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MRR     001 LP  JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD    EVEN IN EXILE                   LP      08.2020
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
MRR     001 LPX JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD    EVEN IN EXILE                   LP      08.2020
                (Note : indies only blue vinyl)
MRR     001 CD  JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD    EVEN IN EXILE                   CD      08.2020

        1       Recuerda
        2       The Boy From The Plantation
        3       There’ll Come A War
        4       Seeking The Room With The Three Windows
        5       Thirty Thousand Milk Bottles
        6       Under The Mimosa Tree
        7       Form the Hands Of Violeta
        8       Without Knowing The End (Joan’s Song)
        9       La Partida
        10      The Last Song
        11      Santiago Sunrise

14 years after his debut solo effort The Great Western, Manic Street Preachers
frontman James Dean Bradfield makes a typically understated and gorgeous return.
Inspired loosely by the life of Chilean poet, singer and activist Victor Jara and
with lyrics from his Manics bandmate Nicky Wire’s brother Patrick Jones, Even In
Exile features some of the most beautiful music that JDB has ever composed.