MAKKUM RECORDS                          Amsterdam
**************                          Noord Holland


Start   : 2009
Owner   : Arnold de Boer
Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/
          UK - Norman/
          EU - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast
          GE - X-mist/A-muzik/
Style   : experimental jazz-pop / twee / indie pop / electronic / beats
          / indietronica / world / hip hop / folk / punk-funk / soul / rock
          / noise / blues /

Based in Amsterdam, Makkum Records was created in 2009 by Arnold de Boer for releasing
his own Zea music. Since 2012 also other music gets released on Makkum Records. Music
that is directly connected to Zea because the musicians are good friends who celebrate
a  likewise  habit  of  leaving  the beaten track. No genres but music dug up from the

MR      1       ZEA : WE BETTER BOIL SOUP OF THE GROWN-UPS EP           7"        .2009

        A1      Why So Scared
        A2      We've Got a Crisis
        A3      I Wanna Be Deleted
        B1      You Sound Like an iTunes Fade Out
        B2      Les mots et les choses
        B3      Tip of Your Nose
        B4      Atomic Heart
                (Note : 7" , red coloured vinyl)
MR      2       ZEA/KANIPCHEN-FIT       SUPER COSMOTICS                 7"        .2010

        A1      Zea                     Song for Electricity
        A2      Zea                     Ich hab ein Riesenkopf
        B1      Kanipchen-Fit           People Need Love
        B2      Kanipchen-Fit           Old Lies
MR      3       ZEA                     THE BEGINNER                    CD        .2010

        1       Song For Electricity                            3:02
        2       The Beginning                                   0:04
        3       We've Got A Crisis                              2:42
        4       I Follow Up Front                               2:53
        5       Dat Is Net Sa Moai                              3:12
        6       Agrarian Day Dreams                             3:27
        7       Bourgeois Blues                                 3:15
        8       Why So Scared                                   1:50
        9       Staande Ben Ik Vergeten Wat Ik Dacht Toen Ik Lag 2:45
        10      Waitress                                        2:55
        11      Armpit Elastica                                 1:59
        12      20 Cent                                         0:25
        13      Rubbing The Board With No                       4:04
        14      Parked Forever                                  2:43
        15      Donkey's Don't Grow Here                        2:38
MR      4       ZEA                     THE BEGINNER                    LP        .2011

        A1      Song For Electricity
        A2      The Beginning
        A3      We've Got A Crisis
        A4      I Follow Up Front
        A5      Dat Is Net Sa Moai
        A6      Agrarian Daydreams
        A7      Bourgeois Blues
        B1      Why So Scared?
        B2      Staande Ben Ik Vergeeten Wat Ik Dacht Toen Ik Lag
        B3      Waitress
        B4      Armpit Elastica
        B5      20 Cent
        B6      Rubbing The Board With No
        B7      Parked Forever
        B8      Donkeys Don't Grow Here
MR      5       ZEA & XAVIER CHARLES    BOURGEOIS BLUES                 7"      12.2012

        A1      Bourgeois Blues
        B1      It's Quiet
        B2      Insecurity Expert
MR      6       ZEA                     IK KIN DER NET BY               1DL     02.2013
MR      7       V / A                   RECYCLIST EP                    12"       .2012

        A1      1-Speed Bike : Hosni Mubarak Does a Back Flip over the
                Gaza Wall Without the CIA Safety Net
        A2      Jason Forrest/Donna Summer : Malorix Case Study
        A3      Zea                     Stretch Out Your Frown
        B1      Filastine : Belselama Said Qutbs Lawn Mower
        B2      Malorix                 Aur Tum Kya Ho, Dancer?
        B3      FFF                     Kabaddi Schwalbe (FFF RMX)
MR      8       KING AYISOBA            MODERN GHANAIANS                LP        .2013

