LUX                                     USA

Distr.  : US -
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : r&r / rockabilly / psychobilly /

LUXLP   4       THE PALADINS            NEW WORLD                       LP      04.2017
LUXCD   4       THE PALADINS            NEW WORLD                       CD      04.2017

        01.     NEW WORLD
        02.     WATERMAN
        03.     THINGS KEEP CHANGIN'
        04.     MAR SOLITAR
        05.     IF YOU WERE ONLY MINE
        06.     WICKED
        08.     I KNOW WHEN I'M NOT WANTED
        09.     MAGIC TOUCH
        10.      WITHOUT LOVE
        11.     NO PAIN ANYMORE

This collection was created & recorded at Thomas Yearsleys Thunderbird Analog Recording
Studio in Oceanside, CA - both locations: the original 8 Track & the new 24 Track
studio. In addition to the traditional "House Rockin Blues" sound of The Paladins,
this new record encompasses sincere geo-social lyrical reflection as well as killer
instrumental composition. The lead track, "New World" was composed by Dave Gonzalez
and Jeb Schoonover & contemplates a vision of a world that is changing. Keep in mind,
that throughout their career, The Paladins have had the liberty to cross many
international borders, in peace, as artists, & travel almost anywhere. For that
freedom, we are deeply grateful. The 2nd song, "Waterman", is wrought with
frustration & the tug of war between the Earth & her profiteers. Next, a familiar
theme of romantic love & a lively Boogaloo beat steers track 3, "Things Keep Changin"
back into the pocket of what the faithful come to expect from our tribal roar.
Rock & roll, surf & turf country, & traditional blues are all represented from the
Pals on this record. The songs also feature the immeasurable talent of Leo Dombecki
on piano / organ, the genius of Laura Chavez on guitar & Laura Jane Willcock on
backing vocals. Their first new Paladins record in 14 years. Dave, Thomas & Brian
look forward to seeing you in 2017 and thank you for your friendship through these
past 36 rockin years! Limited edition of 500 copies on clear vinyl!