MENTAL EXPERIENCE                       SPAIN

Distr. : SP -
         UK - Norman/
         NE - Sonic Rendezvous
         US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue / post krautrock / avant rock /

MENT    001     CIRCLES                 CIRCLES                         LP      02.2016

        1.      Einblicke                                       3:22
        2.      Viele Wege                                      3:30
        3.      Chant                                           2:44
        4.      Rockola                                         4:08
        5.      10 degrees Unter Null                           5:23
        6.      Troflut                                         4:40
        7.      Reibend                                         3:23
        8.      Intermezzo                                      0:21
        9.      A) Woistich                                     8:03
                B) Umgedreht                                    3:44

"Circles" was their first album, released in 1983 as a private press. on their tiny
Einhorn label, housed in a cool and mysterious looking cover. This little known but
excellent kraut/psych/experimental album is highly recommended to anyone into Harmonia,
Cluster, Fripp / Eno, Heldon, Conrad Schnitzler, Neu!, Throbbing Gristle, Ilitch, Irmin
Schmidt, Amon Düül II…
First ever reissue, including detailed liner notes by Alan Freeman (The Crack In The
Cosmic Egg, Ultima Thule) telling the story of the band for the first time.
“Circles are one of the most fascinating of German ambient/electronic bands from the
post new-wave era” - Alan Freeman (The Crack In The Cosmic Egg)
MENT    002     CIRCLES                 MORE CIRCLES                    LP      02.2016

        1.      Minimal Instant                                 1:12
        2.      A) Several Steps Leading Through Different
                Rooms                                           9:44
                B) Escapades                                    3:29
        3.      Tripletwin                                      1:38
        4.      Paris Cut                                       4:07
        5.      Mental Dart                                     5:02
        6.      Trio Atonale                                    2:54
        7.      Tranquilo Gonzales                              6:25
        8.      Sequences                                       4:04
        9.      Consequences                                    2:20
        10.     Spiral Dance                                    5:22

Circles second record, the logically titled More Circles, is a powerful slice of
experimental post-krautrock. It was only ever released via private press in 1984, until
now. This first ever reissue brings this interesting music out of obscurity.
Re-released by Mental Experience, with comprehensive liner notes from wise krautrock
sage Alan Freeman.
MENT    003     RED SQUARE : RARE AND LOST 70'S RECORDINGS              LP      04.2016

Ultra-rare recordings by '70s UK avant-rockers Red Square, the missing link between
original free-noise practitioners like AMM, Nihilist Spasm Band, and Peter Brotzmann
and post-no wavers a la The Blue Humans, Borbetomagus, Fushitsusha, and The Dead C.
Named after the early Soviet Constructivists, Red Square is a pioneering free-improv.,
avant-rock band. They bridged the worlds of psychedelic rock, noise, and avant-jazz,
and many of the techniques and approaches to music that they helped to pioneer have
become common practice today. Predating Sonic Youth by seven years.
MENT    004     TYLL                    SEXPHONIE                       LP      07.2016

(Note : LP , Includes insert with liner notes by Alan Freeman (The Crack In The Cosmic
        Egg) plus reproduction of the rare original booklet /comic)
MENT    004     TYLL                    SEXPHONIE                       CD      07.2016
MENT    005     V / A : Cologne Curiosities: The Unknown Krautrock      2LP     10.2016
                Underground 1972-1976

        02.     SPIRULINA               THE MESSAGE
        03.     CHRONOS GBP"            SCHAUDERNACHT
        04.     NEIL ANDERSEN           FEUERWERK
        05.     BAAL                    NO GOD / ASTAROTH
        06.     TEN TO ZEN              INNERST
        07.     FUERROTE                GANZ WIE DU WILLST
MENT    006     GOLEM                   ORION AWAKES                    LP      05.2017

        01      Orion Awakes                                    07:27
        02      Stellar Launch                                  07:36
        03      Godhead Dance                                   06:31
        04      Jupiter & Beyond (Signal / Noise / Rebirth)     14:25
        05      The Returning                                   07:45

