LUGAR ALTO                              BRAZIL

Distr.  : BR -
          US - Forced Exposure/
          UK - Boomkat/
Style   : jazz / fusion / electronic / world music /

LA      001     LEONARDO V. BOCCIA      HOMENAGEM                       LP      12.2019

        1.      Mae Natureza                                    05:05
        2.      Choro Fantasia                                  02:35
        3.      Lenda do Sertao                                 03:41
        4.      Urucungo                                        01:13
        5.      Cancao Para Iracema                             04:35
        6.      Homenagem                                       02:52
        7.      Auaua Flori                                     04:45
        8.      Terra e Povo                                    02:03
        9.      Carinho Brasileiro                              03:21
        10.     Durma Estrelinha                                02:44

A orgotten gem from the eighties that examines traditional Brazilian themes such as
choro, northeastern folk, and capoeira with touches of eighties electronics and
new age.
LA      002     ZÉ EDUARDO NAZARIO      POEMA DA GOTA SERENA            LP      07.2019

        1.      Pra Pensar
        2.      Pra Sentir E Contar
        3.      Energia Dos Tres Mundos
        4.      Só Pra Ouvir (Dedicada A Hermeto)

Remastered by Lelo Nazário, directly from the original tapes. Original artwork
reinterpreted by Sao Paulo design studio Sometimes Always, including an exclusive
insert and unpublished images.
LA      003     MUMIA                   MUMIA                           LP      08.2020

        1.      Ave do Deserto                                  04:44
        2.      L. Varrido                                      02:58
        3.      Doctor Albert Hofmann encontra em Barcelona
                os irmaos siameses (2 cabecas e 1 ce´rebro)
                "Pico & Peco" com sus sombreros a admirar La
                Raponesita de Osaka                             05:41
        4.      She is going to "The Hell" and everybody knows
                and everybody goes...                           04:38
        5.      Massacre da Serra Elétrica I                    04:04
        6.      Massacre da Serra Elétrica II                   05:17

Mumia, Portugese for Mummy, were formed by Kodiak Bachine and Celso Alves in 1988.
Their self-titled album was originally recorded to cassette and is previously
unreleased. It was discovered by Brazilian DJ Millos Kaiser who clearly saw something
in the mix of post-punk, industrial and ambient music, finally seeing it gets released
after 32 years in the vault. On Lugar Alto.
Housed in reverse board sleeve. Includes 12x12" insert.