MILKCOW RECORDS                         NETHERLANDS

Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : psychedelic / noise / drone / beat / sludge / hardcore / punk /
          bluegrass / prog. rock / jazz / funk / soul / garage rock / r&r /

MOOH    001     ZMIV : BANZAI! HERE'S! "ZMIV" BEWARE!                   7"        .2012

        A1      Lay Down
        A2      Alive
        A3      Why
        A4      Wir Haben Es Nicht Gewusst
        B1      Fame
        B2      Beware
        B3      G.B.O.
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 300 copies)

(Note : reissue from Z 23662 original.)
MOOH    002     DREAM                   REBELLION                       7"        .2012

        A       Rebellion (Can I Ask You One More Question)
        B       The Doting King
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)

7"      Havoc           SH 165          1969    NE
MOOH    003     BRUUT!                  JUMP                            7"      04.2013

        A       Jump
        B       Moj

Milkcow's third release is the first contemporary band on the label. Bruut! is a Dutch
jazzcombo that plays groovy, swinging and brutal instrumentals, with squealing organs,
wailing saxophone and a supertight yet authentic sounding rhythm section. Milkcow's
smart young scout spotted them at one of their excellent live shows and was so
bedazzled by their performance skills that he immediatly contracted them for an
exclusive single. The two sides on this here 7" single are called 'Jump' and 'Moj'.
Both tracks are as short and energetic as the titles forecast and could just as easily
fit on a compilation filled with 60's jazz grooves as in a Tarantino movie. Record
Store Day release, limited to 300 copies.

        A1      By And By
        A2      Flora
        A3      Ruby Pearl
        A4      FDR
        A5      Elzick's Farewell
        A6      Smilin' Must Mean Something
        B1      Red Mountain Wine
        B2      Proud For Now
        B3      Limosuin Lady
        B4      Radio
        B5      Dance Around
MOOH    005     JOHNNY KENDALL & THE HERALDS : GIRL                     7"      01.2014

        A       Girl
        B       You Tell Me Why

7"      RCA Victor      47 9554         1966    NE

The second release in Milkcow's 'Holy Grails Of Nederbeat' series is Johnny Kendall
& The Heralds' 'Girl'. At last, an official reissue of this garage freakbeat monster!
Kendall and his group came from Amsterdam and had a hit with 'St. James Infirmary' in
1964. They made their only LP the very next year, but for genuine beat-freaks 'Girl',
from 1966, is the real deal. Fuelled with a loud and crunchy Kinks-style guitar riff,
and typical Dutch-English vocals, it's a genuine killer song. This is a must-have for
anyone who loves the rocking sixties Nederbeat sound. Limited edition, so act now or
cry later!
MOOH    006     THE INFORMATION         I FORESEE TROUBLE               LP      03.2015

        A1      Safe House
        A2      Grave Blues
        A3      I Foresee Trouble
        A4      Prey To The Wolves
        B1      The Lake
        B2      Losing My Mind
        B3      Bitter
        B4      Your Praying Is Idle
        B5      You Got Me Thinking

CD      Smoking Man Music SMM 201 5001  2015    NE

A hymn to hopelessness, an ode to embittered souls. This dark and immersive platter
will lead you to the largely stretched meadows, that are not green but dry. Very dry.
Although grittier in sound than its predecessor, the band plays more dynamic than
before and this 2015 album delivers a kind of Denver sound from the Lowlands.
The sermons of Nick Cave and David Eugene Edwards are never too far away, just like
the haunting spheres of Calexico and the lonesome Townes Van Zandt. Alternative folk
with raven dark rock-edge!
MOOH    007     THE HACKENSAW BOYS      WOLVES HOWLING                  7"      04.2015

        A       Wolves Howling
        B       The Hangman
MOOH    008     HOLY BEGGARS            HOLY BEGGARS                    LP        .2016

        A1      Use It 	
        A2      Motherless Child
        A3      One Great Leader
        A4      If Love Is A Fire
        B1      Love And Understanding 	
        B2      Blinded
        B3      The Hiss
        B4      Tender

For those about to indie-rock, Holy Beggars salute you! Here's their long anticipated
debut full length. The band fronted by creative songsmith Jan Teekens presents an
adventurous ride through eight well crafted and arranged songs; all going for the
perfect balance from up-tempo rockers to more moody folk inspired tunes to longer
spaced jams. It's hard to pin the Beggars sound, but we can heartily recommend this
fantastic record to fans of Neil Young, The Pixies, Beck and Radiohead. The whole
package is illustrated by the talented Joren Hans.
MOOH    009     THE SOUND OF IMKER      TRAIN OF DOOMSDAY               7"        .2016

        A       Train Of Doomsday
        B       See Those Girls
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM + poster)

7"      Philips         334 635 JF      1969    NE
7"      Op Art          OPART 018       1999    NE
MOOH    010     THE TWILIGHTERS         NOTHING CAN BRING ME DOWN       7"      01.2017

        A       Nothing Can Bring Me Down
        B       I Need You
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)

7"      Mark VII        D-1023          1968    US

Back on 7-inch, here's a brain melting Texas garage psych monster from 1968. 'Nothing
Can Bring Me Down' became an instant cult hit when it started appearing on garage punk
comps, and Pussy Galore and others bashed out their cover versions. The Twilighters
recorded this sole 45 at a club named Mark VII, also the name of the record label.
When the guys entered the recording space they only had one original song, the moody
garage ballad 'I Need You'. Front man Jay White wrote 'Nothing...' on the spot, since
the single also needed a flip. However, the result, a fuzzed up mixture of psych a la
Hendrix and Cream, and '60s punk, was so exciting that it became the A-side.
This wonderful reissue comes with a '60s styled company-sleeve and a postcard.
MOOH    011     CANSHAKER PI            BOOMSLANG FOR ED                12"     06.2017

        A1      Believe In Your Heart
        A2      Sensemaker
        A3      The Naked Flower Of The Wiz 1
        A4      Why Suffer From Art In Life
        A5      Soundcheck In Monkeytown
        B1      Shaniqua
        B2      Christmas
        B3      Bruises On This Tortured Mind Of Might
        B4      Looking For Love On Ibiza
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 100 black/400 red copies)

The young bunch of Canshaker Pi squeezes out songs faster than you can squeeze out
the pimples on your cheek. Only half a year after the debut-LP on Excelsior Recordings
here's the follow-up. 'Boomslang For Ed' collects the band's two EP's as one twelve
incher and shows off well how the quartet gained its infamous live reputation: this
is catchy, heavy guitarnoise in the tradition of the noisy grunge bands from the early
'90s, but with the additional coolness of bands such as Pavement and Dinosaur Jr.

CD      Excelsior       EXCEL 96495     2017    NE
MOOH    12      FUNGO BAT               EP                              7"      01.2018

Formed by the young talented Sam Verbeek as a bedroom recording project, Fungo Bat
now is a fully operating live band that will surprise young and old with their modern
garage indie punk rock.
MOOH    13      THE MOTIVES             THE WORLD IS A TRAPEZIUM        7"      06.2018

The Motives were formed by five British servicemen, who were stationed at the RAF in
West Germany and released an EP 'The World Is A Trapezium' on the Dutch Telstar label.
Recorded in 1967, only 120 copies were pressed, thus making this an extremely rare and
near impossible to find EP. Four brilliant psych garage freakbeat songs with killer
lead guitars courtesy of Tom Winter, later of Opus. Official reissue, approved by the
original bandmembers and with superb sound quality, as we're used from the Milkcow