Mental Experience present a reissue of Golem's Orion Awakes. Orion Awakes was recorded
and produced circa 1976 by Toby Robinson, aka Genius P. Orridge, while he worked as
second engineer at the famous Dierks Studio in Cologne.
Includes download coupon; 24-bit domain remaster from the original tapes; Housed in
a silver foil sleeve; Insert with liner notes by Alan Freeman (Ultima Thule/The Crack
In The Cosmic Egg (1996)).
MENT    007     JORGE ANTUNES           MUSICA ELETRONICA               LP      10.2016

Included in this LP is an insert with liner notes and photos. Master tape sound.
Mandatory for anyone into Pierre Henry, Iannis Xenakis, Pierre Schaeffer, Louis & Bebe
Baron, Ihlan Mimaroglu, Morton Subotnick, Stockhausen.
MENT    008     AK MUSICK               AK MUSICK                       LP      11.2016

        01.     HAVA
        02.     SCHACE
        03.     IMPRO-VISION
        04.     MY APE & MY MONKEY
        05.     RON DO
        06.     BAZ

AK Musick's self-titled LP, originally released in 1972 in a private press edition of
150 copies on Hans Kumpf's legendary AKM Records, offers radical, freaked-out sounds
with hints of free-jazz, improv and avant-garde.
MENT    009     REQUIEM                 FOR A WORLD AFTER               LP+DLc  01.2017
MENT    009     REQUIEM                 FOR A WORLD AFTER               CD      02.2017

        01      Destruction                                     09 :18
        02      Devastation                                     11 :01
        03      Realisation                                     05 :00
        04      Relevation                                      05 :17
        05      Construction                                    04 :21
        06      Creation                                        05 :08

 Mental Experience present the first ever reissue of Requiem's For A World After,
 originally released in 1981. Master tape sound; Insert with liner notes and photos.
MENT    010     ILDEFONSO AGUILAR       EROSION                         2LP     01.2017

Expanded reissue of Ildefonso Aguilar's Erosión, originally released in 1985.
MENT    011     COZMIC CORRIDORS        COZMIC CORRIDORS                LP+DLc  02.2017

        01      Dark Path                                       03:08
        02      The Summit                                      09:57
        03      Mountainside                                    08:47
        04      Niemand Versteht                                07:45
        05      Daruber                                         11:10

Cozmic Corridors is an underground kraut-kosmische monster, recorded and produced
circa 1972-73 in Cologne by Toby "The Mad Twiddler" Robinson for his Pyramid label.
The album was apparently released as an ultra-limited handmade edition back in the
early '70s, but no original copies have surfaced. Featuring Mythos drummer Hans-Jürgen
Pütz on percussion and effects, alongside synth/keyboard freak Alex Meyer, poet
/vocalist Pauline Fund, and the mysterious guitarist Peter Förster.
MENT    012     KOZMONAUT               FLIEG                           LP+DLc  06.2017

        01.     THE MAN (ENGLISH VERSION)
        02.     FLIEG
        03.     TIDAL MEDITATION
        05.     ARABISCHE NACHT
        06.     EIN KLEINER WALZER
        07.     LIEBEN IST
        08.     PARADEMARSCH

Originally released in 1986. Ultra-rare DIY minimal/synth-pop/industrial/dark wave
album. 1000 copies were pressed on his own label, Vier Productions Inc., but they were
never distributed or sold at the time, with virtually the entire pressing being
discarded, as Michael, a perfectionist, was not satisfied with the spelling mistakes
on the cover, among other things.
Original artwork, with spelling mistakes corrected; Insert with liner notes; Includes
download coupon.
MENT    013     VOIGT/465 : SLIGHTS STILL UNSPOKEN (1978-1979)          LP+DLc  06.2017
MENT    013     VOIGT/465 : SLIGHTS STILL UNSPOKEN (1978-1979)          CD      06.2017

