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MM      01      THE COSMIC DEAD         ECCIE BAM YAS, E?               LP      05.2017

        1.      Smash The Sash
        2.      Yaldi Intention
        3.      Fleein? Fae The Polis
        4.      Buckfast Aye?
        5.      Cousin Frae The Drum
        6.      Lynx Africa
                (Note : LP , 800 copies on black vinyl)

Limited to 800 on Black Vinyl. Formed in 2010, The Cosmic Dead are a quartet from
Glasgow, Scotland.
MM      02      HAIRBAND                HAIRBAND                        LP      11.2018

        1       Bee
        2       Bubble Sword
        3       Flying
        4       Sassy Moon
        5       White Teeth
                (Note : LP , 260 copies)

Very good Scottish shop Monorail put their money where their mouth is by releasing
the debut LP from this Glasgow collective. Hairband (good that isn't it?) contain
members of Spinning Coin and Breakfast Muff and play the sort of joyful, elastic
music that you can imagine coming out of Glasgow particularly when you throw in
influences such as Orange Juice, Television and Life Without Buildings.