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*****************                       Berkshire


Distr.  : UK - Action/Norman/
Style   : electro folk / psychedelic / folk / krautrock / avantgarde rock /
          acid rock / power pop / acid folk /

Mega Dodo is about great music - period! We pride ourselves on the quality of our
artistes and take great care and attention with every release. This not only means
great music but great looking and sounding records and CDs.
Our first release by Mordecai Smyth was issued in July 2011 as a limited edition 7-inch
single and digital download. It was followed in August by the band's debut album,
'Sticky Tape & Rust'. Since then Mega Dodo has released records by artistes from
Finland, America and London. We've got plenty more great music lined up so be sure to
pop back regularly to see what we're doing, or keep up to date by following our
artistes on ReverbNation and Facebook.
[From:] aug.12, 2015

DODO    1       MORDECAI SMYTH          STICKY TAPE AND RUST            LP+DLc  08.2011
                (Note : LP , 250 mcopies on red-transp. vinyl)
DODOCD  1       MORDECAI SMYTH          STICKY TAPE AND RUST            CDR     02.2013

A.      1       Mr. Hitchcock                                   4:02
        2       Herbert Frowsy                                  2:20
        3       All Right Now                                   2:16
        4       Almost Murder Ballad                            2:51
        5       With One Arm Tied                               3:22
        6       I've Been So Tired                              3:34
        7       Sinister Cyclist                                2:30
B.      8       I Love You                                      2:31
        9       Give Me Some Space                              3:12
        10      Big Hit                                         2:52
        11      Here I Stand                                    3:09
        12      Don't Cross Colin                               2:46
        13      Georgina Jones                                  3:41

DODOLP  3       CRYSTAL JACQUELINE      AUN ARISE                       LP      04.2014
                (Note : LP , 250 copies on yellow vinyl)
DODOCD  3       CRYSTAL JACQUELINE      AUN ARISE                       CDR     10.2013

LP      A1      Sun Arise
        A2      A Fairy Tale
        A3      Who Do You Love?
        A4      Dream I
        A5      By The Way
        B1      Fly A Kite
        B2      Alice
        B3      I Break
        B4      Light Is Love
        B5      Sundown

CD      1       Sun Arise
        2       A Fairy Tale
        3       Play With Fire
        4       Dream I
        5       Who Do You Love?
        6       Alice
        7       Cousin Jane
        8       Fly A Kite
        9       By The Way
        10      I Break
        11      Light Is Love
        12      Sundown
DODOCD  4       V / A                   HERE FOR CHRISTMAS              CD      10.2013

        1       Crystal Jacqueline      On Christmas Day
        2       Keys, The               Queuing Up For Christmas
        3       Hare & The Moon Band, The : The Snow It Melts The Soonest
        4       Honey Pot, The          Angel In The Sky
        5       Shadow Kabinet          When Winter Comes To England
        6       Beaulieu Porch          Simon Christmas
        7       Mordecai Smyth & Friends : Stop The Cavalry
        8       Trolley : I'll Be Home For Christmas
        9       ?reen Question Mark, The : Santa Claus
        10      Devil's Jukebox, The    White Christmas
        11      Strange Turn            Thanks For Christmas
                (Note : CD , 100 copies)
DODOLP  5       MARK & THE CLOUDS       BLUE SKIES OPENING              LP      06.2014
                (Note : LP , 250 copies on blue vinyl)
DODOCD  5       MARK & THE CLOUDS       BLUE SKIES OPENING              CD      06.2014

LP      A1      In The Storm
        A2      You Call Me Brother
        A3      Music Disease
        A4      Blue Skies Opening
        A5      The Grudge
        B1      Goddess Of Desire
        B2      Spirits In The Wind
        B3      I Run Like Crazy
        B4      For All Diamonds To Shine
        B5      Faraway Laughter
        B6      London Fire

CD      1       In The Storm
        2       You Call Me Brother
        3       Music Disease
        4       Blue Skies Opening
        5       The Grudge
        6       Darkened River
        7       Goddess Of Desire
        8       Spirits In The Wind
        9       I Run Like Crazy
        10      For All Diamonds To Shine
        11      Faraway Laughter
        12      London Fire
        13      Are You Taking Time?
                (Note : CD , 250 copies)

        A1      Avant-Garden
        A2      It's Not A Coincidence
        A3      In The Middle Of Nowhere
        A4      Diamonds And Emeralds
        A5      Very Strange Trip
        A6      Cuckoo Clock Mystery
        B1      You Are Every Poem
        B2      Thought Collector
        B3      Mirror Of Your Memories
        B4      Reflections Of Time
        B5      Listen To The Moths
                (Note : LP , 250 copies on clear vinyl)
DODOLP  7       SKY PICNIC              HER DAWN WARDROBE               LP      10.2014
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on grey vinyl + poster)
DODOCD  7       SKY PICNIC              HER DAWN WARDROBE               CD      10.2014

