Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : pop / rock /

MD      1       THE STUDIOZ             TIME FOR THE BEAT               CD      10.2007

        01.     I Saw Her Standing There
        02.     Sending Signals
        03.     She's A Woman
        04.     Radio Radio
        05.     Social Security
        06.     Silicon Country
        07.     It's Up To U
        08.     Spending Time
        09.     Rock And Roll Syndrome
        10.     I Saw Her Standing There
        11.     Silicon Country (Ozone Mix)

The Studioz were born late 1980 in Edinburgh, Scotland when drummer Stuart Tennant got
a few friends together to do a few demos in the studio. This is the retrospective]
compilation of all their recorded power pop tracks from 1980-1985.