       Gimme Chaos
        2       Techno Boy
        3       Bomb Between Your Legs
        4       How Long?/Too Short
        5       Motormouth
B.      6       I'm a Rocket
        7       Cerebros con esquinas
        8       Set the Sitar on Fire
        9       Tagliarina
        10      Soul Anatomy
        11      Onagro
MR CD   214     V / A                   FUCK THE MILLENIUM              CD        .2000

        1       Suicide King            Get On Up (On The Floor)
        2       New Christs             Groovy Times
        3       Atom Rhumba             Gimme Chaos
        4       Sour Jazz               Mr. Popular
        5       Streetwalkin' Cheetahs : Automatic
        6       Tight Bro's             Make It A Habbit
        7       Sonny Vincent           Surfin' Motherfucker
        8       Los Perros              Rockeros
        9       Broma De Ssatan         Terrorismo Autorizado
        10      Safety Pins             Just In Fun
        11      The Meanies             Buffalo Free
        12      Michelle Gun Elephant   Baby Stardust
        13      Graves Brothers Deluxe : Honey
        14      Sylvain Sylvain         Paper, Pencil & Glue
        15      Golden Zombies          The Creepy Conga
MR      215     LOS PERROS              LIVE! AT THE STAR-CLUB          10"       .2002
MR CD   215     LOS PERROS              LIVE! AT THE STAR-CLUB          CD        .2002

                Side One
        A1      If You Want Women
        A2      I Should Say
        A3      Too Fast
        A4      In The Laufhaus
        A5      Dog's Egg Stomp
                Side Two
        B1      Chinese Rock'N'Roll
        B2      The Kids Are Alright
        B3      Morning Flames
        B4      I Wanna Take You Now
        B5      Leaving Here
MR 216/2001     QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS : MORE ACTION            LP      05.2001

        A1      Don't Give It Up Now                            3:32
        A2      Feel It                                         3:21
        A3      Hanging' On A String                            2:14
        A4      96 Tears                                        3:04
        A5      Girl (You Captivative Me)                       2:16
        A6      Can't Get Enough Of You Baby                    2:09
        B1      Ain't It A Shame?                               2:59
        B2      That's How Strong My Love Is                    3:24
        B3      Satisfaction                                    3:45
        B4      Don't Hold It Against Me                        1:59
        B5      Do You Feel It?                                 2:51
        B6      I'll Be Back                                    2:12
                (Note : LP 220 g vinyl)
MR      217     VON LMO          Tranceformer Future Language 2001      2LP     06.2002
MR CD   217     VON LMO          Tranceformer Future Language 2001      CD      06.2002

LP 1            Future Language
        A1      Future Language                                 4:21
        A2      Crash Landing 8.8                               3:37
        A3      Outside Of Time                                 2:49
        A4      This Is Pop Rock                                2:45
        A5      Leave Your Body                                 5:08
        B1      Ultra Violet Light                              3:17
        B2      Give Us Strength                                2:28
        B3      Fire Eyes                                       2:59
        B4      Radio World                                     4:39
        B5      Be Yourself                                     4:17

LP 2            Tranceformer
        C1      Smudge Head                                     3:16
        C2      Transformer                                     5:12
        C3      Womb Of Eternity                                3:05
        C4      Freeze Frame Mode                               2:44
        C5      Manniquin Of Love                               3:21
        C6      Zero Hour                                       3:03
        C7      Zivoid Is Cuming                                6:03
        D1      Black Noise Toys                                4:35
        D2      Disco Zombien                                   3:36
        D3      Nobody Wants To Play With Rose                  3:19
        D4      Purple Hace                                     4:07
        D5      We're Not Crazy                                 2:31
        D6      Flying Saucer 88                                3:31

CD      1       Future Languaje                                 4:21
        2       Crash Landing 8.8                               3:46
        3       Outside of Time                                 2:48
        4       This Is Pop Rock                                2:44
        5       Leave Your Body                                 5:05
        6       Ultra Violet Light                              4:29
        7       Give Us Strength                                2:27
        8       Fire Eyes                                       2:59
        9       Radio World                                     4:37
        10      Be Yourself                                     4:15
                Bonus Tracks
        11      Smudge Head                                     3:16
        12      Transformer                                     5:11
        13      Womb of Eternity                                3:04
        14      Black Noise Toys                                4:34
        15      Disco Zombie                                    3:35
        16      Freeze Frame Mode                               2:43
        17      Nobody Wants to Play With Rose                  3:18
        18      We're Not Crazy                                 3:36
        19      Flying Saucer 88                                4:46
        20      Coney Island                                    1:57
MUNST   218     THE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT : CASANOVA SNAKE              2/10"   04.2001

10"/1   A1      Dead Star End                                   3:37
        A2      Cobra                                           4:57
        A3      Young Jaguar                                    3:11
        A4      Plasma Dive                                     3:01
        B1      Revolver Junkies                                4:25
        B2      Dust Bunny Ride On                              2:55
        B3      Naked Sun                                       3:45
        B4      Rhapsody                                        4:03

10"/2   C1      Bogie's Dawn                                    3:59
        C2      Silk                                            4:34
        C3      Pinhead Cramberry Dance                         4:37
        C4      Angie Motel                                     3:04
        D1      GT400                                           4:16
        D2      Pistol Disco                                    2:58
        D3      Drop                                            6:28
MR CD   219     ATOM RHUMBA             TECHNO BOY                      CDS       .2000

        1       Techno Boy
        2       Gimme Chaos
                (Note : CDS . promo only)
MR      220     THE STREETWALKIN' CHEETAHS : GUITARS, GUNS & GOLD       LP      10.2002

LP      A1      Small Town Killer
        A2      Guitars, Guns & Gold
        A3      Generator
        A4      The Night Billy Wanted To Fly
        A5      Those Days Are Gone
        A6      Los Angeles
        A7      No More (Live)
        B1      Kamikaze
        B2      Dirty Mockingbird (Live)
        B3      Sanctuary (Live)
        B4      I Wanna Die For X-Mas
        B5      Coming Down
        B6      Carnival

CD      1       Small Town Killer                               2:58
        2       Guitars, Guns & Gold                            4:38
        3       Generator                                       4:41
        4       The Night Billy Wanted To Fly                   2:57
        5       Those Days Are Gone                             1:53
        6       Los Angeles                                     2:21
        7       No More                                         2:53
        8       Kamikaze                                        2:49
        9       Dirty Mockingbird                               3:13
        10      Sanctuary                                       2:31
        11      I Wanna Die For X-Mas                           3:52
        12      Coming Down                                     2:43
        13      Carnival                                        1:18
                MY GENERATION
                MY GENERATION

        A1      Right To Rock
        A2      Future Lost
        A3      No More
        A4      Automatic
        A5      Know Your Product
        A6      Why You Gotta Come First
        B1      White Collar Money
        B2      Lookout
        B3      Mama Train
        B4      Petty Little Girl
        B5      In My Head
        B6      Dirty Mockingbird
MR      222     POWERTRIP               WHEN WE CUT, WE BLEED           LP        .2000

        A1      Demons
        A2      Lab Animal
        A3      Have a Nice Day
        A4      Into My Eyes
        A5      No Place
        A6      Caught in the Act
        A7      Powertrip
        A8      Flight of the B.B.S.
        A9      Die
        A10     Iron Horse
        B1      Permanent Damage
        B2      Living Like a Dog
        B3      I've Got a Right
        B4      Die
        B5      Into My Eyes
        B6      Caught in the Act
        B7      Sonic Reducer
        B8      Wired
        B9      Armies of the Pit
MR      223     LOS PERROS              ROCKEROS                        LP        .2001
MR 223/2001     LOS PERROS              ROCKEROS                        CD        .2001

LP      A1      Rockeros
        A2      Mal Día
        A3      Turbo Rock
        A4      Go
        A5      No Me Importa
        A6      Gotta See More Off You
        A7      Rock Me
        A8      Nada Es Igual
        A9      Something Else
        B1      Voy A Mi Bola
        B2      Fuckin' My Brain
        B3      Mejor Reinar En El Infierno
        B4      Hablas Demasiado
        B5      Busca Y Destruye
        B6      H.C.
        B7      Gimmie Rock'n'Roll
        B8      The Parra Dancin'
        B9      Shake Outta Control
        B10     Ttutti Frutti

CD      1       Rockeros
        2       Mal Día
        3       Turbo Rock
        4       No Me Importa
        5       Gotta See More Off You
        6       H.C.
        7       Hablas Demasiado
        8       Nada Es Igual
        9       Something Else
        10      Voy A Mi Bola
        11      Fuckin' My Brain
        12      Mejor Reinar En El Infierno
        13      Busca Y Destruye
        14      Go
        15      Gimmie Rock'n'Roll
        16      Rock Me
        17      The Parra Dancin'
MR      224     SOUR JAZZ               DRESSED TO THE LEFT             LP      10.2001
MR CD   224     SOUR JAZZ               DRESSED TO THE LEFT             CD      10.2001

CD      1       Mr Popular (Part One)
        2       I Live On A Street Called Rock & Roll
        3       I Like The City
        4       (I'm A) Prick
        5       I've Got It All
        6       Hold On Me
        7       Fortune Cookie
        8       Dig It Up / Dig It Down
        9       Easy As Pi
        10      Theme From "Hot Rod Spaceman (Rocket)"
        11      Messin' With The Kid
        12      Mountain High
        13      Steamroller
        14      I Gotta Change
        15      Mr Popular (Part Two)
        Video   That's Cool
MR      225     THE SCIENTISTS          BLOOD RED RIVER 1982-1984       LP      06.2002

        A1      Set It On Fire
        A2      Blood Red River
        A3      Revhead
        A4      Burnout
        A5      The Spin
        A6      When Fate Deals It's Mortal Blow
        A7      Swampland
        B1      We Had Love
        B2      Clear Spot
        B3      Nitro
        B4      Solid Gold Hell
        B5      Murderess In A Purple Dress
        B6      Backwards Man
        B7      Demoltion Derby

CD      Citadel         CITCD 543 2     2000    Australia
CD      SFTRI           SFTRI 675       2001    US
MR      226     THE SCIENTISTS          HUMAN JUKEBOX                   LP      06.2002

        A1      Atom Bomb Baby
        A2      It Came Out Of The Sky
        A3      Lead Foot
        A4      Hell Beach
        A5      Psycho Cook Supreme
        A6      Go Baby Go
        A7      You Only Live Twice
        B1      If It's The Last Thing I Do
        B2      Shine
        B3      Distortion
        B4      Brain Dead
        B5      It Must Be Nice
        B6      Place Called Bad
        B7      Human Jukebox

CD      Citadel         CITCD 544       2002    Australia
CD      SFTRI           SFTRI 694       2002    US
MR      227     THE FAST                THE BEST OF THE FAST            LP        .2000
MR CD   227     THE FAST                THE BEST OF THE FAST            CD        .2000

LP      A1      Boys Will Be Boys
        A2      Hawaii
        A3      Jack Is A Jock
        A4      Siamese Twins
        A5      It's Like Love
        A6      Kids Just Wanna Dance '79
        A7      B. Movies
        A8      Cars Crash
        B1      Love Me Like A Locomotive
        B2      Black Leather Jacket
        B3      Jaguar In The Jungle
        B4      Skinny Kids And Bigger Bull
        B5      Moontan
        B6      Love Is Like An Itch In My Heart
        B7      Unisex Haircut
        B8      Man's Favourite Sport

CD      1       Boys Will Be Boys                               3:03
        2       Hawaii                                          3:14
        3       Jack Is A Jock                                  2:49
        4       The Statue Of Liberty
        5       Wow Pow Bash Crash
        6       It's Like Love                                  2:52
        7       Kids Just Wanna Dance '79                       3:42
        8       Love Me Like A Locomotive                       3:39
        9       T.Shirt &Tight Jeans                            3:33
        10      Sizzler                                         2:20
        11      Wet-N-Wild                                      3:00
        12      B.Movies                                        3:43
        13      These Boots Are Made For Walkin'                3:31
        14      Cars Crash                                      4:17
        15      Black Leather Jacket                            3:45
        16      Ride On The Wild Side                           2:45
        17      Girls In Gangs                                  2:25
        18      Jaguar In The Jungle                            3:24
        19      Skinny Kids & Bigger Bullies                    2:42
        20      Moontan                                         3:50
        21      Unisex Haircut                                  3:08
        22      Man's Favorite Sport                            3:30
        23      Kids Just Wanna Dance '77                       3:30
MR      228     THE DEVASTATIONS        THE DEVASTATION                 LP      06.2004
MR CD   228     THE DEVASTATIONS        THE DEVASTATION                 CD      06.2004

A.      1       He Wasn't Like That When I Knew Him             2:32
        2       Loene                                           4:39
        3       Previous Crimes                                 4:58
        4       Hold Me                                         3:54
        5       Ausencia                                        1:16
B.      6       You Can't Reach Me Now                          4:49
        7       We Will Never Drink Again                       4:54
        8       Love Doesn't End Like That                      4:07
        9       Under                                           5:24
        10      Sleeping Dogs                                   5:04
MR      229     THE CELIBATE RIFLES : A Mid-stream Consciousness        LP      06.2002
MR CD   229     THE CELIBATE RIFLES : A Mid-stream Consciousness        CD      06.2002

        A1      Storm                                           3:03
        A2      The Paddo Sharps                                3:04
        A3      I Shoulda                                       2:47
        A4      G's Gone                                        3:44
        A5      Child of Mine                                   5:53
        A6      Wake Up                                         1:57
        A7      Hammer (Consolation Prizes)                     3:13
        B1      Dark City                                       4:05
        B2      Me and Slick and Willie                         3:01
        B3      Talk Back Saviour                               3:05
        B4      Tripping at the Mall(I Saw Your Cousin,She Was) 4:12
        B5      Child of the Moon                               3:11
        B6      I Will Dare                                     3:20
        B7      Journey by Sledge                               3:53
MR      230     CONTORTIONS/JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS:Buy/Off White      2LP       .2002
MR CD   230     CONTORTIONS/JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS:Buy/Off White      CD      01.2005

LP 2            Buy
        A1      The Contortions         Designed To Kill        2:47
        A2      The Contortions         My Infatuation          2:20
        A3      The Contortions         I Don't Want To Be Happy3:21
        A4      The Contortions         Anesthetic              3:52
        A5      The Contortions : Contort Yourself (Contortions)4:23
        B1      The Contortions         Throw Me Away           2:43
        B2      The Contortions         Roving Eye              3:09
        B3      The Contortions         Twice Removed           3:03
        B4      The Contortions         Bedroom Athlete         4:15
                Off White
        B5      James White & The Blacks:Contort Yourself(Blacks)6:15

LP 2    C1      James White & The Blacks : Stained Sheets       5:51
        C2      James White & The Blacks : Tropical Heatwave    3:55
        C3      James White & The Blacks : Almost Black (Pt. 1) 3:17
        C4      James White & The Blacks : White Savages        4:52
        C5      James White & The Blacks : Off Black            6:29
        D1      James White & The Blacks : Almost Black         3:59
        D2      James White & The Blacks : White Devil          4:36
        D3      James White & The Blacks : Bleached Black       2:52
                Bonus Tracks
        D4      The Contortions         Throw Me Away (Live)    3:02
        D5      The Contortions         Twice Removed (Live)    3:10
        D6      The Contortions         Jailhouse Rock (Live)   3:22

CD              Buy
1       James Chance & The Contortions : Designed to Kill       2:47
2       James Chance & The Contortions : My Infatuation         2:20
3       James Chance & The Contortions:I Don't Want to Be Happy 3:21
4       James Chance & The Contortions : Anesthetic             3:52
5       James Chance & The Contortions : Contort Yourself
        (Contortions)                                           4:23
6       James Chance & The Contortions : Throw Me Away          2:43
7       James Chance & The Contortions : Roving Eye             3:09
8       James Chance & The Contortions : Twice Removed          3:03
9       James Chance & The Contortions : Bedroom Athlete        4:15
                Off White
10      James White and The Blacks : Contort Yourself (Blacks)  6:15
11      James White and The Blacks : Stained Sheets             5:51
12      James White and The Blacks : Tropical Heatwave          3:55
13      James White and The Blacks : Almost Black (Pt.1)        3:17
14      James White and The Blacks : White Savages              4:52
15      James White and The Blacks : Off Black                  6:29
16      James White and The Blacks : Almost Black (Pt.2)        3:59
17      James White and The Blacks : White Devil                4:36
18      James White and The Blacks : Bleached Black             2:52
MR LP   231     LOS MOCKERS             THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS         LP        .2002
MR CD   231     LOS MOCKERS             THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS         CD        .2002

LP      A1      What A Life                                     2:38
        A2      Let Me Try Again                                1:55
        A3      Don't Go Again                                  2:07
        A4      Show Me The Way                                 1:42
        A5      Tell Me Something New                           1:50
        A6      Empty Harem                                     1:59
        A7      My Baby                                         2:30
        A8      I Wanna Go                                      2:21
        A9      It Was Me                                       2:21
        A10     Girl You Won't Succeed                          2:09
        B1      Make Up Your Mind                               2:23
        B2      You Got It                                      1:50
        B3      Can't Be A Lie                                  2:18
        B4      All The Time                                    2:29
        B5      Sad                                             2:21
        B6      Every Night                                     2:15
        B7      Paint It Black                                  2:32
        B8      Confusion                                       3:00
        B9      Captain Grey                                    2:48

CD      1       What a Life
        2       Let Me Try Again
        3       Don't Go Away
        4       Show Me the Way
        5       Tell Me Something New
        6       Empty Harem
        7       My Baby
        8       I Wanna Go
        9       It Was Me
        10      Girl, You Won't Succeed
        11      Make Up Your Mind
        12      You Got It
        13      Can't Be a Lie
        14      All the Time
        15      Sad
        16      Every Night
        17      Paint It Black
        18      Confusion
        19      Captain Grey
        20      I Just Wanna Make Love to You
MR      232     BLUE OYSTER CULT        E.T.I. REVISITED                LP      06.2002
MR CD   232     BLUE OYSTER CULT        E.T.I. REVISITED                CD      06.2002

LP      A1      Don't Fear The Reaper                           5:15
        A2      E.T.I. (Extraterrestrial Intelligence)          5:18
        A3      M.E. 262                                        3:09
        A4      This Ain't The Summer Of Love                   2:45
        A5      Burning For You                                 4:28
        A6      O.D'D On Life Itself                            4:51
        A7      Flaming Telepaths                               6:06
        B1      Godzilla                                        3:40
        B2      Astronomy                                       8:55
        B3      Cities On Flame With Rock 'N 'Roll              4:16
        B4      Harvester Of Eyes                               4:00
        B5      Buck's Boogie                                   6:50
        B6      Don't Fear The Reaper (TV Mix)                  5:02
        B7      Godzilla (TV Mix)                               3:45

CD      1       Don't Fear the Reaper                           5:07
        2       E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)         5:14
        3       M.E. 262                                        3:11
        4       This Ain't the Summer of Love                   2:47
        5       Burning for You                                 4:30
        6       O.D.'d on Life Itself                           4:53
        7       Flaming Telepaths                               6:06
        8       Godzilla                                        3:43
        9       Astronomy                                       8:46
        10      Cities on Flame With Rock 'n' Roll              4:08
        11      Harvester of Eyes                               3:57
        12      Buck's Boogie                                   6:56
        13      Don't Fear the Reaper (TV Mix) [instr. vers.]   5:09
        14      Godzilla (TV Mix) [instrumental version]        3:41
MR      223     SONNY VINCENT/STEVIE AND THE SECRETS                    10"       .2001

        A1      Sonny Vincent & The Ex- Safety Pins : Crazy Little Girl
        A2      Sonny Vincent & The Ex- Safety Pins : Shut It Up
        A3      Sonny Vincent & The Ex- Safety Pins : You'll Never Change
        A4      Sonny Vincent & The Ex- Safety Pins : Overdrive In Venice
        B1      Stevie And The Secrets : Who's Walkin' Who?
        B2      Stevie And The Secrets : Get Outta My Way
        B3      Stevie And The Secrets : Good Head
MR      234     THE ALAN MILMAN SECT+MAN-KA-ZAM : STITCHES              LP      06.2002

        A1      Stitches In My Head / I Wanna Kill Somebody
        A2      Punk Rock X-Mas
        A3      We Don't Bury Our Heads
        A4      No Boys Allowed
        A5      Veil Of Strange
        A6      Child Of Mercy
        A7      Dead Heat On A Merry Go Round
        A8      The Brain
        A9      Spankathon
        B1      Happy World
        B2      Love With Machinery
        B3      Razorblade Lemonade
        B4      Nicotine Caffeine
        B5      California Dumb
        B6      Transcendental Medication
        B7      Stitches [Khazzam Basement]
        B8      Stitches [Milman Basement]
MR      235     JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS : SAX MANIAC                  LP       05.2004
MR MR   235     JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS : SAX MANIAC                  CD       05.2004

LP              Bonus Tracks
        A1      Town Without Pity
        A2      Hyp No Tease
        A3      White Meat
                Sax Maniac
        A4      Irresistable Impulse
        A5      That Old Black Magic
        B1      Disco Jaded
        B2      Money To Burn
        B3      Sax Maniac
        B4      Sax Machine
        B5      The Twitch

CD              Bonus Tracks
        1       Town Without Pity
        2       Hyp No Tease
        3       White Meat
                Sax Maniac
        4       Irresistible Impulse
        5       That Old Black Magic
        6       Disco Jaded
        7       Money To Burn
        8       Sax Maniac
        9       Sax Machine
        10      The Twitch
MR      236     GUITAR WOLF             UFO ROMANTICS                   LP        .2003
MR      236     GUITAR WOLF             UFO ROMANTICS                   CD        .2003

        A1      Fire Ball Red                                   2:59
        A2      After School Thunder                            2:27
        A3      Zaaa Zaaa Asphalt                               3:31
        A4      Taxi Driver                                     2:14
        A5      Diamond Honey                                   2:17
        A6      Gion Midnite                                    4:01
        A7      Sparkle Baby                                    3:47
        B1      UFO Romantics                                   4:35
        B2      Nagasaki Jet                                    3:28
        B3      Jett Beer                                       2:54
        B4      Orange Juice                                    2:24
        B5      Alcohol Ace                                     1:48
        B6      Lightning's Melody                              3:42

