Between '68 and '74 Peter Howell of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop And colleague
John Ferdinando issued five LP's - one under their own names (a psychedelic stage
production of ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS) and others under monikers such as

...TOMORROW COME SOME DAY (a Swinging London Soundtrack) . AGINCOURT , ITHAKA
   and FRIENDS (each folky and psychedelic in a post-1970 sort of way) .

A full set of these albums would now set you back about  3.500 GBP !!

Friends is the most expensive of the lot , and the most exclusive . Theres is just
one known copy , which came from Howell himself . By all accounts it's a bit
ropey , full of crackles and surface noise , but it is a great album nonetheless.
Fewer than a half a dozen people can claim to have heard the record , but it's
said to be a folk-psychedelic gem  in the same vein as Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of
The Moon"
After Howell relinquished his sole copy in the early 1990's , FRIENDS was sold
to a japanese collector for over 2000 GBP !

(Record Collector dec.2004 # 304 , p.81)

Distr. : self
Style  : rock

HF   3   AGINCOURT              Fly Away                                LP        .1970
         (Note : LP with insert , GBP 350)
HF   4   FRIENDS                Friends                                 LP        .1974
         (Note : LP white label test pressing only , 1 copy / 1500 GBP)
HF   6   ITHACA                 A Game For All Who Know                 LP        .1973
         (Note : LP with insert , GBP 500; echoes of the more acoustic
         bits of early Pink Floyd this top flight acid folk / psyche LP
         was originally issued as a tiny micro private press of 99 copies
         in 1973)