MISSING VINYL RECORDS                   Strofyliou 73
*********************                   Nea Erythraia
[MV]                                    14671 Attica

Distr.  : GR - Vea Music/Music On Vinyl B.V./
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue - psychedelic / acid folk / prog rock / krautrock / west coast
          / psych folk / jazz rock / blues rock /

MV      001     TRUTH                   OF THEM AND OTHER TALES         2LP     12.2009

LP 1A   1       Music Is Life                                   3:53
        2       6 O'Clock Alarm                                 8:30
        3       Mysterios                                       1:14
LP 1B   4       Music From Big Puce                             4:05
        5       Country Funk                                    0:36
        6       Blackboard Words                                2:33
        7       Sonic Sitar                                     3:02
        8       High!                                           6:03

LP 2A   9       Archimed's Pad (Squared Room)                   10:12
        10      Getting Better                                  5:00
        11      Circle 'Round the Sun                           4:53
LP 2B   12      Ride the Wind                                   6:06
        13      Castles in the Sand                             6:43
        14      October '68 (The Tears That You Cry)            5:23
                (Note : LP + 18 p. biography)

CD      Epilogue        EP 1003         1995    US
MV      002     ARMANDO PIAZZA          SUAN                            LP      12.2009

        A1      Going Into the Sunset
        A2      Birds
        A3      In the Station
        A4      The House on the Hill
        B1      I Met a Woman
        B2      My Friend
        B3      Harmony

LP      B.B.B.          BSLA            1972    IT
MV      003     KENNY & THE KASUALS     1966-1968 THE SINGLES           LP      12.2009

        A1      Nothing Better To Do                            2:19
        A2      Floating                                        2:30
        A3      Don't Let Your Baby Go                          1:57
        A4      The Best Thing Around                           2:24
        A5      Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes                2:28
        A6      You Make Me Feel So Good                        2:59
        A7      Strings Of Time                                 2:17
        A8      I'm Gonna Make It                               1:48
        A9      Journey To Tyme                                 2:35
        A10     See-saw Ride                                    2:02
        B1      Raindrops To Teardrops                          2:19
        B2      As I Knew                                       1:50
        B3      Chimes On 42nd Street                           2:43
        B4      When Was Then                                   2:12
        B5      Things Gettin' Better                           2:06
        B6      Come Tomorrow                                   2:34
        B7      Come On Kid                                     2:34
        B8      Revelations                                     2:28
        B9      Everything Seems Fine                           1:51
        B10     And There You Are                               1:59
MV      004     OUT OF FOCUS            WAKE UP                         LP      12.2009
MV      004     OUT OF FOCUS            WAKE UP                         CD      12.2009
                (Note : German krautrock band)

LP      A1      See How A White Negro Flies                     5:48
        A2      God Save The Queen, Cried Jesus                 7:30
        A3      Hey John                                        9:38
        B1      No Name                                         3:07
        B2      World's End                                     9:56
        B3      Dark, Darker                                    11:39

LP      Kuckuck         2375 006        1970    GE
MV      005     OUT OF FOCUS            OUT OF FOCUS                    LP      12.2009

        A1      What Can A Poor Boy Do (But To Be A Streetfighting Man)
        A2      It's Your Life
        A3      Whispering
        B1      Blue Sunday Morning
        B2.1    Fly Bird Fly
        B2.2    Television Program

LP      Kuckuck         2375 010        1972    GE
MV      006     OUT OF FOCUS            FOUR LETTER MONDAY AFTERNOON    2LP     12.2009

LP 1    A1      L. S. B.
        A2      When I'm Sleeping (Bonus Track)
        B1      Tsajama
        B2      Black Cards
        B3      Where Have You Been

LP 2    C1      Huchen 55,A
        C2      Huchen 55,B
        C3      Huchen 55,C
        D1      Huchen 55,D

2LP     Kuckkuck        2640 101        1972    GE
MV      007     LIED DES TEUFELS        LIED DES TEUFELS                LP      12.2009

        A1      Wenn Du Fragst                                  3:40
        A2      Nichts                                          9:37
        A3      Steht Nicht Abseits                             7:03
        B1      Gott, Geld Und Freiheit                         9:13
        B2      Ich Bin Nur Ein Kind                            10:12
        B3      Das Lied Des Teufels                            2:40