LP      Narnack         NCK 7001        2003    US
CD      Narnack         NCK 7001 2      2003    US
MR      237     DESECHABLES             BUEN SER-VICIO                  LP      12.2002

        A1      Calentando
        A2      El Maestro
        A3      La Planta
        A4      Mi Mente
        B1      El Baile De La Muerte
        B2      En El Infierno
        B3      La Oración
        B4      Fiebre
MR      238     DECIBELIOS              CALDO DE POLLO

        A1      Piara Indecente
        A2      Fill De Puta
        A3      El Sexo Tenia Un Precio
        A4      Soc Un Upstart
        A5      Oi! Oi! Oi!
        A6      Voca De Dios
        B1      El Seminarista Y Los Boy-Scouts
        B2      Matar O Morir
        B3      Local 15 Visitante 0
        B4      Cortate Las Venas
        B5      Dodot No A Muerto
MR      239     PARALISIS PERMANENTE    EL ACTO                         LP        .2002

        A1      Adictos a la lujuria
        A2      Vamos a jugar
        A3      Te gustara
        A4      Héroes
        A5      Tengo un precio
        A6      Jugando a las cartas
        B1      El acto
        B2      Esto no es
        B3      Quiero ser tu perro
        B4      Bacanal
        B5      Todo el mundo
        B6      Tengo un pasajero
        B7      Esa extrana sonrisa
MR      240     ESPASMODICOS : DISCOGRAFIA COMPLETA (1982-1983)         12"       .2002

        A1      Enciendes Tu Motor
        A2      Estan Deseando Que Tu Pongas A Temblar
        A3      Ni Eficiencia Ni Progreso
        A4      Dias De Destruccion
        A5      Mata
        B1      El Día Que Me Fallo Superman
        B2      Serafin
        B3      Soy Cruel
        B4      Tia Vete A Cagar
        B5      1943
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)
MR      241     DERRIBOS ARIAS          EN LA GUIA EN EL LISTIN         LP        .2006

        A1      Introducción                                    1:00
        A2      Europa                                          4:10
        A3      Pobre Cowboy Bill                               3:25
        A4      Disco Pocho                                     3:45
        A5      Aprenda alemán en 7 días                        3:25
        A6      Tupés en crecimiento                            3:18
        B1      Íntima decoración                               2:14
        B2      Crematorio                                      2:48
        B3      Misiles hacia Cuba                              3:05
        B4      La chica del Brasil                             2:46
        B5      Derribos Arias                                  5:30
        B6      Estrellas, sol y luna                           3:40
MR      242     V / A                   PUNK QUE? PUNK                  LP        .2002

        A1      P.P. Tan Solo : Quiero Ser Guitarra De Siniestro Total
        A2      Urgente                 Radio Alicante Muerta
        A3      Espasmódicos            Tia Vete A Cagar
        A4      No                      Chalado
        A5      N.634                   Masacre En Beirut
        A6      KGB                     Maroto
        A7      Seguridad Social        Algo Pasa En Tu Cabeza
        A8      Camaleones              Noche De Paz, Noche En Vietnam
        B1      KGB                     Agradable Sobremesa Con Una Japonesa
        B2      Seguridad Social        Cuando Llegue A Casa Te Desatare
        B3      N.634:Soy Un Loco Anarquista, Soy Un Loco Antifascista
        B4      Urgente                 Dispuestos A Matar
        B5      No                      Kaos
        B6      Carne De Psiquiátrico : No Me Gusta Mi Porvenir
        B7      Espasmódicos            1943
        B8      P.P. Tan Solo           Los Pinguinos Estan Helados
MR      243     THE STEAMPACKET         THE FIRST GROUP                 10"       .2002

        A1      Back At The Chicken Shack                       3:49
        A2      The In-crowd                                    3:36
        A3      Baby Take Me                                    2:07
        A4      Can I Get A Witness                             3:32
        A5      Baby Baby                                       2:21
        B1      Holy Smoke                                      3:25
        B2      Cry Me A River                                  2:42
        B3      Oh Baby, Don't You Do It                        3:24
        B4      Lord Remember Me                                4:26
MR      244     DOWNLINERS SECT         THE SECT                        LP (m)    .2002

        A1      Hurt By Love
        A2      One Ugly Child
        A3      Lonely And Blue
        A4      Our Little Rendezvous
        A5      Guitar Boogie
        A6      Too Much Monkey Business
        A7      Sect Appeal
        A8      Baby What's On Your Mind?
        B1      Cops And Robbers
        B2      Easy Rider
        B3      Bloodhound
        B4      Bright Lights
        B5      I Wanna Put A Tiger In Your Tank
        B6      Be A Sect Maniac
        B7      Baby What's Wrong
        B8      Little Egypt
MR      245     THE DOWNLINERS SECT     INSECTICIDES                    LP (m)  09.2006

        A1      Cadillac
        A2      Roll Over Beethoven
        A3      Beautiful Delilah
        A4      Shame Shame Shame
        A5      Green Onions
        A6      Nursery Rhymes
        A7      Find Out What's Happening
        A8      Insecticide
        B1      I Want My Baby Back
        B2      Midnight Hour
        B3      Now She's Dead
        B4      I'll Find Out
        B5      The Cost Of Living
        B6      White Caterpillar
        B7      Spider
        B8      Lord Of The Rings
MR      246     THE DOWNLINERS SECT     THE ROCK SECT'S IN              LP (m)  09.2006

        A1      Hang On Sloopy                                  2:18
        A2      Fortune Teller                                  2:22
        A3      Hey Hey Hey Hey                                 2:05
        A4      Everything I've Got To Give                     2:05
        A5      Outside                                         2:30
        A6      I'm Hooked On You                               1:20
        A7      Comin' Home Baby                                2:53
        A8      Why Don't You Smile Now                         2:07
        B1      Don't Lie To Me                                 2:33
        B2      May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose       2:56
        B3      He Was A Square                                 3:05
        B4      I'm Looking For A Woman                         3:16
        B5      The Rock Sect's In Again                        2:49
        B6      Brand New Cadillac                              2:14
        B7      All Night Worker [Bonus]
        B8      Glendora [Bonus]
MR      247     DOWNLINERS SECT         THE COUNTRY SECT                LP (m)    .2002

        A1      If I Could Just Go Back
        A2      Rocks In My Bed
        A3      Ballad Of The Hounds
        A4      Little Play Soldiers
        A5      Hard Travellin'
        A6      Wait For The Light To Shine
        A7      I Got Mine
        B1      Waiting In Heaven Somewhere
        B2      Above And Beyond
        B3      Bad Storm Coming
        B4      Midnight Special
        B5      Wolverton Mountain
        B6      Wreck Of The Old '97
        B7      Leader Of The Sect
MR      248     NIKKI SUDDEN            TREASURE ISLAND                 2LP       .2004

LP 1    A1      Looking for a Friend
        A2      Break Up
        A3      Stay Bruised
        B1      Kitchen Blues
        B2      Wooden Floor
        B3      Russian River

LP 2    C1      House of Cards
        C2      High and Lonesome
        C3      Fall Any Further
        C4      Sanctified
        D1      When the Lord
        D2      Never Let Me Go
        D3      Treasure Island
        D4      Highway Girl
MR      249     SONNY VINCENT : THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY          LP        .2003
MR CD   249     SONNY VINCENT : THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY          CD        .2003

        A1      My Guitar                                       1:45
        A2      Trans Love                                      2:25
        A3      That Sound                                      2:53
        A4      Tired Of The Telephone                          2:13
        A5      Skag                                            3:46
        A6      Funny Now (She Blew It)                         2:56
        A7      Busted                                          2:31
        B1      Scratchin' On The 8 Ball                        2:32
        B2      Crazy Ride                                      1:57
        B3      Yesterdays News                                 2:25
        B4      Flower                                          3:34
        B5      Down The Drain                                  3:01
        B6      Animal Farmers                                  2:40
        B7      South Beach                                     3:26
MR      250     THE NEANDERTHALS        IN SPACE                        LP      03.2006
MR CD   250     THE NEANDERTHALS        IN SPACE                        CD      03.2006

        A1      Twist To The Moon (Moon Twist)                  2:42
        A2      Across The Universe                             2:00
        A3      Rock The Universe                               1:56
        A4      Beep Beep                                       2:22
        A5      Girl On The Moon                                2:15
        A6      Twistin' Out In Space                           2:43
        A7      Man From Mars                                   2:16
        B1      Space Oddity                                    2:59
        B2      Rocket                                          1:53
        B3      Nasa'll Get It                                  2:17
        B4      Martian Hop                                     2:07
        B5      Skylab                                          2:05
        B6      Knocked Out Joint On Mars                       2:35
        B7      Purple People Eater                             2:10
        B8      He Never Came Back                              2:08
MR      251     THE NEADERTHALS         SHUTDOWN 2002 B.C.              LP        .2003
MR CD   251     THE NEADERTHALS         SHUTDOWN 2002 B.C.              CD        .2003

        A1      Go Go Yamaha
        A2      Draggin Knuckles
        A3      Hot Rod USA
        A4      Street Cleaner
        A5      Both Wheels Left The Ground
        A6      Phantom Dragster
        A7      Joy Ride
        B1      Go Mustang
        B2      Lil XKE
        B3      Spinout
        B4      Go Little Camaro Go
        B5      Mag Rims
        B6      SS396
        B7      Drag City
MR      252     THE LEGENDARY TIGER MAN : NAKED BLUES                   LP        .2003
MR CD   252     THE LEGENDARY TIGER MAN : NAKED BLUES                   CD        .2003

        A1      Gonna Shoot My Woman
        A2      Naked Blues
        A3      Break My Bone
        A4      I'll Make You Mine
        A5      Sauselito 1PM
        B1      Mannish Boy
        B2      Lust
        B3      I'm Just A Man
        B4      Sometimes I Miss You
        B5      She Said
MR      253     MERMAID                 RED LED OR DEATH                LP        .2003
MR CD   253     MERMAID                 RED LED OR DEATH                CD        .2003

LP      A1      Silver Bullet                                   4:47
        A2      I Rock                                          4:15
        A3      Boots Nights                                    3:58
        A4      Believe My Diamonds Are Forever But Betrayers   5:12
        A5      Gravity Goes                                    3:09
        B1      Woman Making Machine                            4:47
        B2      Southeaven Girl (Your Smile Is a Wind)          3:54
        B3      Forgiven in the Awakening of Sand               6:51
        B4      Luchador                                        4:26
        B5      The Last Giant                                  5:59

CD      1       Silver Bullet                                   4:48
        2       I Rock                                          4:16
        3       Boots Night                                     3:59
        4       Believe My Diamonds Are Forever but Betrayers   5:13
        5       Gravity Goes                                    3:10
        6       Woman Making Machine                            4:47
        7       Southeaven Girl (Your Smile Is a Wind)          3:54
        8       Forgiven in the Awakening of Sand               6:51
        9       Luchador                                        4:26
        10      The Last Giant                                  6:00
MR      254     THE EMBROOKS            YELLOW GLASS PERSPECTIONS       LP      12.2004
MR CD   254     THE EMBROOKS            YELLOW GLASS PERSPECTIONS       CD      12.2004

        A1      Happy Fickle Girl
        A2      Francis
        A3      Back In My Mind
        A4      The Twisted Musings Of Sir Dempster P. Orbitron (Deceased)
        A5      Riding A Wave
        A6      Nothings' Gonna Work
        B1      Emilia Burrows
        B2      Feel Like Flying
        B3      A Note In My Drawer
        B4      Show Me A Little Smile
        B5      Children Of Tomorrow
        B6      The Time Was Wrong
MR      255     THE REAL KIDS : THE NEW ROSE YEARS (1982-1983)          2LP     05.2006

        A1      Can't Talk to That Girl
        A2      No Place Fast
        A3      Senseless
        A4      It's Been Real
        A5      Everyday Is a Saturday
        A6      Small Town
        B1      Problems
        B2      Outta Place
        B3      I'd Rather Go to Jail
        B4      What She Don't Know
        B5      Common at Noon
        B6      Do the Boob
        B7      My Baby's Book

LP 2    C1      She
        C2      Hit You Hard
        C3      Now You Know
        C4      Where I Wanna Be
        C5      Take It Slow
        C6      Right When Its Right
        C7      She's a  Mess
        D1      Face to Face
        D2      Some Love
        D3      On the Blink
        D4      Bad to Worse
        D5      Shes Got Everything
        D6      My Way
        D7      All Kindsa Girls
MR      256     THE GUN CLUB            FIRE OF LOVE                    LP      06.2004

        A1      Sex Beat                                        2:45
        A2      Preaching the Blues                             3:58
        A3      Promise Me                                      2:35
        A4      She's Like Heroin to Me                         2:33
        A5      For the Love of Ivy                             5:31
        A6      Fire Spirit                                     2:52
        B1      Ghost on the Highway                            2:43
        B2      Jack on Fire                                    4:40
        B3      Black Train                                     2:11
        B4      Cool Drink of Water                             6:10
        B5      Goodbye Johnny                                  3:41
MR      257     ARTHUR LEE & LOVE       FIVE STRING SERENADE            LP      06.2004

        A1      Five String Serenade
        A2      Somebody's Watchin' You
        A3      Twenty On My Way
        A4      You're The Prettiest Song
        A5      I Believe In You
        B1      Ninety Miles Away
        B2      Seventeen
        B3      Love Saga
        B4      The Watcher
        B5      Passing By
MR      258     RUBBER CITY REBELS      PIERCE MY BRAIN                 LP        .2004
MR CD   258     RUBBER CITY REBELS      PIERCE MY BRAIN                 CD        .2004

        A1      (I Wanna) Pierce My Brain
        A2      Grip Of Fear
        A3      I Don't Wanna Be A Punk No More
        A4      Paper Plane
        A5      Dead Boy
        A6      Talk Talk
        B1      Born Dead
        B2      Blowout
        B3      Punk Daddy
        B4      Warlord
        B5      Your Television Lies
        B6      Pinhead

CD      Smog Veil       SV 49 CD        2003    US
MR      259     THE PRISONERS           THE WISERMISERDEMELZA           2LP       .2004

LP 1    A1      Go Go                                           0:57
        A2      Hurricane                                       2:32
        A3      Somewhere                                       3:54
        A4      Think Of Me                                     3:18
        A5      Love Me Lies                                    2:50
        B1      Tonight                                         4:12
        B2      Here Come The Misunderstood                     3:26
        B3      A Dream Is Gone                                 4:04
        B4      For Now And Forever                             2:59
        B5      Unbeliever                                      2:18

LP 2    C1      Far Away                                        5:21
        C2      Go Go                                           0:33
        C3      Tomorrow (She Said)                             3:31
        C4      Melanie                                         2:14
        C5      What I Want                                     3:00
        D1      The Last Thing On Your Mind                     3:29
        D2      Revenge Of The Cybermen                         2:22
        D3      Coming Home                                     2:44
        D4      Reaching My Head                                2:49
        D5      Go Go                                           1:02
MR      260     V / A : Spacelines-Sonic Sounds For Subterraneans       2LP     06.2004
                Compiled by Sonic Boom
MR CD   260     V / A : Spacelines-Sonic Sounds For Subterraneans       CD      06.2004
                Compiled by Sonic Boom
(LP 1)  1       The Staple Singers : This May Be the Last Time  2:14
        2       Bo Diddley              You Don't Care          2:42
        3       Rolf Harris             Sun Arise               2:25
        4       The Red Krayola         Transparent Radiation   2:46
        5       Sun Ra                  Angels + Devils         3:25
        6       Washington Phillips     Denomination Blues      2:58
        7       Jessie Mae Hemphill : I'm So Glad You Don't
                Know What's on My Mind                          4:39
        8       Lightnin' Hopkins       Needed Time             2:51
        9       Cryin' Shames           Please Stay             3:18
        10      Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs : Stay           1:50
        11      The Fabulous Wailers    She's Coming Home       3:01
(LP 2)  12      Evie Sands              I Can't Let Go          2:13
        13      The Syndicats           Crawdaddy Simone        3:11
        14      The Rays                Elevator Operator       2:13
        15      Xavier Cugat            Perfidia                2:55
        16      The Fantastic Baggys    It Was I                2:35
        17      White Noise             Firebird                3:04
        18      Daniel Johnston : True Love Will Find You in
                the End                                         1:53
        19      Juicy Lucy              Just One Time           4:39
        20      The Riot Squad : I Take That We're Through      2:52
        21      Honolulu Mountain Daffodils : Psychic Hitlist
                Victim No. 8                                    4:05
        22      John Mayall             Witchdoctor             2:10
        23      MC5                     Ramblin' Rose           3:05
MR      261     ATOM RHUMBA             BACKBONE RITMO                  LP      06.2004
MR CD   261     ATOM RHUMBA             BACKBONE RITMO                  CD      06.2004

A.      1       Constant Deja Vu                                3:47
        2       Gone                                            3:25
        3       Eskimo Bones                                    4:27
        4       Take Your Time                                  4:51
        5       Satin Breakdown                                 3:24
B.      6       New Kind of Virus                               3:56
        7       One Bit Memory                                  4:12
        8       Abstract Blues                                  3:27
        9       Just Stop                                       4:11
        10      Cowboy Fly                                      6:26

CD      1       Constant Deja Vü                                3:45
        2       Gone                                            3:23
        3       Eskimo Bones                                    4:25
        4       Take Your Time                                  4:49
        5       Satin Breakdown                                 3:23
        6       New Kind Of Virus                               3:55
        7       One Bit Memory                                  4:11
        8       Abstract Blues                                  3:25
        9       Just Stop                                       4:10
        10      Cowboy Fly                                      6:27
MR      262     ATOM RHUMBA             GONE REMIXED                    12"       .2004
MR CD   262     ATOM RHUMBA             GONE REMIXED                    CD        .2004

12"     A       Gone (Clone)
        B       Gone (Picco Mix)

CD      1       Gone
        2       Gone (Gone Clone)
        3       Gone (Piccolini Mix)
MR      263     VICTOR COYEOTE          ?A QUE VIENE AHORA SILBAR?      CDEP      .2004

        1       Azkona 16                                       4:00
        2       Bastante, Bastante                              3:30
        3       Yo, Que Creo En El Diablo                       3:51
        4       Sólo Por El Ruido                               2:46
        5       Familiar                                        4:21
        video   Yo, Que Creo En El Diablo
MR      264     SINIESTRO TOTAL         ?CUANDO SE COME AQUI?           LP        .2005

        A1      Todos los ahorcados mueren empalmados
        A2      Ponte en mi lugar
        A3      El cobrador loco
        A4      Fuera las manos chinas del Vietnam socialista
        A5      Las tetas de mi novia
        A6      La revista
        A7      Matar jipis en las Cíes
        B1      Hoy voy a asesinarte
        B2      Los esqueletos no tienen pilila
        B3      Juegas al Palé
        B4      Los chochos voladores
        B5      Los mártires de Uganda
        B6      (Aunque esté en el frenopático) Te tiraré del ático
        B7      Nocilla, iqué merendilla!
        B8      Ayatolah!
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)
MR      265     SINIESTRO TOTAL : SINIESTRO TOTAL II (EL REGRESO)       LP        .2006

        A1      Al que eyacula Dios le ayuda (1o parte) - (motete)
        A2      Más vale ser punkie que maricón de playas - (madison)
        A3      Superavit - (dutch walk)
        A4      Encuentros en la tercera edad - (slow rock)
        A5      Sexo chungo II (El regreso) - (canción)
        A6      Oye, nena, yo soy un artista - (balada)
        A7      Trabajar para el enemigo - (himno)
        A8      Naturaleza - (canción bucólica)
        A9      La caca de colores - (swing)
        A10     Non credo en el amore - (allegro cantabile)
        A11     Opera tu fimosis (Do the mutilation) - (rock and roll)
        B1      Al que eyacula Dios le ayuda (2o parte) - (motete)
        B2      El sudaca nos ataca - (milonga fox)
        B3      Con ellas yo soy feliz - (hully gully)
        B4      Los malos al infierno - (boogaloo)
        B5      (I left my heart in) El Palmar de Troya - (tonadilla)
        B6      Bajo el volcán - (cake-walk)
        B7      O tren - (canción gallega)
        B8      Viva Polonia - (potlatch)
        B9      No somos de Monforte - (twist)
        B10     Carol - (rock a capella)
MR      266
MR      267     WAYNE COUNTY & THE BACKSTREET BOYS : AT THE TRACKS!     LP      06.2006

        A1      (Intro) Man Made Woman
        A2      Wonder Woman
        A3      Queenage Baby
        A4      Stick It In Me
        A5      Stuck On You (Just Like Elmer's Glue)
        A6      Got Time If You Got The Place
        A7      Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?
        B1      You Gotta Get Layed To Stay Healthy (And I'm The Healthiest
                Girl In Town)
        B2      Man Enough To Be A Woman
        B3      Putty
        B4      Fucked By The Devil
        B5      Prostitute With A Parachute
        B6      Surrender Your Gender
        B7      Max's Kansas City
MR      268     SOLEDAD BROTHERS        THE HARDEST WALK                CD        .2005
MR CD   268     SOLEDAD BROTHERS        THE HARDEST WALK                CD        .2005

LP      A1      Truth or Consequences
        A2      Downtown Paranoia Blues
        A3      Crying Out Loud (Tears of Joy)
        A4      Crooked Crown
        A5      Sweet and Easy
        A6      Dark Horses
        B1      White Jazz
        B2      Good Feeling
        B3      Let Me Down
        B4      Mean Ol' Toledo
        B5      True to Zou Zou

CD      1       Truth Or Consequences                           3:13
        2       Downtown Paranoia Blues                         2:41
        3       Crying Out Loud (Tears Of Joy)                  4:47
        4       Crooked Crown                                   2:54
        5       Sweet And East                                  3:47
        6       Dark Horses                                     3:55
        7       White Jazz                                      0:50
        8       Good Feeling                                    2:44
        9       Let Me Down                                     4:03
        10      Mean Ol' Toledo                                 3:27
        11      Loup Garou                                      2:18
        12a     True To Zou Zou                                 25:03
        12b     Dirty Beef In C

