Distr.  : UK -
Style   : prog.rock /

BT      5002    PUSSY                   PUSSY PLAYS                     LP        .1969
BT      5002    PUSSY                   PUSSY PLAYS                     LP      02.2013
BT      5002 C  PUSSY                   PUSSY PLAYS                     LP      06.2019
                (Note : 2019 repress on CREAM VINYL)

(Note : British prog.rock rarity , orig.copy from 1969 fetching around $2000!)
MBT     011 CD  CHIMERA                 HOLY GRAIL                      CD      12.2017

"Legendary 'lost' masterpiece featuring members of Pink Floyd on CD with bonus tracks.
Chimera or Chimaera's 1969 album remastered from original master tapes with eleven
additional previously unreleased bonus tracks. Features Pink Floyd's Nick Mason
- part producer and drums on The Grail, Rick Wright - keys on Lady with Bullets...
and Fleetwood Mac's Bob Weston on guitar."
MBT     013 CD  THE FIVE DAY WEEK STRAW PEOPLE : S/T                    CD      05.2018

The Five Day Week Straw People were a one-off, studio-only British psychedelic band
that did one rare album in late 1967 (actually released in 1968) for the budget Saga
label. Its ten songs were loosely centered around the concept of a typical weekend in
the life of typical working British people.
MBT     017 CD  RED DIRT                RED DIRT II                     CD      03.2018
MBT     018 CD  DRY ICE                 DRY ICE                         CD      10.2018

Previously unreleased album from lost British psych band Dry Ice. The 1969 sessions
that resulted in the 'Running to the Convent' single (both sides included here)
finally released! Includes Ian McDonald of King Crimson on flute.
BT      5019    ANGEL PAVEMENT          SOCIALISING WITH...             LP+7"   04.2019

"180 gram 12" vinyl plus bonus 7" single, featuring extensive sleevenotes. Active
for roughly four years at the end of the sixties, Angel Pavement released just two
singles in their lifetime -- 'Baby You've Gotta Stay' b/w 'Green Mello Hill' in
October 1969, followed by 'Tell Me What I've Got To Do' b/w 'When Will I See June
Again' in January 1970. Despite numerous high-quality recordings being made at
Morgan Studios in Willesden, north-west London, the group failed to obtain a release
for their intended album, Socialising With Angel Pavement. Here we reconstruct that
LP -- initially slated to appear in August 1970 -- for the first time."