MOIRAS                                  HUNGARY

Distr.  : HU -
          NE - Shin Beast/
Style   : garage rock / punk / beat / psychedelic /


Perhaps the most unusual hard rock production of all times by Hungarian artists.
Metropol was a band in Nagyvmania, which had a significant Hungarian minority
population, where this band also originated from. 'Your Song Could Reach The Sky'
is their debut LP from 1978, and remained the only one in Hungarian language.
It reached only the ethnic Hungarian minority living in Romania though.
MOIRAS  2       ERIKA JOZSA & KAROLY HORVATH : KETTOSPONT               LP      04.2006
MOIRAS  2       ERIKA JOZSA & KAROLY HORVATH : KETTOSPONT               CDR     04.2006

The legendary folk duo of Erika and Károly were the voice of a generation, pioneers
of a musical movement born in Transylvania in the early 1970s. They became the best
known and most loved folk singers, touring extensively throughout Romania and Hungary.
Erika and Károly formed their duo in 1970. 'Kettospont' was their first LP, released
in 1978. Later they formed a band, performing and recording under the name of Taltos.
Despite of the high demand, only a few thousand copies were ever pressed, due to
Communist political restrictions, making the LP an instant rarity. Under Europe's
most oppressive communist regime, the creation of this record was quite adventurous.
The end result, though, is an album that stands the test of time. It represents not
only the highest quality folk music of the once-flourishing ethnic Hungarian pop scene
in Romania, but without any doubt, also a valuable part of Hungarian folk music in
general. Limited to 330 copies!
MOIRA   3       LIVERSING : 1965-Rhythm And Blues Madhouse In Hungary   LP        .2006
MOIRAS  4       LIVERSING : 1967-Magnetic Depths And Electric Heights   LP        .2006
MOIRAS  5       KEX                     LET'S CAKE                      LP        .2007
MOIRAS  6       MINI                    FRUIT PEBBLES                   LP        .2008
MOIRAS  7       GABOR SZABO             IN BUDAPEST                     LP      12.2008
MOIRAS  7       GABOR SZABO             IN BUDAPEST                     CD      12.2008
MOIRAS  8       HUNGARIA                IT WOULD BE COOL IF IT WAS COOL LP        .2009
MOIRAS  9       SCAMPOLO                UNDER THE RAINBOW               LP      06.2009

Limited edition of 330 copies, housed in a nice gatefold sleeve! It's a twist of
fate that it took the first rock'n'roll band that reached star status in Hungary 48
years to release their first album. At the beginning of the 1960s the band was the
most popular among the few Hungarian rock'n'roll groups, their shows' atmosphere was
often quite heated. The band existed until the early '80s except for some short pauses
and with a few changes in the lineup. The first Scampolo album represents the period
between 1968 and 1970 when they left their rock'n'roll roots behind and played a
repertoire that was unique in Hungary. It consisted partly of British and American
progressive rock and soul hits, partly of their own compositions. These were collected
from studio, rehearsal and concert recordings.
MOIRAS  10      BUGOCSIGA               BUGOSCIGA                       LP      08.2010

Búgócsiga was a folk group active in Transylvania in the early '70s. The compositions
of its leader, Deak Endre united the influences of folk rock, urban folk and
renaissance music at a very high level. They made several recordings for the
Marosvasarhely radio. These recordings were aired many times even after the band's
breakup, however they remained totally unheard of beyond the radio's broadcasting
limits. Comes in gatefold sleeve including detailed liner notes on the band and a
lyric sheet, both in native language and English. Limited to 330 copies.
MOIRAS  11      WINKELMAYER BRASS       WINKELMAYER BRASS               LP      12.2011

This is the so far untold story of the first Hungarian jazz-rock band that played
originals and arrangements at an exceptional level. Jozsef Winkelmayer, their multi
instrumentalist leader formed the six piece band to fulfill his musical dreams.
They performed in Hungary for two years then abroad for another three with great
success. Unfortunately they hardly ever appeared in the media and never made a record.
Their debut album is out now, 42 years after their formation, featuring on one side
the band's jazz work and on the other side its jazz-rock work, featuring Beatles and
Chicago covers and more. Limited to 330 copies.
MOIRAS  12      METROPOL GROUP          THE BLACK BOX                   LP      11.2016

Previously unreleased material from the years 1974-1994. Metropol was a highly
regarded Hungarian prog band that was active in Romania. Limited to 275 copies.
MOIRASS 14      FUTURAMA                FUTURAMA                        7"      11.2020

        A       Bolond A Világ
        B       Nem Kell Nékem

Obscure unreleased psychedelic garage beat finally available on 7" single after 52
years. Futurama were a popular clubbing band in Budapest, Hungary, between 1963-1970.
Their only projected single was recorded by Qualiton, the local monopolist label in
1968, but it remained unreleased. Now this gap is filled!