LP      Alive           0066 1          2006    US
CD      Alive           0066 2          2006    US
MR      269     ATOM RHUMBA             CONCRETE MIXER                  LP        .2005
MR CD   269     ATOM RHUMBA             CONCRETE MIXER                  CD        .2005

LP      A1      Constant Deja Vu (House Bit Terrror Version)
        A2      Gone
        A3      Eskimo Bones
        A4      Take Your Time
        A5      Satin Breakdown
        B1      Old Kind Of Virus
        B2      One Bit Memory
        B3      Abstract Blues
        B4      Just Stop (Fucked)
        B5      Cowboy Fly (Zatoichi Remix)
                (Note : LP , 200 hand-numb. copies)

CD      1       Constant Deja Vu (House Bit Terrror Version)    5:44
        2       Gone                                            4:37
        3       Eskimo Bones                                    3:08
        4       Take Your Time                                  5:36
        5       Satin Breakdown                                 3:16
        6       Old Kind Of Virus                               4:58
        7       One Bit Memory                                  3:56
        8       Abstract Blues                                  3:47
        9       Just Stop (Fucked)                              5:44
        10      Cowboy Fly (Zatoichi Remix)                     5:12
MR      270     SWELL MAPS              A TRIP TO MARINEVILLE           2LP     07.2005

LP 1    A1      H.S.Art
        A2      Another Song
        A3      Vertical Slum
        A4      Spitfire Parade
        A5      Harmony in Your Bathroom
        B1      Don't Throw Ashtrays at Me!
        B2      Midget Submarines
        B3      Bridge Head (Part Nine)
        B4      Full Moon in My Pocket
        B5      BLAM!!
        B6      Full Moon (Reprise)

LP 2    C1      Gunboats
        C2      Adventuring Into Basketry
        C3      My Lil' Shops Round the Corner
        D1      International Rescue
        D2      Black Velvet
        D3      Forest Fire
        D4      One of the Crowd
        D5      Winter Rainbow

7"      A1      Loin of the Surf
        A2      Doctor at Cake
        B1      Steven Does
        B2      Bronze and Baby Shoes
                (Note : double LP plus 7" , 1000 copies)
MR      271     SWELL MAPS : ...IN "JANE FROM OCCUPIED EUROPE"          2LP     07.2005

LP 1    A1      Robot Factory
        A2      Let's Buy a Bridge
        A3      Border Country
        A4      Cake Shop
        A5      The Helicopter Spies
        B1      Big Maz in "The Desert From the Trolley"
        B2      Big Empty Field
        B3      Mining Villages
        B4      Collision With a Frogman vs. the Mangrove Delta Plan

LP 2    C1      Secret Island
        C2      Whatever Happens Next....
        C3      Blenheim Shots
        C4      A Raincoat's Room
                Bonus Tracks
        C5      The Stairs Are Like an Avalanche
        D1      Off the Beach
        D2      HAK
        D3      Cave Mines
        D4      Secret Island / Amphitheatres
                (Note : double LP 1000 copies)
MR      272     THE BEASTS OF BOURBON : LOW LIFE                        LP        .2005
MR CD   272     THE BEASTS OF BOURBON : LOW LIFE                        CD        .2005

        A1      The Low Road                                    4:26
        A2      Chase the Dragon                                3:42
        A3      Makem Cry                                       1:54
        A4      Bad Revisted                                    4:30
        A5      Fake                                            3:21
        A6      Cocksucker Blues                                7:02
        B1      Just Right                                      5:16
        B2      Straight Hard & Long                            3:33
        B3      Ride On                                         6:30
        B4      Saturated                                       3:55
        B5      Drop Out                                        4:07
        B6      Let's Get Funky                                 7:19
MR      273     THE EMBROOKS            45's AND HIGH TIMES             2CD     01.2006

CD 1            Singles & Sampler Tracks
        1-1     But I Didn't Know Him
        1-2     Fight Fire
        1-3     Where Were You?
        1-4     Things Come Back To You
        1-5     Natasha
        1-6     Don't Ask Me Anymore
        1-7     If You Let Me Go
        1-8     Please Don't Worry
        1-9     Keep It Quiet
        1-10    More Than Ever
        1-11    You Can Be My Baby
        1-12    No No No No
        1-13    Think About It
        1-14    Jack
        1-15    Down Breaks Through
        1-16    Back In My Mind
        1-17    A Note In My Drawer
        1-18    The Time Was Wrong
        1-19    Children Of Tomorrow
        1-20    Francis

CD 2            Radio Sessions
        2-1     Standing Upside Down
        2-2     Feel Like Flying
        2-3     Happy Fickle Girl
        2-4     Nothing's Gonna Work
        2-5     Helen
        2-6     Jack
        2-7     A Note In My Drawer
        2-8     Not A Priority
        2-9     Happy Fickle Girl
        2-10    Nothing's Gonna Work
        2-11    Emilia Burrows
        2-12    Me, You And Us Too
MR      274     NATHANIEL MAYER         I JUST WANT TO BE HELD          LP      12.2006

        A1      I Wanna Dance With You
        A2      I'm In Love
        A3      Satisfied Fool
        A4      I Found Out
        A5      Leave Me Alone
        B1      You Gotta Work
        B2      From Now On
        B3      Stick It Or Lick It
        B4      You Are The One
        B5      What's Your Name

CD      Fat Possum      FP 1016 2       2004    US
MR      275     RIP KC                  OBVIOUS AND BLEEDING            2LP     06.2006

LP 1    A1      Before You Could Come
        A2      No Sun Castle
        A3      Blood Perceptions (Southern Smoke)
        A4      Marble Walls
        A5      Past And Mod. R'n'R
        B1      Armed Retinue
        B2      Past And Mod. Apoyabrazos
        B3      Under My Skin
        B4      Alba

LP 2    C1      Lord Of The Doom
        C2      Past And Mod. R'nRB
        C3      Downing Hill Street
        C4      Farther 1
        D1      Guenca
        D2      Past And Mod. Ending
                (NOte : double LP , 500 copies , gatefold)
MR      276     LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RIO : 1978 - 1982                  2LP     11.2006
                (Note plus book)
MR CD   276     LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RIO : 1978 - 1982                  2CD     11.2006

                La Banda Trapera Del Rio
        A1      Curriqui De Barrio
        A2      No Dais La Cara
        A3      Meditacion Del Pelos En Su Paja Matinera
        A4      Venid A Las Cloacas
        A5      Confusion
        A6      Eunucos Mentales
        A7      Ciutat Podrida
        A8      La Regla
        B1      Padre Nuestro
        B2      Nos Gusta Cagarnos En La Sociedad
        B3      Nacido Del Polvo De Un Borracho Y Del Cono De Una Puta
                Live At Saló Diana [Unreleased Tracks]
        B4      El 600 (Tina Els Dits)
        B5      Dona
        B6      Ciutat Podrida
        B7      Eunucos Mentales

LP 2            Guante De Guillotina (Original Mix)
        C1      El Saco
        C2      Tu Pistola No Me Mola
        C3      A Mi Dosis Voy
        C4      Vulgaridad
        C5      Monopatin
        C6      No Te Entiendo
        C7      Misogino
        D1      Juventud Tatuada
        D2      Comics Y Cigarillos
                Unreleased Demo Tracks
        D3      Diviertete
        D4      Vulgaridad
        D5      Monopatin
        D6      Diviertete
        D7      A Mi Dosis Voy

CD 1    1.1     Curriqui de barrio                              3:26
        1.2     No dais la cara                                 3:11
        1.3     Meditación del Pelos en su paja matinera        2:55
        1.4     Venid a las cloacas                             3:45
        1.5     Confusión                                       3:55
        1.6     Eunucos mentales                                4:14
        1.7     Ciutat podrida                                  2:24
        1.8     La regla                                        4:32
        1.9     Padre nuestro                                   4:01
        1.10    Nos gusta cagarnos en la sociedad               4:42
        1.11    Nacido del polvo de un borracho y del cono de
                una puta                                        4:35
        1.12    El 600 (Tina els dits) (directo)                3:03
        1.13    Dona (directo)                                  2:43
        1.14    Ciutat podrida (directo)                        3:11
        1.15    Eunucos mentales (directo)                      6:16
        1.16    Intro (directo)                                 0:11
        1.17    Venid a las cloacas (directo)                   4:29

CD 2    2.1     El saco                                         3:29
        2.2     No me mola tu pistola                           5:17
        2.3     A mi dosis voy                                  3:58
        2.4     Vulgaridad                                      4:09
        2.5     Monopatín                                       3:01
        2.6     No te entiendo                                  2:16
        2.7     Misogino                                        5:58
        2.8     Juventud tatuada                                3:03
        2.9     Comics y cigarrillos                            3:24
        2.10    Diviertete (inédita)                            2:59
        2.11    Vulgaridad (inédita)                            4:27
        2.12    Monopatín (inédita)                             5:03
        2.13    Diviertete (inédita)                            2:24
        2.14    A mi dosis (inédita)                            4:05
MR      277     LOS BICHOS              1991-1989                       2CD     11.2006

CD 1    1       Poxy Poxy
        2       Wishing Shift
        3       Marina
        4       I'm Inside Her
        5       Raquel's Dream
        6       Still Can't Cry
        7       Go, Fish, Go!!!
        8       Worms
        9       The Elf Queen
        10      Nip of Hate
        11      Fuelled by Desire
        12      If You Cry Now, She'll Be Glad
        13      I'm Not Your Kind of Guy
        14      Mice From Hell
        15      Holocaust
        16      Deep Deep Babe
        17      Sand
        18      Nancy Fucker

CD 2    1       Shadow Girl
        2       Verano Muerto
        3       The One You'll Never Catch
        4       My Girl
        5       Lluvia y luna
        6       Mezcalito
        7       Me gustaría llorar
        8       Sssnake
        9       Un poco más
        10      De noche
        11      Black Blood Nightmare
        12      Colour Hits
        13      Down Below
        14      Anita Latigazo
        15      iHola!
        16      Go, Bo!
        17      Backwards Kiss
        18      Nothing Without Her
        19      "Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus" 
                (Note : double CD + book , Spanish band)
MR      278     THE MONKS               DEMO TAPES 1965                 LP      01.2007
MR      278     THE MONKS               DEMO TAPES 1965                 CD      01.2007

        A1      Monk Time
        A2      Love Came Tumblin' Down
        A3      Boys Are Boys
        A4      Space Age
        A5      We Do Wie Du
        A6      I Hate You
        B1      Pretty Suzanne
        B2      Higgle-dy Piggle-dy
        B3      Hushie Pushie
        B4      Oh, How to Do Now
        B5      The Five Torquays - Boys Are Boys
        B6      The Five Torquays - There She Walks
        B7      Jason Forrest - Monk Hop

CD      1       Monk Time                                       2:22
        2       Love Came Tumbling Down                         3:01
        3       Boys Are Boys                                   1:50
        4       Space Age                                       2:39
        5       We Do Wie Du                                    2:41
        6       I Hate You                                      3:59
        7       Pretty Suzanne                                  3:46
        8       Higgle-dy-piggle-dy                             4:10
        9       Hushie Pushie                                   2:57
        10      Oh, How to Do Now                               2:53
        11      The Five Torquays - There She Walks             2:37
        12      The Five Torquays - Boys Are Boys               3:05
        13      Jason Forrest - Monk Hop                        2:10
MR      279     NIKKI SUDDEN : THE TRUTH DOESN'T MATTER                 2LP     12.2006

LP 1    A1      Seven Miles                                     4:48
        A2      Don't Break My Soul                             3:24
        A3      The Ballad of Johnny and Marianne               3:11
        A4      Talking to the Wrong Guy                        5:06
        B1      Green Shield Stamps                             6:10
        B2      Jet Star Groove                                 4:10
        B3      Empire Blues                                    3:54
        B4      Gin Palace (Jordan's Dragoons)                  3:54

LP 2    C1      Draggin' Me Down                                3:45
        C2      Nothing Left                                    2:16
        C3      The Price of Nails                              3:11
        C4      Black Tar                                       2:57
        D1      Burgundy                                        3:27
        D2      Beyond Hope                                     5:18
        D3      All This Buttoning and Unbuttoning              3:19
MR      280     THE DETROIT COBRAS : ORIGINAL RECORDINGS 1995-97        LP      05.2008
MR CD   280     THE DETROIT COBRAS : ORIGINAL RECORDINGS 1995-97        CD      05.2008
CSDCD   1208    THE DETROIT COBRAS : ORIGINAL RECORDINGS 1995-97        CD      05.2008

LP      A1      Village of Love
        A2      Maria Christina
        A3      Over to My House
        A4      Sad Affair
        A5      Down in Louisiana
        A6      Ain’t It a Shame
        A7      Slum Lord
        A8      It’s Raining
        B1      Cha Cha Twist
        B2      Funnel of Love
        B3      I've Got a Feeling
        B4      Brainwashed
        B5      Time Changes Things
        B6      Curly Haired Baby
        B7      With Body and Soul

CD      1       Village of Love
        2       Maria Christina
        3       Come Over to My House
        4       Sad Affair
        5       Down in Louisiana (A.K.A. It's a Thing You Gotta Face)
        6       Ain't It a Shame
        7       Slum Lord
        8       It's Raining
        9       Cha Cha Twist
        10      Funnel of Love
        11      I've Got a Feeling
        12      Brainwashed
        13      Time Changes Things
        14      Curly Haired Baby
        15      With Body and Soul
MR      281     T D K : Esto Es Una Empresa Capitalista                 LP      12.2006

        A1      La Farmacia De Mi Barrio                        2:08
        A2      Maleta Para Moscu                               1:24
        A3      Hijo                                            2:15
        A4      M.X.R.                                          1:37
        B1      La Ley Del Trabajo                              2:36
        B2      Israel                                          2:01
        B3      Sierras Mecanicas                               2:13
        B4      El Fin                                          1:16
MR      282     T D K                   CARNEVISION                     LP      12.2006

        A1      Carne Picada                                    3:30
        A2      Interrogatorio                                  1:00
        A3      Ni Hablar                                       1:17
        A4      Te Quiero                                       3:05
        A5      Creo Que Voy A Potar                            1:45
        A6      Bronca En Callao                                1:36
        B1      La Senda De Los Elefantes (Hara Kiri)           2:22
        B2      Tienes Miedo                                    1:27
        B3      Nadie En Concreto                               1:15
        B4      Boca Cerrada (Callate)                          1:38
        B5      ? Que Es Este Temblor ?                         1:44
        B6      R.I.P.                                          1:23
        B7      Pienso En Ti                                    3:03
MR      283     THE NOMADS : Nomadic Dementia (The Best Of 1st 25       2LP     04.2007

LP 1    A1      (I'm) Out Of It
        A2      Wasn't Born To Work
        A3      Primordial Ooze
        A4      Ain't No King Of Rock 'N' Roll
        A5      The Way (You Touch My Hand)
        A6      Where The Wolf Bane Blooms
        B1      16 Forever
        B2      The Fast Can't Lose
        B3      Call Off Your Dogs
        B4      Crystal Ball
        B5      The King Of Night Train
        B6      The Goodbye Look

LP 2    C1      Rat Fink A Boo-Boo
        C2      Surfin' In The Bars
        C3      She Pays The Rent
        C4      Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
        C5      Don't Pull My Strings
        C6      Fire And Brimstone
        D1      My Deadly Game
        D2      Twilight Fades
        D3      Bad Vibes
        D4      Salvation By Damnation
        D5      I Can't Wait Forever
        D6      Skolsangen
MR 284/2007     WHITE FLAME             AMERICAN RUDENESS               LP      08.2007
MR      284 CD  WHITE FLAME             AMERICAN RUDENESS               CD      08.2007

        A1      Star Spangled Intro
        A2      American Rudeness
        A3      Ailing Dogs
        A4      Lewd Dude
        A5      Dangerous
        A6      Makumba Love
        B1      Obedience Trials
        B2      The Last Cowboy
        B3      Cash n' Sin
        B4      Vacation in Handcuffs
        B5      Hard Women
        B6      Blame
MR      285     LOS YORK'S              EL VIAJE 1966-1974              2LP       .2008
MR CD   285     LOS YORK'S              EL VIAJE 1966-1974              CD        .2008

LP 1    A1      Mira tú
        A2      Abrázame
        A3      Sólo estoy
        A4      No me dejes
        A5      Pronto un doctor
        B1      Hanky Panky
        B2      Egoísmo de la gente
        B3      Sin éxito
        B4      No puedo amar
        B5      Te amo
        B6      Amor libre

LP 2    C1      Justo a mi gusto
        C2      Vallery
        C3      Caminaremos
        C4      Fácil Baby
        C5      La punta de mi lengua
        D1      Sussie Q
        D2      La alegría de tu amor
        D3      Mi nena
        D4      Mi mente en ti
        D5      Abrázame Baby

CD              [same track details]
MR      286     WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!!    iiiViven!!!                     LP        .2009
MR CD   286     WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!!    iiiViven!!!                     CD        .2009

LP      A1      Delincuente                                     2:00
        A2      Bli, Blu, Bla (Bla Bla Bla)                     2:30
        A3      ?Dónde Están?                                   2:10
        A4      It's Great                                      3:05
        A5      La Cueva                                        2:15
        A6      No Mientas Más                                  2:30
        B1      Copa, Raya, Paliza                              3:00
        B2      Dicen                                           2:35
        B3      Piedras                                         3:00
        B4      Help Me Find Myself                             2:10
        B5      Viva Link Wray!!!                               2:20

CD      1       Delincuente
        2       Bli, Blu, Bla (Bla Bla Bla)
        3       ?Dónde Están?
        4       It's Great
        5       La Cueva
        6       No Mientas Más
        7       Copa, Raya, Paliza
        8       Dicen
        9       Piedras
        10      Help Me Find Myself
        11      Viva Link Wray!!!
MR      287     JONATHAN RICHMAN        A QUE VENIMOS SINO A CAER?      LP      04.2009
MR CD   287     JONATHAN RICHMAN        A QUE VENIMOS SINO A CAER?      CD      04.2009

        A1      ?A qué venimos sino a caer?
        A2      Es como el pan
        A3      Vampiresa mujer
        A4      Celestial
        A5      Le printemps des amoureux est venu
        A6      Cosi Veloce
        B1      El joven se estremece
        B2      Yo tengo una novia
        B3      In che mondo viviamo
        B4      Silence alors, silence
        B5      My Baby Love Love Loves Me
        B6      Ha muerto la rosa
MR LP   288     RIP/ESKORBUTO           ZONA ESPECIAL NORTE             LP        .2008
MR LP   288     RIP/ESKORBUTO           ZONA ESPECIAL NORTE             LP+CD     .2008

LP      A1      Eskorbuto               Ratas De Vizkaya        2:52
        A2      Eskorbuto               Dios, Patria, Rey       2:23
        A3      Eskorbuto : A La Mierda El Pais Vasco           2:37
        A4      Eskorbuto               Soldados                3:08
        B1      R.I.P.                  Kaos                    1:27
        B2      R.I.P.                  Brigada Criminal        1:41
        B3      R.I.P.                  No Hay Futuro           1:37
        B4      R.I.P.                  Antimilitar             1:29

CD      1       Eskorbuto               Ratas De Vizkaya        2:52
        2       Eskorbuto               Dios, Patria, Rey       2:23
        3       Eskorbuto : A La Mierda El Pais Vasco           2:37
        4       Eskorbuto               Soldados                3:08
        5       R.I.P.                  Kaos                    1:27
        6       R.I.P.                  Brigada Criminal        1:41
        7       R.I.P.                  No Hay Futuro           1:37
        8       R.I.P.                  Antimilitar             1:29
                Bonus Tracks
        9       Eskorbuto               Criaturas Al Poder      2:10
        10      Eskorbuto : Rogad A Dios Por Los Muertos        3:05
MR      289     LOS YETIS               NADAISMO A GO-GO!               2LP     09.2009
MR CD   289     LOS YETIS               NADAISMO A GO-GO!               CD      09.2009

LP 1    A1      El Tito / Mi Primer Juguete                     5:52
        A2      Cantemos                                        1:46
        A3      Yo Grito                                        2:31
        A4      Revolucionando                                  3:04
        A5      Mr. Shoemaker                                   1:48
        B1      Delirio                                         1:52
        B2      Llego El Desorden                               1:57
        B3      Ya No Te Aguanto Mas                            1:53
        B4      Pedimos La Paz                                  2:21
        B5      Love                                            2:29

LP 2    C1      Me Siento Loco                                  3:12
        C2      Mary Mary                                       2:25
        C3      Sabes Cuanto Te Quiero                          2:30
        C4      No Me Digas Adios                               2:35
        C5      Te Espero En La Guerra                          2:39
        C6      Llegaron Los Peluqueros                         4:05
        D1      Flying High                                     3:01
        D2      Amor Sideral                                    3:03
        D3      La Tierra De Las Mil Danzas                     3:09
        D4      Tres Grados Bajo Cero                           3:19
        D5      Soy Un Hombre                                   3:04

CD      1       El tito / Mi primer juguete
        2       Cantemos
        3       Yo grito
        4       Revolucionando
        5       Mr Shoemaker
        6       Delirio
        7       Llegó el desorden
        8       Ya no te aguanto más
        9       Pedimos la paz
        10      Love
        11      Me siento loco
        12      Mary Mary
        13      Sabes cuánto te quiero
        14      No me digas adiós
        15      Te espero en la guerra
        16      Llegaron los peluqueros
        17      Flying High
        18      Amor sideral
        19      La tierra de las mil danzas
        20      Tres grados bajo cero
        21      Soy un hombre
MR      290     YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS     I DON'T THINK THIS IS...        LP      09.2009
MR CD   290     YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS     I DON'T THINK THIS IS...        CD      09.2009

A.      1       Suck Machine Crater
        2       Betty Let the Good Times Crawl
        3       Never Turning Back Again
        4       New Day I Hate
        5       Go Blue Angels Go
        6       Gotta Get Away
        7       The Guilty Ones
B.      8       The Final Tractor
        9       After Suicide
        10      Lay You in the Ground
        11      If You Believe in Cleveland
        12      Lamp Industries
        13      Shake Your Magazine
MR      291     MUDHONEY                LIVE AT EL SOL                  2LP       .2009
MR CD   291     MUDHONEY                LIVE AT EL SOL                  CD        .2009

