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          US - Forced Exposure
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LON     001 LP  BRUNO NICOLAI           ESPRESSIONI                     LP/1    02.2020
LON     001 CO  BRUNO NICOLAI           ESPRESSIONI                     LP/2    02.2020

LP/1    180g black vinyl LP incl. obi strip on Loneos. Edition of 400 copies.
LP/2    180g clear vinyl LP on Loneos. Edition of 100 copies, incl. obi, printed
        slipcase and handwritten notes.

Originally released in 1972 for the sought after Gemelli imprint, Espressioni was
credited to longtime Ennio Morricone partner and conspirator Bruno Nicolai, one of
the most influential Italian composers in the heyday of film music and modern
composition. The maestro Morricone shows his persona between the folds of the record
as well, revealing a common sense for obscure leanings in the tradition of avant-garde
jazz and classic contemporary. The many faces of the two composers are fully in charge
through the nine episodes of the release, such a chronological history akin to the
common area of Italian psycho drama and cultish noir-exploitation short movies.
Fascinating though obscure, these austere compositions should be fitting ideally
alongside your Gruppo D' Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza or Egisto Macchi releases.
180 gram vinyl; obi; edition of 400.
LON     002 LP  MASSIMO GUANTINI        DIAPOSITIVE                     LP      05.2020

Loneos present a reissue of Massimo Guantini's Diapositive, originally released
in 1977. Beside the telluric year in pop music and culture, 1977 was still ranked
as the future for Italian leftfield composers. Published by roman imprint Gemelli
and credited to the elusive Massimo Guantini (none else than influential jazz player
and composer Sandro Brugnolini), Diapositive is a fully cinematic journey in the
realm of sci-fi and cool jazz. Fully produced at famous Roman Emmequattro Studios
(home of many fascinating recordings by piano player Enrico Pieranunzi), the album
is deeply rooted in the coolness of Italian libraries, showing an incredible
musicianship. Fully adorned by a vibrant rhythm section, an acoustic piano,
a clavinet, a Fender Rhodes, and proper "acid jazz" guitar-playing, this album
will lift your mind and soul for good. 180 gram vinyl; obi; edition of 400.