LOLIPOP RECORDS                         Echo Park
***************                         Los Angeles

                                        1176 Glendale Blvd.
                                        Los Angeles, CA 90026

                                        tel.: 949 280 6580

Start   : 2010
Distr.  : US -
Style   : garage rock / punk / post punk / psychedelic rock and pop / twee pop
          / indie / indie pop / lo-fi indie / dreamy pop / goth rock / synth pop

LPOP    17      CORNERS                 MY BABY                         7"      08.2013

        A       My Baby
        B       Automatic Man
LPOP    18      WAX CHILDREN            SAFE HANDS                      CS        .2013

        1       Scower Hour
        2       Escapades
        3       Mr. Hill
        4       Close To Home
        5       Safe Hands
        6       Dashin'
LPOP    23      LOS CRATERS             LOW TIDE LOVER                  CD        .2013

        1       One Time Lover                                  3:53
        2       Now, Baby                                       3:22
        3       Isabelle Waters                                 3:41
        4       Bronco                                          4:22
        5       Surf, Soul, Shake                               4:28
        6       Low Tide Lover                                  2:06
        7       Barbershop Blues                                3:06
        8       All That I Want                                 3:04
        9       Heartbreak Shugga Shugga                        4:10
        10      Outerspace Face                                 4:03
        11      Cross Eyed Girl                                 4:02
        12      Meant To Waste Time                             3:05
LPOP    030     FROTH                   PATTERNS                        LP      07.2013

        A1      Patterns
        A2      Lost My Mind
        A3      Too Wet
        A4      Gone
        B1      General Education
        B2      Oaxaca
        B3      Not Myself
        B4      Acid Couple Kiss
        B5      Bonus Track

CS      Burger          BRGR 556        2013    US
LPOP    034     TROPICAL POPSICLE       DAWN OF DELIGHT                 CS+DLc  03.2013

        1       Always Awake In Shadows                         03:28
        2       The Age Of Attraction                           03:08
        3       Ghost Beacons                                   05:04
        4       The Beach With No Footprints                    04:04
        5       Tethers                                         02:45
        6       View From The Dihedrall Wall                    02:43
        7       Canyons                                         02:08
        8       Cathedral City                                  02:43
        9       Havana                                          02:18
        10      The Omni Present Heart Shield                   02:40
        11      The Queen Of New York                           02:53
        12      Universe Of God Shadow                          04:27
LPOP    036     SO MANY WIZARDS         NIGHT CHILLS                    7"        .2014

        A1      Night Chills                                    2:50
        B1      Daydream                                        2:30
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on black vinyl)
LPOP    037     DAHGA BLOOM             DAHGA BLOOM                     CS      09.2013

        A1      Hold My Head
        A2      Black Lung
        A3      Dahga Bloom
        A4      MIA
        B1      Bemsha Swing
        B2      Golden Sky
        B3      Fallin'
        B4      Little Reign
                (Note : cassette , 250 copies)

LP      Dahga Bloom     DAHGA 0101      2010    US      red or blue
LPOP    039     QUEEN BEEF              QUEEN BEEF                      CS        .2013

        A1      Totino's Boy                                    1:47
        A2      Jan's A Drunk                                   1:58
        A3      I Was Touched                                   2:43
        A4      Love Boat                                       3:01
        B1      At The Show                                     2:36
        B2      Teaz It Out                                     2:03
        B3      Sex Roller Coaster                              2:13
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
LPOP    041     THE VIVIDS              DRUGGED OUT & BLOODLESS         CS      10.2013

        A1      Drugged Out & Bloodless
        A2      The World Isn't Always Yours
        A3      Just an Illusion
        B1      Pink Shadow
        B2      Black Hair Red Lips
        B3      Nothing Getting Closer
LPOP    050     THE MEMORIES            RAINY DAY                       CS        .2013

        A1      Rainy Day                                       0:59
        A2      What Are You Doing To Me?                       1:00
        A3      I'm Easy                                        0:50
        A4      You Found A Drug That's Better Than Me          1:40
        A5      Pessimism Song                                  2:01
        B1      Here Comes The Rain Again                       1:44
        B2      Bad Dreams                                      1:32
        B3      Gonna Take A Ride                               2:01

CS      Burger          BRGR 389        2013    US
LPOP    51      KIM & THE CREATED       KIM & THE CREATED               CS      03.2014

        A1      Get What I Want
        A2      Tell Me Your Lies
        B1      Only In Your Dreams
        B2      Dead To Me
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
LPOP    058     BUTTERTONES             BUTTERTONES                     CS        .2013