LP 1    A1      You Got It                                      3:11
        A2      Suck You Dry                                    2:37
        A3      It Is Us                                        3:32
        A4      Where Is The Future                             5:35
        A5      Inside Job                                      2:55
        B1      No One Has                                      3:41
        B2      Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More           4:09
        B3      Touch Me I'm Sick                               2:36
        B4      Where The Flavor Is                             3:29
        B5      I Have To Laugh                                 4:21

LP 2    C1      Mudride                                         7:26
        C2      Into The Drink                                  2:16
        C3      Get Into Yours                                  3:52
        C4      Hard-On For War                                 3:55
        C5      In 'N' Out Of Grace                             6:57
        D1      Hate The Police                                 4:19
        D2      The Money Will Roll Right In                    2:46
        D3      Next Time                                       3:21
        D4      New Meaning                                     2:21
        D5      Fix Me                                          1:25
        D6      Tales Of Terror                                 3:41

CD              [same track details]
MR      292     CLAW HAMMER : DEEP IN THE HEART OF NOWHERE              2LP     10.2009
MR CD   292     CLAW HAMMER : DEEP IN THE HEART OF NOWHERE              CD      10.2009

        1       Moonlight On Vermont                            6:48
        2       Mahaney Bus Ride                                2:56
        3       Sticky Thing                                    5:42
        4       Hollow Legs                                     4:12
        5       Five Fifths Dead                                7:06
        6       Bums On The Flow                                2:54
        7       Succotash                                       5:57
        8       Malthusian Blues                                4:13
        9       Hammer Jam                                      0:47
        10      Bedside Coffee Table Roses                      3:59
        11      Montezuma's Hands                               2:15
        12      William Tell                                    3:53
        13      Uncontrollable Urge                             3:14
        14      Sick Fish Belly Up                              4:56
MR LP   293     JEREMY GLUCK & FRIENDS : I KNEW BUFFALO BILL            2LP     01.2011

LP 1    A1      Looking For A Place To Fall                     3:49
        A2      Too Long                                        4:17
        A3      Gone Free                                       2:10
        A4      Time Undone                                     6:41
        A5      One More Story                                  4:15
        B1      Gallery Wharf                                   6:42
        B2      Four Seasons Of Trouble                         5:47
        B3      All My Secrets                                  9:36
        B4      Time Goes Faster                                4:41

LP 2    C1      Burning Skulls Rise (Demo)                      4:12
        C2      Four Seasons Of Trouble (Demo)                  5:19
        C3      Sorrow Drive                                    2:26
        C4      Episode In A Town                               2:25
        C5      April North                                     3:57
        C6      The Proving Trail                               2:57
        C7      They're Hanging Me Tonight                      3:30
        C8      Looking For A Place To Fall (Reprise)           2:18
        D1      No Sound                                        3:21
        D2      Threw This Away                                 4:13
        D3      The Old Man's Dream                             3:31
        D4      Prayers Of A Gunman                             3:18
        D5      Grad's Hotel                                    2:27
        D6      Bar With No Name                                2:11
        D7      Nothing To Me                                   3:38
        D8      Episode In A Town (Live 2009)                   2:52

LP 1    A1      MGM /Metro Goldwyn Mayer/                       0:21
        A2      Pùlnoèní Myš /Midnight Mouse/                   4:39
        A3      Kanárek /The Canary/                            5:37
        A4      Samson                                          5:14
        A5      Magické Noci /On A Magical Night/               6:14
        B1      Otèe, Otèe /Father, Father/                     10:40
        B2      Zpívá /He Sings/                                3:02
        B3      Špatná Vìc /Bad Thing/                          4:37
        B4      Kolejnice Duní /Railways Rumble/                2:52
        B5      Francovka                                       3:01

LP 3    C1      Vrátí Se /He Comes Back/                        2:39
        C2      Nenávist Vola K Øeznickýmu Psu /Hatred Of The
                Ox Towards The Butcher's Dog/                   3:07
        C3      Apokalyptickej Pták /Apocalyptic Bird/          8:15
        C4      Mladý Holky /Young Chicks/                      4:02
        C5      Rozvaha Neuškodí Ani Kuøeti /Careful Thought
                Won't Harm Even A Chicken/                      6:10
        D1      Prasinec /Slaughter Season/                     3:54
        D2      Podvlíkaèky /Long Johns/                        5:24
        D3      Nikdo /No One/                                  3:34
        D4      Moucha V Ranním Pivì /A Fly In The Morning Beer/3:28
        D5      Prší, Prší /It's Raining, Raining/              5:16

LP 3    E1      Dvacet /20/                                     1:54
        E2.1    Muž Bez Uší /The Man Without Ears/              3:56
        E2.2    The Universe Symphony And Melody About Plastic
                Doctor /Part 2/
        E3      Delirium                                        5:08
        E4      Èist Jsem Od Krve /I'm Clean Of Blood/          1:20
        E5      Vožralej Jak Slíva /Drunk Like A Plum/          4:07
        E6      Okolo Okna /Along The Window/                   5:56
        F1      Podél Zdi A Doleva /Along The Wall And To The
                Left/                                           4:11
        F2      Podivuhodný Mandarin /The Wondrous Mandarine/   5:47
        F3      P.F. /Happy New Year/                           4:58
        F4      Z Kouta Do Kouta /From A Corner To A Corner/    2:59
        F5      Jednou Nohou /With One Leg/                     4:11

        1       Come On (Ven aquí) 2:45
        2       Ana                                             2:00
        3       Demolición                                      2:57
        4       Lonely Star (Estrella solitaria)                2:45
        5       Camisa de fuerza                                2:51
        6       Cementerio                                      2:19
        7       Te amo                                          2:21
        8       Fugitivo de Alcatraz                            2:51
        9       Salvaje                                         2:40
        10      El entierro de los gatos                        3:23
        11      Besando a otra                                  2:40
        12      Intensamente                                    3:17
MR      296     CERBEROS EXPRIMIDOS     LAS MAQUETAS 1985-1988          LP+CD     .2010

        A1      Cerebros Exprimidos
        A2      Que Quieres De Mi
        A3      Huye De Ellos
        A4      Tienes Razón
        A5      Chinese Rocks
        A6      La Visita
        A7      Quiero Morir
        A8      (Sigue El Ritmo Que) Golpea Tu Cabeza
        A9      Vacaciones En Siberia
        A10     Dentro De Mi
        A11     A Punta De Navaja
        A12     La Super-Rápida!!!
        B1      Huye De Ellos
        B2      Terror En Jacksonville
        B3      Las Cosas Van Mal
        B4      Exprímelo
        B5      Zapatos De Piel
        B6      Gritos En La Noche
        B7      No La Vi Venir
        B8      Fraga Quiere Ser Una Chica James Bond
        B9      Pastanaga Dance
        B10     Soy Un Vegetal
                Bonus CD
        1       Huye De Ellos
        2       Tienes Razón
        3       La Visita
        4       (Sigue El Ritmo Que) Glopea Tu Cabeza
        5       Quiero Morir
        6       Terror En Jacksonville
        7       Las Cosas Van Mal
        8       Cerebros Exprimidos (Parte Final)
        9       Huye De Ellos
        10      …La Super-Rápida!!!
        11      Psicosis Nuclear
        12      Fraga Quiere Ser Una Chica James Bond
        13      Pastanaga Dance
        14      Soy Un Vegetal
        15      Que Quieres De Mi
        16      Huye De Ellos
        17      Tienes Razón
        18      Chinese Rocks
        19      La Visita
        20      Quiero Morir
        21      (Sigue El Ritmo Que) Golpea Tu Cabeza
        22      Vacaciones En Siberia
        23      Dentro De Mi
        24      A Punta De Navaja
        25      Terror En Jacksonville
        26      Que Quieres De Mi
        27      Exprímelo
        28      Zapatos De Piel
        29      Gritos En La Noche
        30      No La Vi Venir
        31      Huye De Ellos
MR      297     ESKORBRUTO : MALDITO PAIS-PRIMERA EPOCA 1982-84         LP      07.2010
MR CD   297     ESKORBRUTO : MALDITO PAIS-PRIMERA EPOCA 1982-84         2CD     07.2010

LP      A1      Maladito Pais
        A2      Mucha Policia, Poca Diversion
        A3      Enterrado Vivo
        A4      Mi Degeneracion
        A5      El Exterminio De La Raza Del Mono
        A6      Os Enganan
        A7      No Kiero Kambiar
        A8      Busco En La Basura
        A9      Cualkier Lugar
        A10     Donde Esta El Porvenir?
        A11     Ratas Rabiosas
        B1      Mierda Mierda Mierda
        B2      Hipocritas
        B3      El Enterrador
        B4      Iros A La Mierda
        B5      Ratas En Bizkaia
        B6      Criaturas Al Poder
        B7      Dios Patria Rey
        B8      Escupe A La Bandera
        B9      A La Mierda El Pais Vasco
        B10     Rogad A Dios Por Los Muertos
        B11     Soldados

CD 1            Sesiones Primer Single
        1       Maladito Pais                                   1:45
        2       Mucha Policia, Poca Diversion                   2:50
        3       Enterrado Vivo                                  2:26
        4       Mi Degeneración                                 2:30
        5       Oh No! (Policia En Acción)                      3:43
        6       Busco En La Basura                              2:51
        7       Eskizofrenia                                    2:21
        8       No Kiero Kambiar                                3:15
        9       Os Enganan                                      1:36
        10      Busco En La Basura (2)                          2:29
        11      El Exterminio De La Raza Del Mono               3:13
        12      Tamara                                          3:21
        13      De Bastardos Está Infectada La Prensa           2:03
        14      Hipócritas                                      3:43
        15      El Enterrador                                   3:00
        16      Cualkier Lugar                                  2:46
        17      Dónde Está El Porvenir?                         2:33
        18      Oh No! (Policia En Acción)                      3:29
        19      Tamara (2)                                      3:27
                Primera Maqueta
        20      Vomitar                                         2:34
        21      Terroristas                                     1:23
        22      Sociedad Korrupta                               2:22
        23      Oh No! (Policia En Acción)                      3:12
        24      Enterrado Vivo                                  2:33
        25      Escupe A La Bandera                             1:31

CD 2            Primera Maqueta
        1       Mierda Mierda Mierda                            1:43
        2       Maldito Pais                                    2:00
        3       Iros A La Mierda                                2:05
        4       Os Enganan                                      1:50
        5       La Increible Vida De Un Ser Vulgar              2:19
        6       Mucha Policia, Poca Diversion                   2:48
        7       El Exterminio De La Raza Del Mono               3:10
        8       Mi Degeneración                                 2:22
        9       Sociedad Insociable                             2:30
        10      Ratas Rabiosas                                  2:25
        11      Terroristas (Censurada)                         1:26
        12      Oh No! (Policia En Acción) (2)                  2:38
        13      A La Mierda El Pais Vasco                       3:05
        14      Maldito Pais                                    2:01
        15      Mierda Mierda Mierda                            2:02
        16      Escupe A La Bandera                             3:17
        17      Dios Patria Rey                                 2:19
        18      Ratas En Bizkaia                                3:10
        19      Enterrado Vivo                                  3:09
        20      Criaturas Al Poder                              2:32
        21      Oh No! (Policia En Acción)                      3:17
        22      Mucha Policia, Poca Diversion                   1:44
        23      Rogad A Dios Por Los Muertos                    3:30
        24      Soldados                                        4:09
MR      298     DANIEL JOHNSTON : THE STORY OF AN ARTIST                6LP     06.2010
                (Note : 6 LP boxset + 64 p. booklet , 1000 copies)
MR CD   298     DANIEL JOHNSTON : THE STORY OF AN ARTIST                6CD     06.2010
                (Note : 6 CD boxset + 64 p. booklet)

LP 1            Songs of Pain (1980-81)
        A1      Grievances
        A2      A Little Story
        A3      Joy Without Pleasure
        A4      Never Relaxed
        A5      Brainwash
        A6      Pothead
        A7      Wicked World
        A8      Lazy
        A9      I Save Cigarette Butts
        B1      Like a Monkey in a Zoo
        B2      Wicked Will
        B3      An Idiot's End
        B4      Wild West Virginia
        B5      Since I Lost My Tooth
        B6      Urge
        B7      Living Life
        B8      Tuna Ketchup
        B9      Premarital Sex
        B10     Don't Act Nice
        B11     Hate Song

LP 2            Don't Be Scared (July 1982)
        C1      Going Down
        C2      Lost Without a Dame
        C3      Harley Man
        C4      Something More
        C5      Evening Stars
        C6      Cold Hard World
        C7      I Had a Dream
        C8      The Story of an Artist
        C9      My Yoke Is Heavy
        D1      Stars on Parade
        D2      And You Love It
        D3      I Had Lost My Mind
        D4      The Sun Shines Down on Me
        D5      Loner
        D6      Don't Be Scared
        D7      Lullaby
        D8      I Was Alone
        D9      Mother Mom Said

LP 3            The What of Whom (August 1982)
        E1      Man Obsessed
        E2      Peek-a-boo
        E3      Never Before/Never Again
        E4      The Goldfish & the Frog
        E5      Scuttle-butt
        E6      Heart, Mind & Soul
        E7      Blue Clouds
        E8      Surely You Don't Work All Night
        E9      I Can't Think Anymore
        F1      Excuse Me
        F2      Polka Dot Rag
        F3      Why/Without You
        F4      An Incoherent Speech
        F5      Wicked World
        F6      To Go Home
        F7      Scrambled Eggs
        F8      Peace & Tranquility
        F9      When You're Pretty

LP 4            More Songs of Pain (1982-83)
        G1      Phantom of My Own Opera
        G2      Man at War
        G3      Only Missing You
        G4      More Dead Than Alive
        G5      I Will
        G6      Poptunes
        G7      You Put My Love Out the Door
        G8      You're Gonna Make It, Joe
        G9      Theme For Grievances
        H1      Never Get to Heaven
        H2      Follow That Dream
        H3      POW
        H4      For the Love of Pete
        H5      Blue Cloud
        H6      Grievances Revisited
        H7      True Grief
        H8      My Baby Cares for the Dead
        H9      Mabel's Grievances
        The     Lost Recordings I (1983)

LP 5    I1      Take a Little Walk
        I2      Before It's Too Late
        I3      Oh What a Wonderful Feeling
        I4      I'd Like to Say Goodbye
        I5      That's Silly
        I6      There Ain't Much You Can Do
        I7      I'm a Song
        I8      You Should Have Been My Wife
        I9      You Ruined It for Yourself
        I10     Once Upon a Dream
        I11     I Love You
        I12     Scattered Like Birds
        I13     More About Wicked Will
        I14     Good Luck
        I15     Got to Go On
        J1      It's Real
        J2      If You Were Here Today
        J3      Girlfriend
        J4      Void (Space for the Memories)
        J5      Sad and Lonely
        J6      I'm Nervous
        J7      Cosmic Kid
        J8      Never Die
        J9      Kiss Me Again
        J10     I Wish I Could Call You
        J11     Love Is Weird
        J12     Burn Baby Burn
        J13     No Fun
        J14     Art Peace
        J15     Instrumental
        The     Lost Recordings II (1983)

LP 6    K1      All Around the World
        K2      You're Not Laura (After You're Gone)
        K3      I'm Gonna Buy Me a Car
        K4      Out West
        K5      The Undertaker's Assistant
        K6      Dreams Come True
        K7      Mean to Me
        K8      Fly Me to the Moon
        K9      Love Defined
        K10     Love
        K11     How I Love That Organ Music
        K12     We Could Be Together Again
        K13     Happy Talk
        K14     The Miracle of Love
        L1      Who Killed the Monkey
        L2      The Wedding
        L3      Unfinished Symphony
        L4      Blue Cloud
        L5      I Never Meant to Be Spooky
        L6      Dream Lover
        L7      What's a Matter With Me
        L8      If I Kissed You Once
        L9      I Give Up
        L10     Lonely Orphan on the Run
        L11     The Goat Show
        L12     You've Got a Funny Sense of Humor
        L13     Last Song for You
MR LP   299     THE MATADORS : GET DOWN FROM THE TREE!                  2LP     02.2011
MR CD   299     THE MATADORS : GET DOWN FROM THE TREE!                  CD      02.2011

LP 1    A1      Get Down From the Tree (EP Version)             3:30
        A2      Old Mother Hubbard                              2:08
        A3      Hate Everything Except of Hatter (EP Version)   3:31
        A4      Sing a Song of Sixpence                         1:54
        A5      You'll Be Mine                                  2:27
        A6      I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine                3:09
        B1      Don't Bother Me                                 2:31
        B2      I Feel So Lonely                                4:07
        B3      Láhev kalorií                                   3:29
        B4      Locomotion With You                             1:38
        B5      I Want to See You                               2:23
        B6      Extraction                                      5:51

LP 2    C1      Indolence                                       3:53
        C2      Farmer John                                     1:53
        C3      Malej zvon co mám                               3:52
        C4      My Girl                                         3:01
        C5      Bad Bad Bird                                    2:29
        C6      I'm so Lonesome (Out of Reach)                  4:18
        D1      Shotgun                                         2:57
        D2      Snad jednou ti dám                              2:32
        D3      It's All Over Now Baby Blue                     4:28
        D4      I Must Hope                                     3:33
        D5      Pay Pay Twist (Popeye's Theme)                  2:12
        D6      Zlatý dùl                                       3:30

CD      1       Get Down From the Tree (EP Version)             3:30
        2       Old Mother Hubbard                              2:08
        3       Hate Everything Except of Hatter (EP Version)   3:31
        4       Sing a Song of Sixpence                         1:54
        5       You'll Be Mine                                  2:27
        6       I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine                3:09
        7       Don't Bother Me                                 2:31
        8       I Feel So Lonely                                4:07
        9       Láhev kalorií                                   3:29
        10      Locomotion With You                             1:38
        11      I Want to See You                               2:23
        12      Extraction                                      5:51
        13      Indolence                                       3:53
        14      Farmer John                                     1:53
        15      Malej zvon co mám                               3:52
        16      My Girl                                         3:01
        17      Bad Bad Bird                                    2:29
        18      I'm so Lonesome (Out of Reach)                  4:18
        19      Shotgun                                         2:57
        20      Snad jednou ti dám                              2:32
        21      It's All Over Now Baby Blue                     4:28
        22      I Must Hope                                     3:33
        23      Pay Pay Twist (Popeye's Theme)                  2:12
        24      Zlatý dùl                                       3:30
MR      300
MR      301
MR LP   302     MICKY                   LA CUENTA ALTRAS                LP      07.2010
MR CD   302     MICKY                   LA CUENTA ALTRAS                CD      07.2010

        A1      Con Que Sutileza
        A2      Miedo Al Vuelo
        A3      Paseando Al Can
        A4      El Nudo Del Zapato
        A5      Gloria
        A6      Frios
        B1      La Cuenta Atras
        B2      Harto!
        B3      Los Flash-Backs Del Futuro
        B4      Sabor A Menta
        B5      La Guerra De Los Carteles
        B6      Buona Sera
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
MR LP   303     THE LEGENDARY TIGERMAN : FEMINA                         2LP     07.2010

LP 1    A1      Life Ain't Enough for You (with Asia Argento)           3:25
        A2      These Boots Are Made for Walking (+Maria de Medeiros)   3:42
        A3      She's a Hellcat (with Peaches)                          3:22
        A4      No Way to Leave on a Sunday Night (with Becky Lee)      5:48
        B1      Lonesome Town (with Rita Redshoes)                      3:11
        B2      Song for B. (feat. Dorit Chrysler) (Bonus Track)        4:32
        B3      Radio & TV Blues (with Cais do Sodré Cabaret)           3:47
        B4      The Saddest Thing to Say (with Lisa Kekaula)            2:04
        B5      My Stomach Is the Most Violent of All of Italy (with
                Asia Argento)                                           3:37

LP 2    C1      Light Me up Twice (with Cláudia Efe)                    3:29
        C2      & Then Came the Pain (with Phoebe Killdeer)             3:09
        C3      The Wind Will Blow Everything (with Rita Braga) (Bonus) 3:52
        C4      I Just Wanna Know (What We're Gonna Do) (with Cibelle)  4:17
        D1      Old Fashioned Man (with Becky Lee & Drunkfoot)          4:03
        D2      Hey, Sister Ray (with Rita Redshoes)                    3:55
        D3      Thirteen (with Mafalda Nascimento)                      3:24
        D4      True Love Will Find You in the End (with Cibelle)       4:40
MR      304
MR LP   305 1   DECIMA VICTIMA          DECIMA VICTIMA                  LP      12.2010

                Décima Víctima
        A1      La voz que me persigue
        A2      Más allá del silencio
        A3      Inseguridad
        A4      Escombros de un triunfo
        A5      Otro futuro
        A6      Almas perdidas
        B1      Hacia la luz
        B2      Fe en ti mismo
        B3      Detrás de la mirada
        B4      Desde el acantilado
        B5      Hasta el límite
        B6      Decisión
MR LP   305     DECIMA VICTIMA          DECIMA VICTIMA                  3LP     12.2010

LP 1            Décima Víctima
        A1      La voz que me persigue
        A2      Más allá del silencio
        A3      Inseguridad
        A4      Escombros de un triunfo
        A5      Otro futuro
        A6      Almas perdidas
        B1      Hacia la luz
        B2      Fe en ti mismo
        B3      Detrás de la mirada
        B4      Desde el acantilado
        B5      Hasta el límite
        B6      Decisión

LP 2            Un hombre solo
        C1      Sobre otra ruta
        C2      La frontera perdida
        C3      Desarmado
        C4      Noctámbulo
        C5      Un hombre solo
        D1      En la rebelión
        D2      Tierra negra
        D3      Una vez más
        D4      Contra la naturaleza
        D5      Es sólo el comienzo

LP 3            Los que faltan
        E1      El vacío
        E2      La razón de la discordia
        E3      Sumido en la depresión
        E4      Tan lejos
        E5      El signo de la cruz
        E6      Noviembre
        E7      Algo en común
        F1      Fuera del alcance de la vista
        F2      Un lugar en el pasado
        F3      Panorama esperanzador
        F4      El sueno
        F5      En la eternidad
        F6      Bajo un cielo abierto
                (Note : 2LP+LP+24 p. booklet)
MR      306     BARRENCE WHITFIELD & THE SAVAGES : SAVAGE KINGS         LP      07.2011