LP      A1      Upon Further Reflection
        A2      June Sunshine
        A3      I See You Saw
        A4      Lady of the Moon
        A5      Ode To
        B1      Where the Memories Stirred
        B2      Most of a Box of Winter
        B3      Her Dawn Wardrobe
        B4      Earl Grey
        B5      English Breakfast

CD      1       Upon Further Reflection                         3:32
        2       June Sunshine                                   4:32
        3       I See You Saw                                   6:58
        4       Lady Of The Moon                                3:35
        5       Ode To...                                       1:22
        6       Where The Memories Stirred (Lady Juniper)       3:10
        7       Most Of A Box Of Winter                         5:35
        8       Her Dawn Wardrobe                               3:24
        9       Earl Grey                                       8:23
        10      English Breakfast                               0:33
DODO    8       CRYSTAL JACQUELINE      RAINFLOWER                      LP+DL   05.2015

LP      A1      Siren
        A2      Winter Deep
        A3      Dress Of White Lace
        A4      Water Hyacinth
        A5      Daisy Chains
        B1      Mary Waiting
        B2      Strange Bloom
        B3      Grantchester Meadows
        B4      Rainflower
        B5      Again... Dragonfly
DL +            In My Car
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)
DODOLP  9       WILL Z.                 NEW START                       LP      06.2015
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
DODOCD  9       WILL Z.                 NEW START                       CD      06.2015

        1       Jain Devotion (Parts I-III)                     13:19
        2       Namo                                            5:11
        3       Evil Namo                                       3:33
        4       Greek Loop                                      2:23
        5       Nefle                                           5:40
        6       Jain Devotion (Parts IV-V)                      11:53
DODOLP  10      OCTOPUS SYNG : HOLLOW GHOST/ROCHELLE SALT               LP      05.2016
                (Note : LP , blue vinyl, gatefold)
DODOCD  10      OCTOPUS SYNG : HOLLOW GHOST/ROCHELLE SALT               CD      05.2016
DODOLP  11      US AND THEM : SUMMER GREEN AND AUTUMN BROWN             LP      10.2015
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)

        1       Sun Wheel Ceremony                              3:12
        2       Canterbury                                      3:27
        3       Rainbow Garland                                 03:26
        4       Pés Na Areia Na Terra Do Sol                    2:37
        5       Lake                                            4:13
        6       Rite Of Passage                                 2:36
        7       Tomorrow's Chidren                              4:10
        8       Drop City                                       3:54
        9       Valley Of Wonders                               4:10
        10      Longo Amanha                                    2:23
        11      Refresco Eléctrico                              3:18
        12      Technicolor Hexagon                             2:30

DODOLP  14      THE HONEY POT           INSIDE THE WHALE                LP      03.2016
DODOCD  14      THE HONEY POT           INSIDE THE WHALE                CD      03.2016
DODOLP  15      LE SUPER HOMARD         MAPLEKEY                        10"     03.2016
DODOCD  15      LE SUPER HOMARD         MAPLEKEY                        CD      03.2016

Christophe Vaillant previously fronted the French rock band Pony Taylor. A five piece
band with a taste for 60s beat music, they record two fine long-players before calling
it a day to because of family commitments. In November 2014, Christophe formed Le Super
Homard with his brother Olivier and Pandora Burgess. Their brand of electronic pop
resonates with classic French pop references including those of spiritual fathers of
the electro-pop genre, Stereolab and Medhi Zannad, author of a French pop masterpiece,
Fugu 1. This is going to go down well with fans of Stereolab, Gruff Rhys and Broadcast.
DODOLP  16      TIT NA NOG              LIVE AT THE HALF MOON           LP      03.2016
DODOCD  16      TIT NA NOG              LIVE AT THE HALF MOON           CD      03.2016

In 2015 this legendary Irish duo released its first new studio album in 42 years,
'The Dark Dance', which was launched at the equally legendary music venue, the Half
Moon in Putney. The performance mixed Tir na nOg classics with songs from this album.
Tir na nOg has been described as alt folk, prog folk, psych folk and even space folk,
but the duo, formed by Leo O'Kelly and Sonny Condell in 1970, transcends all these

Side 1: 1       Introduction
        2       Forget-Me-Not
        3       Job Shiver
        4       Planting People
        5       It's Raining
        6       We Came, We Saw
        6       Something I Should Say
Side 2: 1       Catch Your Breath
        2       Melody May
        3       Intimidation
        4       Just Deserts
        5       Here's The News
        6       Endings Happily

Icarus Peel is the leader of The Honey Pots, but he has a busy little sideline in solo
albums, of which Forget-Me-Not Under Pussy Willow is the fourth. It sounds as old-tyme
English as the sleeve art looks, with an eccentric darkness that feels like a twingle
in Peel’s eye. 180g vinyl LP release on the Mega Dodo label, limited to 250 copies.