LP      Kuckuck         2375 019        1973    GE
MV      008     MURPHY BLEND            FIRST LOSS                      LP      12.2009

        A1      At First
        A2      Speed Is Coming Back
        B1      Past Has Gone
        B2      Praludium - Use Your Feet
        B3      First Loss
        B4      Fanny Guys
        B5      Happiness

LP      Kuckuck         2375 005        1970    GE
MV      009     ARMAGGEDON              ARMAGGEDON                      LP      12.2009

        A1      Round
        A2      Open
        A3      Oh Man
        B1      Rice Pudding
        B2      People Talking
        B3      Better By You, Better Than Me

LP      Kuckuck         2375 003        1970    GE
MV      010     IHRE KINDER             JEANSCOVER (2357004)            LP      12.2009

        A1      Menschen Wie Sand Am Meer
        A2      Ein Mantel Im Wind
        A3      Strassenkind
        A4      Toter Soldat
        B1      Komm Zu Dir
        B2      Hexenhammer
        B3      Mutter Bekommt Ein Kind
        B4      Leben Sie Wohl
        B5      Weisser Schnee, Schwarze Nacht

LP      Kuckuck         2375 004        1970    GE
MV      011     CRASH COFFIN            CRASH COFFIN                    LP      12.2009

        1       Masochist Blues
        2       Lilly
        3       Amazon Women
        4       God Loves The Loser
        5       Mama
        6       Silent Ladies (bonus)
        7       Alone Together
        8       Freedom Cake
        9       The Swing
        10      The Looney Polka
        11      Blue Kazoo
        12      Electric Dog (bonus)

LP      Mus-I-Col       CC 69           1974    US

Crash Coffins eponymous album was originally released privately in 1974 on the
MUS-I-COL label. It is very rare and sought after by early 70s US psychedelic
collectors worldwide.
MV      012     CWT                     THE HUNDREDWEIGHT               LP      06.2010

        A1      Widow Woman
        A2      Take It Slow
        A3      Roly Poly
        A4      Signed D.C
        B1      Steam Roller
        B2      Simon's Effort
        B3      Mind Cage
        B4      Mephistophales

(Note : English prog.rock band , it was released in '73 only in Germany by the KucKuck

LP      Kuckuck         2375 022        1973    GE
MV      013     HANUMAN                 HANUMAN                         LP      06.2010

        A1      Schädelstätten                                  10:37
        A2      Machtwechsel                                    9:35
        B1      Das Lied Des Teufels                            3:10
        B2      Taue Der Fremdheit                              3:43
        B3      Sonnenaufgang                                   11:23
                (Note : German krautrock , Kuckkuck , 1971)

LP      Kuckuck         2375 012        1971    GE
MV      014     McCULLY WORKSHOP        INC.                            LP      06.2010

        A1      Why Can’t It Rain                               4:12
        A2      Hardcase Woman                                  2:34
        A3      Ice Lover                                       3:05
        A4      Four Walls                                      2:40
        A5      Stargazer                                       2:48
        A6      Rush Hour At Midnight                           3:42
        B1      Jackin’ Around                                  2:04
        B2      Head For The Moon                               4:00
        B3      The Circus                                      4:00
        B4      Years Of My Life                                3:19
        B5      Fast Car                                        1:41
        B6      Seance                                          3:05
                (Note : rock band from South Africa , 1970)

LP      Trutone         STO 727         1970    South Africa
MV      015     McCULLY WORKSHOP        GENESIS                         LP      06.2010

        A1      Genesis
        A2      (We All Look) For The Sun
        A3      Stone Man
        B1      Red Light City
        B2      Sweet Fields Of Green
        B3      Togetherness
        B4      Order Out Of Chaos

LP      Trutone         STO 745         1971    South Africa
MV      016     CANAMII                 CONCEPT                         LP      06.2010

        A1      Afrock
        A2      The Phantom Players
        A3      Spiral
        A4      Rain
        A5      Come And Fly
        A6      Toccata
        B1      And The Moon Be As Bright
        B2      Children
        B3      Feelings
        B4      The Jester
        B5      The Duel
        B6      Tri
                (Note : prog.folk from South Africa , 70's)

