MENTHA MUSIC                            UK

Distr.  : UK -
          US - Forced Exposure
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MENTHA  001     MENTHA                  CHROMATIC NARRATIONS            12"     08.2018

        01.     All Or Nothing
        02.     Same Spot (feat. Vale)
        03.     Sunflower
        04.     Natural Rain
        05.     Water March
        06.     In My Head (feat. Aphty Khéa)

Apart from being known for founding the infamous vinyl imprint Subaltern Records and
for his residency on SUB.FM, Gabriele Romeo, aka Mentha, has made quite a name for
himself with his jazz-influenced bass music productions. Chromatic Narrations is
a selection of tracks from his vault, showcasing his musical abilities and tasteful
compositions. Features Vale and Aphty Khéa.