        A1      Dionysus
        A2      Nu Suave
        A3      Tequila Mockingbird
        A4      Reminiscing
        B1      Luna Estupenda
        B2      Orpheus Under The Influence
        B3      Old Fashioned
        B4      Kaliedapope
LPOP    064     V / A                   DIRTY LAUNDRY COMES CLEAN       CS      01.2014

        A1      The Orwells             Mallrats (La La La)
        A2      Radical Dads            Creature Out
        A3      The Lovely Bad Things : Hear Or Anywhere
        A4      Shark? : Game Of Pricks (Guided By Voices Cover)
        A5      Adult Books             Bedsit Infamies
        A6      Speedy Ortiz            Silver Spring
        A7      Terry Malts             Mall Dreams (Unreleased Version)
        A8      Twin Steps              The Re-Arranger
        A9      Death Hymn Number 9     Swamp $'s
        A10     The Sundelles           Can't Win
        A11     Audacity                Cold Rush
        A12     Potty Mouth             Sleep Talk
        A13     Big Black Cloud         Pile Of Shit
        A14     Surfer Blood            Hey Sandy (Polaris Cover)
        A15     So Many Wizards         Night Chills
        B1      The Coathangers         Hurricane
        B2      JEFF The Brotherhood    Cool Out
        B3      Eternal Summers         Pure Affection
        B4      The So So Glos          House Of Glass
        B5      Wax Idols               Dead Boys (Can't Say No)
        B6      Diarrhea Planet         Separations
        B7      Free Energy             Lovesign (B-Side)
        B8      The Abigails : Understand Your Man (Johnny Cash Cover)
        B9      Beach Day : Love Is Strange (Mickey & Sylvia Cover)
        B10     The Icarus Line : Salem Slims (Live At Oxford Academy, '02)
        B11     Tashaki Miyaki          Tonight
        B12     The Blank Tapes         Mister Mister
        B13     EFG                     Singing Bridges (Demo)
        B14     White Dove              Dust On The Water
        B15     Surf Curse              Reality Bites
        B16     Corey (From Terry Malts) : Out Of Limits
LPOP    65      LOVE COP                POP MAGICK IS REAL              CS      01.2014

        A1      Seeing Other People
        A2      (Not Really) Like That
        A3      FYI
        A4      Hey, May
        A5      Mystery School
        A6      U Wanna Come
        B1      End of Time
        B2      Drivin' Me Home
        B3      Chocolate Covered Pretzel
        B4      Most People
LPOP    66      WET NURSE               DAILY WHATEVER                  CS      03.2014

        A1      Life & Death
        A2      My Nature
        A3      Bon Voyage
        A4      Daily Whatever
        A5      Sassy
        A6      Hey Stranger
        A7      Peace Treaty
        B1      Heart Attack
        B2      Waiting Room
        B3      Randy Kelly
        B4      iLL House
        B5      Cigarette Lighter
        B6      Doreen

LP      Astro Girl      AGR 003         2012    EU
LP      Recess          RECESS #198     2015    US
CS      Protagonist M.  PRO 025         2012    US
LPOP    68      PEACH KELLI POP         DEMOS & RARITIES                CS      02.2014

        A1      Panchito Blues I
        A2      No One Else Like Me
        A3      Baby Baby
        A4      Away
        A5      Maybe Baby
        B1      Mindreader
        B2      Lover
        B3      Scorpio
        B4      Julie Oulie
        B5      Sorry
        B6      No One Else Like Me (Quiet)
                (Note : cassette , 300 green copies)

CD      SP Records      SP 062          2015    JA
LPOP    71      WAX CHILDREN            ANGST                           CS      01.2014

        A1      Aeons Pt. 1                                     2:09
        A2      Wild Gloom                                      4:45
        A3      Binding The Bends                               3:22
        A4      Rene's House                                    5:13
        B1      Eyes Of Chongo                                  3:46
        B2      Skin                                            3:54
        B3      Awkward Strumming                               5:05
        B4      Aeons Pt. 2                                     2:32
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
LPOP    072     THE ELECTRIC MAGPIE     BEGINS                          LP      07.2015

        A1      Mourning Gloria
        A2      What's For Tea?
        A3      Airport Blues
        A4      Birds In The Trees
        A5      Friends
        B1      Hold On (Hannah)
        B2      DEAN
        B3      Springtime Ease
        B4      What's For Tea? (Reprise)
        B5      Day Is Done
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 white copies)
LPOP    78      USELESS EATERS          SINGLES 2011-2014               CD      05.2014

