MIDNIGHT THEMES                         GERMANY

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       US - Forced Exposure
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MIDNIGHT  004   MARLON HOFFSTADT        LAW OF ATTRACTION PT.1          12"     12.2018

        01.     The Overground
        02.     She Is My Hero
        03.     Hope Is Near
        04.     Child Of The Universe
MIDNIGHT  005   MARLON HOFFSTADT        LAW OF ATTRACTION PT.2          12"     12.2018

        01.     Digital Desire
        02.     Parallel Thoughts
        03.     I Ride With The Stars
        04.     Into The Deeper Vibe
MIDNIGHT  006   MARLON HOFFSTADT        SIMPLE COMMUNICATION            12"     02.2019

        01.     Take A Moment
        02.     Action And Reaction
        03.     Eye Contact

Dub and acid are the words as Marlon Hoffstadt goes deep on Simple Communication the
sixth EP in his Midnight Themes series. The Berlin producer starts 2019 with three
tracks that fly the flag for his current sound: deep, dubby, and subtly euphoric.
"Take A Moment" is a finely tuned piece of weighty dubbed-out techno with whiffs of
vintage pool parties and a lonely acid line. "Action And Reaction" harks back to the
'90s, rolling out waves of pads, and melodies that ascend and descend. The 11-minute,
two-act play of "Eye Contact" closes on a blissed-out note.
MIDNIGHT  007   MARLON HOFFSTADT        READY FOR TAKE HOFF             12"     04.2019