Distr.  : UK - Norman
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LOL     001
LOL     002 LP  HEART BONES             HOT DISH                        LP      04.2020
LOL     002 CD  HEART BONES             HOT DISH                        CD      04.2020

        1.      This Time It's Different
        2.      I Like Your Way
        3.      Open Relations
        4.      Control
        5.      Don't Read The Comments
        6.      Unforgivable
        7.      Little Dancer
        8.      Dashboard
        9.      Claws '87
        10.     Hungry Eyes
        11.     Beg For It

Heart Bones is a new collaboration between former A Giant Dog star Sabrina Ellis and
a certain Sean Tillmann, whom those with long memories will recall is the real name
of early Noughties independent figurehead Har Mar Superstar. Hot Dish sees the two
friends explore their mutual love of classic male/female duos from pop history and
forge their influences into new compositions.