        A1      Dope Clones
        A2      Difficult
        A3      American Cars
        A4      The Moves
        A5      Proper Conduct
        A6      Plague Is Vague
        A7      Addicted To The Blade
        A8      Starvation Blues #2
        B1      New Program
        B2      Expensive Taste
        B3      I Hate The Kids
        B4      Linear Movement
        B5      Bloody Ripper
        B6      Mother Earth
        B7      Integrated Circuit
                (Note : cassette , 150 copies)

LP      Slovenly        702.161 LP      2015    US      yellow
CD      Slovenly        702.161 CD      2015    US
LPOP    85      THE MEMORIES            TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL             12"     06.2014

        A1      Touched By An Angel
        A2      In Your Bed
        A3      Lonely
        A4      Trouble
        B1      Table For Two
        B2      Blanket Of Your Love
        B3      Girls Are The Wonders Of The World
        B4      You And Me And Molly
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , black or clear vinyl)
LPOP    087     PSYCHOMAGIC             PSYCHOMAGIC                     CS      06.2014

        A1      I'm A Freak
        A2      I Wanna Be That Man
        A3      Hold On To Something
        A4      I Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand
        A5      Mutated Love
        B1      Play The Fool
        B2      Bottom Of The Sea
        B3      Heartbroken Teenage Zombie Killer
        B4      I Just Wanna Go Home With You
        B5      Elvis On The Moon

LP      Hovercraft      HC #60          2015    US      maroon-marbled
LPOP    090     MYSTIC BRAVES           DESERT ISLAND                   LP      04.2014

        A1      Bright Blue Day Haze                            4:12
        A2      There's A Pain                                  2:43
        A3      Coyote Blood                                    2:53
        A4      Desert Island                                   2:49
        A5      Valley Rat                                      4:22
        B1      You Take The Dark Out Of Me                     3:51
        B2      I Want You Back                                 2:46
        B3      Born Without A Heart                            3:35
        B4      In The Past                                     2:32
        B5      Earthshake                                      4:22
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
LPOP    092     BURNING PALMS           BURNING PALMS                   CD        .2014

        1       Young Hunter
        2       Hologram
        3       Dark Matter
        4       Ajo
        5       Pyramids
        6       Deadbeat Island
        7       Thorns
        8       Thedious
        9       Church of Ra
LPOP    094     DAGHA BLOOM             NO CURTAINS                     CS      07.2014

        1       Supa 3:58
        2       Put it on the Table                             4:34
        3       Wampum/Rotted Man                               9:17
        4       Allah Long                                      2:56
        5       Space Is the Place                              3:23
        6       Adolf Hipster                                   2:39
        7       ZUUZUU                                          3:16
        8       I Don't Know                                    3:28
        9       Born to Be Brown                                3:06

LP      Captcha         HBSP 2X 052     2014    US      black or coloured
CD      Captcha         HBSP 2X 052     2014    US
LPOP    095     BILLY CHANGER/TRACY BRYANT : 2 IN 1                     CS        .2014

        A1      Billy Changer           It's Blue
        A2      Billy Changer           Barbarella
        A3      Billy Changer           Band Of Brothers
        A4      Billy Changer           Chiller
        A5      Billy Changer           Black Angel
        A6      Billy Changer           Island Fever
        A7      Billy Changer           Stranger Next Door
        A8      Billy Changer           You're My Girl
        A9      Billy Changer           She Won't Give Me Her Sweet Time
        A10     Billy Changer           That's How It Will Be
        B1      Tracy Bryant            Start The Motor
        B2      Tracy Bryant            Want
        B3      Tracy Bryant            I'm Never Gonna Be Your Man
        B4      Tracy Bryant            Creep
        B5      Tracy Bryant            Realistic Man
        B6      Tracy Bryant            Bad News
        B7      Tracy Bryant            Shining
        B8      Tracy Bryant            Symmetry
        B9      Tracy Bryant            Too Tired
        B10     Tracy Bryant            Tell You
        B11     Tracy Bryant            The Black Crow
        B12     Tracy Bryant            Quartet
                (Note : cassette , 300 copies)

CS      Burger          BRGR 744        2014    US
LPOP    096     JOEL JEROME             GRANDES EXITOS! [VOL.7]         CS      06.2014