LP      WEA Iter.       WIC 8001        1980    South Africa

Canamii is a great obscure South African progressive folk rock album with excellent
female vocals by Claire Whittaker. It reminds of the best UK mid 70s progressive 
MV      017     THE CAROLYN HESTER COALITION : s / t                    LP      06.2010

        A1      Magic, Man                                      2:10
        A2      East Virginia                                   2:58
        A3      Tomorrow When I Wake Up                         2:27
        A4      Be Your Baby                                    2:32
        A5      Big City Streets                                2:50
        A6      Half The World                                  3:13
        B1      Let's Get Together                              2:38
        B2      Hey, Jay                                        2:46
        B3      Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream            3:00
        B4      The Journey                                     2:30
        B5      Buddha (Was Her Best Man)                       2:19
                (Note : for US dreamy folk psych music collectors)

LP      Metromedia      MD 1001         1968    US
MV      018     THE CAROLYN HESTER COALITION : MAGAZINE                 LP      06.2010

        A1      Rise Like Phoenix                               3:09
        A2      Dedicated                                       2:58
        A3      Plant The Crops In The Garden                   2:54
        A4      Beadmaker                                       2:44
        A5      St. James Infirmary                             5:13
        B1      Just Follow Me                                  5:04
        B2      (Sittin' On The) Dock Of The Bay                3:42
        B3      Sir Robert, The Lost Knight                     3:36
        B4      Calico Sky                                      2:32
        B5      Swing Low, Sweet Chariot                        2:44

LP      Metromedia      MD 1022         1970    US
MV      019     JOHN BASSMAN GROUP      FILTHY SKY                      LP      12.2010

        A1      Filthy Sky
        A2      His Name Was Tom
        A3      Susy
        A4      Coming Home
        A5      Dutch
        B1      Woodstock Generation
        B2      Two Rings
        B3      Teddy Boy’s Blues
        B4      Sing A Song At My Grave
        B5      Can You Dig It?
                (Note : a late 60's Dutch group , LP 1970)

LP       A.S.P., A.S.P., A.S.P. 60 600, F 60 600, 13 007        1970    GE
MV      020     DUNCAN MACKAY           CHIMERA                         LP      12.2010

        A1      Morpheus
        A2      Twelve Tone Nostalgia
        B       Song For Witches
                (Note : 70s prog.rock music , LP 1974)

LP      Vertigo         6356 100        1974    South Africa
MV      021     SANDSTONE : CAN YOU MEND A SILVER THREAD ?              LP      12.2010

        A1      Can You Mend A Silver Thread?
        A2      Lonely Hunters
        A3      Tattered Drum
        A4      Asking Life
        A5      What If You Could Love
        B1      The World Is Around Us
        B2      Again
        B3      Farewell Valley
        B4      Jamie's Song
        B5      Can You Mend A Silver Thread? (Coda)
        B6      Bright Morning
        B7      Black Cat Paw Print
                (Note : rarest early 70s US psych-folk)

LP      self            SA 2911         1971    US
MV      022     DEUTER                  D                               LP      12.2010

                Babylon                                         (14:55)
        A1a     1 Andantino
        A1b     2 Allegro 138 A
        A1c     3 Andante
        A1d     4 Allegro 138 B
        A2      Der Turm / Fluchtpunkt                          4:28
        B1      Krishna Eating Fish And Chips                   10:00
        B2      Atlantis                                        6:03
        B3      Gammastrahlen-Lamm                              4:58
                (Note : soloist from Garmeny , Kuckuck Rec. ; 1971)

LP      Kuckuck         2375 009        1971    GE
MV      023     IHRE KINDER             EMPTY HANDS                     LP        .2010

        A1      The Dice
        A2      I Can't Give You Nothing
        A3      South African Apartheid Express
        A4      Highway With No End
        A5      Paradise Can't Be Too Far
        A6      Empty Hands
        B1      Help Me
        B2      What A Day That'll Be
        B3      Go Take Your Love Away
        B4      Shimmy The Peacock
        B5      Nie Vergess Ich Wie Es War

