Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
          US - MForced Exposure
Style   : garage / beat / psychedelic /

                VOL.1 , 1963-1964

SIDE 1: 01.     Come On
        02.     Memphis Tennessee
        03.     Roll Over Beethoven
        04.     Don't Lie To Me
        05.     You Better Move On
        06.     I Wanna Be Your Man
        07.     Mona (I Need You Baby)
        08.     Walking The Dog
        09.     Bye Bye Johnny
        10.     Roll Over Beethoven
        11.     Beautiful Delilah
SIDE 2: 01.     Route 66
        02.     Cops And Robbers
        03.     You Better Move On
        04.     Mona (I Need You Baby)
        05.     Hi-Heel Sneakers
        06.     Little By Little
        07.     I Just Want To Make Love To You
        08.     I'm Moving On

This is VOL. 1 (of three LP's) featuring various legendary radio performances from
the years 1963-1965. The material was taped for/during shows s.a. Saturday Club, Blues
In Rhythm, The Joe Loss Pop Show, Big Beat '64, Big Beat '65, Top Gear and Yeh Yeh!
The LP features remastered sound and is presented in a hand-numbered sleeve, on 180 g.
red vinyl.
                VOL.2 , 1964

SIDE 1: 01.     I Just Want To Make Love to You
        02.     Walking The Dog
        03.     Not Fade Away
        04.     Beautiful Delilah
        05.     Hi-Heel Sneakers
        06.     Carol
        07.     Not Fade Away
        08.     I Just Wanna Make Love To You
        09.     I'm Alright
SIDE 2: 01.     Down In The Bottom
        02.     You Can Make It If You Try
        03.     Route 66
        04.     Confessin' The Blues
        05.     Down The Road Apiece
        06.     It's All Over Now
        07.     If You Need Me
        08.     Confessin' The Blues
        09.     Carol
        10.     Mona (I Need You Baby)

On 180-gram white vinyl, this is VOL. 2 (of three LP's) featuring various legendary
radio performances from the years 1963-1965. The material was taped for/during shows
s.a. Saturday Club, Blues In Rhythm, The Joe Loss Pop Show, Big Beat '64, Big
Beat '65, Top Gear and Yeh Yeh! The LP features remastered sound and is presented
in a hand-numbered sleeve, including an insert.
                VOL.3 , 1964-1965

SIDE 1: 01.     Around And Around
        02.     If You Need Me
        03.     I Can't Be Satisfied
        04.     Crackin' Up
        05.     Ain't That Loving You Baby
        06.     2120 South Michigan Avenue
        07.     Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
        08.     Down The Road Apiece
        09.     The Last Time
        10.     Interview With Mick & Brian
SIDE 2: 01.     Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
        02.     Around And Around
        03.     The Last Time
        04.     Mercy Mercy
        05.     Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Going)
        06.     Interview With Mick
        07.     (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
        08.     The Spider And The Fly
        09.     Interview With Mick
        10.     Cry To Me
        11.     Fanny Mae

On 180-gram blue vinyl, this is VOL. 3 (of three LP's) featuring various legendary
radio performances from the years 1963-1965. The material was taped for/during shows
s.a. Saturday Club, Blues In Rhythm, The Joe Loss Pop Show, Big Beat '64, Big Beat
'65, Top Gear and Yeh Yeh! The LP features remastered sound and is presented in
a hand-numbered sleeve, including an insert.
LCLPC   5007    PENTANGLE               LIVE ON AIR 1967-1969           LP      06.2020
                (Note : LP , green vinyl)
LCLPC   5019    BEE GEES                LIVE ON AIR 1967-1968           LP      11.2019

The Bee Gees, live on air 1967-1968. The Brothers Gibb arrived in the UK in February
1967, virtually penniless. They promptly signed with Robert Stigwood and -- together
with bandmates Vince Melouney and Colin Petersen -- soon became the hottest new
property in pop, fueled by their own unique songs. They performed their first BBC
session that April, with several following over the next year, broadcast on BBC radio.
These are gathered here, together with background notes and images, offering a
remarkable glimpse into one of the most legendary acts in pop history at its outset.
Digitally remastered. 180 gram, orange color vinyl; includes insert; hand-numbered.
LCLPC   5025    THE BEATLES : PHILADELPHIA CONVENTION HALL              LP      07.2019
                (2ND SEPTEMBER 19)