        A1      I Don't Wanna Marry You/Alcohol
        A2      You Make Me Feel Uncomfortable
        A3      Slumber Party Mass
        A4      Feel Me Baby
        A5      I See The Light
        A6      Tell Me Something
        B1      I Feel Fine All The Time
        B2      Why Ask Why/Totally Confused
        B3      I Can't Find You
        B4      Satellite Of Love
        B5      Cuz I'm Dumb After All
        B6      Broken Bones
                (Note : cassette , 300 copies)
LPOP    097     TELE NOVELLA            COSMIC DIAL TONE                CS      06.2014

        A1      Hair Of The Dog
        A2      Trouble In Paradise
        A3      Coat-Tail Rider
        B1      Umbrella At The Station
        B2      Don't Be A Stranger
        B3      No Excalibur
                (Note : cassette , 250 copies)
LP      99      THEE OH SEES            DROP                            LP      04.2014
LP      99      THEE OH SEES            DROP                            CS      04.2014

        A1      Penetrating Eye
        A2      Encrypted Bounce
        A3      Savage Victory
        A4      Put Some Reverb on My Brother
        B1      Drop
        B2      Camera (Queer Sound)
        B3      King's Nose
        B4      Transparent World
        B5      The Lens

LP.CD   Castle Face     CF 033          2014    US
LOLIPOP 100     BICYCLE DAY             I HAD A PLACE TO BE             CS      07.2014

        1       Righteous Acid
        2       In My Sleep
        3       1,000 Steps
        4       Help Me Out
        5       Corner Store
        6       Mannequins
        7       Feed Me Yr Soul
        8       Melted Again
        9       Vandals
        10      Blood On My Face
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
LPOP    105     MYSTIC BRAVES           DAYS OF YESTERYEAR              LP      05.2016
LPOP    105     MYSTIC BRAVES           DAYS OF YESTERYEAR              CS      05.2016

        A1      To Myself
        A2      No Trash
        A3      Now That You're Gone
        A4      As You Wonder (Why)
        A5      5 Minutes Dream Girl
        B1      Spanish Rain
        B2      Corazon
        B3      Down On Me
        B4      Great Company
        B5      Born To Get To You
LPOP    106     GAP DREAM/PART TIME     SPLIT                           7"      01.2015

        A       Gap Dream               Strong Love
        B       Part Time               My Jamey

7"      Burger          BRGR 775        2015    US
LPOP    108     SEALION                 HEAVY FIZZ                      CS        .2014

        A1      Automatic                                       02:14
        A2      Martians                                        04:41
        A3      Lana                                            02:43
        A4      Percolator                                      02:31
        A5      Heavy Fizz                                      02:56
        A6      Episode                                         03:12
        B1      Naked                                           04:43
        B2      Twilight Zone                                   03:15
        B3      Automobile                                      06:01
        B4      Wet Jeans                                       05:02
        B5      Summer Feeling, Fading                          02:50

CS      Dallas Distortion  DDM 016      2014    US
LPOP    109     THE AR-KAICS            THE AR-KAICS                    CS        .2014

        A1      You'll Be Mine
        A2      Get My Way
        A3      Gone
        A4      Be Nice
        A5      No Good
        A6      This Time Tonight
        A7      Be My Baby
        B1      Can't Keep Waiting
        B2      No No No
        B3      Motorcycle Monica
        B3      Get Lost
        B4      Hold Me Down
        B5      That's Not Fair

LP      Windian         WIN 20045       2014    US
LP      Windian         WIN 20045       2015    US              tour ed.
LP      Bachelor        BR 84           2015    Australia
LPOP    111     THE GOASTT              MIDNIGHT SUN                    CS        .2015

        A1      Too Deep
        A2      Xanadu
        A3      Animals
        A4      Johannesburg
        A5      Midnight Sun
        A6      Last Call
        B1      The Devil You Know
        B2      Golden Earrings
        B3      Great Expectations
        B4      Poor Paul Getty
        B5      Don't Look Back Orpheus
        B6      Moth To A Flame

LP      Chimera Music   NO.XVIII        2014    US
CD      Chimera Music   NO.XVIII/18     2014    US

        A1      Lavender Road                                   4:03
        A2      Jardin Du Luxembourg                            2:34
        A3      Candy Necklace                                  4:20
        A4      Shroedinger's Cat                               2:50
        A5      Rainbows In Gasoline                            3:49
        B1      Dark Matter White Noise                         5:18
        B2      Robot Boy                                       4:24
        B3      The World Was Made For Men                      3:33
        B4      Song For James                                  4:51

LP      Chimera Music   NO.V            2010    US
CD      Chimera Music   NO.05           2010    US
LPOP    113     COBALT CRANES           DAYS IN THE SUN                 CS        .2014