LP      Kuckuck         2375 001        1970    GE
MV      024     OXFORDS                 FLYING UP THROUGH THE SKY       LP      05.2011

        1       My World
        2       Lighter Than Air
        3       Sung At Harvest Time
        4       Two Poems
        5       Flying Up Through The Sky
        6       Time And Place
        7       Sun Flower Sun
        8       There's Always There Something To Remind Me
        9       Come On Round
        10      Young Girl's Lament
        11      Trix Rabbit
        12      Good Night
        13      Chicago Woman
        14      The City

LP      Union Jac       LH 6497         1970    US
MV      025     DINO VALENTI : GET TOGETHER...THE LOST RECORDINGS       2LP       .2011

LP 1    A1      Get Together
        A2      One Thousand Miles An Hour
        A3      Ain't That A Shame
        A4      Silver Dagger
        B1      Strange World
        B2      I'll Try Something New
        B3      County Fair

LP 2    C1      Crossroads
        C2      Everybody Knows
        C3      Midnight Rider
        C4      The Letter
        C5      That's How It Goes
        C6      To The End Of The World
        D1      Star Rider
        D2      City Of Stone
        D3      Sadness Of My Mind
        D4      Play My Guitar
        D5      So Close To You
MV      026     NEKTAR : JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EYE               2LP     12.2011

LP 1    A1      Prelude
        A2      Astronauts Nightmare
        A3      Countenance
        A4      The Nine Lifeless Daughters Of The Sun
        A5      Warp Oversight
        A6      The Dream Nebula (Part 1)
        B1      The Dream Nebula (Part 2)
        B2      It's All In The Mind
        B3      Burn Out My Eyes
        B4      Void Of Vision
        B5      Pupil Of The Eye
        B6      Look Inside Yourself
        B7      Death Of The Mind

LP 2    C1      New Day Dawning
        C2      Do You Believe In Magic
        C3      Candlelight
        C4      Gooday
        D1      The Life I've Been Leading
        D2      Where Did You Go
        D3      Sealed With A Kiss
        D4      Our Love Will Last Forever

LP      Bacillus        BLPS 19064      1972    GE
MV      027     NEKTAR                  A TAB IN THE OCEAN              2LP     12.2011

        1       A Tab In The Ocean
        2       Desolaton Valley
        3       Waves
        4       Crying In The Dark
        5       King Twilight
        6       Cast Your Fate Jam
        7       Da Da Doom
        8       What Ya Gonna Do?
        9       Wings

LP      Bacillus        BLPS 19118      1972    GE
MV      028     NEKTAR                  REMEMBER THE FUTURE             2LP     12.2011

        1       Remember The Future (Pt 1)
        2       Remember The Future (Pt 2)
        3       Sunshine Down On The City
        4       It's All In Your Mind

LP      Bacillus        BLPS 19164      1973    GE
MV      029     GURNEMANZ               SPIELMANNSKINDER                LP      06.2012

        A1      Ein Schoner Bremberger
        A2      Don't Ask
        A3      Feder Mikel / Fytur
        A4      Left Behind
        A5      The Cruel Knight
        A6      Pappilan Pellola
        A7      Das Entweihte Nonnekloster
        B1      Koko Maailman Valssi/Kalamiehen Polka/Krakoviak
        B2      Der Eifersuechtige Knabe
        B3      Somehow
        B4      Annabel Lee
        B5      Das Juengste Schwesterlein
        B6      Rheinlander/Landler
        B7      Der Spielmannssohn

LP      ???             F 665.558       1975    GE
MV      030     GURNEMANZ               NO RAYS OF NOISE                LP      06.2012

        A1      What A Day It Is
        A2      Libelle
        A3      Das Schwartenhals
        A4      John Barleycorn
        A5      Givers And Takers
        B1      Morning Song
        B2      Dublin
        B3      Deep Sleep
        B4      Different Ways
        B5      Mattelotte / Kupferschmied
        B6      Die Auswanderer

LP      ???             F 666.037       1976    GE
MV      031     APHRODITE'S CHILD       END OF THE WORLD                LP      06.2012