SIDE 1: 1.      Twist And Shout
        2.      You Can't Do That
        3.      All My Loving
        4.      She Loves You
        5.      Things We Said Today
        6.      Roll Over Beethoven
SIDE 2: 1.      Can't Buy Me Love
        2.      If I Fell
        3.      I Want To Hold Your Hand
        4.      Boys
        5.      A Hard Day's Night
        6.      Long Tall Sally

Pressed onto 180-GRAM MARBLED PURPLE VINYL, packaged in a hand-numbered sleeve, are
legendary radio broadcast live recordings of The Beatles' 1964 show in Philadelphia.
An insert featuring background liners and rare images is included. This edition is
limited to 1.000 
LCLPCB  5029    THE TROGGS : LIVE ON AIR-VOL.2 '67-68'                  LP      08.2019

First time on vinyl. 180 gram, blue vinyl; hand-numbered, fold over sleeve with insert;
edition of 1000.

White color, 180 gram vinyl; includes insert; hand-numbered fold-over sleeve.
LCLPC   5033    DONOVAN                 BEST OF 1965-1969 LIVE          LP      07.2020

The best of Donovan, live from 1965-1969. Donovan Leitch burst into the UK hit parade
in March 1965 with a #4 hit for Pye Records in "Catch The Wind". This recording had
been preceded by a three-week run on the TV program Ready Steady Go, unprecedented for
an artist yet to release his first record. While Granada had Ready Steady Go, the BBC
had a handful of contemporary light programs for radio to host the "happening" current
acts such as Saturday Club, Folk Room, and later; Nightride and Top Gear. Here, you
travel back to 1965, where Donovan made numerous consecutive trips into BBC's Paris
Theatre Studios, presented here are his best performed tracks between 1965-1969,
accompanying himself on guitar with additional stand-up bass provided by Spike Heatley
and Danny Thompson. This landmark release also includes fascinating interviews with
host Brian Matthew. Digitally remastered, first time on vinyl. Orange color, 180 gram
vinyl; hand-numbered fold-over sleeve, with insert.
LCLPC   5034    LULU AND THE LUVVERS : BEST OF 1964-1967 LIVE           LP      02.2020

The best of Lulu, live from 1964-1967, joined by The Luvvers and Bean & Loopy's Lot.
Since shouting out her first chart record way back in April 1964, Lulu's profile in
the pop mainstream has seen a wealth of Top 10 hits and international success.
The '70s may not have offered the same rewards, but pairings with boy bands in the
1990s such as Take That and singer Ronan Keating saw a resurgence in her profile and
popularity. However, turning the clock way back to her 1965 heyday with her Scottish
counterparts The Luvvers, you can trace her story and irrepressible climb to become
one of Britain's most esteemed golden girls courtesy of her performances in session
for the BBC. London Calling presents for the first time, Lulu in session at the BBC,
backed by beat groups such as The Luvvers and Bean & Loopy's Lot, and duets with
Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, this is a fascinating account of one of British
pop music's hardest working and most authentic iconic singers. Professionally
remastered original broadcast recordings of her best 18 tracks during this period,
and revealing interviews with Brian Matthew recalling her 1964-1967 period. Includes
background liners and rare archival photos. Yellow color, 180 gram vinyl; hand-numb.
fold-over sleeve, with insert.
LC2CD   5035    TOM JONES               LIVE ON AIR 65-69               2CD     02.2020
LCLPC   5036    THE MINDBENDERS         LIVE ON AIR 66-68               LP      12.2019