        A1      Flowers On Your Grave
        A2      In A Daze
        A3      Last Horizon
        A4      Dark Star
        B1      Fall In
        B2      Heavy Heart
        B3      Sundown
        B4      Sleepwalk
LPOP    115     THE DRUMS               ENCYCLOPEDIA                    CS      09.2014

        1       Magic Mountain                                  4:05
        2       I Can't Pretend                                 4:49
        3       I Hope Times Doesn't Change Him                 4:43
        4       Kiss Me Again                                   3:45
        5       Let Me                                          4:33
        6       Break My Heart                                  3:29
        7       Face of God                                     4:01
        8       U.S. National Park                              3:11
        9       Deep in My Heart                                3:50
        10      Bell Laboratories                               2:45
        11      There Is Nothing Left                           4:07
        12      Wild Geese                                      5:15

CD      Arts & Crafts   A&C 099         2014    CA
LP      Minor           MINORLP 03      2014    EU
CD      Minor           MINORLP 03      2014    EU
LPOP    116     BILLY CHARGER           BILLY CHARGER                   LP      09.2015

        A1      It's Blue
        A2      Barbarella
        A3      Band Of Brothers
        A4      Chiller
        A5      Black Angel
        B1      Island Fever
        B2      Stranger Next Door
        B3      Your My Girl
        B4      Sweet Time
        B5      That's How It Will Be
LPOP    119     WYATT BLAIR             BANANA CREAM DREAM              LP      11.2015

        A1      Sweet Operator (Talink On The Telephone)
        A2      Girls!
        A3      You & I (Are Just Letters In The Alphabet)
        A4      Ba Ba Ba (Lifes A Bitch)
        A5      Ladies Man...
        B1      This Is A Happy Song For Sad People
        B2      Sugar Lips, Cinnamon Hips
        B3      Money Honey
        B4      Psychedelic Rock Band
        B5      Found Love (In A Garbage Can)

LP      Resurrection    RR 050          2015    US
CS      Burger          BRGR 484        2013    US
LPOP    120     CORNERS                 MAXED OUT OF DISTRACTIONS       LP+DL     .2014
LPOP    120     CORNERS                 MAXED OUT OF DISTRACTIONS       CS        .2014

        A1      We're Changing
        A2      Caught in Frustration
        A3      Riot
        A4      Buoy
        A5      Against It
        B1      Love Letters
        B2      Maxed Out on Distractions
        B3      On the Run
        B4      The Spaceship

CS      Burger          BRGR 793        2014    US
LPOP    124     PSYCHOMAGIC             BAD IDEAS                       CS      12.2014

        A1      Go-Go Ladies (From Outer Space)
        A2      Your Lover
        A3      Gumball Crazy
        A4      Your EBT (Can't Buy My Love)
        A5      Bad Idea
        B1      Flowers On The Sun
        B2      Colors Of The Past
        B3      One Step Closer
        B4      Waste My Time
        B5      Sun Song
LPOP    125     EX-CULT                 CIGARETTE MACHINE               CS        .2015

        A1      Clinical Study
        A2      Cigarette Machine
        A3      Rats In The Gas Tank
        B1      Meda House Company
        B2      Dripping Mouth
        B3      Your Mask

12"     Castle Face     CF 046          2015    US
LPOP    126     FEELS                   LICE AT GUACHO'S ELECTRONICS    CS      01.2015

        A1      Lose My Mind
        A2      Bitched
        A3      Faustine
        A4      Manic Cruiser
        A5      Fruit Tree
        A6      Bird's Eye Bonsai
        A7      Slippin
        A8      Running's Fun
        A9      Unicorn
        A10     Close My Eyes
        A11     Magnetic Love
LPOP    127     LOVE COP                DARK ONES                       CS      04.2015

        A1      (I Wanna Be Your) Dark One
        A2      Right-Hand Path
        A3      Catching Feelings
        A4      Star 69
        A5      Night On Earth
        B1      Let's Get High And Fuck
        B2      2 Bummed 2 Cum
        B3      Shadow Walking
        B4      Mars Attackz
        B5      When They Come (From Above)

CS      Gnar Tapes      GNAR 159        2015    US
LPOP    128     DEATH VALLEY GIRLS      ELECTRIC HIGH                   7"      04.2015

        A       Electric High
        B       Gettin' Hard
LPOP    130     WINTER                  SUPREME BLUE DREAM              LP      03.2015
LPOP    130     WINTER                  SUPREME BLUE DREAM              CD      03.2015

