MONKEY DOG                              GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue / jazz / soul / blues / r&r / gospel /

MDBJ    001     O.V.WRIGHT              IT IS ONLY FOR TONIGHT          CD      03.2018

Monkey Dog present a reissue of O.V. Wright's If It Is Only For Tonight, originally
released in 1965. On this superb album, O.V. Wright combines his gospel background
with influences from soul, blues, rock n' roll, pop, and even beat. The result is a
truly unique album, featuring haunting vocals, spooky Farfisa organs, and an overall
erotic approach.
MDBJ    002     TOGASHI MASAHIKO QUARTET : WE NOW CREATE                CD      03.2018
                [Music For Strings, Winds And Percussions]

Monkey Dog present a reissue of Japanese free jazz group Togashi Masahiko Quartet's
stunning We Now Create: Music For Strings, Winds And Percussions, originally released
in 1969.
MDBJ    003     HAROLD McNAIR WITH ORNETTE COLEMAN'S SIDEMEN            CD      03.2018
                : AFFECTIONATE FINK

Monkey Dog present a reissue of Affectionate Fink from Harold McNair With Ornette
Coleman's Sidemen, originally released in 1965.
MDBJ    004     PERRY & THE HARMONICS : INTRIGUE WITH SOUL              LP      10.2018
MDBJ    004     PERRY & THE HARMONICS : INTRIGUE WITH SOUL              CD      10.2018

Reissue of 1965 funky instro-soul album from Chicago that originally came out on
Mercury. It deals with new interpretations of James Bond themes and own Bond inspired
compositions. Featuring studio musicians Clarence Perry (tenor), Richard McCrea
(organ) and Ed Townsend (piano).

        01.     BOOM-JACKIE-BOOM-CHICK
        02.     I SHOULD CARE
        03.     VILLAGE BLUES
        04.     IF I SHOULD LOSE YOU
        05.     POOR BUTTERFLY
        06.     BLUE P.G.
        07.     YOU ARE TOO BEAUTIFUL
        08.     TABOO

This 1964 record is a typical instrumental post bop album still not on the verge of
progressive and free jazz filled to the max with memorable yet steaming compositions.
MDBJ    006     FONTELLA BASS           THE 'NEW' LOOK                  CD      10.2018

Reissue of 1966 R&B album by Fontella Bass originally released on Checker. Among
others it contains her biggest hit 'Rescue Me'. This album also charted on the pop
albums chart, being listed for 8 weeks, with a highest position of #93.