The Mindbenders, live on air, recordings dating from March 22nd, 1966 to August 13th,
1968. From their huge success with Wayne Fontana and "The Game Of Love" in January
1965, Manchester group The Mindbenders were a guaranteed success story. However, in
1965, Fontana took a solo route and left the band midway through a live show in 1965.
While many groups may have collapsed under the pressure, The Mindbenders suddenly
found a new lease of life when they struck gold with "A Groovy Kind Of Love", a song
that has become synonymous with the "Swinging '60s". It was this, and several other
follow-up singles that prompted their numerous BBC sessions from 1966 to 1968. London
Calling presents The Mindbenders in session for the BBC with host Brian Matthew.
Includes a wealth of revealing interviews and exclusive recordings, and charts the
group's journey as pop stars and the developing talent of songwriter Eric Stewart.
Professionally re-mastered original broadcasts appearing here for the first time on
vinyl. Includes background liners and rare archival photographs. Red, 180 gram vinyl;
comes in hand-numbered fold-over sleeve, with insert.
LCLPC   5037    JEFF BECK : LIVE AT THE FILLMORE WEST, SF 1968          LP      09.2019

Remastered radio broadcast live recordings of Jeff Beck and his group performing at
The Fillmore West in San Francisco, in 1968. The LP is pressed on WHITE VINYL
(in a hand-numbered edition of 1.000 copies) and includes an insert featuring
background liners and rare archival photos.
LCCD    5040    AMEN CORNER             LIVE ON AIR '67-'69             CD      03.2020

Collected on CD are highlights from the BBC radio sessions of UK psych-pop group
Amen Corner, dating back to the years 1967-1969. Included are renditions of songs
s.a. 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', 'In The Pocket', 'Bend Me Shape
Me', 'The Duck', 'High In The Sky', 'I Don't Want To Discuss It', 'Gin House Blues',
'World Of Broken Hearts', '(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice', 'So Fine', 'Day Tripper'
and many more. Presented in a 4-panel digipack, the CD comes with an 8-page booklet
offering background liners and rare images.
LC3CD   5042    CLIFF BENNETT           LIVE ON AIR '1964-1970          3CD     03.2020

Released as a TRIPLE-CD set, this is a collection of radio recordings featuring the
hugely popular '60s club act Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers and Cliff's latter
group, Toe Fat. The three discs come in an 8-panel digipack and include an 8-page
booklet full of liner notes and rare images. Aside from the Lennon/McCartney
friendship, iconic names such as Chas Hodges, Nicky Hopkins and Joe Meek all played
a key part in the development of, and story behind one of Britain's best-loved artists
of the 1960s.
LC2CD   5043    BILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS : LIVE ON AIR 1965-67     CD      03.2021
LCCD    5047    THE HERD                LIVE ON AIR 67-69               CD      03.2021
LCCD    5048    JIMMY JAMES AND THE VAGABONDS : LIVE ON AIR 1966-1969   CD      03.2022

Professionally re-mastered original broadcast recordings with background liners and
period photos. Full-color booklet with background liners and rare images, includes
interviews. Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality.
LCLPC   5050    BLIND FAITH             HYDE PARK '69                   LP      04.2020

SIDE 1: 1.      Intro
        2.      Well Alright
        3.      Sea Of Joy
        4.      Under My Thumb
        5.      Can't Find My Way Home
SIDE 2: 1.      I'd Rather See You Sleeping In The Ground
        2.      Do What You Like
        3.      Presence Of The Lord
        4.      Means To An End
        5.      Had To Cry Today
        6.      Outro

Now available on RED VINYL (presented with liner notes and rare images) are the
BBC radio recordings of Blind Faith's legendary 1969 show at London's Hyde Park.
Although the musicians (Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker and Rick Grech)
were nervous and under-prepared, they turned in a frequently superb set including
originals as well as covers.
LC2LPC  5052    FLEETWOOD MAC           GOTHENBURG                      2LP     02.2020
                (Note : 2LP , olive-green vinyl, etched 4th side)
LCCD    5052    FLEETWOOD MAC           GOTHENBURG                      CD      02.2020

