MAYFAIR MUSIC                           GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          UK - Piccadilly
          NE - Clear Spot
Style   : reissue - prog.rock / psychedelic / krautrock / jam band /

Mayfair Music is a small and independent label from Germany, specializing in reissues
of rare Psychedelic-, Progressive-, Rock and Folk-Records, recorded in the 60s and
70s from all over the world.
Every reissue is pressed on quality-vinyl and we hope that the music on our products
will bring you pleasure and you will enjoy them for a long time.
Take care...!
Boris Jerschensky
Mayfair Music 
[From:] june 17, 2016

MFM     001

        A1      Substhin I                                      18:25
        A2      I'm a Man (Bonus Track)                         6:00
        B1      Off                                             3:55
        A2      Substhin II                                     2:37
        B3      Gimme Some Lovin'                               3:53
        B4      Ma-Mari-Huana                                   4:48
        B5      Match I                                         2:26
        B6      Match II                                        2:35
        B7      Number One (Off II) (Bonus Track)               5:14

LP      Help!           ZSLH 55023      1971    GE
MFM     002     LEVI SMITH'S CLEFS      EMPTY MONKEY                    2LP     08.2008

LP 1    A1      Relief From a Lighted Doorway                   6:40
        A2      Shotgun                                         5:05
        A3      You Can't Do That                               11:38
        B1      Lisa                                            3:29
        B2      The Hunter                                      2:38
        B3      Shake and Finger Pop                            6:50
        B4      Who Is It That Shall Come                       3:30
        B5      Empty Monkey                                    3:23

LP 2            Bonus Tracks
        C1      Shake and Finger Pop [alt vers.]                11:13
        C2      Lisa [alt. vers]                                3:48
        C3      Cool Spot                                       3:16
        C4      The Weight                                      4:59
        C5      Empty Monkey [alt vers.]                        4:08
        D1      Roadrunner                                      2:38
        D2      Hey Jude                                        4:16
        D3      You Can't Do That [alt. vers.]                  11:42
        D4      Relief From a Lighted Doorway [alt. vers.]      7:43

LP 1    Sweet Peach     SPL 102         1969 Australia
MFM     003     LUTHA                   LUTHA                           LP        .2006

        A1      Then I Saw A Face
        A2      Sun Song (Anaximander Ramblings)
        A3      I Really Only Want You
        A4      Andrianna
        A5      Mountain Side
        B1      Stop; The Music Is Over
        B2      Why Is Gone
        B3      My Turn To Cry
        B4      So Many Years
        B5      I Am But All Alone

LP      HMV             HSD 1020        1972    NZ
MFM     004 AB  BAKERY                  MOMENTO                         2LP     08.2008

        A1      Holocaust
        A2      Pete For Jennie
        A3      Living With A Memory
        B1      S.S. Bounce
        B2      The Gift
        B3      When I'm Feeling
        B4      Faith To Sing A Song
        C1      Bloodsucker
        C2      Leave AScruffy Alone
        C3      No Dying In The Dark
                (Note : 2LP , 3-sides , 500 copies)

LP      Astor           ALPS 1035       1972    Australia
MFM     005     SAFT                    SAFT                            LP        .2007

        A1      Introduction Couple Of Freaks                   7:30
        A2      Eleanor Rigby                                   2:20
        A3      Fjosvise                                        2:15
        A4      Don't Look Back                                 2:36
        A5      Paint It Black (Bonustrack)                     10:26
        B1      All The Time                                    4:52
        B2      Fly                                             4:08
        B3      This Is Not Today                               3:18
        B4      Opus I                                          4:31
        B4      So Long                                         3:08

LP      Polydor         2382 009        1971    NO
MFM     006     SIMON FINN              PASS THE DISTANCE               LP      05.2008

        A1      Very Close Friend                               1:19
        A2      The Courtyard                                   5:43
        A3      What A Day                                      3:16
        A4      Fades (Pass The Distance)                       3:39
        A5      Jerusalem                                       6:44
        B1      Where's Your Master Gone                        3:13
        B2      Laughing 'Til Tomorrow                          2:54
        B3      Hiawatha                                        4:58
        B4      Patrice                                         2:49
        B5      Big White Car                                   5:48
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Mushroom        100 MR 2        1970    UK
MFM     007
MFM     008     HAIKARA                 HAIKARA                         LP      06.2010

        A1      Köyhän Pojan Kerjäys                            5:34
        A2      Luoja Kutsuu                                    7:35
        A3      Yksi Maa - Yksi Kansa                           9:23
        B1      Jälleen On Meidän                               10:45
        B2      Manala                                          10:33

LP      RCA Victor      LSP 10392       1972    FI

        A1      Have Your Own Feeling, Have Your Own Way        3:05
        A2      Send Me Your Cares                              2:46
        A3      Tea, Sympathy And A Lot Of Love                 3:58
        A4      Whether It's You                                2:24
        A5      They All Will Be Kind                           3:50
        A6      Hi Ho                                           2:46
        A7      Bagatell                                        0:22
        B1      Close Behind You                                4:00
        B2      Until The Day                                   1:58
        B3      Hang Him Don't Let Him Suffer                   4:35
        B4      Life Is Allowed To Last                         4:48
        B5      The Warmest House                               2:19
        B6      None Was Scared At All                          1:16
MFM     010     KALEVALA                PEOPLE NO NAMES                 LP        .2011

        A1      People No Names                                 8:54
        A2      Where I'm From                                  4:04
        A3      Waves                                           6:03
        B1      In The Net                                      4:41
        B2      My Friend                                       2:44
        B3      Lady With The Veil                              4:11
        B4      Escape From The Storm                           5:10
        B6      Tamed Indians                                   1:44