        1       Someone Like You                                3:14
        2       Crazy                                           2:49
        3       Pretender                                       4:08
        4       Strange Emotions                                3:21
        5       Some Kind of Surprise                           4:17
        6       Like I Do                                       4:51
        7       Waiting for the Summer                          2:54
        8       Flower Tattoo                                   3:26
        9       Don't Stay Away                                 2:42
        10      Expectations / Exigencias                       3:07
LPOP    131     MELTED                  ZIPTRIPPER                      CS      02.2015

        A1      Still Waiting                                   2:04
        A2      25 Years                                        3:02
        A3      Old Lady Avenue                                 2:35
        B1      Sleep                                           1:18
        B2      Pepper And Milk                                 2:49
        B3      Makeshift                                       3:27

CS      Burger          BRGR 843        2015    US
LPOP    132     BRONCHO : JUST ENOUGH HIP TO BE WOMAN                   CS        .2015

        A1      What                                            2:18
        A2      Class Historian                                 3:32
        A3      Deena                                           2:06
        A4      Stay Loose                                      2:41
        A5      NC-17                                           2:39
        A6      I'm Gonna Find Out Where He's At                3:42
        B1      Stop Tricking                                   2:17
        B2      Taj Mahal                                       2:43
        B3      It's On                                         2:35
        B4      Kurt                                            3:04
        B5      China                                           4:43
LPOP    133     DIRT DRESS              REVELATIONS                     CS      01.2015

        A1      Skin Diving                                     3:53
        A2      Twelve Pictures                                 3:31
        B1      Three Silk Flowers                              2:29
        B2      Revelations                                     3:36
LPOP    140     THE SLOTHS              BACK FROM THE GRAVE             CS      04.2015

        A1      Never Enough Girls
        A2      End Of My Rope
        A3      Everybodyís Tryiní 2 B Somebody
        A4      A Cutie Named Judy
        A5      One Way Out
        B1      Lust
        B2      Gotta Get Fired
        B3      Haunted
        B4      Before I Die
        B5      Wanna New Life
        B6      Makiní Love (50 Years Later)

CS      Burger          BEGR 623        2015    US
LPOP    145     SWERVEDRIVER : I WASN'T BORN TO LOSE YOU                CS        .2015

        A1      Autodidact                                      4:00
        A2      Last Rites                                      2:53
        A3      For A Day Like Tomorrow                         5:00
        A4      Setting Sun                                     3:27
        A5      Everso                                          5:30
        B1      English Subtitles                               6:45
        B2      Red Queen Arms Race                             5:20
        B3      Deep Wound                                      5:41
        B4      Lone Star                                       4:34
        B5      I Wonder?                                       5:40
LPOP    168     TRIPTIDES               AZUR                            CS        .2015

        A1      Wake
        A2      Dark Side
        A3      Hideout
        A4      Not Mine
        A5      Saturday
        B1      Where Are You
        B2      Too Far Gone
        B3      Don't Ask Me Why
        B4      Translucent
        B5      Over
LPOP    170     THEE OH SEES            MUTILATOR DEFEATED AT LAST      CS      05.2015

        A1      Web
        A2      Withered Hand
        A3      Poor Queen
        A4      Turned Out Light
        A5      Lupine Ossuary
        B1      Sticky Hulks
        B2      Holy Smoke
        B3      Rogue Planet
        B4      Palace Doctor

LP.CD   Castle Face     CF 055          2015    US
LP      Flightless      FLT 021         2015    US
LPOP    182     DR. DOG                 FATE                            CS      09.2015

        A1      The Breeze                                      3:59
        A2      Hang On                                         4:01
        A3      The Old Days                                    3:41
        A4      Army Of Ancients                                4:05
        A5      The Rabbit, The Bat , And The Raindeer          3:29
        A6      The Ark                                         3:37
        B1      From                                            4:39
        B2      100 Years                                       4:06
        B3      Uncovering The Old                              3:21
        B4      The Beach                                       3:41
        B5      My Friend                                       5:36

LP      Park The Van    PTV 25          2008    US
CD      Park The Van    PTV 25          2008    US
LPOP    185     SLOPPY JANE             SURE-TUFF                       CS      07.2015

        1       Ballad Of Jane
        2       Glitterspit
        3       Aunt Rosie's Garden
        4       Scratch N Sniff
        5       King Of Sludge Mountain
        6       They're Coming To Take Me Away (Ha! Ha!)
LPOP    187     TULIPS                  DOOM & BLOOM                    LP      11.2015
LPOP    187     TULIPS                  DOOM & BLOOM                    CS      11.2015