Fleetwood Mac, live from the Cue Club, Gothenburg, Sweden on November 2nd, 1969.
Fleetwood Mac were one of Britain's biggest bands by late 1968. Their classic Then
Play On album was released that September, and yielded the massive hit "Oh Well".
Despite this success, they continued to gig relentlessly. This superb performance
at the Cue Club, Gothenburg on November 2nd, 1969, broadcast on Sveriges Radio,
Sweden, during a short Scandinavian tour, captures them at their peak on a variety
of material spanning their career to date. The entire broadcast is presented here,
digitally remastered, with background notes and images. First time on vinyl; three
-sided, olive green vinyl; includes background liners and rare images; hand-numbered.
LCLPC   5053    JETHRO TULL             LIVE IN SWEDEN '69              LP      02.2020
LCCD    5053    JETHRO TULL             LIVE IN SWEDEN '69              CD      02.2020
LCCD    5056    BLIND FAITH             LIVE IN LOS ANGELES 1969        CD      03.2021
LCLPC   5057    TYRANNOSAURUS REX : Elemental Child Live In 1970        LP      07.2020
LCCD    5057    TYRANNOSAURUS REX : Elemental Child Live In 1970        CD      07.2020

Tyrannosaurus Rex, live from the Progressive Rock Festival, Sporthalle, Köln, Germany
on April 4th, 1970. Marc Bolan replaced Steve Took with Mickey Finn in late October
1969, and the revised duo recorded A Beard Of Stars, which was released in March 1970.
A few days later, they traveled to Germany to play at Cologne's Progressive Pop
Festival. Appearing late in the afternoon of the second day, they performed a mixture
of psychedelic folk, pop, and rock, clearly pointing the way towards their huge
success later in the year. Their complete set, broadcast on WDR-FM, is presented here,
digitally remastered, together with background notes and images.
Personnel:  Marc Bolan - acoustic & electric guitars, organ, vocals
            Mickey Finn - drums, tablas, percussion
            Moroccan Clay - drums, finger cymbals, vocals.
LC2LPC  5058    FREE                    LIVE                            2LP     08.2020

LCLPC   5060    FLEETWOOD MAC           LIVE IN HELSINKI                LP      07.2020

SIDE 1: 1.      Homework
        2.      Man Of The World
        3.      Like It This Way
        4.      Only You
        5.      I Believe My Time Ain't Long
        6.      Stranger Blues
SIDE 2: 1.      Got A Mind To Give Up Living
        2.      Oh Well
        3.      Comin' Your Way
        4.      Shake Your Moneymaker
        5.      Albatross
        6.      Great Balls Of Fire
        7.      Jenny Jenny
LCLPC   5067    JOHN MAYALL/BLUESBREAKERS : EUROPEAN UNION              LP      03.2021
                 (Live In The UK & Germany)
LCCD    5071    BLIND FAITH             GOTHENBURG '69                  CD      03.2021
LC3LPC  5077    ROD STEWART  & THE FACES : LIVE AT THE FILLMORE 1970    3LP     12.2021

SIDE 1: 1.      Devotion
        2.      You're My Girl (I Do't Want To Discuss It)
        3.      The Wicked Messenger
        4.      Country Comfort
SIDE 2: 1.      Flying
        2.      Yoo Much Woman
        3.      Cut Across Shortly
        4.      Maybe I'm Amazed

SIDE 3: 1.      Around the Plynth
        2.      Gasoline Alley
        3.      Love In Vain
SIDE 4: 1.      Three Button Hand Me Down
        2.      It's All Over Now
        3.      I Feel So Good

SIDE 5: 1.      (Love Ballad) (Bonus tracks) John Peel's Sunday Concert,
                Paris Cinema, 25th June 1970 BBC radio
        2.      You're My Girl
        3.      The Wicked Messenger
SIDE 6:         (Bonus tracks) John Peel's Sunday Concert, Paris Cinema,
                25th June 1970 BBC radio
        1.      Devotion
        2.      It's All Over Now
        3.      I Feel So Good
LCLPC   5079    THE ROLLING STONES      LIVE IN AUSTRALIA 1966          LP      11.2021
                (Note : LP/180 g. , yellow vinyl included 2-page insert
                contains background notes and archival imagery)
LCCD    5082    THE ALAN BOWN           LIVE ON AIR 1966-1970           CD      11.2021

Presenting the band's exciting mixture of r&b, soul and psychedelic pop/rock at its
most vivid best, the remastered radio broadcast live recordings (1966-1970)
collected on this CD capture The Alan Bown's sound and energy better than the
vinyl releases from back in the day. The CD comes in a 4-panel digipack and includes
an 8-page booklet full of background liners and rare archival memorabila.
LC2LPC  5084    SOFT MACHINE            PARIS 1970                      2LP     03.2022

Personnel:  Mike Ratledge - Lowrey organ, Hohner pianet
            Robert Wyatt - drums, vocals
            Hugh Hopper - bass
            Elton Dean - alto sax, Saxello
            Lyn Dobson - soprano sax, flute, voice, harmonica.