        A1      End Of The World
        A2      Don’t Try To Catch A River
        A3      Mister Thomas
        A4      Rain And Tears
        A5      The Grass Is No Green
        B1      Valley Of Sadness
        B2      You Always Stand In My Way
        B3      The Shepherd And The Moon
        B4      Day Of The Fool

LP      Mercury         138.350 MCY     1968    FR
MV      032     APHRODITE'S CHILD       666                             2LP     08.2012

LP 1    A1      The System
        A2      Babylon
        A3      Loud, Loud, Loud
        A4      The Four Horsemen
        A5      The Lamb
        A6      The Seventh Seal
        B1      Aegian Sea
        B2      Seven Bowls
        B3      The Wakening Beast
        B4      Lament
        B5      The Marching Beast
        B6      The Battle Of The Locusts
        B7      Do It
        B8      Tribulation
        B9      The Beast
        B10     Ofis

LP 2    C1      Seven Trumpets
        C2      Altamont
        C3      The Wedding Of The Lamb
        C4      The Capture Of The Beast
        C5      oo
        C6      Hit Et Nuc
        D1      All The Seats Were Occupied
        D2      Break

LP      Vertigo         6673 001        1972    UK
MV      033     APHRODITE'S CHILD       IT'S FIVE O'CLOCK               LP      06.2012

        1       It’s Five O' Clock
        2       Wake Up
        3       Take Your Time
        4       Annabella
        5       Let Me Love, Let Me Live
        6       Funky Mary
        7       Good Time So Fine
        8       Marie Jolie
        9       Such A Funny Night

LP      Mercury         138 351 MCY     1969    FR
MV      034     OS MUNDI                43 MINUTEN                      LP        .2013

        A1      A Question Of Decision                          7:26
        A2      Triple                                          4:58
        A3      Missile                                         3:04
        A4      It's All There                                  4:08
        A5      Isn't It Beautiful 7/8                          2:18
        B1      But Reality Will Show                           6:26
        B2      Children's Games                                7:52
        B3      Erstickübungen                                  6:13
        B4      Fortsetzung Folgt                               1:12

LP      Brain/Metronome BRAIN 1015      1972    GE
MV      035     GROUP 1850 : AGEMO'S TRIP TO MOTHER EARTH               LP      04.2013

        A1      Steel Sings
        A2      Little Fly
        A3      I Put My Hands On Your Shoulder
        B1      You Did It Too Hard
        B2      A Point In This Life
        B3      Refound
        B4      Reborn

LP      Philips         844.083 PY      1968    NE
MV      036     OS MUNDI                LATIN MASS                      LP      12.2014

        A1      Ouvertüre
        A2      Kyrie
        A3      Gloria
        A4      Credo I
        B1      Credo II
        B2      Sanctus
        B3      Agnus Dei

LP      Metronome       MLP 15.381      1970    GE
MV      037     [soundtrack] VANGELIS PAPATHANASSIOU : SEX POWER        LP      04.2013

        A       1ere Partie                                     17:00
        B       2eme Partie                                     17:27

LP      Philips         6397 013        1970    FR
MV      038     ELOY                    ELOY                            LP      12.2013

        A1      Today                                           5:56
        A2      Something Yellow                                8:15
        A3      Eloy                                            6:15
        B1      Song Of A Paranoid Soldier                      4:50
        B2      Voice Of Revolution                             3:07
        B3      Isle Of Sun                                     6:03
        B4      Dillus Roady                                    6:32

(Note : 1000 pieces limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, from the original analogue
        masters, exact reproduction of the first pressing with die cut dustbin lid
        cover and UNIVERSAL labels inside, first ever audiophile edition)

LP      Philips         6305 089        1971    GE
MV      039     AZITIS                  HELP                            LP        .2015

        A1      Creation / Lord I Saw You Cry                   6:09
        A2      There Is An Answer                              3:43
        A3      Who Will Be                                     3:22
        A4      The Prophet                                     6:08
        B1      Time Has Passed                                 4:56
        B2      From This Place                                 3:27
        B3      Hope To Save                                    3:59
        B4      Judgement Day                                   4:45

US psychedelic albums. Originally released privately on Elco records in 1971, 'Help'
is an impressive concept album. It's considered to be one of the best Christian
psychedelic LP's ever, with great vocals and swirling organ. Original copies in decent
condition change hands for well over $1.000. This deluxe reissue is pressed on 180-g.
vinyl, with sound from the original master tapes. The artwork and labels are reproduced
form the original LP. Limited 750 copies

