MONO-TONE RECORDS                       Nice
*****************                       FRANCE


Start   : 2006
Owner   : Didier Balducci
Distr.  : FR - Beast /
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue / r&r / power pop / indie / pop rock / garage rock /

MT      001     MEMPHIS ELECTRONIC      KINDA SEXY                      7"        .2006

        A1      Kinda Sexy
        A2      You're Not Perfect (But You're Perfect For Me)
        B1      Miss You
        B2      Another Girl, Another Planet
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 200 numb. copies)
MT      002     THE LOVE MACHINE        B-SIDE                          7"      02.2007

        A1      B-SIde
        A2      Looking For Love
        B1      Come With Me
        B2      Spaced Out
MT      003     NON!                    BLAH BLAH BLAH                  7"        .2009

        A1      La Grande Partouze
        A2      Blah, Blah, Blah
        B1      Jamais
        B2      Non, Non, Non !
MT      004     NON!                    JE SUIS UNE FILLE               7"      01.2010

        A       Je Suis Une Fille
        B1      Non!
        B2      Dans Mon Lit
MT      005     NON!                    STONED                          7"        .2010

        A1      Stoned
        B1      Non ? Non !
        B2      Salle de Bain
MT      006     NON!                    NON!                            LP        .2010

        A1      Je Suis Une Fille
        A2      Tu M'Ennuies
        A3      J'écoute Du Bubblegum
        A4      Stoned
        A5      Canapé
        A6      C'est Ça La Pop Musique ?!
        B1      Jamais
        B2      Trop Tard
        B3      Partout
        B4      Qu'est-ce Que Ça Peut Faire ?!
        B5      Paradis Artificiels
        B6      Comme Ça
        B7      Quatre Accords (Et Une Mélodie)
MT      007     DIE IDIOTS              ONE WAY TRIP TO NOWHERE         LP        .2012

        A1      You're Nothing New
        A2      A Pox On You
        A3      Shake Your Body
        A4      Wanted Man
        A5      Bad Trip
        B1      Electricity
        B2      I Don't Need Anything
        B3      One Way Ticket
        B4      Miss You
        B5      Feed My Brain
        B6      Come On!

LP      Beast           BR 018          2012    FR
MT      008     NON!                    EXTASIE                         12"       .2012

        A1      Extasie
        A2      Oh oui, oh oui, oh oui !
        B1      Disco
        B2      Une belle petite chatte
MT      009     DUM DUM BOYS            FLESH! TRASH! HEAT!             LP        .2011

        A1      Feelin' Motown
        A2      I Remember
        A3      Drifting Again
        A4      Don't Waste Your Time
        A5      The Last High (Before Going Down Slow)
        A6      My Heart Is A Motel
        B1      Jukebox Jesus
        B2      I Feel Like Givin'in
        B3      Speedin' (Come Down)
        B4      Five Fingers And A Brain
        B5      How I Wish I Could Be (Young Again)

CD      Le Son Du Maquis LM 54220       2011    FR
MT      010     NON!                    ENCORE MOIS...                  LP        .2012

        A1      Plus Rien
        A2      Si Tu Savais
        A3      Extasie
        A4      Je M'en Fous
        A5      Rien De Nouveau
        A6      Tout Est Fini
        B1      Pas la Peine
        B2      Sous Les Draps
        B3      Le Disco
        B4      C'est Ça L'amour ?!
        B5      Non, Non, Non, Non, Non !
        B6      La Mécanique De L'amour
MT      011     THE BRATCHMAN : TOO MUCH TO FORGER...SO LITTLE TO       LP        .2012

        A1      Make You Come Back To Me
        A2      Got A Solution
        A3      One Last Tear
        A4      Devil's Got Me First
        A5      I Feel Like A Ghost
        A6      It Could Be The Start Of Something
        B1      Mesmerized
        B2      River Of Fire
        B3      Your Love Is Like A Rodeo
        B4      Crack Crack I'm Coming Back
        B5      Walking Down The Lonely Street
        B6      You Should Have Told Me
MT      012     DUM DUM BOYS            ALIVE IN THE ECHO CHAMBER       LP        .2013

