Distr.  : UK - Bleep/
Style   : electro / acid /

001     MF      FAH                     FUTURE RX                       2LP+7"  05.2018

        1       THE FUTURE STARTS THERE                         1:46
        2       TRASH TIMPANI                                   4:02
        3       FUTURE RX                                       3:00
        4       CHARTREUSE TRAJECTORY                           3:30
        5       BACKFLIP                                        2:51
        6       FUTURE BOSSA                                    2:18
        7       BREATH TULIP                                    2:02
        8       FUTURE PETRICHOR                                2:55
        9       DIG / DUG                                       2:47
        10      MACHINE RAIN                                    1:31
        11      (FUTURE)                                        2:43
        12      A WORD ON THE FUTURE                            2:47
        13      ALL DRUM MACHINES GO TO HEAVEN                  3:41
        14      HACKING INTO THE FLUORITE WAREHOUSE             2:51
        15      JAPANESE NEON                                   2:59

High-quality cardboard sleeve
Silkscreen printed three colours
Mastered by Alek Stark
One-time limited edition pressing
Only 125 copies available

Back in 2014 Alek Stark's Fundamental Records released two double albums by an artist
going under the guise of Patronen. In true techno style, little information was given
about who was behind the recordings, with Fundamental true to the craft preferring to
let the music speak for itself. Fast forward four years and many hushed conversations
of who could be behind this shadowy and essential electro project within various
corners of the internet, and Patronen has been unveiled as the project of one FAH.
A producer famed for releasing one of the very best CPU's and always present in the
Fundamental 808 Boxes, now returning to the fold with the astral projection noir of
his new dimension changing Future RX.