Distr.  : NZ - Flying Nun
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LR      006     ALDOUS HARDING          ALDOUS HARDING                  LP.DL   06.2014

        1.      Stop Your Tears
        2.      Hunter
        3.      Two Bitten Hearts 
        4.      Titus Groan
        5.      Beast
        6.      No Peace
        7.      Merriweather
        8.      all Bones of Courage
        9.      Titus Alone

Aldous Harding got her start in Lyttelton,a port town on the outskirts of Christchurch.
There she has kept sailors in check with cheek and a strong-songed tongue. She caught
the ear of locals Ben Edwards and Delaney Davidson playing under her own name, Hanna
Harding, alongside band The Eastern.
LR      0010    TOM CUNLIFFE            HOWL & WHISPER                  LP+CD   04.2016

        1       Old Moon
        2       There’s Your Lord
        3       Came My Way
        4       Just Kids 
        5       They Dug It All Away 
        6       Howl And Whisper
        7       Dirty Road
        8       Time To Cry, My Woman
        9       My Whiskey And Me Looking For New York 
        10      A Park In Barcelona
        11      The One You Want