Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   :

LM      001 V   THE HOME CURRENT        CYLINDER MOSES                  LP+DLc  08.2020

        A1      Melting Blue                                    03:46
        A2      The Bottom Walk                                 03:20
        A3      Cylinder Moses                                  04:31
        A4      Failing Air                                     03:34
        A5      MXLL                                            04:07
        A6      Ghentle Man                                     04:02
        B1      Under Pillow Control                            05:08
        B2      The Black Cliffs                                03:48
        B3      Theme From The Forever Valley                   05:15
        B4      Lock Dribble                                    04:07
        B5      Autumn Jukebox                                  04:07

180g grey coloured vinyl LP + insert.
Written and produced by Martin Jensen
Mastered by Antony Ryan at RedRedPaw
Artwork by Nick Taylor spectral-studios.co.uk
Luxembourg-based producer Martin Jensen took an aeon to release his first full-length
studio album as The Home Current, with 2018’s Another Way of Falling Apart appearing
the best part of a decade of one-off tracks and remixes, but now they’re coming
thick and fast. Cylinder Moses pitches itself somewhere between the soundscaping
of modern electronica and the old-school demands of first-wave house music.
LM      002 V   THE HOME CURRENT        THE COYOTE KISS                 2LP     03.2021

LP 1    A1      Little Feelings
        A2      Ku’damm Blues
        A3      Mexico (feat. Visage Pale)
        B1      Just Before Your Love
        B2      Final Logic
        B3      Aquamarine (feat. Oliver Cherer)

LP 2    C1      Make Me
        C2      Mornings In Loud
        C3      Romford Street Scene
        D1      Partial Attention
        D2      Airbed Pops
        D3      The Coyote Kiss
                (Note : double LP , gatefold sleeve)