        A1      The Fuzz
        A2      Your Body And Your Soul
        A3      A Girl Like You
        A4      Dreamworld
        A5      The Hillbilly Junky
        A6      What No Drugs Can Do
        B1      The Endless Boogie
        B2      Bang Bang
        B3      If I Needed Someone
        B4      Freedom Day
        B5      You Just Don't Understand
MT      013     NON!                    DE/COMPOSE                      LP        .2013

        A1      A Quoi Bon
        A2      L.S.D.
        A3      Millionaire
        A4      La Drogue
        B1      Plutôt Mourir
        B2      Non, Non, Non !
        B3      Mais Qu'est Ce Que Tu Veux Que Ca Me Foute
        B4      Une Semaine Chargée
        B5      Trop De Musique
MT      014     XYZ                     XYZ                             LP        .2014

        A1      Where Do You Come From?
        A2      Bubblegum
        A3      Drum Machine
        A4      Would You Do It?
        A5      Hangin' From A Tree
        B1      Welcome Back (To Regular Time)
        B2      Hold On (To Your Dream)
        B3      Everybody Wants To Be Poor
        B4      Don't Call Me
        B5      I'm One
MT      015     JUSTIN LOVE             ROCKOLA                         LP      04.2015

        A1      No Question                                     4:00
        A2      Six Gun                                         3:15
        A3      Grey Cloud                                      3:35
        A4      New Doors                                       3:50
        A5      Gold Mine                                       3:00
        A6      In A Dream                                      2:45
        B1      Scoot                                           3:08
        B2      Frustration                                     2:30
        B3      Why                                             2:55
        B4      That's For Sure                                 2:33
        B5      Midnight                                        1:50
        B6      New Musik                                       4:42
        B7      Top Of The World                                4:13

LP      Lovin'          JLR 001         1984    US
MT      016     JUSTIN TROUBLE          JUSTIN TROUBLE                  LP      01.2016

        A1      Looking For A World                             3:10
        A2      Missile                                         2:41
        A3      Rosy Sweaters                                   2:04
        A4      Let's Get Together                              2:19
        A5      Rockin' Susie                                   1:53
        A6      Let's Get It On                                 1:58
        A7      Gimme A Kiss                                    2:04
        A8      You've Got Me Running                           2:50
        A9      I Wanna Tell You Something                      3:22
        B1      Wake Up In The Morning                          2:27
        B2      Hangin' Around                                  3:40
        B3      Sadness - Stay Away                             2:40
        B4      I Don't Know Why                                2:07
        B5      Watch Her Hop!                                  2:34
        B6      Broken Heart                                    2:26
        B7      Where's The Love                                3:38
        B8      Pressure Pot                                    4:46

LP      Casino          JT 001          1982    US
LP      Music Action    MAP 9001        1983/4  FR

Seventeen tracks, 17 hit singles! A perfect mix of New York Dolls' punkiness, psych pop
ballads, Alex Chilton's twisted rock 'n' roll, Big Star's power pop, and The Byrds'
jangle on this 1982 ultra-cult classic reissued on vinyl for the first time! A perfect
soundtrack for urban romances.
MT      017     JUSTIN TROUBLE          PONYTAIL                        7"        .2015

        A       Ponytail                                        2:02
        B       No Love                                         2:28

7"      Casino          CA 002          1981    US
MT      018     KAOS KARMA              RITUAL DANCE                    LP      01.2016

        A1      Hooker                                          3:15
        A2      White Trash                                     3:59
        A3      The Walk                                        4:48
        A4      Indian Summer                                   2:52
        A5      Slow Death                                      3:00
        B1      Mary                                            3:00
        B2      Ritual Dance                                    2:54
        B3      Drone                                           2:47
        B4      My Name                                         3:41
        B5      Ghost                                           3:42