        A1      Vertigo                                         2:35
        A2      Hotspur                                         3:03
        A3      Wait                                            2:58
        A4      Perfect Love                                    1:51
        A5      Dream Lover                                     3:31
        B1      Evil Eye                                        2:54
        B2      Pretty Girls                                    3:01
        B3      Queen's Arms                                    2:30
        B4      Jitterbug                                       2:28
        B5      Hopefully Hopefully                             3:46
                THE DANDELION

        A1      I Stole The Medicine Man                        3:34
        A2      In the Shadow Of Light                          3:44
        A3      So What Do You Think Of Space?                  3:25
        A4      Malkaus                                         3:08
        A5      Garden Witchcraft                               3:23
        A6      Ode to Love                                     3:11
        B1      A Sweet Death Song                              3:32
        B2      Goddess Yhi                                     3:32
        B3      Solar Sister Moon                               2:57
        B4      Here & Gone                                     2:15
        B5      Daddy Long Legs                                 3:03
        B6      Spring Dance                                    5:12

CD      Spell           FOF 001         2016    Australia
LPOP    198     ADULT BOOKS             RUNNING FROM THE BLOWS          LP        .2016

        1       Casual Wrecks
        2       I Don't Think I Can Stay
        3       In Front Of Myself
        4       Stubborn Girlfriend
        5       Running From The Blows
        6       Nihilism For Beginners
        7       Firewalking
        8       Silver Lake Goths
        9       Lobby Talks
        10      Hours On Hands
        11      Visions / Revisions
LPOPLP  202     PART TIME               H.F.M.                          2LP     03.2017

LP 1    01.     MERCHANDISE
        02.     STRANGE LEOPARDS
        03.     MR. WHAT'S IT LIKE TO BE A MAN
        05.     RUBBER ROOM
        06.     THE UKRAINE SHAKE
        07.     SHE WONDERS WHAT IT'S LIKE
        09.     GOT IT BAD
        10.     WARS UNSEEN (MAGIC WORLD)

        02.     MAMA'S BOY
        04.     SHADOWS OF A CLOUD
        06.     WILL YOU BE THERE
        07.     SOFT HOURS
        08.     ECSTASY TO FRENZY
        09.     WARMER THAN SUNSHINE

        A1      Electric High
        A2      Gettin Hard
        A3      Summertime
        A4      Wait For You
        A5      No reason (live)
        A6      Shadow (live)
        B1      Electric High
        B2      Gettin Hard
        B3      Summertime
        B4      Wait For You
        B5      No reason (live)
        B6      Shadow (live)

        01.     BROKEN HEARTED
        02.     LONG TIME GONE
        03.     WORKING ON A GOOD THING
        04.     FIND SOMEBODY ELSE
        05.     STANDING IN THE RAIN
        06.     GOOD TIMES
        07.     ALL OVER THE WORLD
        08.     DANCE, DANCE
        09.     MAKING YOU MINE
        10.     BURNING DESIRE
        11.     GIVE ME THE DRUGS
        12.     ALWAYS GOT YOU ON MY MIND

Paul Collins (From The Nerves, The Breakaways) 2 lost EPs from 1983 make it to Lolipop
LP/CASS/CD as the first re-issue on all formats in over 30 years, from the "king of
power pop" himself!!! To Beat Or Not To Beat was recorded in New York in 1983 at The
Ranch with John Mathias (The Romantics) and Paul Collins/Steven Huff producing. It was
released in the US by Jem/Passport Records and then it was later released in Europe
on Closer Records France and Dro Records Spain. It received modest airplay in the US
and All Over The World was in good rotation on KROQ in Los Angeles. All Over The World
got a lot of airplay in France and in Spain, and Steve and Paul toured in Europe off
that record for several years until they wound up in London where they rec. Longtime
Gone, just before returning to the States. Longtime Gone was released in 1985 on
Closer France and Dro Spain, and both records were released as a two-fer on Wounded
Bird Records in 2004.
LPOPLP  250     FATAL JAMZ              COVERBOY                        LP      02.2017
LPOPCD  269     ACID TONGUE             I DIED DREAMING                 CD      12.2016

        01.     LATELY
        02.     FUNNY LITTLE COLORS
        03.     I DIED DREAMING
        04.     NOBODY'S FOOL
LPOPLP  270     SETH SWIRKSY            CIRCLES AND SQUARES             LP      02.2017

