Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   :

LLR     001 LP  ROBBIE BASHO            BOUQUET                         LP      08.2022
LLR     001 CD  ROBBIE BASHO            BOUQUET                         CD      08.2022

        1       The Golden Medallion
        2       Khalil Gibran
        3       The White Swallow
        4       he Polish Rider
        5       l Cid
        6       ightning Thunder
        7       and of Our Fathers (Hopi Hymn)
        8       ears of Teresa
        9       lues from Lebanon
        10      e Song of Leila
        11      e White Princess

Another re-issue from superb guitarist Robbie Basho comes in the shape of "Bouquet",
his thirteenth album originally released on cassette-only in the early 1980s.
It has been remastered from the original master recording and contains texts and
photos and unreleased tracks on the digital edition. An album which fully gets
its dues after forty years or so.