Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   : krautrock / post punk /

MM      003 LP  CRACK CLOUD             PAIN OLYMPICS                   LP      08.2020
                (Note : LP , black vinyl , gatefold)
MM      003 LPX CRACK CLOUD             PAIN OLYMPICS                   LP+7"   08.
                (Note : Dinked Edition 180g dark green vinyl LP. Ed. of
                500 numbered copies in gatefold sleeve incl. 7" with
                2 unreleased tracks)
MM      003 CD  CRACK CLOUD             PAIN OLYMPICS                   CD      08.2020

        1       Post Truth (Birth Of A Nation)
        2       Bastard Basket
        3       Somethings Gotta Give
        4       The Next Fix (A Safe Space)
        5       Favour Your Fortune
        6       Ouster Stew
        7       Tunnel Vision
        8       Angel Dust (Eternal Peace)

Crack Cloud are an anarchic Canadian collective who make a sometimes joyous, sometimes
frightening racket that is inspired by their close knit community which just stops
short of being a Psychic TV-like cult. This new album continues their driving and
driven kraut and post-punk melee and deals with addiction and recovery born out of
the personal experiences of the gang.