        A1      (Your Love Is Like A) Ramblin' Rose             2:46
        A2      Just Moved In                                   1:48
        A3      It's Mighty Crazy                               3:05
        A4      You Told A Lie                                  2:52
        A5      Willie Meehan                                   3:21
        A6      Shot Down                                       2:19
        B1      Who's Gonna Rock My Baby?                       2:16
        B2      64W MM 232                                      2:08
        B3      Hold Me Close                                   3:59
        B4      Barefoot Susie                                  2:15
        B5      Stop Trying To Break Me Down                    3:04
        B6      Bad Girl                                        3:57
MR      307     ESKOBRUTO               ESKIZOFRENIA                    LP      05.2011
MR      307     ESKOBRUTO               ESKIZOFRENIA                    LP      05.2019
MR CD   307     ESKOBRUTO               ESKIZOFRENIA                    CD      05.2011

        A1      Introducción (Sonidos En La Guerra)             2:39
        A2      La Increible Vida De Un Ser Vulgar              1:49
        A3      Ratas Rabiosas                                  2:05
        A4      Cualquier Lugar                                 1:18
        A5      Mierda, Mierda, Mierda                          1:38
        A6      Rogad A Dios Por Los Muertos                    3:30
        A7      Exterminio De La Raza Del Mono                  2:38
        A8      Antes De La Guerra                              1:07
        A9      Sociedad Insociable                             2:30
        B1      Os Enganan                                      1:36
        B2      Mucha Policía, Poca Diversión                   1:28
        B3      Oh No! Policía En Acción                        2:48
        B4      Nadie Es Inocente                               1:45
        B5      Busco En La Basura                              1:58
        B6      Skizofrenia                                     1:34
        B7      Criaturas Al Poder                              1:50
        B8      Donde Está El Porvenir?                         2:00
        B9      Ratas En Bizkaia                                2:38
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
MR LP   308     T.N.T.                  MANIFESTO GUERNIKA              LP      04.2011

        A1      Guernika
        A2      Gilmore '77
        A3      Deberías tener cuidado
        A4      Nadsat
        A5      1984 Euroshima
        A6      Sin futuro
        B1      Cucarachas
        B2      Todo está bien
        B3      Radio Crimen Charleston
        B4      La noche del Ángel salvaje
        B5      El jardín extranjero
        B6      Habitación 101
MR      309     MORFI GREI & ELECTROPUTAS : CIELOS MOVEDOYOS            CD        .2011

        1       Cielos Movedizos                                3:45
        2       Amor Sucio                                      3:47
        3       Rambla Arriba, Rambla Abajo                     4:27
        4       Los Sudores de la Muerte                        2:52
        5       Horrores Baby                                   3:21
        6       Magic, Palacio Del Rock & Roll                  5:30
        7       Surfing In Cádiz                                3:12
        8       Haciéndolo                                      3:12
        9       Rebelde Light                                   4:04
        10      Oigo El Tren                                    3:30
        11      Te Recuerdo Amanda                              3:12
MR      310     ESKORBUTO : Ya No QWuedan Mas Cojones,Eskorbuto         12"     11.2011
                A Las Elecciones

        A1      Ya No Quedan Más Cojones, (Eskorbuto A Las Elecciones)
        A2      Escupe A La Bandera
        A3      Cuando Los Dinosaurios, Dominaban La Tierra
        B1      La Sangre, Los Polvos, Los Muertos
        B2      Maldito País
        B3      Abajo La Ley
MR LP   311     LYRES : LIVE AT CANTONES , BOSTON 1982                  LP      07.2011

        A1      I Really Want You Right Now                     3:12
        A2      Lily                                            3:12
        A3      Help You Ann                                    2:41
        A4      Come On Up                                      3:40
        A5      Don't Give It Up Now                            4:05
        A6      Mighty Idy                                      3:03
        B1      Let's Have A Party                              2:27
        B2      100 CCs                                         2:37
        B3      Since You've Been Gone                          2:53
        B4      Hang Up                                         2:13
        B5      Cinderella                                      2:48
        B6      Dirty Robber                                    2:34
        B7      Journey To Thyme                                2:24
MR LP   312     DMZ                     RADIO DEMOS                     LP      07.2011

        A1      Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
        A2      Til The End of The Day
        A3      Lift Up Your Hood
        A4      Glad All Over
        A5      Ball Me Out
        A6      Heart of Stone
        B1      First Time
        B2      Teenage Head
        B3      Go To School
        B4      Are You Gonna Be There?
        B5      Boy From Nowhere
        B6      Search and Destroy
MR CD   313     DMZ/LYRES : RADIO DEMOS/LIVE AT CANTONES , 1982         CD      07.2011

        1       DMZ : Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
        2       DMZ                     Til The Ebd Of The Day
        3       DMZ                     Lift Up Your Hood
        4       DMZ                     Glad All Over
        5       DMZ                     Ball Me Out
        6       DMZ                     Heart Of Stone
        7       DMZ                     First Time
        8       DMZ                     Teenage Head
        9       DMZ                     Go To School
        10      DMZ                     Are You Gonna Be There?
        11      DMZ                     Boy From Nowhere
        12      DMZ                     Search And Destroy
        13      Lyres                   I Really Want You Right Now
        14      Lyres                   Lily
        15      Lyres                   Help You Ann
        16      Lyres                   Come On Up
        17      Lyres                   Don't Give It Up Now
        18      Lyres                   Mighty Idy
        19      Lyres                   Let's Have A Party
        20      Lyres                   100 CCs
        21      Lyres                   Since You've Been Gone
        22      Lyres                   Hang Up
        23      Lyres                   Cinderella
        24      Lyres                   Dirty Robber
        25      Lyres                   Journey To Thyme
MR LP   314     V / A : ALGO SALVAJA-UNTAMED 60'S BEAT AND GARAGE       2LP     09.2014
                NUGGETS FROM SPAIN VOL.1
MR CD   314     V / A : ALGO SALVAJA-UNTAMED 60'S BEAT AND GARAGE       CD      09.2014
                NUGGETS FROM SPAIN VOL.1

(LP 1)  1       Tomcats                 A tu vera
        2       Los Brincos             Dance "The Pulga"
        3       Tony Ronald y Sus Kroners : True Fine Mama
        4       Los 4 Jets              Shake Baby Shake
        5       Los Buitres             Ya no me importas
        6       Los Botines             Eres un vago
        7       Els Trons               Ven a mí
        8       Los Beta                Sin corazón
        9       Los Impala              Yo te vi
        10      Los Huracanes           Aún
        11      Los 5 del Este          Protestando
        12      Miguel Ríos             Antimusical
        13      The Four Winds & Dito : No me dejas vivir en paz
        14      Los Daikiris            Zergaitik ez da egia
(LP 2)  15      Los Pepes               Por favor
        16      Els Mallorquins         No sé que siento
        17      Lone Star               Mientes
        18      Los Pekenikes           Vete ya
        19      Mike & The Runaways     Corazón lleno de mal
        20      Los Nivram              Sombras
        21      Los Junior's            Te fuiste
        22      Los Rockeros            No lo verás
        23      Los Cheyenes            Y olvídame
        24      Los Polares             La droga
        25      The Canaries            You Be
        26      Los Sírex               Acto de fuerza
        27      Micky y Los Tonys       Jabón de azufre
        28      Prou Matic              It Is My World
[MR 7139]       1978 - 1981

        1       Surfin Bird
        2       The Way I Walk
        3       Human Fly
        4       Domino
        5       Lonesome Town
        6       Mystery Plane
        7       Fever
        8       Garbageman
        9       TV Set
        10      The Mad Daddy
        11      Drug Train
        12      Love Me
        13      I Can't Hardly Stand It
        14      Twist & Shout
        15      Uranium Rock
        16      Goo Goo Muck
        17      She Said
        18      The Crusher
        19      Save It
        20      New Kind of Kick
        21      Rockin' Bones
        22      Voodoo Idol...
MR CD   316     LA BARRA DE CHOCOLATE : LA BARRA DE CHOCOLATE           CD      01.2012

        1       Si supiera esta nina
        2       Buenos Aires Beat
        3       Proyectos de un ladrón prisionero
        4       Alza la voz
        5       Usted sabe lo que es fe?
        6       Otro lugar, cuál puede ser
        7       Ella, la doncella
        8       El divagante
        9       Beatnick Waltz
        10      El gigante
        11      Viste?
                Bonus Tracks
        12      El malecón
        13      Dona Lucía
        14      Un diablito en el cielo
        15      Navidad espacial
        16      El pampero libertad
        17      Copado y colocado
        18      Presidente del país
        19      Hombre sin nombre
MR CD   317     TRAFFIC SOUND           VIRGIN                          CD      01.2012

        1       Virgin
        2       Tell the World I'm Alive
        3       Yellow Sea Days
        4       Jews Caboose
        5       A Place in Time Call
        6       Simple
        7       Meshkalina
        8       Last Song
MR      318     JUANITA Y LOS FEOS      PESADILLE ADULTA                LP+CD   01.2012
MR CD   318     JUANITA Y LOS FEOS      PESADILLE ADULTA                CD      01.2011

LP      A1      El final                                        3:19
        A2      500 muertos                                     2:38
        A3      La bomba del Islami                             2:30
        A4      Sigue vivo                                      2:52
        A5      Autolesionarse                                  2:41
        A6      Circo Roma                                      2:04
        A7      Mujer rubia, hombre moreno*                     1:28
        B1      Lobos                                           2:41
        B2      Hostal Osona                                    2:40
        B3      Traga, mastica, vomita                          1:58
        B4      Lunes otra vez                                  3:00
        B5      Triste pero cierto                              2:16
        B6      Kurva                                           2:39
        B7      Paleto                                          2:41
CD      1       El final                                        3:19
        2       500 muertos                                     2:38
        3       La bomba del Islami                             2:30
        4       Sigue vivo                                      2:52
        5       Autolesionarse                                  2:41
        6       Circo Roma                                      2:04
        7       Mujer rubia, hombre moreno                      1:28
        8       Lobos                                           2:41
        9       Hostal Osona                                    2:40
        10      Traga, mastica, vomita                          1:58
        11      Lunes otra vez                                  3:00
        12      Triste pero cierto                              2:16
        13      Kurva                                           2:39
        14      Paleto                                          2:41
MR      319     V / A : TENSION-SPANISH EXPERIMENTAL UNDERGROUND        2LP     03.2012
                1980 - 1985
                1980 - 1985

LP 1    A1      Klamm                   The Past Is Frozen
        A2      La Fundación            Repetición
        A3      New Buildings           Historias para largos recorridos
        A4      Mar Otra Vez            He
        B1      Clónicos                Cha Cha Cha
        B2      La Caída de la Casa Usher : iBaila, negro!
        B3      Claustrofobia           París nostalgic (Tango)
        B4      La Gran Curva           Tensión

LP 2    C1      La T – Dot
        C2      Los Iniciados           La marca de Anubis
        C3      Depósito dental         Dodo (+ Introducción dental)
        C4      II Epoca del Hombre     Me bato contra Dios
        D1      429 enganos             Corazones
        D2      Xeerox                  Viejo decorado eléctrico 4
        D3      Neo Zelanda             Paso hambre
        D4      Teatro Negro de Praga   Distanciamiento
        D5      1985                    No hay perros calientes

CD      1       Klamm                   The Past Is Frozen
        2       La Fundación            Repetición
        3       New Buildings           Historias para largos recorridos
        4       Mar Otra Vez            He
        5       Clónicos                Cha Cha Cha
        6       La Caída de la Casa Usher : iBaila, negro!
        7       Claustrofobia           París nostalgic (Tango)
        8       La Gran Curva           Tension
        9       La T                    Dot
        10      Los Iniciados           La marca de Anubis
        11      Depósito dental         Dodo (+ Introducción dental)
        12      II Epoca del Hombre     Me bato contra Dios
        13      429 enganos             Corazones
        14      Xeerox                  Viejo decorado eléctrico 4
        15      Neo Zelanda             Paso hambre
        16      Teatro Negro de Praga   Distanciamiento
        17      1985                    No hay perros calientes
        18      II Epoca del Hombre : Theme Tune of the Radio Show La Factoria
MR CD   320     OLYMPIC                 EVERYBODY!                      CD      05.2013

                Chapter I: Deviation
        I1      Telefon                                         1:50
        I2      Krásná Neznámá                                  2:27
        I3      Mary (I Must Play)                              2:01
        I4      Everybody                                       3:49
        I5      Bláznivej Kiki                                  3:33
        I6      Psychiatrický Prášek                            6:22
                Chapter II: Derangement
        II1     Pták Rosomák                                    2:51
        II2     Želva                                           3:37
        II3     Kamenožrout Zelený                              3:38
        II4     Brouk                                           4:08
        II5     Ikarus Blues                                    4:58

                Chapter III: Delirium
        III1    Mìsíc                                           2:30
        III2    O Pùlnoci                                       2:43
        III3    Dìdeèkùv Duch                                   2:19
        III4    Èarodìjka                                       2:56
        III5    Thoughts Of A Foolish Boy (Bloud Král)          2:18
        III6    Zbyteèná Holka                                  2:11
        III7    Nebezpeèná Postava                              1:43
        III8    Zahoï Lásku                                     3:49
                Chapter IV: Departure
        IV1     Kufr                                            2:25
        IV2     Pìt Cestujících                                 5:25
        IV3     Nekoneèná Cesta (O Dùm Dál)                     2:16
        IV4     Vzpomínka Plíživá                               2:47
        IV5     Tobogán                                         5:35
MR LP   321     LYRES                   ON FYRE                         LP      09.2012

LP      A1      Don't Give It Up Now                            4:13
        A2      Help You Ann                                    2:29
        A3      I Confess                                       2:50
        A4      I'm Tellin' You Girl                            1:40
        A5      Love Me Till The Sun Shines                     3:56
        A6      I Really Want You Right Now                     3:38
        B1      Tired Of Waiting                                3:05
        B2      Dolly                                           4:17
        B3      Soapy                                           3:43
        B4      The Way I Feel About You                        2:42
        B5      Not Like The Other One                          3:18

CD      1       Don't Give It Up Now                            4:10
        2       Help You Ann                                    2:31
        3       I Confess                                       2:52
        4       I'm Telling You Girl                            1:40
        5       Love Me Till the Sun Shines                     3:59
        6       I Really Want You Right Now                     3:40
        7       Tired of Waiting                                3:07
        8       Dolly                                           4:19
        9       Soapy                                           3:45
        10      The Way I Feel About You                        2:44
        11      Not Like the Other One                          3:23
        12      Never Met a Girl Like You                       3:00
        13      How Could I Have Done All of These Things       3:34
        14      Swing Shift                                     4:07
        15      Trying Just to Please You                       4:26
        16      Busy Body                                       2:17
MR LP   322     LYRES                   LYRES LYRES                     LP      09.2012
MR CD   322     LYRES                   LYRES LYRES                     CD      09.2012

LP      A1      Not Looking Back                                4:18
        A2      She Pays The Rent                               4:45
        A3      You'll Never Do It Baby                         3:20
        A4      I Love Her Still, I Always Will                 3:27
        A5      No Reasons To Complain                          3:17
        A6      The Only Thing                                  3:10
        B1      How Do You Know?                                3:12
        B2      You Won't Be Sad Anymore                        2:47
        B3      If You Want My Love                             3:28
        B4      Busy Men                                        4:40
        B5      Teach Me To Forget You                          3:10
        B6      Stormy                                          3:18

CD      01      Not Looking Back                                4:18
        02      She Pays The Rent                               4:45
        03      You'll Never Do It Baby                         3:20
        04      I Love Her Still, I Always Will                 3:27
        05      No Reasons To Complain                          3:17
        06      The Only Thing                                  3:10
        07      Stacey                                          2:35
        08      How Do You Know?                                3:13
        09      You Won't Be Sad Anymore                        2:47
        10      If You Want My Love                             3:28
        11      Busy Men                                        4:39
        12      Teach Me To Forget You                          3:09
        13      Stormy                                          3:17
        14      Someone Who''l Treat You Right Now              3:06
        15      She Pays The Rent                               2:17
        16      You've Been Wrong                               3:57
        17      I'll Try Anyway                                 2:47
MR LP   323     DECIBELIOS              OI!                             LP      07.2012

        A1      Viento De Libertad
        A2      Django El Pestoso
        A3      Kaos
        A4      Achuntament
        A5      J'n Roll Star
        B1      Ningun Nombre De Mujer
        B2      Subversion
        B3      Exploited Klimbers
        B4      Cancion De Cuna
MR LP   324     ELS MASTRURBADORS MONGOLICS : S/T                       LP      07.2012

        A1      Bar
        A2      Llamando al profesor Baxter
        A3      Amorcito
        A4      El rock de l'escola
        B1      Tú y yo
        B2      Por aquí y por allí
        B3      El rock de la bomba
        B4      Honorable Caramellas
                (Note : LP + 4 p. insert)
MR BX   325     V / A : DANGERHOUSE-COMPLETE SINGLES COLLECTED 1977-79  14X7"   07.2013
MR7     249
MR CD   325     V / A : DANGERHOUSE-COMPLETE SINGLES COLLECTED 1977-79  2CD     07.2013

        A       Randoms                 ABCD
        B       Randoms                 Let's Get Rid of New York

        C       Black Randy & Metrosquad : Trouble at the Cup
        D1      Black Randy & Metrosquad : Loner With a Boner
        D2      Black Randy & Metrosquad : Sperm Bank Baby

        E1      Avengers                We Are the One
        E2      Avengers                I Believe in Me
        F       Avengers                Car Crash

        G       The Dils                Class War
        H       The Dils                Mr Big

        I       Weirdos                 We Got the Neutron Bomb
        J       Weirdos                 Solitary Confinement

        K       Alley Cats              Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
        L       Alley Cats              Give Me a Little Pain

        M       X               Adult Books
        N       X               We're Desperate

        O1      Black Randy & His Elite Metrosquad : Idi Amin
        O2      Black Randy & His Elite Metrosquad : I'm Black and I'm Proud Part 3
        P1      Black Randy & His Elite Metrosquad : I'm Black and I'm Proud Part 14
        P2      Black Randy & His Elite Metrosquad : I Wanna Be a Nark

        Q       Howard Werth            Obsolete
        R       Howard Werth            Mango Man

        S1      The Deadbeats           Kill the Hippies
        S2      The Deadbeats           Brainless
        T1      The Deadbeats           Final Ride
        T2      The Deadbeats           Deadbeat

        U       Bags                    Survive
        V       Bags                    Babylonian Gorgon

        W       Eyes                    TAQN
        X       Eyes                    Topological Lies

        Y       Rhino 39                Xerox / No Compromise
        Z       Rhino 39                Prolixin Stomp

        AA      Black Randy & Metrosquad : I Slept in an Arcade
        AB      Black Randy & Metrosquad : Give It Up or Turn It Loose

2CD             [same track details]
MR LP   326     LOS MOCKERS+ v/a        DO IT AGAIN!                    LP      12.2012

                Do It Again! (Los Mockers)
        A1      Los Mockers             Need Some Time
        A2      Los Mockers             Forty Years Ago
        A3      Los Mockers             The Chain
        A4      Los Mockers             25 Watts
        A5      Los Mockers             That I Love You
        A6      Los Mockers             Time Is On My Side (1965 Demo)
                        Mockermania (Various)
        B1      Ratones Paranoicos      You Got It Con Jimmy Rip
        B2      Doctor Explosion        What A Life
        B3      Lord Rochester          My Baby Con Jorge Explosion
        B4      Pereza                  Don't Go Away
        B5      Valle de Munecas        All The Time
        B6      Chicos Eléctricos       Tell Me Something New
MR LP   327     LYRES                   A PROMISE IS A PROMISE          LP      03.2013
MR CD   327     LYRES                   A PROMISE IS A PROMISE          CD      03.2013

        A1      Here's A Heart
        A2      On Fyre
        A3      Every Man For Himself
        A4      Feel Good
        A5      I'll Try You Anyway
        A6      Worried About Nothing
        A7      Touch
        B1      Running Through The Night
        B2      She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies
        B3      Jagged Time Lapse
        B4      Knock My Socks Off
        B5      Sick And Tired
        B6      Trying Just To Please You
        B7      Witch
CD +    15      She Pays The Rent (Live) (Bonus Track)
        16      She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies (Live) (Bonus Track)
        17      We Sell Soul (Live) (Bonus Track)
                (Note : LP/180 g. + 4 p. insert)
MR LP   328     LYRES : LOST LYRES-ESTUDIO RARE TRACKS                  LP      04.2013

        A1      Ain't Going Nowhere
        A2      100 CC's (Pure Thrust)
        A3      She Pays the Rent
        A4      High on Youself
        A5      What a Girl Can Do
        A6      Buried Alive
        A7      In Motion
        B1      Never Met a Girl Like You
        B2      How Could Have I Done All These Things
        B3      Swing Shift
        B4      Trying Just to Please You
        B5      Busy Body
                (Note : LP + 12 p. booklet)

LP      A1      Come On (Ven aquí)                              2:45
        A2      Ana                                             2:00
        A3      Demolición                                      2:57
        A4       Lonely Star (Estrella solitaria)               2:45
        A5      Camisa de fuerza                                2:51
        A6      Cementerio                                      2:19
        B1      Te amo                                          2:21
        B2      Fugitivo de Alcatraz                            2:51
        B3      Salvaje                                         2:40
        B4      El entierro de los gatos                        3:23
        B5      Besando a otra                                  2:40
        B6      Intensamente                                    3:17

CD      1       Come On (Ven aquí)                              2:45
        2       Ana                                             2:00
        3       Demolición                                      2:57
        4       Lonely Star (Estrella solitaria)                2:45
        5       Camisa de fuerza                                2:51
        6       Cementerio                                      2:19
        7       Te amo                                          2:21
        8       Fugitivo de Alcatraz                            2:51
        9       Salvaje                                         2:40
        10      El entierro de los gatos                        3:23
        11      Besando a otra                                  2:40
        12      Intensamente                                    3:17

