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MSR     23      WALLIS BIRD             WOMAN                           CD      11.2019
MSR     24      WALLIS BIRD             WOMAN                           LP      11.2019

        1       As The River Flows
        2       Grace
        3       Life Is Long
        4       Love Respect Peace
        5       Woman Oh Woman!
        6       Salve!
        7       Brutal Honesty
        8       Time It Is Not Waiting
        9       I Know What I'm Offering
        10      That's What Life Is For
        11      Repeal

With the world having undergone so many societal and political disruptions since her
last outing in 2016, Irish musician Wallis Bird addresses the state of the world in
her timely sixth album Woman. Combining her songwriterly approach with a wider embrace
for different genres, you wouldn’t bet against a third Choice Music Prize nomination
in her career.