LP      Elco            SC-EC 5555      1971    US
MV      040     EL SHALOM               FROST                           LP        .2015

        A1      Der Werbegnom                                   3:40
        A2      Princess June                                   5:25
        A3      Kreislaufkollaps                                5:55
        A4      Alvin Zweistein                                 7:25
        B1      Frost                                           8:00
        B2      H., A., Und Zwirn                               6:40
        B3      Birthday-Song                                   2:55
        B4      Leipzig                                         4:35

LP      ATTACCA         2/7625          1976    GE
MV      041     MINOTAURUS              FLY AWAY                        LP      10.2015

A deluxe reissue on 180-GRAM VINYL of the self-produced sole album, originally released
in 1977, by this excellent German progressive group with English lyrics. With the sound
taken from the original analogue master tapes, this is an exact reproduction of the
original first pressing. Limited to 500 copies.
MV      42      MILLER ANDERSON         BRIGHT CITY                     LP      11.2016

The 1971 solo-album by the guitarist of the Keef Hartley Band, originally on Deram
Records. This reissue on 180-gram vinyl, with sound from the original master tapes and
reproduced artwork, is limited to 500 copies.

LP      Deram           SDL 3           1971    UK

DOUBLE-LP reissue (180-gram vinyl) of the legendary, sole album by a heavy psychedelic
krautrock group, originally released by United Artists in 1972.






MVWOW   002     MANTICORE'S BREATH      MANTICORE'S BREATH              10"     06.2010
                (Note : UK early 70's prog.band , 450 numb.copies)
                (Note : CD , 300 copies)
MVWOWCD 004     MANTICORE'S BREATH      SECOND BREATH                   CD        .2013

        1       Echo Of Sorrow
        2       Your Soul Belongs To Me
        3       The Night Of The Deadly Gods
        4       The Ancient Work
        5       Leigia
        6       The Lord Of Pain
                (Note : CD , 400 numb. copies)


This is actually the fourth Manticore's Breath full length album. A great Greek
psychedelic progressive rock album in deluxe miniature replica of the LP cover,
limited to 300 copies.
MVDAS   7       DING AN SICH            TA TVAM ASI 7                   LP      11.2016

Female-fronted post-punk with electronic elements from Greece. This is the band's
second album, manufactured in a limited edition of 200 LP's on 180-gram vinyl and
packaged in a gatefold paste-on sleeve with an insert.
MVDAS   23      DING AN SICH            TA TVAM ASI 23                  LP      11.2016

Female-fronted post-punk with electronic elements from Greece. This is the band's
second album, manufactured in a limited edition of 200 LP's on 180-gram vinyl and
packaged in a gatefold paste-on sleeve with an insert.
MVIHAD  1       PLANET OF ZEUS          ELEVEN THE HARD WAY             LP      06.2018
MVIHAD  1       PLANET OF ZEUS          ELEVEN THE HARD WAY             CD      06.2018

Here's the killer 2008 debut-album by this acclaimed Greek stoner/psych band, presented
as a cool reissue with reproduced cover artwork.
MVIHAD  4       PLANET OF ZEUS          LOYAL. TO THE PACK              2LP     11.2016

Greek stoner outfit Planet Of Zeus releases its fourth full-length. The material takes
the listener on a journey throughout the history of heavy music, revealing traces of
anything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Mastodon, the Allman Brothers Band to Queens Of The
Stone Age, and AC/DC to Clutch. This double-LP edition on 180-gram vinyl is limited to
800 units with a download card.
MV      994     YESTERDAY'S THOUGHTS    PAPER SHIP                      LP      07.2016

The fourth full-length - and best yet - by this cool garage-psych band from Athens,
Greece. LP.180 g. , 300 copies.
MV      995     CICCADA                 TALES                           LP      11.2016
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 300 copies)
MV      996     CICCADA                 THE FINEST OF MIRACLES          LP      05.2015
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 500 copies)
MV      998     CICCADA                 A CHILD IN THE MIRROR           2LP     04.2011