        01      State                                           02:09
        02      A Secret West                                   03:54
        03      Voices A Drama                                  02:38
        04      A Welcome Mystery                               02:51
        05      Red Lock On See Steal                           03:27
        06      Imprint                                         03:09
        07      Many Risk                                       03:19
        08      Is New Is                                       03:26
        09      4 Hours                                         03:26
        10      P                                               01:06
        11      F1                                              06:59
        12      Winchsoul                                       02:59
        13      And The Following Page                          03:20
        14      So Long As One Knows                            06:04
        15      Remake / Remodel (Live) (download only track)   03:08
        16      Connection (Live) (download only track)         02:49
        17      It's A Rainy Day (Live) (download only track)   06:04

Mental Experience present an expanded reissue of Voigt/465's 1979 album Slights Spoken,
titled Slights Still Unspoken (1978-1979). Formed in Sydney in 1976, Voigt/465 was a
truly unique band from the exciting days of the Australian post-punk scene. Heavily
influenced by such luminaries as the Velvets, Stooges, Syd Barrett, Pere Ubu, Can,
Faust, Henry Cow, Slapp Happy, and Eno's Roxy Music, they created an abrasive sound
in which krautrock, DIY, avant-garage, post-punk, psych, art-rock, and free improv
noise combined to form a sound unlike any other. In 1978, they released one of the
first DIY 45s from Australia, State/A Secret West, which showed their "pop-psych"
side and was played by John Peel in the UK. The following year, their bass player
Lindsay O'Meara decided to leave the band and join Crime & The City Solution in
Melbourne. Before parting ways, Voigt/465 decided to record one last album as a
testament. Slights Spoken saw the light in 1979 and it's without doubt one of the
most fascinating albums from the post-punk/DIY era. The entire album is featured
here, including the two tracks from their first 45. Includes download coupon which
features three live tracks from '78-79, including killer covers of Faust, Can, and
Roxy Music. RIYL: Can, Faust, Pere Ubu, Roxy Music, Family Fodder, The Homosexuals,
Slapp Happy, This Heat, Pop Group, Primitive Calculators. Remastered sound; Insert
with rare photos and liner notes by band member Phil Turnbull.
MENT    014     GALACTIC EXPLORERS      EPITAPH FOR VENUS               CD      08.2017
MENT    014     GALACTIC EXPLORERS      EPITAPH FOR VENUS               LP      05.2019

        01      Lunarscape                                      17:54
        02      Ethereal Jazz                                   15:38
        03      Venus Rising                                    08:13

Mental Experience present a reissue of Galactic Explorers' Epitaph For Venus. Another
album from the Pyramid label shrouded in mystery and produced by Toby Robinson in
Cologne, circa 1974. Kosmische and head sounds with plenty of Minimoog, analog synths
/keyboards, effects, loops, tape manipulation, treated percussions, etc., courtesy of
Galactic Explorers, an electronic, minimal, ambient krautrock trio featuring Reinhard
Karwatky (Dzyan). Take a trip to the inner regions of your mind, see ancient solar
systems forming, and listen to cosmic winds and vibrations while sine waves of pure
bliss will give you total peace of mind. RIYL: Terry Riley, Popol Vuh, Sand, Peter
Michael Hamel, Tangerine Dream, Baba Yaga, Cluster, Cozmic Corridors, Brainticket.
24-bit domain remaster from the original tapes; Insert with liner notes by Alan
Freeman, head boss at Ultima Thule and author of The Crack In The Cosmic Egg (1996).
MENT    015     IN TIME                 INSIDE YOUR MIND                LP+dlC  11.2017

        02.     WEIRD HOUSE
        03.     OLD LADIES
        04.     OUTSIDE
        05.     WHEN I CHANGE MY EYES
        06.     WHEN I SEE HER
        08.     DO YOU THINK ABOUT ME
        09.     MANY ARE THE TEARS
        10.     MIDEASTIFICATION
        11.     ON THE TELEPHONE
        12.     ROMAN LEGION #9
        14.     THIS IS NOT TELEVISION

