MISTY LANE RECORDS                      L.A. Pascucci 66
******************                      00168 Roma


Start   : 1989
Owner     Massomo Del Pozzo
Distr.  : IT - Helter Skelter
          UK -
          NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : psychedelic / garage rock / beat / progressive / folk / 60' retro
          / folk rock / r+b /

(m)     mono format

MISTY   013     THE OTHERS              YOU BETTER KNOW WHY             7" (m)    .1992

        A       You Better Know Why
        B       Girl
MISTY   015     THE OTHERS/THE HEADSTONES : BEWARE!                     7"        .1993

        A1      The Others              It's Eerie!
        A2      The Others              Fallin' Off My World
        B1      The Headstones          Stone Voice
        B2      The Headstones          Girl Out The Fashion
                (Note : 7" , black or orange vinyl)
MISTY   016     V / A                   A WEB OF MISERY                 7"        .1993

        A1      The Overcoat             7+7 is
        A2      The Lears                Comin'Home Today
        B1      The Others               What I want
        B2      The Lust-O-Rama          Running for Her Love
MISTY   017     WYLDE MAMMOTHS          YOU GOTTA GO                    7" (m)    .1994

        A1      You Gotta Go                                    3:05
        A2      Drivin'                                         2:16
        B1      Bloodhound                                      1:55
        B2      I Can't Change                                  3:13
MISTY   018     V / A : WEIRD OUT-THE SWEDISH GARAGE SCENE 1986-1992    LP+7"     .1994

LP      A1      The Livingstones        P-1800
        A2      The Livingstones        Fun in the Sun
        A3      The Livingstones        Your Body Not Your Soul
        A4      Blindhag                Yeah Yeah Yeah
        A5      Blindhag                Spread Your Legs
        A6      Mongrels                Gone & Left Me
        A7      Mongrels                Too Much
        A8      The Stomachmouths       Ugly Me
        B1      The Stomachmouths       Girl Now! [Live]
        B2      The Highspeed V         You Treat Me Bad
        B3      The Highspeed V         Start Will Start to Shine
        B4      Crimson Shadows         Gonna Make You Mine
        B5      Crimson Shadows         I want You to Leave
        B6      Four Sure               What I Got
        B7      Cliffhangers            Trouble
        B8      Cliffhangers            Get the Picture

7"      C1The Wylde Mammoths - You Gotta Go EP as bonus
MISTY   019     V / A : BEWARE! VOL.2-FOUR GARAGE COMBOS EP!            7" (m)    .1994

        A1      The Others              Poor Man's Thing        2:00
        A2      Croakers                I'm In Love With Her    2:55
        B1      Stoici                  Sun's Going Down        2:30
        B2      The Fossils             We're The Fossils       2:10
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
MISTY   020     THE OTHERS              LOST IN TIME                    LP        .1994

        A1      Don't You Know                                  3:25
        A2      Walk Out The Door                               3:06
        A3      Show Me Your Love                               2:54
        A4      Anyway                                          3:16
        A5      Make Her Mine                                   3:22
        A6      Ghost From The Moon                             2:35
        A7      Up On My Tree                                   2:13
        A8      Babe                                            2:53
        A9      Diggin' My Mind                                 2:16
        B1      Lost In Time                                    3:00
        B2      Gonna Leave You                                 3:28
        B3      Go-Go Daddy                                     1:36
        B4      T-Bone, Black                                   2:21
        B5      Luv That Gal                                    3:18
        B6      Luciana                                         2:07
        B7      It's A Nightmare                                1:55
        B8      So Alone                                        2:44
        B9      Providence                                      3:19

        A1      Our Love (Will Survive)
        A2      Kiss the Tears
        A3      Oceans From Home
        A4      Summer's Lost
        A5      Inside Tonight
        A6      The Mummy
        A7      Echoes in Time
        A8      Tomorrow Today
        B1      Beverly Pepper
        B2      1000 Years Ago
        B3      I Love the Time
        B4      When It's Dark
        B5      Suddenly Sunday
        B6      Out of Our Minds
        B7      Barely Seen You
        B8      Carnival of Souls
MISTY   022     V / A                   SURF'S UP-VOL.1                 7" (m)    .1995

        A1      Livingstones            Fun in the Sun
        A2      Phantom V               Oulet Village
        B1      The Uninvited           Mar Gaya
        B2      Royal Knightmares       The Hipster
MISTY   023     V / A                   TALES FROM THE BOOT!            LP        .1995

        A1      The Others              Going Around
        A2      Thee Hairy Fairies      You Better Think Twice!
        A3      Thee Hairy Fairies      I'm Going Too
        A4      Humpbacked Men          Latin Lover
        A5      Humpbacked Men          Maniac
        A6      The Hermits             I Need Her
        A7      The Hermits             'nonymous
        A8      The Space Cakes         She's the One
        B1      The 99th Floor          Last Nite
        B2      The 99th Floor          One Night Stand
        B3      The Uninvited           You Better Be Free
        B4      Fossils                 Don't Run Away
        B5      Fossils                 Made of Sugar, Made of Spice
        B6      Kartoons                Better Be Alone
        B7      Cave Dogs               Filthy Fucker
        B8      Cave Dogs               Batman Penance
MISTY   024     V / A : TRANSWORLD GARAGE SCENE VOL.1-EUROPE!           LP        .1995

