Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : / singer-songwriting /

MWARD   001 LP  M. WARD                 WHAT A WONDERFUL INDUSTRY       LP      02.2019
                (Note : LP , clouded-clear vinyl)
MWARD   001 CD  M. WARD                 WHAT A WONDERFUL INDUSTRY       CD      02.2019

        1.      Arrivals Chorus
        2.      Miracle Man
        3.      Shark
        4.      Motorcycle Ride
        5.      El Rancho
        6.      Sit Around The House
        7.      Kind Of Human
        8.      A Mind Is The Worst Thing To Waste
        9.      Return To Neptune’s Net
        10.     Poor Tom
        11.     War & Peace
        12.     Bobby

What A Wonderful Industry, the latest album by singer/songwriter M Ward, is inspired
by the good and bad people he has met during his career - the 'warm-blooded and cold
-blooded animals in the zoo', as he puts it.  Jim James from My Morning Jacket makes
a guest appearance, popping up on two tracks.
Recorded in Portland, OR, the album was produced by M. Ward, engineered by Mike
Coykendall and Adam Selzer, mixed by Rob Schnapf and features guest vocals from Jim