Homespun psych-punk-garage-pop from 1985. Over a decade ago, Steve Krakow, aka Plastic
Crimewave, found a cassette by a mysterious '80s band called In Time at a Chicago
thrift shop. When he returned home and listened to it, he was amazed: "I had flashes
of the TV Personalities (one of my fave 'DIY; bands), early 'paisley underground' like
Three O'Clock (maybe when they were the Salvation Army), wobbly but illuminated '60s
folk-garage like Faine Jade, and even first wave UK punk like Subway Sect or yes, thee
Pistols. Remastered sound; Insert with liner notes by Steve Krakow (Plastic Crimewave);
Includes download card.
MENT    016     THE NAZGUL              THE NAZGUL                      LP+DLc  01.2018

        01.     The Tower of Barad-Dûr
        02.     Shelob's Lair
        03.     The Dead Marshes
        04.     Mount Doom

Recorded in the mid '70s by Toby Robinson (a.k.a. The Mad Twiddler) for his private
Pyramid label, this totally out-there kosmische/experimental/avant garde obscurity is
at long last available again, and on a larger scale. Expect Tolkien-inspired dark
ambient soundscapes with spooky, ritualistic atmospheres, treated percussions, gongs
and guitars, trippy Hammond and Mini-Moog, tape loops, weird noises, drones and more.
This vinyl reissue comes with remastered sound, liner notes and a free download.
MENT    017     LADY JUNE : LEDY JUNE'S LINGUISTIC LEPROSY              LP      11.2017

        02.     REFLECTIONS
        03.     AM I
        05.     TUNION
        06.     THE TOURIST
        07.     BARS
        08.     THE LETTER
        09.     MANGEL-WURZEL
        10.     TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
        11.     OPTIMISM
        12.     TOUCH-DOWNER

A truly mindblowing 1974 album from the famous UK Canterbury scene sees its deserved
and awaited vinyl reissue. Yes, it's the legendary debut-LP by pivotal figure,
performance poet, painter and experimental musician June Campbell Cramer, better
known as LADY JUNE. The metarial was produced by KEVIN AYERS, who also plays on the
album along with BRIAN ENO, PIP PYLE (Gong, Hatfield And The North) and DAVID VORHAUS
(White Noise). This reissue comes with remastered sound and an insert offering info
and photos.
MENT    018     EMILIO-MOOG-APARICIO    EXPANSION GALACTICA             LP      11.2017

        02.     LOS VISITANTS DE SIRIO
        03.     LA PIPA DE LUCAS
        04.     EL NACIMIENTO DIARIO
        05.     LA CEREMONIA
        07.     BRUJERIA
        09.     BO BO BO BEU

Awesome, totally psychedelic Moog experiments by a forward thinking musician from
Guatemala, recorded in collaboration with his patron and producer, the painter Roberto
Abularach. This collection contains tracks from Emilio Aparacio Moog's rare singles,
privately released during the period 1969-1971. Expect a fascinating blend of primitive
homemade electronics with Latin influences, sounding like a psychedelic Pierre Henry
or Gershon Kingsley, or Bruce Haack fighting Joe Meek in the Guatemalan jungle. Info
and photos are included.
TEMPLE  019     TEMPLE                  TEMPLE                          LP+DLc  04.2018

        01.     Heathen
        02.     Leaves Are Falling / Black Light
        03.     Age Of Ages
        04.     Ship On Fire
        05.     Crazy Hat / Kingdom Of Gabriel

LP version. Includes insert with liners notes; Includes download card. Continuing with
their reissue campaign of the Toby Robinson's Pyramid label catalog, Mental Experience
now present Temple's self-titled release. Probably the most "rock" sounding of all the
Pyramid titles, Temple were an ad-hoc outfit born out of several late-night sessions
at Dierks Studios (where Toby was working at that time), involving local friends of
Toby and other musicians from adjoining studios, among them Zeus B. Held (Birth
Control). Temple played a kind of heavy, dark psychedelic krautrock with ahead of its
time proto-Goth vibe. Loud guitars, Hammond, Mini-Moog, Mellotron, distorted and
echoing vocals, effects...
MENT    020     WILD HAVANA             WILD HAVANA                     LP      04.2018