        A1      The Thanes              I Would Love You
        A2      The Others              Love & Care
        A3      1-2-5's                 Daddy Died on Saturday
        A4      NoCounts                The Suffering Kind
        A5      Smooty Filth            Angry, Grumpy
        A6      Kartoons                Girl
        A7      The Flashback Five      You're the Victor
        B1      The Mystreated          Tyme is Passing
        B2      The Nuthins             Sick and Tired
        B3      Doctor Explosion        Vivir Sin Ti
        B4      The Frantic V           She's Cool
        B5      Perverts                I'm in Love With the Headcoat Girl
        B6      The Walking Screams     Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
        B7      Humpbacked Men          Emy
MISTY   025     V / A                   WEB OF MYSTERY                  7"        .1995

        1       The Fiends : Blinded By Love
        2       The Breadmakers : Stormville Groove
        3       : Preacher's Daughter
        4       The Others : That's All She Wrote
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
MISTY   026     THE THANES/THE OTHERS   SPLIT                           7!(m)     .1995

        A1      Goin' Around                                    2:24
        A2      Love And Care                                   3:44
        B1      That's All She Wrote                            2:06
        B2      Won't Let Her Go                                3:43
MISTY   27      THE OTHERS              GOING AROUND WITH...            7"        .1995

        A1      Love and Care
        A2      Going Around
        B1      Won't Let Her Go
        B2      That's All She Wrote
MISTY   028     THE LEARS               HER MAGIC SMILE                 7" (m)    .1995

        A       Her Magic Smile                                 3:10
        B       Don't You Know                                  2:11
MISTY   029     V / A                   SURF'S UP-VOL.2                 7" (m)    .1996

        A1      Royal Knightmares       Surf Date
        A2      The Petrifieds          Man of Mystery
        B1      The Ups                 Unbelievable Power of Surf
        B2      The Uninvited : Surfin' Franco and Trashin' Ciccio

        A1      Sullen Road By Ocean                            1:58
        A2      Surf Date                                       2:29
        B1      Ol' Woody Stomp                                 2:56
        B2      Crashin' Wave                                   2:19
MISTY   031     I COSMONAUTI            SURF'S UP!-VOL.4                7"        .1998

        A1      Hawaii Five-0
        A2      (Death of a) Matador
        B1      Sea Storm
        B2      The Cossack
MISTY   032     THE FLASHBACK FIVE      WHERE IS WALLY                  7" (m)    .1996

        A1      Where Is Wally                                  3:20
        A2      You Can Be My Baby                              2:20
        B1      It Takes a Long Time Comin'                     2:28
        B2      I Have Seen a Woman                             3:19
MISTY   033     V / A : TRANSWORLD GARAGE SCENE VOL.2                   LP (m)    .1996

        A1      The Woggles             Little Bit Louder
        A2      The Element 79          Pretty Pain
        A3      Flypped Whigs           Want, Need Love
        A4      The Overcoat            My Flash on You
        A5      The Halfbreeds          Baby Girl
        A6      Fortune & Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers : I Don't Care
        A7      The Hatebombs           Don't Push Me Away
        A8      The Purple Merkins      Merkin' Surfin'
        B1      The Nuthins             Put Down
        B2      Kartoons                No Sorry
        B3      1-2-5's                 Pushover
        B4      The Others              Love Does Its Harm
        B5      The Frantic V           Girl, Don't Play With Me
        B6      The Flashback Five      My World's Upside Down
        B7      Smooty Filth            Everybody
        B8      The Sleepwalkers        My Eyes Trouble You
MISTY   034     V / A : TEEN SCENE! VOL.1-SPAIN 4 WILD &  TUBED ONES!   7"        .1996

        A1      The Flashback Five      Midnight to Six
        A2      The Mocking Byrds       You're on My Mind
        B1      Doctor Explosion        Hey Little Girl
        B2      The Gravestones         You're Lyin'
MISTY   035     THE WALKING SCREAMS     THE SWINGING SOUNDS OF...       7"        .1997

        A1      I Won’t Cry
        A2      I Tell No Lies
        B1      Never Alone
        B2      Hey, I’m Going Away
MISTY   036     THE HYMEN OF TONGUES    VENUS IN BLUE JEANS             7" (m)    .1997

        A1      Venus In Blue Jeans                             1:50
        A2      She Can't See Me                                1:55
        B1      Live And Learn                                  2:10
        B2      Tell Me Why                                     2:37
MISTY   037     ONE-TWO-FIVE            ONE-TWO-FIVE                    LP        .1997

        A1      I'm Going Away Now
        A2      I Only Did it 'Cause I Felt So Lonely
        A3      Why Don't You
        A4      Bad Times
        A5      Dirty Old Man
        A6      Give it a Try
        A7      What in the World
        A8      I Want You, I Want Love
        B1      You're Not Around
        B2      1-2-5
        B3      (She's) Something Else
        B4      Nothing Can Hurt me
        B5      It's Cold Outside
        B6      Hard to Find
        B7      Won't You Listen
        B8      2120 South Michigan Avenue
MISTY   038     THE OTHERS              SO FAR OUT!                     10"       .1996

