MONO-TONE RECORDS                       FRANCE

Distr.  : FR -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue / r&r / power pop /

MT      015     JUSTIN LOVE             ROCKOLA                         LP      04.2015
MT      016     JUSTIN TROUBLE          JUSTIN TROUBLE                  LP      01.2016

Seventeen tracks, 17 hit singles! A perfect mix of New York Dolls' punkiness, psych pop
ballads, Alex Chilton's twisted rock 'n' roll, Big Star's power pop, and The Byrds'
jangle on this 1982 ultra-cult classic reissued on vinyl for the first time! A perfect
soundtrack for urban romances.
MT      018     KAOS KARMA              RITUAL DANCE                    LP      01.2016

Like Junior Kimbrough played by Alan Vega or Suicide on a slide guitar, this one-man
project from Cannes (on the French Riviera) mixes guitar drones, weird synths, hypnotic
drum machines, and narcotic vocals for a new kind of blues -- 21st-century blues.
MTLP    019     DAVID PEEL & DEATH      KING OF PUNK                    LP      06.2016

        01.     THE DEVIL'S PRAYER
        02.     KING OF PUNK
        03.     UPTIGHT MANHATTAN
        04.     MARIJUANA
        05.     MURDER BURGERS
        06.     PUNK ROCK
        07.     IN THE BEGINNING
        08.     THE MASTER RACE
        09.     WHO KILLED BRIAN JONES
        10.     HE'S CALLED A COP
        11.     A MOTHER MOTHER F.

Ultra-cult LP from 1978 by Lower East Side provocateur David Peel, the missing link
between tribal-folk-skronk (Fugs, Godz, etc), 70's street rock, and nihilist-squat
punk! Featuring irresistible choruses over walls of fuzz!
MONO    1       TREE                    TWO                             LP      03.2016

Long-awaited second album from these psychedelic/retro-hard rockers from Israel
influenced by the US west-coast sounds of the '60s as well as the members' own Middle
Eastern roots. Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl in gatefold cover.
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