Mental Experience present a reissue of Wild Havana's self-titled album, originally
released in 1977. Obscure Dutch private pressing of laid-back instrumental psychedelic
/progressive sounds with jazz-funk-groove and abstract/experimental/Latin-indigenous
touches. Stoned homemade atmosphere with treated/distorted electric and acoustic
guitars, flute, electric piano, primitive drum machines/homemade electronics...
Much in the vein of the experimental-underground scene of France and Germany during
the early '70s but actually recorded and released in Holland. Wild Havana was the
project of guitar player Johan Smith, helped by his brother Cor on flute. Influenced
by artists like Zappa and Herbie Hancock, Johan recorded the Wild Havana album at his
home studio on a 4-track, using effect devices developed by himself, like a modified
proto-drum machine taken from a Hammond organ. He also used effects like phase shifter,
chorus, etc. and experimented with putting wool on the guitar strings and electric
effects on the mandolin. The result sounded like nothing else at the time. Buried for
many years, we're excited to bring to life this unique album. RIYL: Herbie Hancock,
Richard Pinhas, Christian Boule, Orexis... Insert with liner notes by band member
Johan Smit. "...a beautiful, strange psych-prog LP with abstract compositions ,
experimental edges and some funk hints" --Mutant Sounds
MENT    021     MOUVEMENTS              MOUVEMENTS                      LP      04.2018

        01.     Largo Pour Piano Et Océan
        02.     Goutte De Sang En Feu
        03.     Hard-Rock Ouverture
        04.     Ailleurs
        05.     7 Contre 4
        06.     Le Voyage Sperper
        07.     Nebel/Leben
        08.     Mémoire Pulvérisée
        09.     The Playwrite's Drift - Roots Eater Take 1
        10.     My Guitar Is Driving Me Mad (Take 2)
        11.     I Love You, Sugar Beef (Take 1)
        12.     Hard-Rock Ouverture (Take 1)

LP version. Includes insert with liner notes; Includes digital download code which
includes previously unreleased bonus tracks; Housed in a silver-mirrored sleeve.
Mental Experience present the first ever reissue of Mouvements, originally released
in 1973. An impossible to find artifact from the Swiss underground avant-garde scene
of Geneva, originally released as a private boxset limited to 150 copies in 1973, only
sold at art galleries.
MENT    022     PYRAMID                 PYRAMID                         LP      05.2018
MENT    022 CD  PYRAMID                 PYRAMID                         CD      06.2018

        A1.     Dawn Defender (part 1)
        B1.     Dawn Defender (part 2)

Reissued on vinyl, here are 33 minutes of pure, unadulterated, psychedelic Krautrock
courtesy of PYRAMID, an obscure studio project produced by Toby Robinson a.k.a.
The Mad Twiddler. These sessions were recorded circa 1975-'76 in Cologne for the
underground Pyramid label, which was operated by Toby and his friend Robin Page
(the Fluxus artist).

        01.     OBERTURA
        02.     LA MARCA DE ANUBIS
        03.     LA COMITIVA CELESTE
        04.     MERITATN Y EL NILO
        05.     ISIS Y OSIRIS
        06.     RESURRECCIN
        07.     ATLAS
        08.     MANTIS RELIGIOSA
        09.     ELLA ES INTANGIBLE
        10.     EL HOMBRE SIN NOMBRE
        11.     PETER PAN
        12.     SOY EL VACO
        13.     EL CANTOR DE JAZZ
        14.     POSESIN
        15.     ARCO IRIS
        16.     SANGRE DE ANGEL
        17.     ENIGMA Y TU VOZ