        A1      Modern Ghanaians
        A2      Africa
        A3      Don't Joke To Your Father
        A4      Baaba Poore
        A5      My Friend, My Friend
        B1      I Want To See You My Father
        B2      Don't Do The Bad Thing
        B3      Look My Shoe
        B4      The Whole World
        B5      Yalma

        A       Zea                     Exploding Head Syndrome
        B       Oscar Jan Hoogland      Solo Electric Clavichord 
MR      10      ZEA                     THE SWIMMING POOL               LP      08.2014
MR      10      ZEA                     THE SWIMMING POOL               CD      08.2014

        A1      Sub Specie Ludens                               3:50
        A2      People Shrink, People Grow                      4:26
        A3      I Build My Own Town                             3:29
        A4      1, 2, 3, I Saw The Devil Cry                    1:18
        A5      All Words Have Been Here First                  3:31
        A6      De Zwemmende Stad                               3:17
        B1      Bathroom Gardening                              3:26
        B2      Dark Minded Me                                  3:06
        B3      It's Quiet                                      3:21
        B4      Exploding Head Syndrome                         4:20
        B5      On Going Home                                   2:10
        B6      Ik Kin Der Net By                               3:27
                (Note : LP , comes with poster)
MR      11      KING AYISOBA            WICKED LEADERS                  LP      08.2014
MR      11      KING AYISOBA            WICKED LEADERS                  CD      08.2014

        1       Mbhee                                           4:26
        2       Bayeti Boi                                      4:22
        3       Wicked Leaders                                  4:28
        4       Akolbire                                        5:05
        5       Sunsua                                          4:54
        6       Nabele Wine                                     4:32
        7       Asa'ala Dagnera                                 7:32
        8       Wine Ma'le Wane (Kologo)                        5:00
        9       Wine Ma'le Wane                                 5:26
        10      Song For Peace                                  5:20
MR      12      AYUUNE SULE : WHAT A MAN CAN DO, A WOMAN CAN DO MORE    7"      03.2015

        A       What A Man Can Do, A Woman Can Do More Better   4:02
        B       Who Knows Tomorrow?                             4:23
MR      13      PRINCE BUJU             WE ARE IN THE WAR               LP      04.2015
MR      13      PRINCE BUJU             WE ARE IN THE WAR               CD      04.2015

        1       Afashee                                         4:19
        2       In the War                                      3:53
        3       Genego Abem                                     6:59
        4       I Am Accused                                    4:06
        5       Lawona Foo                                      4:43
        6       Bongo Sa-Abodaana                               6:22
        7       Poore Tolege                                    5:41
        8       Abiire Bongo Akambo-Se                          5:34
        9       Assala Bo-Lom                                   6:05

LP.CD   Red Wig                 RW 015          2015    NE
MR      14      V / A                   SONGS FOR A DEAD PILOT          2x7"    01.2015

7"/1    A       Space Siren             Zachies
        B       Space Siren             Song For A Dead Pilot

7"/2    C       Wolvon                  (Wrong)
        D       Zea                     Who Makes Me Try
MR      15      THE ZEA                 THE 7" CASSETTE                 CS      11.2015

        A1      We Buried Indierock Years Ago
        A2      Ya Ya Ya (Live at VPRO)
        A3      Dance Electric
        A4      Clocks
        A5      My Country Lost
        A6      Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People (Live at BBC)
        B1      Atomic Heart
        B2      Stuck on You
        B3      Muziqawi silt
        B4      You Sound Like an iTunes Fade Out
        B5      Faster
        B6      Ich hab ein Riesenkopf
        B7      I Am Searching for an MP3
        B8      An Experience of Trouble
MR      16      V / A : THIS IS KOLOGO POWER! A BOLGATANGA GHANA COMP.  LP        .2016
MR      16      V / A : THIS IS KOLOGO POWER! A BOLGATANGA GHANA COMP.  CD        .2016