        1       Won't Be Home
        2       Cry
        3       Tell Your Friends
        4       You'll Be Gone
        5       Couldn't Care Less
        6       Don't Say She's Gone
        7       Comes and Goes
        8       Lying All the Time
MISTY   039     THE THANES              UNDIGNIFIED NOBLEMEN            LP (m)    .1997

        A1      The Winner
        A2      Thrown Away the Key
        A3      Keep on Trying
        A4      Uphill Slide
        A5      When I Meet Her
        A6      I'll Keep My Pride
        B1      What It's All For
        B2      Lucy Leave
        B3      Static
        B4      Baby I Ask You Why
        B5      Shipwreck
        B6      It's My Pride
MISTY   040     THE 99TH FLOOR          ELECTRIC RAGOO                  LP        .1996

        A1      Flyte                                           2:11
        A2      Tell Me You Love Me                             2:34
        A3      She's Foolin' Me                                2:22
        A4      When The Morning...                             2:31
        A5      Fallen Angel                                    2:09
        A6      The Monkey On Yer Thee                          2:50
        A7      You                                             1:54
        A8      She Don't Got The Right                         2:48
        B1      TV Games                                        2:57
        B2      Albert Common Is Dead                           2:38
        B3      Tale #99                                        2:33
        B4      Run Away Girl                                   2:45
        B5      I Couldn't Care Less                            2:23
        B6      Tomorrow Is The Day                             3:24
        B7      You Can't Make Me                               2:03
        B8      "Piritonius" The Dutchman                       0:22
MISTY   041     V / A : TEEN SCENE VOL.2-GREECE!                        7" (m)    .1998

        A1      The Cardinals           Mary Lou
        A2      The Frantic V           Last Night
        B1      The Walking Screams     She Lies
        B2      The Odd Mods            University Girl
MISTY   042     THE CHESTEFIELD KINGS   MISTY LANE                      7" (m)    .1997

        A       Misty Lane                                      3:10
        B       Little Girl                                     2:33
MISTY   043     V / A : TEEN SCENE VOLUME THREE-ONTARIO CANADA          7"        .1998

        A1      Thee Gnostics           I Was Lost
        A2      The Polyester Explosion : Shangai 10
        B1      The Knurlings           We've Been Repaired
        B2      The Polaris             Big Boss A Go Go
ML      044     THE GIRL BOMBS          BLOW UP! WITH...                7"        .1997

        A1      Come Back
        A2      To Be Mine
        B1      The Girl Bombs
        B2      The Bombshell
MISTY   045     V / A                   LOVE IS A SAD SONG              LP (m)    .1999

        A1      The Beech Resorts       Springtime
        A2      The American Teens      A Brand New Love
        A3      The Oncomers            You Let Me Down
        A4      Five of a Kind          I Don't Want to Find Another Girl
        A5      Mor-Loks                There Goes Life
        A6      Sound of the Seventh Son : I Told a Lie
        A7      Magic Sounds            Love Can Be So Fine
        A8      The Illusions           Wait Till the Summer
        A9      The Counts              Now You're Gone
        B1      The Last Times          Don't Tell Me
        B2      The Burlington Express  A Girl
        B3      The Pacers              One More Change
        B4      Dave and the Squires    The Girl of My Dreams
        B5      The Cherry Slush        Don't Walk Away
        B6      Bark of Paper Mulberry  Wait
        B7      N. Patrick Williams     Tears I Lost for You
        B8      The Trips               At Least She's Happy
        B9      The Grodes              Love Is a Sad Song
MISTY   046     THE FUZZTONES           THE PEOPLE IN ME                7"        .1998

        A       The People In Me                                3:10
        B       I'm Gonna Make You Mine                         2:28
                (Note : 7" , free with Misty Lane Magazine #16)

        A1      She's Got A Brand New
        A2      They're Gonna Take You Away
        B1      Hey Joe
        B2      Psychotic Reaction
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 700 hand-numb. copies on black vinyl)
MISTY   048     GROUP $OALL             BY MY SIDE                      10"       .1998

                Recordings from Amsterdam, May 1967:

                Recordings from Amsterdam, May 1967:
        A1      Follow the Man
        A2      By My Side
        A3      Will You Teach Me How to Love
        A4      Adation
                Recordings from The Hague, February 1967:
        B1      Stephanie
        B2      Will You Teach Me How to Love
        B3      Well, I Am a Boy
        B4      Adation
MISTY   049     V / A                   LEAVING IT ALL BEHIND           LP        .2000

        A1      Toads                   Leaving It All Behind   2:42
        A2      Young Men               A Young Man's Problem   2:37
        A3      Cult                    I Don't Know            3:00
        A4      Scepters : Little Girls Were Made To Love       2:25
        A5      Sounds Of Randall : Wasting My Time             2:01
        A6      Improper Bostonians : Victim Of Environment     2:41
        A7      Sages                   I'm Not Going To Cry    2:15
        A8      Keepers                 Lost Love               2:34
        A9      L.A. Teens : All I Really Want To Do            2:25
        A10     Rain                    London                  2:17
        B1      Castells                Save A Chance           2:07
        B2      Guilloteens             For My Own              2:10
        B3      Gallows                 Remember Mary?          3:05
        B4      Private Property Of Digil : Princess            2:23
        B5      Specktrum               Confetti                2:40
        B6      Plague : When I See That Girl Of Mine           2:00
        B7      Lost Chords             I Want To Be Her Man    2:31
        B8      Michael & The Medallions : I Wanna Talk To You  2:05
        B9      Excequers               Is There Some Girl      1:58
        B10     Others                  Lonely Street           2:18
                (Note : LP , 500 hand-numb. copies + insert)
MISTY   050     V / A                   EVERY GROOVY DAY!               LP        .2000

