MENTAL EXPERIENCE                       SPAIN

Distr. : SP -
         UK - Norman/
         NE - Sonic Rendezvous
         US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue / post krautrock / avant rock /

MENT    001     CIRCLES                 CIRCLES                         LP      02.2016

        1.      Einblicke                                       3:22
        2.      Viele Wege                                      3:30
        3.      Chant                                           2:44
        4.      Rockola                                         4:08
        5.      10 degrees Unter Null                           5:23
        6.      Troflut                                         4:40
        7.      Reibend                                         3:23
        8.      Intermezzo                                      0:21
        9.      A) Woistich                                     8:03
                B) Umgedreht                                    3:44

"Circles" was their first album, released in 1983 as a private press. on their tiny
Einhorn label, housed in a cool and mysterious looking cover. This little known but
excellent kraut/psych/experimental album is highly recommended to anyone into Harmonia,
Cluster, Fripp / Eno, Heldon, Conrad Schnitzler, Neu!, Throbbing Gristle, Ilitch, Irmin
Schmidt, Amon Düül II…
First ever reissue, including detailed liner notes by Alan Freeman (The Crack In The
Cosmic Egg, Ultima Thule) telling the story of the band for the first time.
“Circles are one of the most fascinating of German ambient/electronic bands from the
post new-wave era” - Alan Freeman (The Crack In The Cosmic Egg)
MENT    002     CIRCLES                 MORE CIRCLES                    LP      02.2016

        1.      Minimal Instant                                 1:12
        2.      A) Several Steps Leading Through Different
                Rooms                                           9:44
                B) Escapades                                    3:29
        3.      Tripletwin                                      1:38
        4.      Paris Cut                                       4:07
        5.      Mental Dart                                     5:02
        6.      Trio Atonale                                    2:54
        7.      Tranquilo Gonzales                              6:25
        8.      Sequences                                       4:04
        9.      Consequences                                    2:20
        10.     Spiral Dance                                    5:22

Circles second record, the logically titled More Circles, is a powerful slice of
experimental post-krautrock. It was only ever released via private press in 1984, until
now. This first ever reissue brings this interesting music out of obscurity.
Re-released by Mental Experience, with comprehensive liner notes from wise krautrock
sage Alan Freeman.
MENT    003     RED SQUARE : RARE AND LOST 70'S RECORDINGS              LP      04.2016

Ultra-rare recordings by '70s UK avant-rockers Red Square, the missing link between
original free-noise practitioners like AMM, Nihilist Spasm Band, and Peter Brotzmann
and post-no wavers a la The Blue Humans, Borbetomagus, Fushitsusha, and The Dead C.
Named after the early Soviet Constructivists, Red Square is a pioneering free-improv.,
avant-rock band. They bridged the worlds of psychedelic rock, noise, and avant-jazz,
and many of the techniques and approaches to music that they helped to pioneer have
become common practice today. Predating Sonic Youth by seven years.
MENT    004     TYLL                    SEXPHONIE                       LP      07.2016

(Note : LP , Includes insert with liner notes by Alan Freeman (The Crack In The Cosmic
        Egg) plus reproduction of the rare original booklet /comic)
MENT    004     TYLL                    SEXPHONIE                       CD      07.2016



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