Like Junior Kimbrough played by Alan Vega or Suicide on a slide guitar, this one-man
project from Cannes (on the French Riviera) mixes guitar drones, weird synths, hypnotic
drum machines, and narcotic vocals for a new kind of blues -- 21st-century blues.
MTLP    019     DAVID PEEL & DEATH      KING OF PUNK                    LP      06.2016

A.      01.     THE DEVIL'S PRAYER
        02.     KING OF PUNK
        03.     UPTIGHT MANHATTAN
        04.     MARIJUANA
        05.     MURDER BURGERS
        06.     PUNK ROCK
B.      07.     IN THE BEGINNING
        08.     THE MASTER RACE
        09.     WHO KILLED BRIAN JONES
        10.     HE'S CALLED A COP
        11.     A MOTHER MOTHER F.

Ultra-cult LP from 1978 by Lower East Side provocateur David Peel, the missing link
between tribal-folk-skronk (Fugs, Godz, etc), 70's street rock, and nihilist-squat
punk! Featuring irresistible choruses over walls of fuzz!

LP      Orange          ORA 700         1978    US
LP      HoZac           HZR 172         2015    US
MT      020
MT      021
MTLP    22      DUM DUM BOYS            ELECTRIFIED!                    LP      12.2016

        01.     YOU'RE BAD FOR MY HEALTH
        02.     GIMME GIMME SOME
        03.     WE'LL LIVE FOREVER
        04.     ITS OVER
        05.     THEME DE YO YO
        06.     I DONT WANN
        07.     BYE BYE BABY
        08.     IT GOTTA MOVE ME
        09.     NOTHING EVER HAPPENS
        10.     BLASE
MT      23      LES RALLIZES DENUDES    LIVE TACHIKAWA 77               2LP     12.2016

SIDE 1: 1.      Enter The Mirror
        2.      Night Of The Assassins
SIDE 2: 1.      Flames Of Ice
        2.      A Memory Is Far

SIDE 3: 1.      Strong Out Deeper Than The Night
        2.      The Night Collectors
SIDE 4: 1.      The Last One
MT      24      CHARLES DOUGLAS         THE BURDENS OF GENIUS           LP      11.2017

This album was originally released in 1998, now it's available on vinyl for the
first time.
MT      25      NICK PRIZU              NICK PRIZU                      LP      11.2017

Some 25 years after these recording were made, at last the world can hear Nick Prizu
and his band in all its blazing glory and rock'n'roll savagery! It's the perfect music
for an old John Waters movie, the immaculate soundtrack of a flaming life! These tapes
were recorded in a single, wild, loose and drunken session. Like illegitimate sons of
the Panther Burns and the Del Monas, sounding like the infamous Blousons Noirs produced
by a drugged Alex Chilton in his 'Like Flies...'-era, these guys had one foot planted
in the (late) '50s and the other in the (early) '60s, but certainly none in the '90s!
MTLP    26      XYZ                     ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING            LP      02.2018
MTCD    26      XYZ                     ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING            CD      03.2018

        01.     DON'T TREAD ON ME 2MN23S
        02.     NOWHERE TO GO 2MN23S
        03.     LET ME TRY LOVE 3MN25S
        04.     ROCK ON 3MN22S
        05.     ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR, 2MN29S
        06.     NEAR FUTURE 4MN06S
        07.     PERMISSION SLIP 2MN38S
        08.     MOTIVATE ME 2MN04S
        09.     (I HATE) MEMORY LANE 2MN48S
        11.     IT AIN'T FAIR 2MN50S
        12.     LET ME BE FREE 2MN35S