        A1      Roman Rebellion         Every Groovy Day            2:33
        A2      Private Property Of Digil : Sunshine Flames         2:07
        A3      Lime                    Love A Go Go                2:23
        A4      Togas : Baby, I'm In The Mood For You               2:26
        A5      Cords : I'll Do Just What I Want To Do              2:07
        A6      Lost Souls              Artificial Rose             2:25
        A7      Critters : Don't Let The Rain Fall Down On Me       2:25
        A8      Magic Ring              Little Mary Sunshine        2:27
        A9      Pedestrians             Think Twice                 2:40
        A10     Atilla & The Huns       The Vinyards Of My Life     2:10
        B1      Cult                    Fire And Flood              2:00
        B2      Smithsonian Institute   Boston Bay                  2:06
        B3      Burnside                Takin' Her Hand             2:52
        B4      Squiremen Four          Bitter End                  2:35
        B5      North Bridge Co. : Strange Land, Strange People     2:07
        B6      Shags                   Talk To A Sidewalk          2:02
        B7      Little John & Tony      The Beginning Of The End    2:55
        B8      Countdown 5             Elevator                    2:30
        B9      Roy Junior : Looks Like The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine   2:13
        B10     Poor                    Feelin' Down                2:55
MISTY   051     V / A                   BASEMENTSVILLE! U.S.A.          LP        .2000

        A1      Hysterical Society      Come With Me            2:25
        A2      New Generation          That's The Sun          1:55
        A3      North Bridge Company    Crying All Alone        2:20
        A4      Gallows : Too Many Fish In The Sea              2:20
        A5      Abstract Sound          Blacked Out Mind        2:16
        A6      Ambertones              If I Do                 1:52
        A7      Young Generation        Don't Be Nice To Me     2:27
        A8      Rain                    I'm Free                3:12
        A9      Mersey Sounds           The Train               2:48
        B1      Whatt Four : You're Wishin' I Was Someone Else  2:29
        B2      Apostles : Stranded In The Jungle               3:06
        B3      Keymen                  What Am I To Do         2:45
        B4      Will-O-Bees             If You're Ready         2:16
        B5      Lonnie And The Legends : Baby Without You       2:07
        B6      Starfires               There's Still Time      1:58
        B7      Rigor Mortis            Bandit                  3:02
        B8      Shandells, Inc          Just Cry                2:45
        B9      Impalas                 Come On Up              2:20
MISTY   052     V / A                   MISTY LANE FEST EXPO 2000       7"        .2000

        A1      Chocolate Watchband : Let's Talk About Girls    2:30
        A2      Tyme Society            Wonderin' Why           2:26
        B1      Thanes                  Don't Say Why           2:32
        B2      Rookies                 Wait Till The Summer    2:06
MISTY   053     V / A                   BADGER BEAT CHRONICLES          LP      04.2001
                (20 Wisconsin Garage-Punk Greats a Go Go!)

        A1      The Crucibles           Beware of Birds
        A2      The Komons              Caught in the Trap
        A3      The Chief-Tones         Don't Dare
        A4      Sano and The Saints Five : Have Love Will Travel
        A5      The Quarrymen           Why
        A6      Private Property of Digil : To My Friends
        A7      The Inspirations        That Girl
        A8      The Henchmen VI         Is Love Real?
        A9      The Society             One Way Ride
        A1      0The Quarrymen          Don't Try Your Luck
        B1      The Talismen            Glitter and Gold
        B2      The Spacemen            Madman
        B3      Challengers 'Of Who'    Leave Me Be
        B4      The Wanderer's Rest     The Girl That I Love
        B5      Tomorrow's Children     I Can Only Give You Everything
        B6      Pynk Peach Mob          No Tears
        B7      The Faros               I'm Calling You Back
        B8      The Orbits              Don't
        B9      Girls Take Over         High Hell Sneakers
        B10     The Hinge               The Idols of Your Mind
MISTY   054     V / A                   BRING FLOWERS TO U.S.           LP        .2001
MISTY   054     V / A                   BRING FLOWERS TO U.S.           CDR       .2001

