Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   : industrial / wave / electro /

MODED   001     KIRKIS                  VIDE                            LP+DLc  04.2018

Kirkis is Melbourne native Matthew Kirkis. He may be known to you through his work
with Floating Points, with whom he has played live and also played guitar and synth
on the Reflections - Mojave Desert album. His debut album, Vide was released in
Australia last year and, although recorded in London, hasn’t seen a European release
until now. LP on Moded, limited to 800 copies.
MODE    002     KIRKIS                  2                               LP      12.2018

        1.      Victrola The Britian 
        2.      Dead Nightclub 
        3.      Adult CGI 
        4.      Freak Club 
        5.      Dark Room 
        6.      Forever 
        7.      Vicky Cant Fly 
        8.      Liverpool Clown 
        9.      Ur DNA 
        10.     Inside Your Body

Schizoid cyber-punk electronics from an Aussie mad ‘ead, Kirkis, on day release
for Moded following two releases for Eglo Records.