MARSHALL RECORDS                        UK

Start   : 07.2016
Distr.  : UK -
Style   :

Marshall Records heads Steve Tannett and Rob Cass have stated the new label’s intent
to “make excellent records that will stand the test of time” after signing their first
act, Welsh rockers The Dirty Youth.
Music Week exclusively revealed the launch of Marshall Records in July 2016.
An offshoot of the famed Marshall guitar amp brand, former IRS Records man Tannett
and record producer Cass were recruited to head up the label.  febr.14, 2017

0190296960703   REWS                    PYRO                            LP      01.2018
0190296960697   REWS                    PYRO                            LP      01.2018

Debut album Dirty Sprite 2, I mean, Pyro from London/Belfast duo Rews.