        A1      Jerry Howard            Wild In The Streets     2:49
        A2      Puff                    Looking In My Window    2:48
        A3      Proctor Amusement Co.   Heard You Went Away     2:39
        A4      Fountain Of Youth       Day Don't Come          2:51
        A5      Listening               Hello You               3:34
        A6      Sunshine Trolley        Cover Me Baby           3:16
        A7      London Phogg            Takin' It Easy          2:30
        A8      The Barracuda           The Dance At St. Francis2:24
        A9      Chevrons                Mine Forever More       3:01
        A10     Eternity's Children     Flowers                 2:00
        B1      Higher Elevation        There Comes Sunshine    2:57
        B2      Eternity's Children : You Know I'll Find A Way  1:57
        B3      Deep Six                Rising Sun              2:34
        B4      Bumps                   It Wasn't Real          2:27
        B5      Blades Of Grass         Just Another Face       2:43
        B6      New Yorkers             Ice Cream World         2:08
        B7      Sidewalk Skipper Band : Cynthia At Her Garden   2:40
        B8      New Yorkers             Adrianne                2:26
        B9      Sidewalk Skipper Band   Strawberry Tuesday      2:53
                Bonus Track
        B10     Gurus                   Shelley In Camp         1:39
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
MISTY   055     V / A : Bring Flowers to the World: 20 Transworld       LP        .2000
                Popsyche Gems From the '60s
MISTY   055     V / A : Bring Flowers to the World: 20 Transworld       CD        .2007
                Popsyche Gems From the '60s

        A1      The Magic Cycle         It's a Sunny Day
        A2      ...                     No Part of It
        A3      Liga                    Bring Me Luck
        A4      The Shoes               What in the World Is Love
        A5      The Young Enterprise    Morning of the Velvet Fog
        A6      The Sounds              Strange Trip
        A7      Strangers               Loverock
        A8      Pesky Gee               A Place of Heartbreak
        A9      The Magic Cycle         Groovy Things
        A10     The Hunters             When I See Babette
        B1      Bobby and Laurie        Every Second Day
        B2      The Daltons             Madman
        B3      Pesky Gee               Where Is My Mind?
        B4      The Lords               Blue Horizon
        B5      Gli Astrali             Vado Su In Alto
        B6      The Nicols              This World Is My World
        B7      The Shoes               Listen to the Lyrics of This Song
        B8      Indexi                  Zašto je prazan èitav svijet
        B9      Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group : Try to Realize
        B10     The Mops                The Letter
MISTY   056     THE GALLOWS             COME TO THE PARTY               7" (m)    .2001

        A1      Come To The Party
        A2      Slow Death
        B1      Too Many Fish In The Sea
        B2      Remember Mary
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
MISTY   057     THE DOVERS              WE'RE NOT JUST ANYBODY          10" (m)   .2002

        A1      She's Gone                                      2:41
        A2      What Am I Going to Do                           2:40
        A3      I Could Be Happy                                2:24
        A4      People Ask Me Why                               2:48
        B1      The Third Eye                                   2:18
        B2      Your Love                                       1:50
        B3      She's Not Just Anybody                          1:53
        B4      About Me                                        2:01
MISTY   058     V / A                   BASEMENTSVILLE VOL.2-BRAZIL     LP        .2000

        A1      Os Canibais             Garota Teimosa
        A2      The Hangmen             Hangmen
        A3      Brasa Seis              Hello I Love You 5
        A4      Os Selvagens            Tenho Que Esperar
        A5      The Outcasts            My Generation
        A6      Analfabitles            Sunny Side Up
        A7      Os Incríveis            Hold Tight
        A8      Os Baobás               Pintata De Preto
        B1      The Bubbles             Nao Vou Cortar O Cabelo
        B2      Brazilian Bitles        Qual A Razao?
        B3      Os Espioes              O Trem
        B4      Os Jovens               Quero Falar Com Voce
        B5      Colt 45                 Gimme Some Lovin'
        B6      The Black Boys          Satisfaction
        B7      Os Vips                 Assim Só Vai Chorar
        B8      Os Brasas               Nao Vá Me Deixar
MISTY   059     THE GALAXIES            HEY!                            10"       .2002

        A1      Hey!!!
        A2      Orange Skies
        A3      I'm Not Talking
        A4      Ain't Gonna Lie
        B1      Linda Lee
        B2      Mellow Yellow
        B3      Que Vida
        B4      How Does That Grab You Darling?
MISTY   060     THE BEATNIKS            OUTSIDE CHANCE                  10" (m)   .2002

        A1      Cansaco De Esperar
        A2      Este Lugar Vazio
        A3      Era um Rapaz Que Como Eu Amava Os Beatles E Os
                Rolling Stones
        A4      Outside Chance
        B1      Gloria
        B2      Fire
        B3      Eu Te Encontro
        B4      Alligator Hat
MISTY   061     TINA PEEL               PAJAMA PARTY                    LP        .2002

        A1      Knocking Down Guardrails
        A2      Girl Talk
        A3      Punk Rock Janitor
        A4      Fabian Lips
        A5      Hayride
        A6      Wang It
        A7      Pajama Party
        B1      Fifi Goes Pop
        B2      Weekend Geek
        B3      Penis Between Us
        B4      Blow Me a Kiss
        B5      Bent Nail Syndrome
        B6      Exception to the Ruler
        B7      The Witch
        B8      I'm Gonna Make You Mine
MISTY   062     TONTO AND THE RENEGADES : LITTLE BOY BLUE               7"        .2002

        1       Little Boy Blue
        2       I Knew this Would Happen
        3       Anytime You Want Some Lovin'
        4       Easy Way Out
MISTY   063     BOLD                    GOTTA GET SOME                  7"        .2002

        A1      Gotta Get Some
        A2      Robin Hood
        B1      Train Kept A Rollin'
        B2      Found What I Was Looking For
MISTY   064     V / A                   BYRDS WON'T FLY TODAY           LP        .2002

