Didtr.  : US - Forced Exposure
Style   : lo-fi pop / garage rock /

MCRP    2       BAD SPELL               DON'T GO OUT TONIGHT            LP      04.2020

        01.     GONNA PUT YOU DOWN
        02.     SICK ON LOVE
        03.     CYNICAL GIRL
        04.     DANCIN' ON MY GRAVE
        05.     SOME KIND OF SAVAGE
        06.     WASTIN' TIME ON YOU
        07.     DON'T GO OUT TONIGHT
        08.     (HEY HEY HEY) LET'S DISAPPEAR
        09.     WHY CAN'T YOU SEE
        10.     SPELLBOUND
        11.     JENNY LYNN
        12.     NOTHING LEFT OF ME
        13.     LET IT FALL

Bad Spell is a three-piece garage rock & roll combo hailing from Atlanta, GA.
Members Bryan G. Malone (The Forty-Fives), Shane Pringle (Tiger! Tiger!, Go-Devils),
and Pietro Digenarro (The Booze, Midnight Larks) produce an electric and driving
rock & roll sound that draws from a variety of influences such as early Stones,
Sonics, Remains, Roky Erickson, MC5, Dead Moon, Moving Sidewalks, Scientists,
Howlin' Wolf, and Chuck Berry. Having formed in 2016, the band soon found themselves
being asked to perform in venues all over the Southeast with acts such as Guitar
Wolf, NoBunny, Cynics, and Subsonics. The approach was simple: A fuzzy guitar,
a booming baritone, and a madman on drums playing catchy songs with a more than
a hint of hell-bound attitude and plenty of reckless abandon. Their psyched-out,
over-the-top live show has endeared them to the Atlanta music scene and beyond.
"Bad Spell's energy level kicks the needle into the red..."
Michael Toland www.blurtonline.com
MCR     004 LP  DAN MELCHIOR BAND       OUTSIDE IN                      LP      02.2020

"Dan Melchior has been creating his own unique take on lo-fi pop/garage rock and 
American roots music for close over two decades. He has recorded over 35 records as
a solo performer, as a collaborator with Billy Childish and Graham Lambkin and more
notably with his band Dan Melchior's Broke Revue. He has also released several records
with his post Broke Revue band, Dan Melchior un Das Menace. Dan's latest LP comes
courtesy of his newest group Dan Melchior Band. Outside In is eight tracks of
distortion-drenched, fuzzed-up rhythm and blues, and rock and roll. While Dan's
distinctive vocals and guitar playing are the cornerstone of the group's sound, the
entire album is awash in a sea of unspooling riffs and hooks moving from heavy locked
in bass grooves to distorted synth freakouts. In the words of Steve Lowenthal 'Dan
Melchior is an anomaly in the modern music world, even for the underground. As one
of the world's last truly great songwriters ... His music cannot be neatly partitioned
into a narrow genre although one can detect elements of blues, vintage R&B, British
psych pop and more recently brazen experimentalism.'" "Outside In has a cinder-scorned
midnight feeling to it, slinking through the darkened streets in search of some
forgotten solace, some inner peace that never quite conjures through the haze ...
Falling in the blues-buttressed valley between his fuzz-freaked noise offerings and
his poppier days in the Broke Revue, the record is a greasy slide that hops back and
forth with a pugilist's swagger."
Andy French (ravensingstheblues.com)
MCRB    007     DAN MELCHIOR            LOUD VERSION                    LP      05.2022

        01.      HUNGRY GHOST
        02.     EITHER SIDE
        03.     PRETTY TORN UP
        04.     I'M YOUR WITCHDOCTOR
        05.     BOTTOM OF THE SEA
        06.     I'M JUST A POOR BOY
        07.     OUTSKIRTS
        08.     ANIMALS
        09.     MOCKINGBIRD
        10.     MONKEY
PR7EP   4       WYMYNS PRYSYN           WASTE YOUR LIFE                 7"      06.2020

         01.    WASTE YOUR LIFE
         02.    KEEP IT SIMPLE