LP version with a 12-page full-color booklet with extensive notes and unseen photos.
"With only six singles released between 1965 and 1966, and from an apparently remote
place such as Lima, Peru, Los Saicos created a raw, wild and visceral sound, the
Southern Hemisphere equivalent of the garage rock that was coming out of the U.S.
Northwest at the same time. Theirs is the same DNA shared by The Sonics, The Cramps
and Black Lips. This release compiles all their recordings and tells their amazing
story. This snarling maelstrom of nihilism was cut in Lima when the rest of the world
was wetting itself over The Beatles, direct links to both The Stooges and The Cramps
here and several more equally-enthralling combos. The latter spawned several
generations of individuals who would dig deep to previously (mostly) unheard seams
of music and other forms of culture that have since become part of the mainstream
fabric. Another strong case of the same kind of happenstance to my mind is that which
preceded the much-vaunted 'punk' explosion of the '70s." --Lindsay Hutton
MR      330
MR      331
MR      332     DANNY & THE NIGHTMARES : DEATH OF SATAN                 LP      06.2013
MR CD   332     DANNY & THE NIGHTMARES : DEATH OF SATAN                 CD      06.2013

        A1      Death of Satan
        A2      Mentally Ill
        A3      All Good Dead Children: Yellow Matter Slow / Carry On My
                Waywood Son / Bye Bye Baby Good Bye
        A4      Satanic Church
        A5      Nothing
        A6      Talk
        A7      Past Happened 1st
        A8      Lucifer Tonite
        B1      Public Domain
        B2      Songs of Pain
        B3      Walk in the Truth
        B4      Dumb Satan (Reprize)
        B5      Do Die
        B6      Suiside
        B7      Daniel Johnston Is Dead
                (Note : LP + 12 p. booklet)
MR      333     LAS CHINAS              AMOR EN FRIO                    LP      09.2013

        A1      El Hombre Salvaje
        A2      Amor En Frio
        A3      Te Espio
        A4      23 De Enero
        A5      Chicos En La Calle
        B1      El Crucero
        B2      Landru
        B3      Es El Fin
        B4      Me Tratas Muy Mal
        B5      Que Facil Es Caer
MR CD   334     EL VEZ : GOD SAVE THE KING-25 YEARS OF EL VEZ           CD      07.2013
MR      335     V / A : WHAT HAVE WE WROUGHT? A MIKE ATTA BENEFIT       2LP     08.2013

LP 1    A1      The Middle Class        Body And Soul
        A2      Germs                   Out Of Time (Live)
        A3      Circle Jerks            Red Tape
        A4      Sin 34                  34 Sins
        A5      Big Boys                I'm Sorry
        A6      Fastbacks               Fast Enough
        A7      Meatmen                 Stud
        A8      Government Issue        Plain To See
        A9      Dicks                   Rich Daddy (Live)
        A10     Anarchy 6               Suburban Jail
        A11     F                       The Yellow Corn Boy
        A12     7 Seconds               Compro
        A13     Necros                  Help (Live)
        B1      OFF!                    Poison City
        B2      Negative Approach       Pressure/Fair Warning (Live)
        B3      The Fix                 No Idols
        B4      Shattered Faith         Right Is Right
        B5      FU's                    Death Wish (Live)
        B6      The Detours (7)         The Saint
        B7      Flag Of Democracy       Suburban Cowboy
        B8      Scream                  Cry Wolf (Demo)
        B9      Vatican Commandos       Housewives On Valium
        B10     Channel 3               Another Day
        B11     Adrenalin O.D.          Small Talk
        B12     Love Canal              Jimmy Closet
        B13     Eddie And The Subtitles : American Society

LP 2    C1      White Flag              Radio Free Misanthropia
        C2      Adolescents : Conquest Of The Planet Of The See Monkeys
        C3      NOFX                    New Years Revolution
        C4      The Muffs               When I Was Down
        C5      The Crowd               Straight Down
        C6      White Night             Oh Crud
        C7      Empire                  English Mist
        C8      The Zeros               Lil' Latin Lupe Lu
        C9      Redd Kross              Pretty Please (Live At Amoeba)
        C10     The Garden : 8 Foot Tall Man Walking Out Of The Forrest
        D1      Giuda                   Number 10
        D2      Urinals                 Sonny Boy
        D3      Cows                    Chow
        D4      Mudhoney                Tales Of Terror
        D5      Halo Of Flies           Ballad Of Extreme Hate
        D6      Nervous Gender          Slave (Demo)
        D7      Salvation Army          Grimly Forming
        D8      Audacity                Five People In The Bedroom
        D9      The Mormons             Razorburn Stigmata
        D10     Mike Watt, Missingmen   Sweet Honey Pie
MR      336     V / A : SOMBRAS-SPANISH POST-PUNK AND DARK POP          4LP     02.2014
MR      336     V / A : SOMBRAS-SPANISH POST-PUNK AND DARK POP          4LP     12.2017
MRCD    336     V / A : SOMBRAS-SPANISH POST-PUNK AND DARK POP          2CD     02.2014

LP 1    A1      Parálisis Permanente    Yo no
        A2      Alaska y Los Pegamoides : El jardín
        A3      Los Monaguillosh        Voces en la jungla
        A4      Neon Provos             Serás la más guapa
        A5      Alphaville              El modelo de Pickman
        B1      Derribos Arias          Vírgenes sangrantes
        B2      Claustrofobia           Sombras en la alcoba
        B3      El Último Sueno         No debiste asustarme
        B4      Décima Víctima          El signo de la cruz (demo)
        B5      Agrimensor K            Principio y fin

LP 2    C1      Ultratruita             Sangre y arena
        C2      Cámara                  El frío en mis manos
        C3      Beirut la Noche         Ella se hizo monja
        C4      Donación Agnelli        Asfixia
        C5      Los Seres Vacíos        Recuerda
        D1      Gabinete Caligari       Olor a carne quemada
        D2      Los Coyotes             La estación fantasma
        D3      Desechables             La oración
        D4      La Fundación            Todo pensado (para no durar)
        D5      Los Iniciados           Sangre de ángel
        D6      Lavabos Iturriaga       Nichos
        D7      Flácidos Lunes          Paranoia

LP 3    E1      Aviador Dro             La zona fantasma
        E2      Lunes de Hierro         Ellos
        E3      Jugos de Otros          Salón Xanadu
        E4      Cadena Perpetua         Seres inertes
        E5      Qloaqa Letal            Nunca, siempre
        F1      New Buildings           Humo
        F2      V2 Berlín               Algo está pasando
        F3      Dios                    Escrito en los cielos
        F4      Nueva Religión          Ten compasión de mí
        F5      Matrona Impúdica        Aullándote

LP 4    G1      Ceremonia               El sótano
        G2      Ana Curra               Lágrimas
        G3      Polansky y El Ardor     Azul
        G4      Quebrada                Te mataré
        G5      Ángel y Las Güais       Lamentos de un vampiro
        H1      Pasajeros               El eco de las sombras
        H2      Furnish Time            Juego de la lluvia
        H3      Inhibidos Quizás        Tras el fuego
        H4      Carmina Burana          La tierra feliz
        H5      Satí de Crem            Ellos
MR LP   337     V / A                   PIPPERMINT TWIST MUNSTER        2LP     11.2013
MR CD   337     V / A                   PIPPERMINT TWIST MUNSTER        CD      11.2013

LP 1    A1      Los Pekenikes : Twist De Los Elefantes          2:37
        A2      Dúo Rúbam               Hiedra Venenosa         2:05
        A3      Los Giovanes : El Vendedor De Melones           2:04
        A4      Maleni Castro           Juventud Twist          2:09
        A5      Rudy Ventura Y Su Conjunto : Twist, Twist, Twist2:42
        A6      Los Continentales       Espacial                2:24
        B1      Baby                    Pippermint Twist        2:15
        B2      Los Extranos            Marabunta               2:27
        B3      The Finder's            Shu Bi Du Do Slop       2:43
        B4      Edward Y Los Windys     No Sabes Bailar         1:53
        B5      Kuldip                  El Salvaje              2:30
        B6      Sylvia Con Los Caminantes : Mi Andaluz          3:07

LP 2    C1      Los Sirex               Nobody But You          2:31
        C2      Los Relámpagos          Minnesota Fats          2:21
        C3      The Rocking Boys        Una Rubia De Miedo      2:17
        C4      Jorge Miranda           Kana Kapila             2:20
        C5      Latin Quartet           Ali Baba Twist          2:14
        C6      Cuarteto Maranatha      Shadrack                2:11
        D1      Los Kramer's            Panorama                3:03
        D2      Os Duques               Haz El Mono             2:32
        D3      Los Delta               Pronto... Pronto!       2:39
        D4      Els 4 Gats              El Miner                2:12
        D5      Los Pantalones Azules : Johnny, Sé Bueno        2:10
        D6      Marietta                Rock Night              2:40

CD              [same track details]
MR      338     THE FUZZ                THE FUZZ                        LP      09.2013
MR CD   338     THE FUZZ                THE FUZZ                        CD      09.2013

LP      A1      Air
        A2      Somebody Like You
        A3      Merry-Go-Round
        A4      Inarticulate Rage
        A5      Birdie
        A6      Cold Stares
        B1      Prone to Seizures
        B2      Teen Rex
        B3      Sorrow's Forecast
        B4      Another Way
        B5      When I Die

CD      1       Air
        2       Somebody Like You
        3       Merry-Go-Round
        4       Inarticulate Rage
        5       Birdie
        6       Cold Stares
        7       Prone to Seizures
        8       Teen Rex
        9       Sorrow's Forecast
        10      Another Way
        11      When I Die
                (Note : not Ty Segall band)
MR      339
MR      340     V / A : THE BEST PLACE TO GO! GO! (AMSTERDAM BEAT       2LP       .2013
MR CD   340     V / A : THE BEST PLACE TO GO! GO! (AMSTERDAM BEAT       2CD       .2013

LP 1    A1      Messer Chups            Mickey Rat              2:04
        A2      Working Voodoo Club     Hey Mama                2:17
        A3      The Ragtime Wranglers   The Manhunt             2:34
        A4      Dee Ann & The Nightcaptains : I Shot
                Mister Lee                                      2:29
        A5      The Anacondas           The Big Bang            1:47
        A6      The Mighty Typhoons     Spanish Onions          2:35
        A7      Sue Moreno              City By Night           2:49
        A8      Arthur Brown            The Unknown             4:59
        B1      Julia P. & Abc All Stars : The Best
                Place To Go! Go!                                3:01
        B2      The Reaction            Flush Me                2:04
        B3      Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!    Delincuente             1:59
        B4      Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave : Cold
                Heart Of Mine                                   2:14
        B5      The Timeflies           Mony Mony               3:12
        B6      Ricky & The Koters      Ford Mustang Blues      3:06
        B7      The Peptones            Can't Win               2:28
        B8      De Keefmen              You Remind Me           2:54

LP 2    C1      The Spinshots           Before He Left          5:45
        C2      The Herb Spectacles     Café Rica               2:24
        C3      Juicebox                Switchblade             1:33
        C4      44 Shakedown            Safronia B.             2:12
        C5      Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers : Bullmoose   2:54
        C6      Boss Capone             Pussy Corner            3:12
        C7      The Phantom Four        The Green Room          2:18
        D1      The Mieters             Feestje                 2:46
        D2      The Kik : Zeg Dat Je Van Me Houdt               2:04
        D3      Drip Dry Man & The Beat Revolver : Posh
                And Dirty                                       2:43
        D4      The Apemen : Cor Steijn Rides The Wild          2:37
        D5      The Anomalys            Won't You Listen        3:01
        D6      Sheetah Et Les Weissmüller:Elle N'aime
                Qu'elle-meme                                    2:52
        D7      Jacqueline Taieb & Abc All Stars : 7h Du Soir   3:23
        D8      Das Audio Combo         Time Lock               2:33

2CD             [same track details] + 24 p. booklet
MR      341     JONATHAN RICHMAN        NO ME QUEJO ESTRELLA            LP      04.2014
MR CD   341     JONATHAN RICHMAN        NO ME QUEJO ESTRELLA            CD      04.2014

A.      1       La Guitarra Flamenca Negra                      2:29
        2       La Fiesta Es Para Todos                         2:34
        3       You Can Have a Cell Phone That's OK but Not Me  1:40
        4       Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild              2:32
        5       No One Was Like Vermeer                         3:02
        6       When We Refuse to Suffer, Pt. 1                 2:16
        7       When We Refuse to Suffer, Pt. 2                 4:00
        8       Here It Is                                      4:30
B.      9       Old World                                       3:22
        10      My Baby Love Love Loves Me                      3:11
        11      Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love              2:53
        12      My Love for Her Ain't Sad                       1:30
        13      Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow    2:27
        14      I Took a Chance on Her                          2:50
        15      Maybe a Walk Home From Natick High School       1:17
        16      Con el Merengue                                 2:02
MR      342     'O' LEVEL               PSEUDO PUNK                     LP      04.2014

        A1      East Sheen
        A2      Pseudo Punk
        A3      'O' Levels
        A4      We Love Malcolm
        A5      Leave Me
        A6      Everybody's on Revolver Tonight
        B1      Stairway to Boredom
        B2      Many Unhappy Returns
        B3      I Love to Clean My Polaris Missile
        B4      Don't Play God With My Life
        B5      East Sheen Revisited

        A1      (There's a) Cloud Over Liverpool
        A2      Sometimes Good Guys Don't Follow Trends
        A3      The Odd Man Out
        A4      I Apologise
        A5      I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape
        A6      We're Not Sorry
        B1      Storybook Beginnings
        B2      Dressing Up for the Cameras
        B3      The Sun Never Sets
        B4      He's a Professional
        B5      The John Peel March
        B6      (There's a) Cloud Over Liverpool (Composite Mix)

        A1      Intro / Sweet And Sour (Part 2)
        A2      City Boys (Dresden Style)
        A3      Pets' Corner
        A4      Shubunkin
        A5      Sahara
        A6      Full Moon-Blam-Full Moon
        A7      Instronaut
        A8      Televisions
        A9      Wireless
        A10     Gramofonica
        B1      Camouflage Attack
        B2      Harvist
        B3      Johnny Seven
        B4      Sweet And Sour (Parts 2, 3 & 4)
        B5      Sheep Police/Septipede
        B6      Improv Number One
        B7      Platinum Blind
        B8      God Save The Queen
        B9      Ratbag And Goblin ("Batman" Theme)
        B10     Vertical Slumber (Prototype Take 1)
        B11     Below Number One
        B12     Organism

CD      Overground      108 VP          2006     UK
MR      345     BEN VAUGHN              TEXAS ROAD TRIP                 LP      06.2014
MR CD   345     BEN VAUGHN              TEXAS ROAD TRIP                 CD      06.2014

A.      1       Boomerang
        2       Miss Me When I'm Gone
        3       I'll Stand Alone
        4       Fire in the Hole
        5       Texas Rain
B.      6       Sleepless Nights
        7       She Fell Out the Window
        8       Heavy Machinery
        9       Seven Days Without Love
        10      Six by Six
MR      346
MR      347     V / A : LA CINDAD SECRETA-THE EXPERIMENTAL SOUNDS       3LP     07.2014
                OF BARCELONA 1971-1991

LP 1    A1      Bueyes Madereros        Núvol De Fum
        A2      Eix De Baf              Live In Trocadero
        A3      Perucho's               Tumor
        A4      Eduardo Polonio : Me Voy A Tomar El Orient Express
        B1      Suck Electrenic         Ciencia Ficció
        B2      Macromassa              Primeras Impresiones
        B3      La Propiedad Es Un Robo : Cunit Directe

LP 2    C1      Neuronium               Catalepsia
        C2      Jaume Cuadreny          Au, Vest'en A Dormir
        C3      Klamm                   Working Italia
        C4      Los Psicópatas Del Norte : Suicidio
        D1      Adictonia               La Maquina Trans-Memoriam
        D2      Tropopausa              Amílcar Abarca
        D3      Xeerox                  Evasion Du Future
        D4      Albert Giménez          Raga De Barcelona
        D5      Tendre Tembles          Kalahari

LP 3    E1      Koniec:Ensayo De Costumbres En Los Últimos Tiempos (80's)
        E2      Error Genético          A
        E3      Dial                    Impop
        E4      Entr'Acte : No Es Deixi Vestir Per Una Maquina
        E5      El Grito Acusador       La Chacha Robótica
        E6      Melodinamika Sensor     Rngie
        E7      Tres                    Panodrama
        F1      Rsp                     Agonía Bereber
        F2      32 Guájar's Fáragüit    Transuretra Express
        F3      Camino Al Desvan : La Escarcha / Ensenanzas Oblicuas
        F4      Avant-Dernieres Pensées : Masturbación
        F5      Naif                    La Sombra De Un Sombrero
        F6      Moisés, Moisés          Anita Miasma Se Pasa Al Bondage
                (Note : triple LP + 12 p., booklet)
MR      348     DESTROY ALL MOSNTERS    HOT BOX 1974-1994               3LP.2CD 11.2014
MR CD   348     DESTROY ALL MOSNTERS    HOT BOX 1974-1994               2CD     11.2014

LP 1            Early Warning
        A1      Intro (Fragment)
        A2      That's My Ideal
        A3      Children of the Night
        A4      From Edgar Cayce Foundation
        A5      Confession (Fragment)
        A6      I Love You But You're Dead
        A7      I Want to Live
        B1      Magic Bag (Fragment)
        B2      You Can't Kill Kill
        B3      TH Queen
        B4      Take Me With You
        B5      Unplugged in San Diego (Fragment)
        B6      Iron Man (Rehearsal Fragment)
        B7      Paranoid of Blondes

LP 2            Studio - Singles
        C1      Bored
        C2      You're Gonna Die
        C3      November 22 1963
        C4      Meet the Creeper
        C5      What Do I Get?
        D1      Nobody Knows
        D2      Going to Lou's
        D3      Boots
        D4      Jesus is a Shotgun
        D5      Anyone Can (Fuck Her)

LP 3            Live
        E1      Enough is Enough
        E2      I Just Wanna Be Sleepy
        E3      Bored
        E4      Party Girl
        E5      Fast City
        F1      Go Away
        F2      Sweet Dreams
        F3      Little Boyfriend
        F4      Right Stuff
        F5      Ground Zero

LP 1    A1      Banging And Shouting
        A2      Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart
        A3      Work, Rest, Play Reggae
        A4      Set We Free
        A5      Optimism/Reject
        A6      Buy Me Sell Me
        A7      The Little Dippers
        A8      Trendy
        B1      Backstreet Boys
        B2      Babysitter
        B3      Irrelevant Battles
        B4      Cruellest Crime
        B5      The Paranoid Ward
        B6      The Bingo Crowd (Instrumental)
        B7      Life At The Top
        B8      Ragged Generation For Real

LP 2    C1      Live Out My Stars
        C2      George
        C3      All Sewn Up
        C4      Improve Myself
        C5      Little Fishes
        C6      All The Years Of Trying
        C7      Conventions Of Life
        D1      As Ugly As You
        D2      Whin I Get Famous
        D3      All My Friends Are Dead Now
        D4      Adopted Girl
        D5      The Bingo Crowd
        D6      My Secret Life
        D7      Animal Mentality
        D8      Pop Star, Pop Star
MR      350     ESKORBUTO : LOS DEMENCIALES CHICOS ACELERADOS           2LP     03.2015

LP 1    A1      A Pesar De Todo
        A2      Los Demenciales Chicos Acelerados
        A3      La Cancion Del Miedo
        A4      Mucho Mas Facil
        A5      Las Multitudes Son Un Estorbo
        B1      Paz-Primero La Guerra
        B2      La Marcha Del Siglo XX
        B3      Jodiendolo Todo
        B4      Tragedia
        B5      Asesinar La Paz

LP 2    C1      Trabajo Sucio
        C2      Con Mujeres
        C3      Hipocritas
        C4      Ciudad Conflictiva
        C5      Mas Alla Del Cementerio
        D1      El Infierno Es Demasiado Dulce
        D2      Ratas Rabiosas
        D3      Salvelo
        D4      Enterrado Vivo
        D5      No Es Facil
MR      351     ERIZONTE                LOS CAPRICHOS DE GOYA           LP+CD   05.2015

        1       Side 1
        2       Side 2
MR      352     STEVE TREATMENT         ALL DRESSED FOR TOMORROW        LP      03.2015

                5 "A" Sided 45: Recorded 1 June 1978
        A1      Taste Your Own Medicine                         2:27
        A2      Danger Zone                                     1:50
        A3      The Hippy Posed Engrossment                     1:37
        A4      Hooked On A Trend                               1:29
        A5      Negative Nights                                 2:21
                Double "A" Side 45: Recorded 1 February 1979
        A6      Step Inside A Worn-Out Shoe                     3:21
        A7      Heaven Knows (Juvenile Wrecks)                  2:11
                Change Of Plan EP: Recorded 1 February 1979
        A8      Change Of Plan                                  2:35
        A9      Head Of A Raven                                 2:26
                Change Of Plan EP: Recorded 26 July 1979 By
                Steve Treatment And The Zodiac Fassions
        B1      Chosen To Go                                    1:46
        B2      Tempest Fashion Baby                            2:00
        B3      Cry In Alphabet Sharp                           2:17
                Phoenix Studios 18 September 1979
        B4      Carve My Name Upon Your Back                    6:57
        B5      Temperature Change (The World Is A Slag)        3:16
                Gary Hill - Revox Sessions Recorded Sept-Dec 1977
        B6      Ingrowing Toenail                               2:48
        B7      Fireball XL5                                    2:56
MR      353     THE JAPANESE GIRL       SONIC-SHAPED LIFE               LP.CD   11.2015

        A1      You Should Have Switches
        A2      The Amphetamine Beatnik
        A3      Take Your Ghosts
        A4      Nuclear Backyard
        A5      Trouble Girl
        B1      Twiggy Kasumi
        B2      I'm In Dreamland
        B3      Stop The Clock
        B4      Progress
        B5      Sadhu
MR      354     BILLY BAO               LAGOS SESSIONS                  2LP     11.2015