        A1      Dalton, James & Sutton : One Time Around        3:29
        A2      Hard Times              Come To Your Window     2:33
        A3      Present                 I Know                  2:43
        A4      Tiffany System          Wayward One             2:06
        A5      Peter & The Prophets    Johnny Of Dreams        2:51
        A6      The Legends             How Can I Find Her      2:18
        A7      The Purple Reign : Wish You Didn't Have To Go   2:02
        A8      Dave & The Customs : He Was A Friend Of Mine    2:53
        A9      The Empty Set : Tomorrow Is A Long Time         2:35
        B1      The Skunks              I Need No One           2:09
        B2      The Last Word           Bidin' My Time          2:20
        B3      Rock Garden             The Wind Is My Keeper   3:07
        B4      Hard Times              You're Bound To Cry     2:54
        B5      The Chasers             I'm Sure                1:52
        B6      Palace Guard : Oh Blue (The Way I Feel Tonight) 1:53
        B7      The Unknowns            The Modern Era          2:21
        B8      The Ragamuffins         Four Days Of Rain       3:01
        B9      Tiffany System          Let's Get Together      2:40

        A1      The Guilloteens         Hey You
        A2      The Guilloteens         I Don't Believe
        A3      The Guilloteens         For My Own
        A4      The Guilloteens : Don't Let The Rain Get You Down
        A5      The Guilloteens         I Sit And Cry
        B1      The Guilloteens         Crying All Over My Time
        B2      The Guilloteens         Wild Child
        B3      The Guilloteens         You Think You're Happy
        B4      The Guilloteens         Dear Mrs Applebee
        B5      The Guilloteens         I Love That Girl
                Bonus Track
        B6      Buddy Delaney & The Candy Soupe : Girl
MISTY   066     TOL-PUDDLE MARTYRS : PUDDLE WITH...                     7"        .2003

        A1      Time Will Come
        A2      Social Cell
        B1      Love Your Life
        B2      Nellie Bligh
MISTY   067     BOLD                    LULLABY OPUS FOUR               CD        .2003

        1       Lullaby Opus Four                               2:10
        2       All I Really Want to Do                         4:54
        3       Friendly Smile                                  2:53
        4       Changing Seasons                                2:57
        5       Factory (Version 3)                             3:42
        6       Crystal Chambers                                7:21
        7       Free Fogue                                      2:45
        8       Child of Love                                   4:46
        9       For What It's Worth                             3:57
        10      It's All Over Now, Baby Blue                    5:02
        11      Words Don't Make It                             4:18
                Bonus Tracks
        12      Gotta Get Home                                  2:27
        13      Robin Hood                                      3:10
        14      Train Kept a Rollin'                            2:26
        15      Found What I Was Looking For                    2:46
        16      The Esquires - Shake a Tail Feather             2:29
        17      The Esquires - Down the Track                   2:14
MISTY   068     V / A : TODAY IS JUST TOMORROW'S YESTERDAY VOL.1        CD        .2003

        1       Guilloteens             Hey You
        2       Bojax                   Hippie Times
        3       Palace Guard            A Girl You Can Depend On
        4       Tol-Puddle Martyrs      Time Will Come
        5       Mods                    I Give You An Inch
        6       Shadows Four            I'm Beggin' You
        7       Bachs : Show Me What You Want To Go Home
        8       Bold                    Train Kept A Rollin'
        9       North Shores            I Call Your Name
        10      Tonto And The Renegades : The Easy Way Out
        11      Bark Of Paper Mulberry : Get Yourself Together
        12      Strawberry Alarm Clock : In Relation
        13      Sweet Wine : If You Really Want Some Body
        14      Beatniks                Alligator Hat
        15      Blue Cheer              Fighting Star
        16      Hollywood Stars         It's Got To Be Today
        17      Tina Peel               Pajama Party
        18      Outta Place             Little Girl
        19      Stomachmouths           I'm Going Away
        20      Sick Rose               Talk To You
        21      Maharajas               Hang Out
        22      Giljoteens              You're Better Off Alone
        23      Poets                   Surrealistic Rain
        24      Tyme Society!           E. C. Waltz
        25      Movin' Sounds           See Me Walking
        26      Tony Borlotti E I Suoi Flauers : Il Mondo E' Strano
        27      Acid Lemon              No More
        28      Rippers                 Stumble And Fall
                (Note : CD , given away with Misty Lane Magazine #18)
MISTY   069     THE BOJAX : DON'T LOOK BACK...IT'S THE BOJAX            10"       .2004

        A1      Hippie Times
        A2      Go Ahead and Go
        A3      Don't Look Back
        A4      Fast Life
        B1      I've Enjoyed as Much of You as I Can Stand
        B2      So Glad
        B3      Know a Lot About Love
        B4      Quicksand
MISTY   070     V / A                   LIVING IN THE PAST              LP        .2004
MISTY   070     V / A                   LIVING IN THE PAST              CD        .2004

