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MAR     1
MAR     2       ERLON CHAVES            PROCURA-SE UMA VIRGEM           LP      08.2018

        01.     (PREFIXO) TEMA DE ABERTURA
        02.     (VALSA) (DUO CANTATE)
        03.     GRILO
        04.     OS TRES LADROES
        05.     UMA VELHA BOSSA
        06.     VAMOS NOS
        07.     O ANJO E O DIAB
        08.     TEMA DE AMOR
        09.     BA OBA OB

Despite dying in 1974 at the age of just 41, Erlon Chaves is still well-known in his
native land for his work in TV and film scoring. Chaves brought elements of funk and
samba to the world of library music, and these unusual elements set him apart from
many of his contemporaries in the field. His score for 1971 soft-porn flick Procura-se
uma Virgem is a perfect setting for his groovy, slightly louche brand of soundtrack
work. Now reissued via Mad About Records.

Mad About Records present a reissue of 1971 soft-core porn soundtrack Procura-Se Uma
Virgem by prolific Brazilian composer Erlon Chaves. Working here with the Orquestra
Saint Moritz, this is one of the most sought-after of Chaves's releases.
This soundtrack was recorded for a Brazilian soft porn movie with killer organ funk
instrumental tracks as well as several funky, erotic, and modal tracks, all arranged
and directed by maestro Chaves. Deluxe packaging includes a thick card stock cover
and obi strip.
MAR     3       TONI TORNADO            TONI TORNADO                    LP      08.2018

        01.     MANE BELEZA
        02.     NAO GRILE A MINHA CUCA
        03.     TORNIENTE
        04.     EU DUVIDO MUITO
        05.     SINCERIDADE
        06.     PODES CRER AMIZADE
        07.     APOSTA
        08.     BOCHECHUDA
        09.     UMA IDEIA
        10.     EU TENHO UM SOM NOVO
        11.     TORNADO

Legendary Funk soul album from 1972. A Black Rio masterpiece reissued for the first
time on vinyl. Limited to 500 copies, in authentic collectors 70s "paste-on" packaging.
MAR     4       DOM SALVADOR & ABOLICAO : SOM, SANGUE E RACA            LP      08.2018

        01.     UMA VIDA
        02.     GUANABARA
        03.     HEI! VOCE
        04.     SOM SANGUE E RACA
        05.     EMA PRO GAGUINHO
        06.     O RIO
        07.     EVO
        08.     NUMBER ONE
        09.     FOLIA DE REIS
        10.     MOEDA, REZA E COR
        11.     SAMBA DO MALANDRINHO
        12.     TIO MACRO

The album Som, sangue e raa paves the way for future generations of musicians and
producers of the carioca scene at the beginning of the 1970s. The lyrics that dealt
with the question of race and the explosive fusion of samba, soul, jazz and funk,
elaborated by Dom Salvador and his troupe, Abolicao, established the bases for the
development of new sounds and tendencies in Brazilian music.
MAR     5       JORGE, ROBSON           JORGE, ROBSON                   LP      02.2019

        01.     NUM DIA QUALQUER
        02.     SORRISO FALSO
        03.     UM AMOR TAO LINDO
        04.     TUDO BEM
        05.     PRA LHE FAZER FELIZ
        06.     A CADA INSTANTE
        07.     AMEI VOCE...
        08.     CANTAR COMIGO
        09.     ENTRE O CEU E O MAR
        10.     NAO E ASSIM

Mad About Records present the first-time reissue of Robson Jorge 1977, an MPB/Brazilian
soul album form 1977. One of the most important background figures of Brazilian soul
in the '70s and '80s arranger/producer/composer/instrumentalist Robson Jorge, together
with his partner Lincoln Olivetti defined the sound of the genre.

        01.     REMELEXO
        02.     ATOA ATOA
        03.     ALBATROZ
        04.     VOCE NAO SER
        05.     FALSA BAIANA
        06.     VISGO DE JACA
        07.     SOMENTE O SAMBA
        08.     MADEIRA DE LEI
        09.     DEUS TE ACOMPANHE

MAR     10      ZECA DO TROMBONE & ROBERTO SAX : s/t                    LP      06.2019

        01.     Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax : Na Cara Desse Cara
        02.     Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax : Coluna Do Meio
        03.     Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax : Na Passarela
        04.     Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax : Nanar Contigo
        05.     Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax : My Brother Zeca
        06.     Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax : Ta Legal
        07.     Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax : Nega Louca
        08.     Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax : Santa Inquisiçao
        09.     Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax : Ave Anne
        10.     Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax : Tributo A Martin Luther King

Reissue of Zeca do Trombone & Roberto Sax, originally released in 1976.
The original press of this LP is one of the rarest in Brazilian music.
MAR     011     IMANI                   OUT OF THE BLUE                 LP      06.2019

Mad About Records present a reissue of Imani's Out Of The Blue, originally released
in 1983. The incredible San Francisco area jazz funk spiritual band Imani's Out Of
The Blue was originally privately pressed in an edition of 500 copies.
Privately pressed by Preston Phillipps and Pam Byrd, this record has been called the
"ultimate private press vocal anthem" of bay area jazz.