Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : techno / house /

Telephone Explosion new imprint.

MT      001     LARAAJI & LYGHTE        CELESTIAL REALMS                LP      03.2019

Dusted off from the heady days of 1986, here is a reissue of a New Age cassette by
the legend Laraaji, collaborating here with Lyghte (aka Jonathan Goldman). Heavy but
luscious long slabs of ambience, with bells, zither and guitar emerging and folding
into the synthesised soup. Celestial Realms is reissued by Morning Trip.
MT      002     BRENT SNYDER            CUMULUS                         LP      07.2019

Side A  1       Excursion                                       27:19
Side B: 1       Cumulus                                         27:27

Brent Snyder made Cumulus in his Toronto apartment in 1985 inspired by Robert Fripp
and Brian Eno. He passed the tape of two billowing guitar based ambient pieces around
friends and colleagues at the time but that was the extent of its availability. This
is the first ever vinyl pressing of the record -its relaxing tones are perfect for
todays stressed out anxiety-ridden population.