        A1      J. Lion / Jumping Jewels : I Wanna Dance With You
        A2      Crazy Rockers           I Feel Allright
        A3      J.Kendall/Heralds       You Tell Me Why
        A4      Silverstars             She's Gone
        A6      Sheiks                  Lost Love
        A7      Cavaliers               It's Done
        A8      Royal Four              Hey Girl
        A9      Midnatt Fyran           When You're Lonesome
        B1      Interpreters            The Only Man For You
        B2      Twilight Kids           A Wondering Man
        B3      Maskers                 Living In The Past
        B4      Goldstar Brothers       May Be
        B5      Sandy Coast             We'll Meet Again
        B7      Dukes                   It's My Turn
        B8      Fashions                All Alone
        B9      Alligators              I Feel Like Crying
        B10     Sharons                 I Can't Leave
MISTY   071     THE SOUP GREENS         THAT'S TOO BAD                  CD        .2004

        1       That's Too Bad
        2       Like A Rolling Stone
        3       Shed A Tea
        4       Hard To Find
        5       Please Don't Go
        6       That's Too Bad (First Version)
        7       Satellite
        8       You Can't Have My Woman
MISTY   072     V / A                   JUST FOR KICKS VOLUME ONE       CD        .2004

        1       Monuments               African Diamonds
        2       Monuments               Don't Blame Me
        3       Monuments               Where Bad Boys Go
        4       Monuments               You Always Hurt The Ones You Love
        5       Monuments               Bus Stop
        6       Wet Paint               Shame
        7       Wet Paint               At The River's Edge
        8       Wet Paint               We Call Him A Man
        9       Wet Paint               Precious Ways
        10      Wet Paint               No One To Love
        11      Mouse And The Boys      Last Time Around
        12      Mouse And The Boys      Start From Here
        13      Mouse And The Boys      Rocks In My Head
        14      Mouse And The Boys      Sticks & Stones
        15      Mouse And The Boys      Xcedrin Headache #69
        16      Purple Gang             Answer The Phone
        17      Purple Gang             I Know What I Am
        18      Purple Gang             Bring Your Self Down
        19      Purple Gang             One Of The Bunch
        20      Purple Gang             Poverty Train
        21      Purple Gang             Looking Glass
        22      Purple Gang             Can't Explain
        23      Purple Gang             No Matter What You Do
MISTY   073     V / A : Today Is Just Tomorrow's Yesterday Vol.2        CD        .2005

        1       Electric Prunes         Luvin'
        2       Electric Prunes         Little Olive
        3       Legions                 She's Gone
        4       Blazers                 I Know I Should
        5       Envoys                  Door
        6       Crossbeats              If Only
        7       Witnesses               The Winning Side
        8       Pembroke Ltd.           Sleepy John
        9       Fringe                  Taken From My Mind
        10      Limits                  Come Tomorrow It's A New Day
        11      Bashers                 Walking Out In The Night
        12      Ultra V                 I Saw What You Did
        13      Maggots                 I Wanna Score
        14      Monocaines              Back In My Arms
        15      Lost Movements          Cry For You
        16      Mainliners              Dead Man's Hall
        17      No Counts               Ain't Nothing (But A Love Thing)
        18      Synapses                Shake
        19      Scope                   Closet Pop Star
        20      No Goods                Wait Till The Summer
        21      B-Back                  Dobre Scooter Run
        22      Cavemen                 Il Buoi E' Tra Di Noi
        23      Human Factor-Y          Our Game
        24      Kartoons                Turning Grey
        25      Bradipos IV             Beach Grave
                (Note : CD , given away with Misty Lane Magazine 19)
MISTY   073     V / A : Today Is Just Tomorrow's Yesterday Vol.3        CD        .2006

        1       Sick Rose               Love, Can't Get Enough
        2       Dee Rangers             Gonna Take You Out
        3       Lost Marbles            It's A Gasout
        4       Gli Intrusi             Balbettando
        5       Beat Barons             I'm Gonna Get You
        6       The Fleagles            Pretty Baby
        7       The Greeks              Bad Girl
        8       The Greeks              Face Me
        9       Kek'66                  Hey Joe
        10      No Goods                Please	
        11      Shadows Of Reflection   Until I Heard It From You
        12      The Way-Outs            You Never Had It Better
        13      Teddy Boys From The Crypt : Why
        14      Higher State            Every Word
        15      Rookies                 You Don't Have To Stay You Love Me
        16      Dead Soldiers           Dead Soldiers
        17      Strange Flowers         How Long?
        18      Hangee V                Batman
        19      Phantom Four            7-Speed Blender
        20      Davie Allan & The Arrows : We Need A Little Christmas
        21      Vistas                  She Turns Me On
        22      Vistas                  Don't Know
        23      Peck's Bad Boys         Crazy World
        24      Classics                Mean Woman
        25      Jake Holmes             Dazed And Confused
        26      Jake Holmes             Think I'm Being Hard
        27      Penny Peeps             Meet Me At The Fair
        28      Marble Hall             Marble Hall
                (Note : CD , given away with Misty Lane Magazine 20)
MISTY   074     V / A : Today's Just Tomorrow's Yesterday Vol.4         CD        .2007