DODOLP  20      ORANGE DROP             STONED IN LOVE                  LP      11.2016
DODOCD  20      ORANGE DROP             STONED IN LOVE                  CD      11.2016

Hailing from Philadelphia, The Orange Drop blends dreamy psychedelia with some darker,
acid-laced sounds of the '60s. Brian Jonestown Massacre fans (particularly of the early
records) should appreciate The Orange Drop's approach that is both lo-fi and polished.
If this is garage rock, it was made in a garage that conceals an amateur LSD lab.
Orange Drop re-invents '60s psychedelia with a 21st century twist of experimentalism!
Orange vinyl.
DODOLP  21      MARK & THE CLOUDS       CUMULUS                         LP      03.2017
DODOCD  21      MARK & THE CLOUDS       CUMULUS                         CD      03.2017

        1.      On Her Bike
        2.      Road, Mud & Cold
        3.      Hit By Lightning
        4.      Another Grey Morning
        5.      You’re So Cold
        6.      Sheltered By The Wall Of Sound
        7.      I’m Stopping Here (Bombs & Guns)
        8.      Baby, You’re Just A Liar
        9.      The Endless Road
        10.     The Lady Was A Freak
        11.     Take My Sky
        12.     Let Me Fade Away
        13.     Sweet & Wild
        14.     Don’t Block The Sun
        15.     Evil Fairies

Mark and The Clouds is a London based band playing a blend of timeless and powerful
pop. Evolving from Instant Flight, a band so cool they persuaded the legendary Arthur
Brown to sing on their debut album Colours & Lights, Mark & The Clouds is fronted by
vocalist and songwriter Marco Magnani. This is Mark and The Clouds difficult second
album. Although there’s nothing difficult about it. Like their debut, it’s full of
intoxicating bright, jangly pop and rock with more hooks than an angler’s bait box.
Think Kinks, Jam and the best power pop imaginable and that’s Mark & The Clouds.
DODOCD  22      RICHARD BONE            AGE OF FALCONRY                 CD      07.2017

After initially working in his own band, Bone, and new wavers Shox Lumania in the late
70s and 80s Richard Bone set up Quirkworks Laboratory Discs and went solo to experiment
with ambient electronica meeting jazz and lounge. Landing somewhere between Penguin
Cafe Orchestra and Bayonne.
RICHARD BONE (born February 3, 1952 - Atlanta, GA).
DODOLP  23      JACQUELINE CRYSTAL      AWAIT THE QUEEN                 2LP     06.2017
DODOCD  23      JACQUELINE CRYSTAL      AWAIT THE QUEEN                 CD      06.2017

        1       Your Bartered Bride
        2       Crumble
        3       Yesterlove
        4       Love
        5       Ivy
        6       Akhbar
        7       Someone
        8       Faerie Tears
        9       One White Day
        10      Rubies My Heart
        11      Sebastian
        12      Breathe
        13      My Sad Days 
        14      Spanish Horses
        15      Your Dry Ghost
        16      Await The Queen
        17      The Lost Song Of Sleep

'Await The Queen' is Crystal Jacqueline's first double-album. It's a gorgeous work of
rich psychedelic textures and lighter acid-folk melodies, mixing both with ease to
deliver a sensual blend of textures and sonic landscapes that lead to an immersive
sonic experience. Her haunting vocals, combined with the song writing skills of
producer Icarus Peel, once again produce one of those albums that you hear for the
first time, then play again, and again, and before you know it an entire day has gone
by. And you've still not heard it enough. Limited to 250 sets.