        A1      King Ayisoba            Africa Needs Africa
        A2      Ayuune Sule             Who Knows Tomorrow
        A3      Agongo                  I Am Suffering
        A4      Prince Buju             Afashee
        A5      Atimbila                I Have Something to Say
        B1      Atamina                 Africa Problem
        B2      Amoru                   Yabaa
        B3      Barnasko                Nsoh Yaaba
        B4      Asaa Naho               Home Witches
        B5      King Ayisoba            Nerba

LP.CD   Red Wig                 RW 020 1/2       2015    NE
MR      17      KEIKO SHICHIJO : KOMITAS VARDAPET-SIX DANCES            10"     11.2016
                (Note : 10" , 300 copies)
MR      17      KEIKO SHICHIJO : KOMITAS VARDAPET-SIX DANCES            CD     11.2016

10"     A1      Yerangi
        A2      Unabi
        A3      Marali
        A4      Shushiki
        B1      Het U Araj
        B2      Shoror

                Six Dances
        1       Yerangi                                         2:49
        2       Unabi                                           1:55
        3       Marali                                          1:01
        4       Shushiki                                        2:46
        5       Het U Araj                                      2:52
        6       Shoror                                          6:33
MR      18      KANIPCHEN-FIT : UNIT FOR THESE TIMES FOREVER            2x7"    06.2016
MR      19      KING AYISOBA            1000 CAN DIE                    LP        .2017

CD      Glitterbeat             GBCD 044        2017    GE
MR      20      ZEA                     MOARN GEAN IK DEA               LP      04.2017
MR      20      ZEA                     MOARN GEAN IK DEA               CD      04.2017
SR      079

        A1      De Grun                                         2:17
        A2      Efter It Gerdyn                                 3:05
        A3      Moarn Gean Ik Dea                               3:43
        A4      Wurch                                           4:59
        A5      H‚ld Dy De Harsens                              2:05
        B1      Gles W‚dzje                                     4:23
        B2      Ik Kin Der Net By                               3:40
        B3      Fan Elke Seis Ien Fyn                           2:09
        B4      Luk De Triedden Fan De Wand                     4:08
        B5      As Ik Neat Sis, Is It Goed                      3:54
MR      21      ATAMINA                 SYCOPHANTIC FRIENDS             LP      11.2017
                (Note : LP , 150 copies)
MR      21      ATAMINA                 SYCOPHANTIC FRIENDS             CD      11.2017
MR      22      IT DOCKUMER LOKAELTSJE : TONGER                         LP      10.2017
MR      22      IT DOCKUMER LOKAELTSJE : TONGER                         CD      10.2017

017 album by Frisian cult band It Dockumer Lokaeltsje featuring Sytse J. van Essen
(Lul, Klinkhamer, Nothing/guitar), Fritz de Jong (Lul/drums, backing vocals) and Peter
Sijbenga (Deinum, Sex Ettek, Dish Hunt/bass, vocals, electrical things) "It Dockumer
Lokaeltsje is one of the most adventurous bands around. The trio produces peerless
avant-garde punk songs that run at breakneck speed, mostly not more than one or two
minutes long." "Alle Eenentwintig NL-Cult". "At times, It Dockumer
Lokaeltsje seemed like a cheerful The Birthday Party who needed to catch the last
train home."
MR      23
MR      24      V / A : This is Frafra Power: New Music from Bongo,     LP+DLc  02.2019
                Bolgatanga, Ghana - Upper East Region

        1.      Nosanayine
        2.      Seero
        3.      Ndaana Eera Ymah
        4.      Hunanki
        5.      Matala Ligiri
        6.      Boboriga n Lobema
        7.      Socre
        8.      Sugri

A new compilation with music from the Upper East of Ghana where Frafra is the regional
language. All artists are from in and around Bongo, the town where Ghanaian star King
Ayisoba was born and raised. This is a collection of styles, all recorded in Francis
Ayamga's Top Link studio. Ayamga is also drummer in King Ayisoba's band and creates
beats and bass for the new Bongo stars.