        1       The Nite Owls           The Hassle
        2       Just Us                 I Don't Love You
        3       Jon & Lee And The Checkmates : Pork Chops
        4       Chosen Few              Get It On Life
        5       The Twiliters : (Everybody's Goin' To) Rollerland
        6       Bobby Kris & The Imperials : Travellin' Bag
        7       Stephen Blodgett With The Black & Blues : Greyhound Bus
        8       Soledad Miranda         La Verdad
        9       The Peck's Bad Boys     Girl In Chains
        10      The Gregory Allan       Shape Of Surprise
        11      The Elastik Band        Think Of Today
        12      Merryweather            Mr Richman
        13      The Flying Circus       Where Is All The Love
        14      The Bubbles             Por Que Sou Tao Feio
        15      Tell Tale Hearts        Bye Bye Baby (Live)
        16      The Barons              Seem To Think
        17      Les Playboys            Je Revendique
        18      Federico Ferrari & The Electric Shields : Truck Driving Cowboy
        19      The Trypps              Guess I Was Dreaming
        20      The Higher State        7 And 7 Is
        21      The A'Dam Sykles        Trying To Get
        22      The Tunas               You're Too Late
        23      The B-Back              Psycho Movie
        24      The Temponauts          Come Back Saturday
        25      The Phantom Keys        Velvet Illusion
        26      Tony Borlotti E I Suoi Flauers : Lei Se Ne Va
        27      Gli Avvoltoi            Lucifer Sam
        28      Modulo 5                Hipsters Dimension
                (Note : CD , given away with Misty Lane Magazine 21)
MISTY   075     V / A : Circles End: 18 Dutch Folk Pop Dreams 1968-1973 LP      09.2018

        A1      Prince John             I Told Her              2:08
        A2      Linda Christine : Feeling Awful Cold Today      1:59
        A3      Alderman                String Lady             2:25
        A4      Alligator               Free in B               3:02
        A5      Justice                 You Come to See Me      3:27
        A6      Lloyd Watson            Lady in the Morning     3:15
        A7      Fon Klement             The Sun                 2:44
        A8      Double You              Wild Flowers            4:15
        A9      Jon Wyce                Circle's End            3:20
        B1      Opus                    Angela Grey             3:55
        B2      Mystical Brotherhood    Tuesday Afternoon       3:02
        B3      Jumbo                   I Want You              2:14
        B4      Richard Neal : Maybe It's Too Late Tomorrow     3:37
        B5      The Marigold            Edwin                   2:55
        B6      Kenney & Pete           I Need You              3:13
        B7      Dutch Spring : You Kissed Me With a Smile       2:26
        B8      Judith Angela           A Day Begins            2:38
        B9      Amsterdam               No One Really Cares     3:00
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
MISTY   076     TWINK : 10.000 WORDS IN A CARDBOARD BOX                 7"      01.2019

        A       10.000 WORDS IN A CARDBOARD BOX                 4:54
        B       GERALDINE                                       2:22

A truly legendary name in London's sixties and seventies psychedelic scene, Twink
-a.k.a. John Alder- has been a member of The Pink Fairies, The Pretty Things and
Tomorrow, before having a solo career that lasts to this very day. His most known
song is surely '10,000 Words In A Cardbord Box', now released as a single vinyl
45 rpm, backed with Zion De Gallier's Mellotron-driven 'Geraldine', with Twink
on drums. The A-side is a neat and authentic version, recorded in 1999 in LA at
Westwood Studios, featuring members of The Brian Jones Massacre and Smallstone,
the latter serving at that time as Twink's backing band and performing live songs
from his legendary 'Think Pink' album. The flip side, 'Geraldine', is an enjoyable
Kinksy number, recorded at Abbey Road Studios in 1968, graced by Mark Wirtz' Popsike
production. Zion De Gallier was in fact Douglas Robert Ord, lead singer of Colchester
band The Deep Beats, as well as The Fairies. Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered
MISTY   077     THE MODS                I GIVE YOU AN INCH              7"      12.2018

        A       I GIVE YOU AN INCH                              2:47
        B       YOU'VE GOT ANOTHER THING C                      2:33

Since its first apparition on the infamous "Chosen Few" compilation album way back
in 1983, The Mods Garage anthem "I Give You An Inch (And You Take A Mile)" has been
included in the Garage Punk Hall Of Fame as one of the prime example of the so called
Sixties Punk: "a snarling, attitude-laden supreme put down", to quote Tim Warren, the
Crypt Records oncho, the man that, along with Greg Shaw Of Bomp!/Vox Records before
him, has been a true force behind the resurrection of the genre in its purest and
crudest form. The Mods were thee classic Garage group that cut only one single in
1966 before disappearing into the mist of time. Since the inclusion of both sides
of their solely record in other compilations like the well known "Back From The
Grave" the band has gained an incredible following. Its equally cool flip side
"You've Got Another Think Coming" is another winner and both sides are perfect movers
for a Sixties Garage DJ set! Finally in 2003 one of the former member of the band,
bassist Larry Smith turned up with the full story and an in-depth interview came out
on Misty Lane Magazine. A good decade on and this single finally sees a top-fidelity
reissue. Liner notes by Tim Warren, a fantastic mastering thanks to Mark Taylor studio
and a picture sleeve that was never pressed in its original form complete the whole,
along with a 4 pages reprint of the Misty Lane 18 interview. A labour of true love
for lovers of the underground Sixties Garage sounds, limited to 300 numbered copies