DODOLP  25      TIR NA NOG              THE DARK DANCE                  LP      08.2017
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
DODOLP  25      TIR NA NOG              THE DARK DANCE                  LP      08.2017
                (Note : LP , silver vinyl)
DODOCD  25      TIR NA NOG              THE DARK DANCE                  CD      08.2017

It took Sonny and Leo of Tir na nOg 42 years to record the follow up to their 1973
album 'Strong In The Sun'. But it was worth the wait. When 'The Dark Dance' was
released in 2015 it was hailed as a triumphant return. Prog Magazine called it "an
acoustically mounted piece of great refinement, on a record often embellished by
strings and moments of eastern promise". Now 'The Dark Dance' appears on vinyl for
the first time.
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

Side 1  1       Sylvia’s Deadbolt                               (2.51)
        2       Green of Heart                                  (4.17)
        3       In the Snowmelt                                 (4.32)
        4       Hunting Down                                    (3.48)
        5       The Road We Know                                (2.01)
        6       Swans They Are A-Feeding                        (4.17)
Side 2  1       Pathways                                        (3.49)
        2       Memorial                                        (4.57)
        3       Redbreast in a Rowan Tree                       (1.50)
        4       Sleeping on Strange Pillows                     (4.05)
        5       An Empire in its Glory                          (4.20)
        6       The Pull and Drag Blues                         (4.48)
DODOLP  27      TOBY TWIRL              TOBY TWIRL                      LP      10.2017
DODOCD  27      TOBY TWIRL              TOBY TWIRL                      CD      10.2017

Originally from Newcastle, England, Toby Twirl was founded in 1968 and recorded three
classic, and now highly collectable, singles for Decca in the late 1960s. This long
overdue debut album mixes original songs with a selection of carefully curated hits
of the day. The recordings were discovered by the band's drummer, John Reed, in a dusty
box of reel-to-reel tapes in his attic. The band made several demo and showcase
recordings at various studios in the late '60s, but they were thought lost forever.
Reed's chance discovery uncovered a veritable goldmine of late '60s recordings by both
line-ups of the band. Part 1 of the CD features vocalist Dave 'Holly' Holland, while
part 2 features vocalist Steve Pickering.
MEP     1       MORDECAI SMYTH          DIAL M FOR MORDECAI             7"      04.2013

        A1      Dream On (Marnie)
        A2      Psychedelic Sarah
        B1      Dark Haired Douglas
        B2      Trapped
                (Note : 7" , 250 copies on red vinyl)
MEP     2       THE GREEN QUASTION MARK : PEGASUS EP                    7"+DLc    .2013

        A1      She's A Rainbow
        A2      Lucy Leave
        B1      Pegasus
        B2      Elevator
                (Note : 7" , 250 numb. copies on green viny)
MEP     3
MEP     4       BIG GRUNT               IN SESSION                      12"     09.2016

        01.     Blind Date
        02.     11 Mustachioed Daughters
        03.     The Strain
        04.     Cyborg Signal 
MEGA    1       STRANGE TURN            PINK LITMUS PAPER SHIRT         7"      04.2014

        A       Pink Litmus Paper Shirt                         5:13
        B       Elevator Operator                               2:40
                (Note : 7" , pink vinyl)
MEGA    2       THE HONEY POT           LISA DREAMS                     7"      01.2016
                (Note : 7" , 150 copies)
MEGA    3       MORDECAI SMYTH          GEORGINA JONES                  7"        .2011

        A1      Georgina Jones
        B1      It Didn't Happen
                (Note : 7" , red+black splatter vinyl)
MEGA    4       OCTOPUS SYNG : REVERBERATING GARDEN NUMBER 7            7"      05.2016

        A       Reverberating Garden Number 7
        B       Flaming
                (Note : 7"/150 g. , 150 numb. copies on black vinyl)
MEGA    5       US AND THEN             WHEN I WAS WALKING              7"      11.2016

Side    1       When I Was Walking
Side    2       Green Couch
                (Note : 7"/150 g. , 150 numb. copies on black vinyl)
MEGA    6       LUCK OF EDEN HALL       THE END OF THE LANE             7"      08.2016

        A       The End Of The Lane
        B       Blown To Kingdom Come
BSLP    1       BRINSLEY SCHWARZ        LIVE FAVOURITES                 LP      10.2015

        A1.     Country Girl
        A2.     Hooked On Love
        A3.     Trying To Live My Life Without You
        A4.     Small Town Big City
        A5.     Honky Tonk
        A6.     Peace, Love and Understanding
        A7.     It's Been So Long
        B1.     Private Number
        B2.     Happy Doing What We're Doing
        B3.     Surrender To The Rhythm
        B4.     You're So Fine
        B5.     Hip City
        B6.     Ju Ju Man
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 250 copies)
BSLP    2       BRINSLEY SCHWARZ        IT'S ALL OVER NOW               LP      06.2017
BSCD    2       BRINSLEY SCHWARZ        IT'S ALL OVER NOW               CD      05.2017

Brinsley Schwarz' long lost studio album 'It's All Over Now' was due for release in
1975, but got shelved as the band split up. Now that work is available on CD for the
first time.