LP      Finnlevy        SFLP 9532       1972    FI
MFM     011     DEAR MR. TIME           GRANDFATHER                     LP        .2011

        A1      Birth - The Beginning                           3:58
        A2      Out Of Time                                     4:30
        A3      Make Your Peace                                 5:20
        A4      Your's Claudia                                  2:51
        A5      Prelude (To 'Your Country Needs You?')          3:00
        A6      Your Country Needs You?                         3:35
        B1      A Dawning Moonshine                             3:52
        B2      Years And Fortunes                              4:01
        B3      A Prayer For Her                                2:53
        B4      Light Up A Light                                3:23
        B5      On A Lonely Night                               4:16
        B6      Grandfather                                     2:36

LP      Square          SQA 101         1970    UK
MFM     012     HAIR                    PIECE                           2LP       .2012

LP 1    A1      Coming Through                                  4:30
        A2      Supermouth                                      4:41
        A3      Dream Song                                      10:31
        B1      Everything's Under Control                      4:13
        B2      Pleasant Street                                 6:15
        B3      Piece (Of My Heart)                             11:00

LP 2    C1      Happy Child
        C2      Going Home
        C3      Come Tell The People
        D1      Get Together Hand By Hand
        D2      Sweet Falling Rain
        D3      Everybody Speaks Slowly
        D4      Sunday Suite (Demo)

LP 1    Parlophone/EMI  mock 1015/6e 062 38021  DE      1970
MFM     013     APOLLO                  APOLLO                          LP        .2012

        A1      Symboli                                         2:42
        A2      Lohduton Uni                                    5:05
        A3      Hyvä Ihminen                                    4:34
        A4      Ajatuksia                                       5:04
        A5      Trimalcion                                      3:18
        B1      Hideki Tojo 1884-1948                           2:38
        B2      Laulu Ystävälle Varjojen Maassa                 3:46
        B3      Valolta Suojattu Sydän                          2:35
        B4      Labyrintti                                      6:19
        B5      Pakoon Maailmaa                                 2:58
MFM     014     THE DOG THAT BIT PEOPLE : THE DOG THAT BIT PEOPLE       LP        .2012

        A1      Goodbye Country
        A2      The Monkey And The Sailor
        A3      Lovely Lady
        A4      Sound Of Thunder
        A5      Cover Me In Roses
        A6      Someone, Somewhere
        B1      A Snapshot Of Rex
        B2      Red Queen's Dance
        B3      Mr. Sunshine
        B4      Tin Soldier
        B5      Walking
        B6      Reptile Man
        B7      Merry Go Round

LP      Parlophone      PCS 7125        1971    UK      stereo
MFM     015     PARONI PAAKKUNAINEN     PLASTIC MAAILMA                 LP      11.2013

        A1      Beat Bolero                                     4:18
        A2      Laulajan Blues                                  3:16
        A3      Mango                                           3:24
        A4      Kaksi Pientä Ihmislasta                         3:30
        A5      Panu Toivoton                                   4:48
        B1      Kun Elämä Alkaa                                 3:56
        B2      Ennen Ja Nyt                                    4:20
        B3      Summer Flowers                                  5:20
        B4      Vain Kaiku Jää                                  2:50
        B5      Plastic Maailma                                 4:00

LP      Scandia         SLP 559         1971    FI

        A1      The Goolutionites (And The Real People)
        A2      They'll Take You Down On The Lot
        A3      I Love You All
        A4      Heaven Is Closed
        B1      A Plague
        B2      Stand In The Sunlight
        B3      Take A Walk On A Foggy Morn
        B4a     Goolutionites Theme Part 1
        B4b     Goolutionites Theme Part 2

LP      Warner Bros     WS 200001       1970    Australia
MFM     017     MIDWINTER               THE WATERS OF SWEET SORROW      LP        .2015

        A1      Sanctuary Stone
        A2      To Find A Reason
        A3      The Skater
        A4      Scarborough Fair
        A5      The Oak Tree Grove
        A6      Dirge
        B1      Maids And Gentlemen
        B2      The Waters Of Sweet Sorrow
        B3      All Things Are Quite Silent
        B4      The Two Sisters
        B5      Winter Song

LP      Porcelain       PCN 001         1996    US
MFM     018     ANDERSEN/PLEYM          GOOD OLD FRIEND                 LP      07.2016
MFM     019     RIVERSON                RIVERSON                        LP      07.2016

A very rare and beautiful album from Canada (1973) finally gets a deserved re-release
on vinyl for the first time. Members of Freedom North and Mashmakhan founded this
short lived outfit who play a wonderful mixture of soft and melodic rural rock with
some folk and West Coast touches. This reissue comes in a gatefold cover and of course
without the annoying pressing fault that some original copies have.








VM      001     PANNA FREDDA            UNO                             LP      08.2008

        A1      La Paura (Fear)                                 6:00
        A2      Un Re Senza Reame (A King Without A Throne)     5:05
        A3      Un Uomo (A Man)                                 4:55
        B1      Scacco Al Re Lot (Checkmate For King Lot)       4:30
        B2      Il Vento, La Luna E Pulcini Blu (Sole Rosso)
                With The Wind And The Moon And Little Blue
                Chicks                                          10:25
        B3      Waiting                                         3:10
        B4      Delirio (Frenzy)                                3:04
        B5      Strisce Rosse (Red Stripes)                     2:50

LP      Vedette         VPA 8134        1971    IT
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