Soft Machine, live from the Theatre de la Musique, Paris on March 2nd, 1970.
Superb, professional re-mastering. Includes background liners, rare archival photos
and equipped with mortal stimulants. Hand-numbered gatefold sleeve; 180 gram splatter
LC2CD   5093    EAST OF EDEN            IN CONCERT                      2CD     12.2021

Collected on this DOUBLE-CD are rare live recordings (from 1970) of the British
psychedelic/progressive underground rock band, a.o. made for the BBC and John Peel.
This release is presented with a 6-panel digipack, an 8-page booklet with background
liners and rare images and remastered audio.
LCCD    5096    CURVED AIR              LIVE 1971                       CD      04.2022

        01.     Curved Air - Vivaldi
        02.     Curved Air - What Happens When You Blow Yourself Up?
        03.     Curved Air - Situations
        04.     Curved Air - Melinda
        05.     Curved Air - It Happened Today
        06.     Curved Air - It Happened Today (reprise)
        07.     Curved Air - Intro / Back Street Luv
        08.     Curved Air - Vivaldi
        09.     Curved Air - Propositions (tease) / chat
        10.     Curved Air - Vivaldi / Back Street Luv (reprise) / Vivaldi (reprise)
        11.     Curved Air - Propositions (Reprise)
        12.     Curved Air - Melinda (More or Less)
        13.     Curved Air - It Happened Today
        14.     Curved Air - Phantasmagoria

Curved Air live on Sounds of the Seventies March 1971, and Bilzen Jazz Festival
in Vlaams, Belgium, August, 1971. Fronted by the charismatic Sonja Kristina and
driven by Darryl Way's innovative violin, Curved Air burst onto the British music
scene in the autumn of 1970, seemingly out of nowhere. Championed by John Peel,
their exciting and innovative brand of progressive rock captivated audiences and
made them live favorites. This superb release finds them at the peak of their
powers on two incredible radio broadcast performances, live from the UK and Belgium.
Four-panel digipack; includes 12-page booklet with background notes and images;
professionally re-mastered for superb fidelity.
LC4CDBOX  002   SCOTT WALKER : LIVE ON AIR 1968-1969                    4CD     08.2019

CD 1    01.     Scott Walker - Follow Me
        02.     Scott Walker - Days Of Love
        03.     Scott Walker - Mathilde
        04.     Scott Walker - Work Song
                (with O.C. Smith)
        05.     Scott Walker - I'll Be Around
        06.     Scott Walker - Genevieve
        07.     Scott Walker - Up, Up And Away
                (with Kiki Dee)
        08.     Scott Walker - Passing Strangers
                (with Kiki Dee)
        09.     Scott Walker - If You Go Away
        10.     Scott Walker - Gotta Travel On
        11.     Scott Walker - And We Were Losers
        12.     Scott Walker - You Stepped Out Of A Dream
                (with Salena Jones)
        13.     Scott Walker - For Once In My Life
                (with Salena Jones)
        14.     Scott Walker - Tender Is The Night
        15.     Scott Walker - Montague Terrace (In Blue)
        16.     Scott Walker - Long Daddy Green
                (with Blossom Dearie)
        17.     Scott Walker - Joanna

