Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : pszchedelic / progressive / blues / folk /

MBLP    1003    MARC BRIERLY            WELCOME TO THE CITADEL          LP+CD   07.2019

Marc Brierly's cult UK underground singer-songwriter album 'Welcome To The Citadel',
originally dating back to 1969, finally get reissued on 140-GRAM VINYL. The LP blends
expert acoustic guitar with truly psychedelic lyrics and jazzy backings from some
of Britain's leading contemporary jazz musicians, including Tony Reeves, Henry Lowther
and Mike Travis. This edition includes an insert and a CD featuring the full album
plus no less than 12 bonus tracks!
MBLP    1004    EUCLID                  HEAVY EQUIPMENT                 LP      07.2019

Euclid was a band from New England that included ex-members of cult psych-combos Lazy
Smoke and The Cobras. Featuring three lead-guitarists, Euclid cut this killer
psychedelic hardrock album back in 1970. Though it didn't make many waves upon its
initial release, 'Heavy Equipment' became a sought after title as years went by.
Now the LP sees its awaited reissue, including a reproduced gatefold sleeve.