Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie / alternative /

LRCD    3       PRAGUE                  I OWN YOUR FAVOURITE SONG       CD      11.2017

        01.     TWENTY
        02.     FOR THE LOST ONE
        03.     I WENT TO THE DOGS
        04.     PIZZA DANCER
        05.     I SING LIKE DIRK
        06.     3 A.M.
        07.     YOU CANT SEE ME
        08.     SHELL BACK ME UP ON THIS

By the end of the nineties/early 2000 a young Italian label started its journey into
the Indie Rock scene. These were the first releases, now again available. Prague is
Alessandro Viccaro with the help of friends during live shows and recordings. The
project started in 2000 while living in London. At the moment its based in Rotterdam,
The Netherlands. Alessandro loves emo lo-fi songs. Inspired by bands like Pavement,
Buffalo Tom, Guided by Voices.
LORECD  4       SENPAI                  WELL                            CD      11.2017

        01.     SUN
        02.     RICH FRIEND
        03.     SWEET SOMEONE
        04.     LEGOLAND
        05.     TIGERS MILK
        06.     MY MIND GOES YOGA
        09.     COLD COLD TOWN
        10.     WELL

Pop and psychedelic delikatessen from Genoa, Italy. The band was founded by brothers
Paolo Sala and Renzo Sala in 2000, joined by bass player Pietro Martinelli and drummer
Lorenzo Ameri in 2006 and pianist Clara Grignaschi in 2010. They played live in several
venues in Genoa and surroundings until the year 2012. Senpai style is heavily infl.
by classic and vintage British pop (The Beatles, XTC) and driven mainly by the
imaginative songwriting of Paolo Sala with the essential contribution of his brother
Renzo. With a collection of 4 albums and 1 EP, Senpai is just another eclectic little
band for your tiny toy world.