Dister. : UK - Norman
Style   : electronic /

MH      007 LP  ERIC HILTON             INFINITE EVERYWHERE             LP      09.2020

        1       Infinite Everywhere
        2       More Beautiful Things
        3       Leaving the Hive
        4       The Source
        5       Expert Dreaming 
        6       Tomorrow’s Shadow
        7       Continuum
        8       This Strange Daze
        9       Embrace the Storm
        10      The Grand Beauty

Having spent a quarter of a century alongside bandmate Rob Garza in electronic
music duo Thievery Corporation, Eric Hilton strikes out on his own for the first
time on Infinite Everywhere. While not terribly different from his work in his parent
band, it’s nevertheless a relaxing, sharply-defined listening experience.
MH      008 LP  ERIC HILTON             THE IMPOSSIBLE SIMENCE          LP      01.2021

You may not know Eric Hilton by name but if I said that he was the co-founder of
Thievery Corporation then I could see some of your ears begin to prick. 'The Impossible
Silence' is the moment he makes that soundtrack album for films that only exist in his
own mind type thing taking the blueprint of 60's and '70s work and putting his own
slant on things.