Originally released in 1982 on the DRO label, La Marca De Anubis was the debut album
by Los Iniciados, an obscure project related to legendary Spanish synth-pop band
Aviador Dro.  Remastered from the original tapes and presented with original artwork,
a 12-page LP-sized booklet and a bonus 7" EP.
MENT    024     LOS INICIADOS           TODO UBU                        LP      09.2018

        01.     OBERTURA
        03.     DANZA INCA DE LA TA UB
        04.     CANCIN 1 DE LOS PALOTINES
        05.     DESFILE
        06.     CANCIN DEL TO UB
        07.     CANCIN 2 DE LOS PALOTINES
        08.     LA APARICIN DEL SR. MATAS
        10.     AL SACO!
        11.     INTERMEZZO
        12.     CANCIN DE LADISLAO
        14.     CANCIN DEL ZAR
        16.     CANCIN DEL KLAM Y LA TA UB
        17.     TRIUNFO DE LADISLAO
        18.     CANCIN FINAL

Mental Experience present a reissue of Todo Ubu, a record of dark minimal synth
electronics and experimental sounds by the mysterious project Los Iniciados, orig.
released in 1983. Highly influenced by The Residents, they were related to legendary
Spanish synth-pop band Aviador Dro. This is their rare and sought-after second album,
originally released in 1983 on the DRO label as the soundtrack to a puppet stage
play, based on Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi (1896). Presented with remastered sound with
original artwork and a 16-page LP-sized insert.
MENT    025     DAYS OF SORROW          REMEMBERING THE DAYS            12"     11.2018

        01.     WILD WORLD
        02.     WAR
        03.     I TRAVEL
        04.     DONT LEAVE ME DROWNING

Originally out in 1984, now finally reissued, this is one of the most sought after
minimal synth/Neue Deutsche Welle 12-inches from the '80s. This edition comes with
remastered sound and an insert offering liner notes and rare photos.
MENT    026     MOMES                   SPIRALLING                      2LP+7"  03.2019

        01.     LOBBY
        02.     FRIDAY
        03.     MIRROR EGG
        05.     GHOSTS
        06.     LOCUST SWARM
        07.     CORE OF WATER
        08.     DOG
        09.     WORLD IS ONLY TURNING
        10.     NITRATE MINE
        11.     SLAB
        12.     ALL IS FORGIVEN
        13.     MAO

Featuring Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow) on Hawaiian laptop noisy guitar and keyboards,
Mick Hobbs (Family Fodder, The Work, Officer!) on bass and Andy Wake (Unrest, Work
& Play) on drums, The Momes were an unique power trio with an abrasive sound channeling
post-punk, psych-prog and avant-rock. 'Spiralling' is their sole album, recorded at
This Heat's Cold Storage studio by Charles Bullen (This Heat, Lifetones) and orig.
released in 1989 on the Woof label (operated by Tim Hodgkinson and Bill Gilonis).
First ever vinyl reissue of this lost gem, recommended to fans of This Heat, Wire,
Sonic Youth, Faust, Amon Duul II, Can, MX-80 Sound, Mission Of Burma. Includes a bonus
7" with two tracks taken from the album sessions. Digital download also includes a
previously unreleased bonus track from the same album sessions.
MENT    027     THOMAS HAMILTON         PIECE FOR KOHN                  LP      04.2019

        01.     MODHERA
        02.     BONAMPAK
        03.     GIRNAR
        04.     FATEHPUR
MENT    028     CARE OF THE COW         DOGS EARS ARE STUPID            LP+DLc  04.2019
MENT    028     CARE OF THE COW         DOGS EARS ARE STUPID            CD      04.2019

        01.     Chinese Food Part I
        02.     Cemetery
        03.     Like Me
        04.     Chinese Food Part II
        05.     Oceans In My Ears
        06.     Dogs' Ears Are Stupid
        07.     Australia / The Sleepwalker Bites Herself In French
        08.     European Trains
        09.     No Beethoven
        10.     Dancing Partners (bonus track)
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