Start   : 2020
Owner   : Jacqui McShee and Kevin Dempsey
Style   : folk / blues / jazz /


        01.     Jacqui Mcshee & Kevin Dempsey - Nature Boy
        02.     Jacqui Mcshee & Kevin Dempsey - Jack Monroe
        03.     Jacqui Mcshee & Kevin Dempsey - Lord Franklin
        04.     Jacqui Mcshee & Kevin Dempsey - Beautiful Island
        05.     Jacqui Mcshee & Kevin Dempsey - Brigg Fair
        06.     Jacqui Mcshee & Kevin Dempsey - Ribbon Bow
        07.     Jacqui Mcshee & Kevin Dempsey - Inisfree
        08.     Jacqui Mcshee & Kevin Dempsey - Frankie
        09.     Jacqui Mcshee & Kevin Dempsey - Telephone Lies
        10.     Jacqui Mcshee & Kevin Dempsey - Leaving

Jacqui McShee and Kevin Dempsey formed McDem Records in 2020, focusing on their own
blend of folk, blues, and jazz music. The story behind their collaboration began at
New Forest Folk Festival a few years ago. Jacqui McShee's Pentangle was a member
down and luckily Kevin was on the same bill and bravely stepped in. They had both
had admired each other's work for some time and it seemed like such a good idea to
start working together, so McDem Records was born. McDem Records has given them
both a chance to explore and record more traditional folk songs and share writing
ventures. Jacqui McShee is a founding member of the iconic folk/jazz group Pentangle.
She has worked with some of the finest musicians in the folk scene, including Steve
Tilston, Fairport Convention, David Hughes, Chris While, Julie Matthews, and many
more. She received a BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Lifetime Achievement award in 2007
and played the 50th Anniversary Isle Of Wight Festival in 2019. Kevin Dempsey is
a guitarist, singer/songwriter, and record producer. He's a founding member of the
'70s prog rock folk band Dando Shaft and Whippersnapper, playing alongside Dave
Swarbrick. Performing and recording with award winning Uiscedwr, Joe Broughton
(UFQ/The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble), Peter Knight (Steeleye Span), Chris Leslie
(Fairport Convention). He has also toured with soul artists such as Percy Sledge,
The Marvelettes, jazz icon Alice Coltrane and Irish folk star Mary Black.