XYZ = a Trans-Atlantic American/French project feat. Ian Svenonius (of Make-Up, Chain
& the Gang, Escape-ism, et al) on vocals + Memphis Electronic (of the groups NON!,
Dum Dum Boys, die Idiots, et al) on instruments. 12 dancefloor rockers & sexy glam
numbers with fuzz guitars, drum machines & analog synths on this irresistible plastic
platter! XYZ? A new solution to an old problem.
MT      27      THE KLITZ : ROCKING THE MEMPHIS UNDERGROUND 1978-1980   LP      03.2018

        01.     COULDNT BE BOTHERED 1MN30S
        02.     COCAINE 2MN37S
        03.     HARD UP 1MN26S
        04.     DELTA STRUT 1MN31S
        05.     TWO CHORDS 1MN37S
        06.     MAMBO LULLABY 1MN21S
        07.     WILD THING 3MN16S
        08.     BROWN SUGAR 2MN30S
        09.     AS TEARS GO BY 2MN15S
        10.     TV SET 3MN15S
        11.     SHAKE ME ON DOWN 1MN32S
        12.     HANKY PANKY 1MN10S
        13.     FUNTIME 2MN23S
        14.     96 TEARS 1MN47S
        15.     I HAD IT 2MN45S
        16.     HOOK OR CROOK 2MN32S
        17.     YOU GOTTA MOVE 2MN15S
        18.     TWIST & SHOUT 1MN03S

All girl band from Memphis who happened to be Alex Chilton's protégés; primal, loose
rock'n'roll a la Chilton/Dickinson/Tav Falco in a wild and primitive no wave/DIY punk
style. Whether you like Charlie Feathers or Kleenex, The Cramps or Lydia Lunch, you
will adore the Klitz' the unadulterated sound of the Memphis underground! One side
studio, one side live, both sides frantic, chaotic and electrifying!
MT      28

        01.     PULL GIRL 3MN12S
        02.     DREAM BABY DREAM 3MN06S
        03.     BIG BLACK CLOUD 3MN37S
        04.     ARE YOU A BOY OR ARE YOU A GIRL ? 2MN33S
        05.     RUFF TUFF CREAM PUFF 2MN25S
        06.     FEMME FATALE 5MN04S
        07.     SADDER 3MN19S
        08.     LOU REED'S HAIR 4MN06S
        09.     HOME SWEET HOME 4MN12S
        10.     LOUIE LOUIE 4MN27S
        11.     FACE IN THE CROWD 3MN32S
        12.     BABY ELEPHANT 1MN09S

Avant-garde or traditional pop auteur? Theres no one quite like ACC in the pop
firmament and the sooner the world wakes up to that fact, the better. You could do
worse than start with this career-long compilation, from her 1984 debut to recent
stuff, mixing idiosyncratic covers and minimalist, left-field, ultra catchy pop.
The songs feature guest stars Alan Vega (Suicide), Dean Wareham (Luna/Galaxie 500)
and Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3/Spectrum) along the way. Theres nowhere near enough
accordion in rock n roll as Im sure you'll agree when you get a load of these hair
raising harmonics! Liner notes by Lindsay Hutton.
MTLP    30      DUM DUM BOYS : PLAY ALL YOUR FAVORITE SONGS             LP      05.2019

        01.     ROCK ON                                         2:24
        02.     FACE ON THE FACTORY FLOOR                       2:48
        03.     DIRTY DIRTY                                     2:24
        04.     HAVANA MOON                                     2:51
        05.     CASANOVA                                        2:30
        06.     THERE WAS A TIME                                3:08
        07.     IN MY DREAM                                     2:40
        08.     CAN YOU FEEL IT                                 2:03
        09.     LOST JOHNNY                                     3:16
        10.     WELL WELL WELL                                  3:50
        11.     JUST CANT GET ENOUGH/CIRCUIT BREAKER            7:38

MONO    1       TREE                    TWO                             LP      03.2016

Long-awaited second album from these psychedelic/retro-hard rockers from Israel
influenced by the US west-coast sounds of the '60s as well as the members' own Middle
Eastern roots. Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl in gatefold cover.
[Some notes taken from :