CD 2    01.     Scott Walker - In The Still Of The Night
        02.     Scott Walker - Someone To Light Up My Life
        03.     Scott Walker - Why Did I Choose You?
        04.     Scott Walker - The Moment Of Truth
                (with Salena Jones)
        05.     Scott Walker - Winter Night
        06.     Scott Walker - Pop & Circumstance
                (with The Dudley Moore Trio)
        07.     Scott Walker - Romantic Notion
                (with The Dudley Moore Trio)
        08.     Scott Walker - We Came Through
        09.     Scott Walker - The Impossible Dream
        10.     Scott Walker - There Will Never Be Another You
        11.     Scott Walker - Who (Will Take My Place)
        12.     Scott Walker - It's Raining Today
        13.     Scott Walker - I'll Be There
                (with Jackie Trent)
        14.     Scott Walker - Love Story
                (with Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch)
        15.     Scott Walker - The Girls & The Dogs
        16.     Scott Walker - We're Alone

CD 3    01.     Scott Walker - Don't Rain On My Parade
        02.     Scott Walker - The Look Of Love
        03.     Scott Walker - When The World Was Young
        04.     Scott Walker - Meteo Alebiz Sonata For Guitar
                (with John Williams)
        05.     Scott Walker - Rosemary
        06.     Scott Walker - Maria Elena
                (Gene Pitney, with Scott on backing vocals)
        07.     Scott Walker - Lost In The Stars
        08.     Scott Walker - My Shining Hour
        09.     Scott Walker - This Is All I Ask
        10.     Scott Walker - The Lady's In Love With You
        11.     Scott Walker - The Windmills Of Your Mind
                (with Noel Harrison)
        12.     Scott Walker - Big Louise
        13.     Scott Walker - Girl Talk (with Maynard Ferguson)
        14.     Scott Walker - Funeral Tango
        15.     Scott Walker - Country Girl

CD 4    01.     Scott Walker - The Song Is You
        02.     Scott Walker - I Have Dreamed
        03.     Scott Walker - Only The Young
        04.     Scott Walker - Games People Play (with Kiki Dee)
        05.     Scott Walker - Copenhagen
        06.     Scott Walker - Yesterday (with Billy Preston)
        07.     Scott Walker - Satisfaction
        08.     Scott Walker - Sons Of
        09.     Scott Walker - Will You Still Be Mine?
        10.     Scott Walker - If She Walked Into My Life
        11.     Scott Walker - Medley: Motherless Children > Goin' Home
                (with Jon Hendricks)
        12.     Scott Walker - Butterfly
        13.     Scott Walker - Violin Solo (with Ivry Gitlis)
        14.     Scott Walker - If You Go Away

At the height of Scott Walker's fame, the BBC invited him to host his own TV program,
with two 1968 specials being followed by a series in the spring of 1969. The footage
has been wiped but the audio survives, finding him singing a variety of songs with
orchestral backing, together with guest appearances from Blossom Dearie, Kiki Dee,
Dudley Moore, Billy Preston, and others. It has been mastered here to the best possible
standard, and is presented together with background notes and images. Any live
performances by Walker are rare, making these of especial historical value. Also
features O.C. Smith, Salena Jones, Jackie Trent, Tony Hatch, John Williams, Gene
Pitney, Noel Harrison, Maynard Ferguson, Jon Hendricks, and Ivry Gitlis.
Professionally re-mastered; four-CD set in a clamshell box; includes 16-page booklet
with background notes and rare images.
LC2CD   5007    PENTANGLE : LIVE ON AIR 1967-1962                       2CD     03.2020

London Calling presents Pentangle's Live On Air 1967-1969, including performances
from the Danny Thompson Trio with John McLaughlin. The high profile names of John
Renbourn and Bert Jansch remain coveted enough to warrant excitement at any
retrospective release, but combined with Danny Thompson and Jacqui McShee, this
is a delightful insight into one of Britain's finest folk-rock bands to emerge in
the late '60s. Pentangle's legacy lies in an abundance of fragile, acoustic wonder
spanning six albums with Transatlantic and Reprise Records from 1968 to 1972.
Among studio, television and festival appearances, Pentangle visited venues such
as the Playhouse Theatre and Paris Theatre for the BBC. These pristine sessions
reveal a valuable insight into the creative mindset directing the band in their
heyday. Prominently featured here are the only known recordings of Danny Thompson
with John McLaughlin and Tony Roberts from 1967, music that would provide a vital
bridge to the formation of Pentangle. Digitally remastered, includes a Brian Matthew
interview with Jacqui McShee from 1970 and a full color booklet with liner notes
and rare images.