LP 1    A       Untitled
        B       Untitled

LP 2    C       Untitled
        D       Untitled
MR      355     GENARATION X            LIVE AT SHEFFIELD, DEC. 1978    LP      04.2016

        01.     READY STEADY GO
        02.     FROM THE HEART
        03.     THE ENGLISH DREAM
        04.     PARADISE WEST ONE
        05.     NO NO NO
        06.     LOVE LIKE FIRE
        07.     KING ROCKER
        08.     KISS ME DEADLY
        09.     PROMISES PROMISES
        10.     DAY BY DAY
        11.     100 PUNKS - KLEENEX - 100 PUNKS
        12.     YOUR GENERATION
        13.     SHAKIN' ALL OVER
MR      356     LEE ROBINSON MACHINE    FAMILY ALBUM                    LP      11.2015

        A1      Spoonfuck                                       5:14
        A2      I'll Be Your Lover                              3:38
        A3      Sparkbrook                                      3:26
        A4      Leaving Song                                    2:13
        A5      Juan 2 Bad                                      4:11
        B1      Summer Love                                     2:33
        B2      It Hurts Me Too                                 3:04
        B3      Flower                                          2:38
        B4      Back Down                                       3:33
        B5      Good Night                                      1:31
        B6      Raider                                          5:03
MR      357     DESECHABLES             LA MAQUETA                      LP      11.2015

        A1      No Me Consigues Divertir
        A2      En Un Rincón De Tu Cabeza
        A3      El Caso Del Hombre Serio Y Formal
        A4      El Asesino
        A5      Golpe Tras Golpe
        B1      Maldito Seas
        B2      El Vampiro
        B3      Fin Del Mundo
        B4      Quiero Pasarlo Bien Esta Noche
        B5      El Peor Dios
MR      358     DESECHABLES             GOLPE TRAS GOLPE                LP      01.2016

        01.     GOLPE TRAS GOLPE
        02.     EL ASESINO
        03.     SURFING BIRD
        06.     EN EL BALCON DE MI CASA
        08.     EN UN RINCON DE TU CABEZA
        09.     EL FIN DEL MUNDO
MR      359     V / A                   ALGO SALVAJE, VOL.2             2LP     03.2016
                 Untamed 60s Beat and Garage Nuggets from Spain
MR      359     V / A                   ALGO SALVAJE, VOL.2             CD      03.2016
                 Untamed 60s Beat and Garage Nuggets from Spain

        02.     LOS SALVAJES            SOY ASI
        03.     LOS TONKS               ESCAPADA
        04.     LOS FLECHAS             DICIENDO NO
        05.     THE VAMPIRES            NEW LOVE
        06.     LOS POPS                TE ESPERABA
        07.     LOS AGUILAS REALES      LA RUINA
        08.     GRUPO 15                EL OLE
        09.     THE BRISKS              SI MAANA SERA ASI
        10.     LOS ANGELES NEGROS      ME EQUIVOQU?
        11.     RAMON-5                 AMOR PERDIDO
        12.     LOS GATOS NEGROS        CADILLAC
        13.     LOS CRICH               I CAN'T STAND IT
        14.     LOS INDONESIOS          I CAN TELL
        02.     LOS RELAMPAGOS          EL BAILE DEL BUFON
        04.     LOS SOADORES            SIN SABER POR QU?
        05.     LOS IBEROS              LIAR, LIAR
        06.     LOS SIMUNS              YOU DON'T LOVE ME
        07.     LOS ZINKOS              NO TE PUEDO AMAR
        08.     SMASH                   WELL, YOU KNOW
        09.     DON Y SU BRADA CLUB     ACCION
        10.     BRUNO LOMAS             VENDRAS CONMIGO
        11.     LOS Z-66                CARRERA DEL DIABLO
        12.     LOS GRITOS              VEO VISIONES
        13.     CIRROS                  LACK A DAY
        14.     JUAN & JUNIOR           NOTHING
MR      360     LEGENDARY TIGER MAN     NAKED BLUES                     LP      12.2015
MR CD   360     LEGENDARY TIGER MAN     NAKED BLUES                     CD      12.2015

        A1      Gonna Shoot My Woman
        A2      Naked Blues
        A3      Break My Bone
        A4      I'll Make You Mine
        A5      Sausalito 1pm
        B6      Mannish Boy
        B7      Lust
        B8      I'm Just a Man
        B9      Sometimes i Miss You
        B10     She Said
MRLP    361     LYDIA LUNCH & MARC HURTADO : MY LOVER THE KILLER        2LP     04.2016
MRCD    361     LYDIA LUNCH & MARC HURTADO : MY LOVER THE KILLER        CD      07.2016

        02.     YOU CAN'T SAVE ANYONE
        03.     I'M SORRY BUT I'M NOT
        04.     HOMEICIDE
        05.     BABY KILLER
        06.     SHELTER
        07.     GHOST TOWN
        08.     POLTERGUSH
        09.     THE SWEEPING OF A MOMENT
        10.     LUCID MADMEN
        11.     ASHES ARE WHAT'S LEFT
MRLP    362     ALAN VEGA & MARC HURTADO : SNIPER                       2LP     04.2016

        01.     INTRO
        02.     BANG BANG
        03.     IT
        04.     JUKE BONE DONE
        05.     SATURN DRIVE DUPLEX
        06.     FEAR
        07.     SNIPER
        08.     CRISS CROSS
        09.     SACRIFICE
        10.     CRAZY DRIVER
        11.     WAR
        12.     LET THE BLOOD DRIP
        13.     PRISON SACRIFICE
                (Note : double LP , 400 copies)
MRLP    363     GENERATION X            SWEET REVENGE                   LP      04.2016

        01.     DANCING WITH MYSELF
        02.     MODERN BOYS
        03.     STARS LOOK DOWN
        04.     TRIUMPH
        05.     GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS
        06.     ANNA SMILES
        07.     FLASH AS HELL
        08.     PSYCHO BEAT
        09.     CATHY COME HOME
        10.     REVENGE

Side A  1.      GHOST RIDERS
        2.      PARALYZED
        3.      LINDA
        4.      GEIGER COUNTER
        5.      I HATE CDs
Side B  1.      PAHRUMP
        2.      I RIDE A TRACTOR
        3.      KISS AND RUN
        4.      THE MAGIC IN YOUR EYES
        5.      BATHROOM BLUES

Side C  1.      RELAXATION
        2.      RADAR
        3.      DYNAMITE
        4.      FLY ME TO THE MOON
Side D  1.      SPACE ODDITY
        2.      SHADOW OF A TIGER
        3.      CREDIT CARD BLUES
        4.      STEALTH COWBOY
MRLP    365     BO STREET RUNNERS       EXILE ON BO STREET              LP      11.2017

        01.     LOVE TO YOU
        02.     LONELY AVENUE
        04.     SHAME, SHAME, SHAME
        06.     TELL ME
        08.     AND I DO JUST WHAT I WANT
        09.     BABY NEVER SAY GOODBYE
        10.     GET OUT OF MY WAY
        11.     DRIVE MY CAR
        12.     SO VERY WOMAN
        16.     LOVE

The Bo Street Runners hit rhythm & blues from every possible angle - from tough,
earthy blues to smooth, sleek soul. Some first rate musicians passed through their
ranks during their three-year lifespan, some going on to bigger ventures, and while
none of their records broke into the charts they attracted an enthusiastic following
wherever they played. 50 years after their break-up, their brilliant 1964-1966
recordings, collected here on vinyl for the first time, are still generating heat
and moving feet.

MRLP    367     ETANT DONNES            RE-UP                           2LP     10.2016
MRCD    367     ETANT DONNES            RE-UP                           CD      12.2016

A reissue of the 1999 album by French duo Etant Donnes, one of the leading acts of
Europe's industrial/experimental scene since the late '70s. Packaged in new artwork
and available on vinyl for the first time, this buzzing, crackling soundtrack for
sensual explorers features vocals by Alan Vega, Lydia Lunch and Genesis P-Orridge,
plus collaborations by Mark Cunningham and Bachir Attar, leader of The Masters
Musicians Of Jajouka. This version includes one bonus remix by Marc Hurtado.

MRLP    369     V / A : INVENCIONES: LA OTRA VANGUARDIA MUSICAL...      2LP     08.2017
MRCD    369     V / A : INVENCIONES: LA OTRA VANGUARDIA MUSICAL...      2CD     08.2017

                LA MADRE SELVA
        06.     QUILLEIHUE - MALALCHE
        06.     GRAN SABANA - MIGUEL NOYA

A comprehensive compilation, the first of its kind, of the avant-garde and experimental
music scene of Latin America from 1976 to the late 1980s.
MRLP    370     JOWE HEAD               CABINET OF CURIOSITY            2LP     04.2017

LP 1    01.     CAKE SHOP GIRL
        02.     SWISSAIR
        03.     CUTICLES
        04.     SHY TOWN
        05.     PAPER MACHE
        06.     EVIL ISLAND HOME
        07.     VENUS BIGFOOT
        08.     BELLY OF THE BEAST
        09.     TINY MONSTERS
        10.     IMP OF THE PERVERSE
        11.     DONT ROCK THE BOAT

        03.     OPHELIA
        04.     CHAMELEON
        05.     LOUISE BOURGEOIS
        07.     ARACHNE & ATHENA
        08.     HANNAH HOCH
        09.     FELT AND FAT
MRLP    371     MATTIN                  SONGBOOK #6                     LP      05.2017

        01      Die Form, Die Sich Selbst Formt                 06:00
        02      Jenseits Der Willkommenskultur                  06:00
        03      Die Kloake Der Gesellschaft                     06:00
        04      Einbahnstraße Des Selbst                        06:00
        05      Wie Können Wir Wirklich Wir Werden?             06:00
        06      Laut-Denken (Wir Sind Schon Wir)                06:00
MRLP    372     ALEX CHILTON : TAKE ME HOME AND MAKE ME LIKE IT         LP      05.2017

        01.     TAKE ME HOME (ALT VERSION)
        03.     ALL OF THE TIME (ALT VERSION)
        04.     IM SO TIRED (FULL VERSION)
        05.     FREE AGAIN (ALT VERSION)
        06.     JESUS CHRIST (TAKE 1)
        07.     JESUS CHRIST (TAKE 2)
        10.     TAKE ME HOME (REHEARSAL)
        11.     FREE AGAIN (REHEARSAL)

In 1975 Alex Chilton went into the Ardent Recording Studios with producer Jon Tiven
and out of some tumultuous recording sessions came a number of loose and unpolished
gems which would ultimately become the "Singer Not The Song" EP and "Bachs Bottom"
album. "Take Me Home And Make Me Like It" is a raw document of one of the pivotal
moments in Alex Chiltons career. It features previously unreleased rehearsals and
alternate takes that tell the story of a troubled recording process that nevertheless
produced intensely unique music. Notes by Alex Chilton and Jon Tiven. Pressed on
180g vinyl.
MRLP    373     LOS PANKY'S             THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS         LP      09.2017

        01.     LA APRETADA
        02.     LA IMPONENTE
        03.     SE LLAMA HANKY PANKY
        04.     ES SOLO AMOR
        05.     BATIJUGANDO
        06.     CHICHAROS DULCES
        07.     NO PUEDE SER
        08.     HANKY PANKY
        10.     TE ENSENARE
        11.     A LAS 5 PM
        12.     TE DESEO AMOR
        13.     LA DEL MONO COLORADO
        14.     BRASILIA
        15.     GUANTANAMERA

The complete recordings of Los Pankys, originally released in 1966. During their
short-lived career, Mexico Citys Los Pankys produced an outstanding collection of
rock & roll and beat music which made them pioneers of the "Hanky Panky" sound and
one of Mexicos favourite bands. After decades of obscurity, their amazing legacy is
now finally available on vinyl again. Released in collaboration with Burger Records.
MRLP    374     MARC JONSON             12 IN A ROOM                    LP+CD   08.2018

        01.     EARN THAT LOVE
        02.     WHEN A HEART BREAKS DOWN
        03.     DESPERATE
        04.     COLD WEATHER
        05.     WHEN I FALL
        06.     NUMBERS
        07.     LOVE RADIATES AROUND
        08.     THRU THE VOID
        09.     LARRY STEIN
        10.     REAL TRUE LOVER
        11.     KING OF LOVE
        12.     LITTLE CRICKET

How does one create three minutes of music that somehow tweaks the soul and seems
mysteriously in sync with the most private dreams and longings? On "12 In A Room",
Marc Jonson offers an able demonstration of how its done." Kristine McKenna Self
recorded and produced, Marc Jonsons second album came out in 1992, two decades after
his debut, the psych folk/baroque pop masterpiece "Years" (also reissued on Munster).
"12 In A Room" was another brilliant display of his gift for beautiful pop music, now
available on vinyl for the first time. Presented in updated artwork and pressed on
180g Vinyl. Includes CD.
MRLP    375     V / A : THE SKY IS FALLING (BEST OF FARFISA)            LP      11.2017

        01.     THE INDIVIDUALS         SHES GONE AWAY (VOCAL)
        02.     THE INDIVIDUALS         I DONT PLAY (VERSION 1)
        03.     THE INDIVIDUALS         IT MAY BE
        04.     THE INDIVIDUALS         THE SKY IS FALLING
        06.     THE INDIVIDUALS         MONKEY ON MY BACK
        07.     THE INDIVIDUALS         MY BABYS BAD
        08.     THE TOKAYS              WHERE YOUNG LOVERS GO

Obscure 1965-1968 recordings, most of them previously unreleased, by The Individuals,
The Tokays and Euphorian Railway, bands which featured Andy Cahan aka Johnny Farfisa
as main songwriter and organ player. Over those three years, Cahan and his teenage
bandmates produced a remarkable set of R&B/garage/blue-eyed soul tracks of outstanding
quality, collected here for the first time.


Reissue of this 1999 collaboration between Etant Donnes (Eric & Marc Hurtado) and
Michael Gira (Swans), featuring Mark Cunningham (Mars) and Saba Komossa (Delkom). The
album is based upon the text "Offenbarung Und Untergang" ("Revelation and Demise"),
written by the Austrian expressionist poet Georg Trakl in 1914. The Hurtado brothers
create a fittingly eerie, somber and desolate soundscape as backdrop to Giras reading
and singing (in German) of Trakls equally somber poetic text.
MRLP    377     V / A                   INTERFERENCIAS, VOL.1           2LP     02.2018
MRCD    377     V / A                   INTERFERENCIAS, VOL.1           CD      02.2018

        03.     SENTIR TU CUERPO        ULTIMA EMOCION
        04.     S.I.                    WAQ
        05.     AMOR ACUATICO           JUSTINE
        06.     BURDEL                  SEPTIMO SELLO
        07.     BENELUX                 LINEAS AEREAS
        08.     EL INVASOR              MD
        09.     INSTANTANEA             LAVABOS ITURRIAGA
        10.     RADIO                   VOCODER

LP 2    01.     DATOS                   METAL Y CA
        04.     DIGITAL                 KALASHNIKOV
        05.     VIAJES                  TOMATES ELECTRICOS
        06.     NEUE STRASSEN           METROPAKT
        07.     SUCURSAL                EL HUMANO MECANO
        09.     SOY EL VACIO            LOS INICIADOS

Volume 1 of Munsters in-depth survey of synth music created in Spain during the 1980s.
From chart-friendly techno pop to obscure experimental acts.
MRLP    378     V / A                   INTERFERENCIAS, VOL.2           2LP     05.2018
MRCD    378     V / A                   INTERFERENCIAS, VOL.2           CD      05.2018

        02.     LA FUGA - DIAGONAL
        03.     OXIDO - TV SOVI?TICA
        07.     CAMINO A VENUS - JAN
        09.     DE PICNIC - DE PICNIC

        02.     KOPEK - DEMIAN
        05.     MS 20 - BETTY TROUPE
        06.     TELEVISION - MANIA
        07.     ADIS - MINUIT POLONIA
        08.     ESTO NO ES BROMA - HEROICA
        10.     PROGRAMA-1 - PROGRAMA

Volume 2 of Munster's in-depth survey of synth music created in Spain during the 1980s.
From chart-friendly techno pop to obscure experimental acts, these 20 tracks reflect
a fast-moving decade and music scene.
MR      379     MARC JONSON             YEARS                           LP+7"   04.2018

LP      01.     RAINY DUES
        02.     MARY
        03.     MOTHER JANE
        04.     FLY
        05.     A LONG SONG
        06.     AUTOPSY
        07.     RETURN TO THE RELIEF
        08.     MUNICH
        09.     THE TREDMILL

        02.     RAINY DUES (SINGLE MIX)
        03.     MOTHER JANE (SINGLE MIX)
        04.     FLY (SINGLE MIX)

Reissued on vinyl for the first time, Marc Jonsons debut, "Years", is a psych folk
/baroque pop masterpiece originally released on Vanguard Records in 1972. Just 20
years old at the time, Jonson wrote and produced a gloriously ambitious record
influenced by milestone albums such as "Astral Weeks" and "Forever Changes", rich
in beautiful melodies and poetic lyricism. Four and a half decades after its original
release, "Years" sounds today as relevant and captivating as ever, a stunning gem
waiting for rediscovery. Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180g vinyl.
Includes 7" with four extra tracks. A 2018 Record Store Day release.
MRLP    380     VOOLVA                  THE STARS ARE OURS              LP      11.2018
MRLP    380     VOOLVA                  THE STARS ARE OURS              DL      11.2018

        01.     CASINO
        02.     THE STARS ARE OURS
        03.     HORMONES
        05.     ALIENS LIKE ME
        06.     SUCH A DRAG
        07.     ABSURDIA PARTS 1 & 2
        08.     WHEN WE GET THERE
        09.     WRONG WORLD

"The Stars Are Ours" is the debut album of Spanish band VOOLVA, featuring the first
ever rock opera in outer space. It follows the adventures of a beautiful and
harebrained couple on their unplanned quest to unwittingly save the cosmos.
The varied styles render a tiled patchwork that defies categorization, where
echoes of pop, rock, punk, reggae, funk and electronica can be heard among a wide
array of influences, from Frank Zappa to The Kinks and nods to Hiroshi Sato,
Jean-Jacques Perrey, King Crimson and Oskar Sala. Download includes 101-page script.
MRLP    381     KIKI D'AKI              BREVE ENCUENTO                  2LP+CD  11.2018

        01.     TAZAS DE TE
        02.     AYER Y HOY
        03.     EL PINTOR
        04.     TIEMPO DE AMAR
        05.     UN PASEO EN BICICLETA
        06.     QUE TU M'ENTERRES
        07.     CUL DE SAC
        08.     SOLEIL
        09.     PASOS EN FALSO
        10.     COMO EN UN ESPEJO
        11.     DIS A TON CAPITAINE

This Kiki d'Aki album, first in ten years, is a brief, intimate and intense encounter
with the repertoire of Vainica Doble, Bernardo Bonezzi, Frmula V, Carlos Berlanga,
Franoise Hardy, France Gall and Charlie Mysterio. Fleeting songs and characters, like
glances on a train platform, which arrived to stay. These eleven close and captivating
performances form the return of one of the most personal voices of Spanish pop music,
absent for too long. Includes CD.
MRLP    382     THE LEGENDARY TIGER MAN : MISFIT                        LP      05.2018

        01.     MOTORCYCLE BOY
        02.     FIX OF ROCK & ROLL
        04.     RED SUN
        05.     SLEEPING ALONE
        06.     BLACK HOLE
        07.     HOLY MUSE
        09.     CHILD OF LUST
        10.     ABOUT ALICE
        11.     TO ALL MY (FEW) BROTHERS

The Tigerman is all about roots, the essence of things, always keeping it real, gritty
and true. From 2001 to 2006 he recorded three records that established him as one of
Europe's best kept secrets, playing festivals from Japan to Brazil. In 2009 he released
"Femina", a record about women with special guests like Asia Argento, Peaches, Lisa
Kekaula, Becky Lee, Phoebe Killdeer, Cibelle, Maria de Medeiros... A year later the
record was platinum in Portugal and one of the records of the year for newspapers and
magazines such as Les Inrockuptibles, Rock & Folk, Telerama, El Pas, among many others.
Sold-out shows, festivals, praise from the press. The secret was out. In 2014, "True"
sees the daylight though the light is much darker, much more complex. It's rock & roll
but with orchestras and brass and drums with truth on every corner, shape or sound
coming off from this outstanding record. In the words of Lindsay Hutton, "True
comprises the type of music that really has been known to save souls." Touring
extensively across Europe, Brazil, Mexico or China, The Legendary Tigerman took on
the rock & roll ride full on, no more a one-man-band, now touring as an amazingly
powerful trio with drums and baritone sax. The story of The Legendary Tigerman's
awaited sixth album, "Misfit", starts with a road movie, "How To Become Nothing",
a three-head project by Paulo Furtado, Rita Lino and Pedro Maia. In May 2016, the trio
landed in LAX to film a psychedelic adventure in the form of a road movie between Los
Angeles and Death Valley, about the philosophically disturbed journey of a man
searching to become nothing. During two weeks of travelling, Paulo "Tigerman" Furtado
spent his days writing the diaries of this imaginary man, acting, while at night, in
motel rooms across the California deserts, armed with a Gibson SG, he started writing
the songs of "Misfit". The album was recorded at Rancho de La Luna, Dave Catching's
legendary studio in Joshua Tree, in the heart of the Mojave Desert, and co-produced
and mixed in Paris by Johnny Hostile (The Savages, John & Jehn) at Pop Noire Studios.
MRLP    383     MYSTERIO                MYSTERIO                        2LP+CD  11.2018

        01.     LO BELLO Y LO TRISTE
        02.     FUERA DE MIS SENTIDOS
        03.     PABELLON DE LA LLUVIA
        04.     DIME HERMANO GATO
        06.     I PULSAR
        07.     WILLIAM BLOOD
        08.     TARDE CARMESI
        10.     NO VOLVER A VAGAR
        11.     SWWEET KITSCH
        12.     TUKIYOE
        13.     EL CONFORT DEL EXTRANO

Charlie Mysterios new album opens a new musical door for him compared to Los Caramelos,
his main project over the years. This time he delivers an eponymous album bursting
with anthem-like eternal melodies, songs that would reach the top of the pop charts
in an ideal imagined world. He's a singer-songwriter with a fuzz pedal and a Roland
TR-606 as travel companions on this journey, which could be another one tomorrow and
will probably change again on the stage. Includes CD.
MRLP    384     LOS JETS                LECCION DE TWIST                2LP+CD  12.2018

        02.     LECCION DE TWIST
        03.     BIENVENIDO AMOR
        04.     YO TE QUERRE
        05.     LIMBO ROCK
        06.     COCODRILO
        07.     EL TWIST DEL TREN
        08.     ALLA EN EL RANCHO GRANDE
        09.     LA PALOMA
        10.     LANA
        11.     NINITO
        12.     MULTIPLICACION
        13.     JUANA LUISA VALDEZ
        14.     TE CONSEGUIRE
        15.     SHURIPEP
        16.     LAS MANANITAS
        17.     SENTIRS AMOR
        18.     EL TORCIDO

        02.     LECCION DE TWIST
        03.     BIENVENIDO AMOR
        04.     YO TE QUERRE
        05.     LIMBO ROCK
        06.     COCODRILO
        07.     EL TWIST DEL TREN
        08.     ALLA EN EL RANCHO GRANDE
        09.     LA PALOMA
        10.     LANA
        11.     NINITO
        12.     MULTIPLICACION
        13.     JUANA LUISA VALDEZ
        14.     TE CONSEGUIRE
        15.     SHURIPEP
        16.     LAS MANANITAS
        17.     SENTIRS AMOR
        18.     EL TORCIDO
        19.     TOTAL
        20.     EL PUENTE PEXOA
        21.     OKEY MUCHACHOS
        22.     SW QUE TU NO PUEDES
        23.     EL CAMINO DE LA DICHA
        24.     RITMO BONITO
        25.     CARITA DE ANGEL
        26.     QUIERO TENER TU MANO
        28.     ROMPAN TODO (LIVE)
        29.     SWEET GEORGIA BROWN (LIVE)
        30.     SIGUE BUSCANDO (LIVE)
        31.     NINITO (LIVE)
        32.     UN MUNDO SIN AMOR (LIVE)
        33.     WHATD I SAY (LIVE)

Formed in 1961, Los Jets are one of the essential bands in the emergence of rock & roll
music in Argentina. They were the first group (and possibly the only one) to include
two drummers, they sang and did three-part choruses before The Beatles appeared on
the scene, and were also pioneers in fusion as they recorded Argentine and Latin
American folk songs with a rock beat. This compilation gathers tracks from their
two LPs, singles and their only surviving live recording, registered in January 1966.
Includes CD with 15 bonus tracks.
MRLP    385     THE GEARS               ROCKIN' AT GROUND ZERO          LP      10.2018

        01.     BABY RUNAROUND
        02.     LETS GO TO THE BEACH
        03.     DONT BE AFRAID TO POGO
        04.     ELKS LODGE BLUES
        05.     TEENAGE BRAIN
        06.     WASTING TIME
        07.     DARLIN BABY
        08.     TRUDIE TRUDIE
        09.     HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS
        10.     THE LAST CHORD
        11.     HEARTBEAT BABY
        12.     ROCKIN AT GROUND ZERO
        13.     I SMOKE DOPE
        14.     KEEP MOVIN
        15.     LAST CHANCE

Classic 1980 album by Los Angeles punk heroes The Gears represents some of the eras
best music. "Rockin At Ground Zero" is a raucous document of this underappreciated,
still active band, influenced equally by the Sex Pistols and the old school rock & roll
they grew up with. Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180g vinyl.
MRLP    386     MATTIN                  SONBOOK NO.7                    LP      11.2018

        01.     JANUARY
        02.     FEBRUARY
        03.     MARCH
        04.     APRIL
        05.     MAY
        06.     JUNE
        07.     JULY

New volume of Mattins "Songbook" series, one of the most interesting works in the
current experimental, improv and noise field. Layers of avant-garde tradition
culminate into a set of songs that go beyond themselves. In times of increasing
desperation here emerges a strange record: a disintegrated manifesto exploring the
truth of disagreement. Featuring Cathleen Schuster, Moor Mother, Farahnaz Hatam,
Colin Hacklander, Marcel Dickhage and Lucio Capece.
MRLP    387     GERONIMO BLACK          FREAK OUT PHANTASIA             2LP+CD  04.2019

        02.     OOH POO PAH DOO
        04.     HER LOVE BRINGS A GLOW
        05.     LET US LIVE
        06.     UNEASY
        07.     SHE SHOWED ME
        08.     LOVE SMILES

        02.     OOH POO PAH DOO
        04.     HER LOVE BRINGS A GLOW
        05.     LET US LIVE
        06.     UNEASY
        07.     SHE SHOWED ME
        08.     LOVE SMILES
        09.     GB SOUND CITY JAM
        10.     IF ITS NOT ONE THING
        11.     SIESTA

Unreleased late 1960s live and studio sessions by Geronimo Black, a Los Angeles band
which featured members of Frank Zappas Mothers of Invention (Jimmy Carl Black, Bunk
Gardner, Ray Collins and Denny Walley) and main songwriter Andy Cahan, part of
Dr Johns band at the time. Recorded a few years before their self-titled debut from
1972, these tracks form a loose exercise in spontaneity and sheer art which has been
lost in the mists of time until now. Includes CD with 4 bonus tracks.
MRLP    388     THE BELAIRS             MR. MOTO                        2LP+CD  01.2019

DISC #2 01.     MR MOTO
        02.     LITTLE BROWN JUG
        03.     KAMIKAZE
        04.     VAMPIRE
        05.     SQUIRT
        06.     CHIFLADO
        07.     DUCK WADDLE
        08.     SQUAD CAR
        09.     THE SHIMMY
        10.     RAMPAGE
        12.     RUNAWAY
        13.     VOLCANIC ACTION

DISC #2 01.     MR MOTO
        02.     LITTLE BROWN JUG
        03.     KAMIKAZE
        04.     VAMPIRE
        05.     SQUIRT
        06.     CHIFLADO
        07.     DUCK WADDLE
        08.     SQUAD CAR
        09.     THE SHIMMY
        10.     RAMPAGE
        12.     RUNAWAY
        13.     VOLCANIC ACTION
        15.     THE CRAWLER
        16.     STUNG
        17.     PETER GUNN
        18.     IT WAS I
        19.     MR MOTO (HOME RECORDING)
        23.     OLD SMOKEY
        25.     FLIP TOP BOX
        26.     THE WAYWARD WIND

Although their official output at the time was very limited, The Belairs were one
of the key bands in the birth of surf music and in their short life span (1960-1963)
they spawned an influential musical legacy, paved the way for many other surf bands
and their members later on went to play with other famous outfits such as The
Standells, Eddie & The Showmen and The Challengers. This LP gathers their 1961
hit Mr Moto plus other studio and home recordings by these true pioneers of the
California myth. Includes CD with 12 bonus tracks.
MRLP    389     PAU RIBA                DIOPTRIA                        2LP     04.2019

DISC #1 01.     KITHOU
        02.     ROSA DABRIL (LAMOR SHI POSA)
        03.     NOIA DE PORCELLANA
        04.     ARS EROTICA (NON EST MIHI)
        05.     JA SHA MORT LA BESAVIA
        06.     HELENA, DESENGANYAT
        07.     MARETA BUFONA
        08.     VOSTE (TU, TU MATEIXA)

DISC #2 01.     CANCO 7, EN COLORS
        02.     LHOME ESTATIC
        04.     SIMFONIA N§ 2 (DUNS DUS, DUNS HOMES)
        05.     SIMFONIA N§ 3 (DUN TEMPS, DUNS BOTONS)
        06.     TAXISTA

Special 50th anniversary reissue of Pau Ribas first album in its intended double LP
format in gatefold sleeve with 12-page booklet featuring lyrics in Catalan and Spanish.
Released as two separate records in 1969 and 1970, Riba was just 20-21 years old when
he created this expansive and outstanding work of psychedelic folk-rock accompanied
by the band Om and members of Musica Dispersa. The beginning of the unique career of
this essential figure of Catalan music and counterculture. Presented in facsimile
artwork and pressed on 180g vinyl.

        05.     THOUGH I MAY BE DREAMING
        06.     GOING HOME
        07.     ALL MY LIFE
        08.     LISA
        09.     BARN OWL BLUES
        10.     KIND SIR

        02.     WHEN I AWOKE
        03.     GET TOGETHER
        04.     JOY IN THE FINDING
        05.     TITLE THEME
        06.     BLUEBOTTLE STRIPE
        07.     FISHING
        08.     LOVE THEME
        09.     HONESTY
        10.     WINDFALL WOOD

        02.     MIRABELLA
        04.     DUM AND DEE
        05.     GET TOGETHER
        06.     JOY IN THE FINDING
        07.     TAKE ME THERE
        08.     DAWN
        10.     YOU NEED FRIENDS
        11.     A TALE OF YOUR LIFE
        12.     ONE SWEET DAY
        13.     LONELY ROAD
        14.     IN THE MORNING
        15.     TAKE A WALK
        16.     ONCE IN A WINTER TOWN
        17.     TIME TO RUN
        18.     SOMEONE LIKE YOU

From 1968 to 1974, producers, composers, singers and multi-instrumentalists Peter
Howell and John Ferdinando created a total of five albums under different project
names, including "Ithaca" and "Agincourt", which came out as very limited pressings.
Incredibly rare and highly sought-after for years, the records contained a magical
world brimming with folk music, soft psychedelia, psych-pop and progressive overtones.
Munster presents a selection of tracks from those wonderful albums in this 21-track
double LP accompanied by a 19-track CD of totally distinct material.
MRLP    391
MRLP    392     JONATHAN RICHMAN        SA                              LP      05.2019

        01.     SA
        03.     THE FADING OF AN OLD WORLD
        06.     O MIND! JUST DANCE!
        08.     ALEGRE SOY!
        09.     YES, TAKE ME HOME
        12.     SA

"SA" is the new brilliant chapter in Jonathan Richmans life in music. This raga
inspired album contains all Jonathan is renowned for: wonderfully engaging songs
full of warmth, love, honesty, poetry and his one-of-a-kind artistry. Co-produced
by Jonathan Richman, Jerry Harrison (The Modern Lovers, Talking Heads) and Nicole
MRLP    393     TOMCATS                 A TU VERA                       LP      05.2019

 LP +   01.     A TU VERA
        02.     MACARENAS
        04.     PENA, PENITA, PENA
        06.     YESTERDAY
        07.     GET OFF OF MY CLOUD
        08.     SATISFACTION
        09.     RUNNING AT SHADOWS
        10.     IT AINT RIGHT
        11.     FOR YOUR LOVE
        12.     ROAD RUNNER

LP 2    01.     PAINT IT BLACK
        02.     MONDAY, MONDAY
        03.     SOMEBODY HELP ME
        04.     DONT ASK FOR ME
        05.     TWO MINDS IN TUNE
        10.     DONT LET IT GO
        11.     COCAINE

English band Tomcats (who would later become July) spent most of 1965-1966 in Spain,
where they played the clubs and released a string of thrilling EPs of feral R&B,
collected here along with 1964 demos by The Second Thoughts, their early incarnation.
Apart from great versions of then-recent hits by English and American artists, this
double LP includes several original compositions and two covers of Spanish songs made
popular by the legendary Lola Flores, which The Tomcats turned into wild, fuzzed-out
MRLP    394     DECIMA VICTIMA          EN EL GARAJE                    LP      10.2019

        03.     RADICAL (NOCTAMBULO)
        06.     UNA VEZ MAS
        07.     LA FRONTERA PERDIDA
        08.     EL EXODO (ES SOLO EL COMIENZO)
        09.     BAJO UN CIELO ABIERTO
        11.     UN HOMBRE SOLO
        12.     PAISAJE RURAL

Decima Vctima were a Spanish band that, during their short-lived career between 1981
and 1984, developed a very personal sound reminiscent of Joy Division, The Cure and
other British post-punk bands. Although commercial success evaded them, rarely has
any Spanish band achieved such a high degree of quality and coherence in their music
and personality. This LP contains previously unreleased tracks recorded by Dcima
Vctima in November 1983, one month before their last concert. Seven of these songs
feature different lyrics to the ones later recorded for the "Un hombre solo" album.
This is the way they performed them that night on the Rock-Ola stage, so this record
can be considered, to some extent, an approximation to their last show and to their
owerful live sound.
MRLP    395     LOS SHAINS              EL RITMO DE LOS SHAIN'S         LP      08.2019

        01.     BULE BULE
        02.     SHAINS A GO GO
        03.     FEVER
        04.     AGENTE SECRETO
        05.     HOY
        06.     EL BANO DEL PAJARO
        07.     HANG ON SLOOPY
        08.     EL SABOR DE LA MIEL
        09.     VAMOS
        10.     CIUDAD DE ROMPIENTES
        11.     EL MONSTRUO
        12.     MISIRLOU
        14.     ELLA NO ESTA ALLI

Los Shains represent wild sounds and uncompromising garage rock. Their repertoire is
full of primitive screams, dirty fast guitars, tight drums and Farfisa organ licks,
an arsenal that made them one of the leading bands of the Peruvian 60s rock scene.
"El Ritmo de Los Shains" was their 1965 debut album and contained an array of
sensational covers and a couple of original songs, all performed with the thrilling
energy that would make the band such a great influence all over Latin America.
Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180g vinyl.


MRLP    398     TRAFIC SOUND            TRAFFIC SOUND                   LP      10.2019

The second Traffic Sound album, released in 1970 after their Latin rock masterpiece
"Virgin", deserves to be considered one of the greatest recordings of its time, even
internationally, as essential as the most hailed works of Cream, Caravan or Led
Zeppelin that served as a bridge for rock music between the 60s and 70s. The band
incorporates complex arrangements and long song structures with which they approach
psychedelic and prog music. However, the immediacy of songs like Yesterdays Game,
with a fierce and contagious guitar riff, or Chicama Way, a terrific anthem, clear
any possible doubt about the sound principles of the band: hypnotic, groovy ROCK, in
capital letters! The bands music was featured in season 3 of NARCOS. Presented in
facsimile tri-fold sleeve and pressed on 180g vinyl.
MT      001     CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS     EXPRIMELO DEMOS                 CS        .1989

        A1      Tienes Razón
        A2      La Visita
        A3      Sigue El Ritmo Que Golpea Tu Cabeza
        A4      Quiero Morir (I Wanna Die)
        A5      Las Cosas Van Mal
        A6      Huye De Ellos (Remix)
        A7      No Lo Vi Venir
        A8      Chinese Rocks
        B1      Vacaciones En Siberia
        B3      A Punta De Navaja
        B4      Terror En Jacksonville
        B5      Que Quieres De Mi
        B6      Exprímelo
        B7      Zapatos De Piel
        B8      Noche (Gritos En La...)
VSCJ    001     YO SOY JULIO CESAR      NADA ES VERDAD                  LP        .1990

        A1      El tiempo
        A2      Qué estás esperando
        A3      La tela de la arana
        A4      Nada es verdad
        A5      Me dicen sádico
        A6      Alcohol de quemar
        A7      Hey, mírame
        B1      Los coches pasan
        B2      La fosa de las Marianas
        B3      Veneno
        B4      Las tribus (No existen)
        B5      Voy a darte una noticia
        B6      Por qué, por qué
        B7      Olvídate
MRDVD   001     THE BEASTS OF BOURBON : LOW LIFE IN SPAIN               DVD       .2007

        1       The Low Road
        2       Chase The Dragon
        3       Make´em Cry
        4       Bad Revisited
        5       Driver Man
        6       Just Right
        7       Straight,Hard,And Long
        8       Ride On
        9       Drop Out
        10      Saturated
        11      Is That Love
        12      Hard For You
        13      Black Milk
        14      Fun Key(Fingerlickin´)
        15      Let´s Get Funkey
        +       Discography
        +       Trailers
        +       Pictures
        +       7 hidden videotracks
MRDVD   002     DEMOLITION DOLL RODS    LET YOURSELF GO (LIVE)          DVD     12.2012
MRDVD   003     THE BLACK LIPS          WILDMEN IN ACTION               DVD       .2007

        1       Born to Be a Man
        2       O Katrina!
        3       Boomerang
        4       Sea of Blasphemy
        5       Buried Alive
        6       Stranger
        7       Time of the Scab
        8       Dirty Hands
        9       Not a Problem
        10      M.I.A
        11      Hott Pistil
        12      Gung Ho
        13      Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah
        14      Take Me Home (Back to Boone)
        15      Ain't Coming Back
        16      Make It
        17      Juvenile
        18      Freak Out
MRDVD   004     THE DRONES              LIVE IN MADRID                  DVD       .2007

        1       Dog Eared
        2       Sitting on the Edge of the Bed Crying
        3       Shark Fin Blues
        4       I'm Here Now
        5       This Time
        6       Six Ways to Sunday
        7       The Miller's Daughter
        8       I Don't Ever Want to Change
        9       The Downbound Train
        10      From Black to Communist
                Drones Live Tote:
        1       Locust
        2       I Looked Down the Line and I Wondered
        3       Motherless Children
        1       Shark Fin Blues
        2       Jezebel
MRDVD   005     THE NOMADS : LIVE IN MADRID-LIVE AT GRUTA 77            DVD       .2007

        01      Can't Keep A Bad Man Down
        02      Don't Pull My Strings
        03      Ain't Yet Dead
        04      I'm Out Of It
        05      Bad Vibes
        06      I've Seen Better
        07      Ain't No King Of Rock `N' Roll
        08      Bangkok
        09      I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time
        10      Where The Wolf Bane Blooms
        11      Real Gone Lover
        12      Knowledge Comes With Death's Release
        13      Top Alcohol
        14      Wasn't Born To Work
        15      House Of Cards
        16      Dont's Tread On Me
        17      Call Of Your Dogs
        18      Rat Fink A Boo Boo
        19      Two Headed Dog
        20      (Bonus Material:Videoclip: King of the Night Train
                                Videoclip: Lowdown Sharfin
                                Lindsay Hutton Intro
                                Live: La Dolce Vita, Lausanne 85
                                Live: Crocodile Cafe, Seattle 94
                                Live: Garageshock, Bellingham 99
                                Live: Karen, Gothenburg 99
MRDVD   006     SUPERSUCKERS            LIVE AT HELLDORADO              DVD       .2007

        1       Here I Am
        2       Rock And Roll Records
        3       Rock Your Ass
        4       Paid
        5       Luck
        6       The Evil Powers Of Rock'N'Roll
        7       Bad Bad Bad
        8       Supersuckers Drive By Blues
        9       Road Worn And Weary
        10      Mudhead
        11      Coattail Rider
        12      Gone Gambling
        13      Dirt Roads , Dead Ends,And Dust
        14      Fisticuffs
        15      Beat The Shit
        16      I Like It All, Man
        17      Creepy Jackalope Eye
        18      Bloody Mary Morning
        19      Pretty Fucked Up
        20      Goodbye
        21      I Want The Drugs
        22      Sleepy Vampire
        23      How To Maximize Your Kill Count
        24      Extras Live In Serbia 2007
        25      Discography
        26      Trailers
MRDVD   007     EL VEZ                  GOSPEL SHOW IN MADRID           DVD       .2009

        1       Where Could I Turn But To The Lord
        2       I'll Fly Away
        3       Walk A Mile In My Shoes
        4       Hurraches Azules
        5       Lily Of The Valley
        6       Introduction Of The Elvette
        7       Quetzalcoatal
        8       Lily Of The Valley Segue
        9       Devil With The Blue Dress On
        10      Sympathy Of The Devil Bush
        11      Immigration Time
        12      Lily Of The Valley Segue
        13      La Lupe Intro
        14      Lordy Miss Lupe
        15      Lily Of The Valley Segue
        16      Rubbernecking
        17      Hava Nagila / Miserlou
        18      Lily Of The Valley Segue
        19      Orale
        20      Lust For Christ
        21      Arm Of Obregon
        22      I Just Wanna See His Face
        23      Intro Of The Memphis Mariachis
        24      How Great Thou Art
        25      J. C Low Rider Superstar
        26      Ask The Angels
        27      Saved
        28      Sai It A Loud (Videoclip)
        29      Go iZapatistas Goi (Videoclip)
        30      The Gospel Show In Toronto (Videoclip)
        31      Intro Elvez (Videoclip)
        32      Discography
        33      Trailers
MRDVD   008     MUDHONEY                LIVE AT EL SOL                  DVD       .2008

        1       You Got It
        2       Suck You Dry
        3       It Is Us
        4       Where Is the Future
        5       Inside Job
        6       No One Has
        7       Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More
        8       Touch Me I'm Sick
        9       Where the Flavor Is
        10      I Have to Laugh
        11      Mudride
        12      Into the Drink
        13      Get Into Yours
        14      Hard-on for War
        15      In 'n' out of Grace
        16      Hate the Police
        17      The Money Will Roll Right In
        18      Next Time
        19      New Meaning
        20      Fix Me
        21      Tales of Terror
MRDVD   009     THE ZEROS               LIVE IN MADRID                  DVD       .2009

        1       Pipeline
        2       Don't Push Me Around
        3       Jenny Says
        4       Baby's Gotta Have Her Way
        5       Cosmetic Couple
        6       Yo No Quiero
        7       Black 'N' White
        8       Handgrenade Heart
        9       She's Just A Girl On The Block
        10      Beat Your Heart Out
        11      Little Latin Lupe Lu
        12      Lay Off She's Mine
        13      Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
        14      Sneakin' Out
        15      Wimp
        16      Wild Weekend
        17      Chatter Box
        18      Knockin' Me Dead
        19      Boys
                -TV show 1977
                -Super 8mm footage 1977
                -Comeback show 1992
                -Interview with Phast Phreddie
MRDVD   010     THE MOONEY SUZUKI       LIVE IN MADRID                  DVD       .2009
001     MAX     MAX GAMUZA : LOS BUENOS MOMENTOS ESTAN AQUI             CD      09.2012

        1       Moni
        2       Conquistando La vida
        3       Balas perdidas
        4       City Blues
        5       Árboles
        6       Nancy
        7       La luna
        8       La cita
        9       Las tardes de abril
        10      She
        11      Cumpleanos
        12      Fuera de Lugar
        13      ?Por qué te vas?
        14      El blues de mi ciudad