        01.     SHINE
        02.     CIRCLES AND SQUARES / GO
        03.     OLD LETTER
        04.     FAR AWAY
        05.     LET'S GET MARRIED
        06.     TRYING TO KEEP IT SIMPLE
        07.     I LOVED LAST NIGHT
        08.     BELONG
        09.     SONIC FERRIS WHEEL
        10.     LET'S MOVE TO SPAIN
        11.     THE SIMPLEST WAY
        12.     TABLE
        13.     WITH HER NOW
        15.     ABYSS
        16.     I THINK OF HER

Multi-Award Winning Singer-Songwriter Seth Swirsky is back with his long awaited,
3rd solo album, 'Circles and Squares'. Swirsky, one part of the highly acclaimed pop
duo The Red Button, wrote, played and produced the entire album of newly-minted, pop
gems. A renowned pop songwriter, Swirsky has written hits for a wide array of artists
including Taylor Dayne ('Tell It To My Heart'), Smokey Robinson, Michael McDonald,
Olivia Newton-John, Air Supply and many others.
LPOPCD  282     THE BROKEN HEARTS       LOST IN LITTLE TOKYO            CD      05.2017

        01.     IT'S ONLY YOU
        02.     LITTLE TOKYO
        03.     TOMORROW NIGHT
        04.     SHE'S SO SURREAL (PART I)
        05.     WORLD ON FIRE (LOS ANGELES)
        06.     TRICKSTER
        07.     POINT OF NO RETURN
        09.     SHE'S SO SURREAL (PART II)
        10.     MAGIC
        11.     THE END

LPOPLP  300     CHEAP TISSUE            CHEAP TISSUE                    LP      03.2018
LPOPCD  300     CHEAP TISSUE            CHEAP TISSUE                    CD      03.2018

        01.     FEED THE CHILDREN
        02.     APEMAN
        03.     CHEAP TISSUE
        04.     MY MIND
        05.     BAG & NUMBER
        06.     UP MY SLEEVE
        07.     ON THE CORNER
        08.     DIRT
        09.     ALLOWANCE
        10.     NEW PROMOTION
        11.     PARTS
        12.     HAND OF DESTRUCTION
LPOPLP  309     THE PESOS               LAISSEZ FAIRE                   LP      04.2019
LPOPCD  309     THE PESOS               LAISSEZ FAIRE                   CD      04.2019
LPOPMC  309     THE PESOS               LAISSEZ FAIRE                   CS      04.2019

        01.     HIGH HOPES
        02.     ATOMIC LOVE
        03.     FROM THE MOON TO THE SUN
        04.     B SIDES
        05.     ANOTHER LIFE
        06.     CINDY RAIN
        07.     GENETIC TENDENCIES
        08.     BLUE SCHWINN
        09.     DREAM FREQUENCIES
        10.     STAR THAT YOU ARE
LPOPCD  311     TALEEN KALI             SOUL SONGS                      CD      08.2018
LPOPLP  312     CREATION FACTORY        CREATION FACTORY                LP      06.2018
LPOPCD  312     CREATION FACTORY        CREATION FACTORY                CD      06.2018
LPOPMC  312     CREATION FACTORY        CREATION FACTORY                CS      06.2018

        01.     YOU BE THE JUDGE
        02.     GIRL YOU'RE OUT OF TIME
        03.     I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO
        04.     I WANT TO BE WITH YOU
        05.     WITHOUT YOU
        06.     SHAME ON YOU
        08.     SPRING
        09.     THE WOODS
        10.     AIN'T GONNA LET YOU STAY

The debut record from The Creation Factory! An authentic psychedelic rock n' roll,
foot stompin' record featuring members of Mystic Braves! Produced by Lolipop Records!
LPOPLP  313     MYSTIC BRAVES           THE GREAT UNKNOWN               LP      09.2018
LPOPCD  313     MYSTIC BRAVES           THE GREAT UNKNOWN               CD      09.2018
LPOPMC  313     MYSTIC BRAVES           THE GREAT UNKNOWN               CS      09.2018

        01.     UNDER CONTROL
        02.     SHADES OF GREY
        03.     PERFECT PERSON
        04.     POINT OF VIEW
        05.     CAN'T HAVE LOVE
        06.     ARE YOU GONNA BE THERE
        07.     MANON OF SPRING
        08.     WHAT WENT WRONG
        09.     THE GREAT UNKNOWN
        10.     BACK TO THE DARK
        11.     GREEN STREET
        12.     RUN OUT OF TIME

"Mystic Braves" fourth studio album, made entirely at Lolipop HQ. A new step for the
band sonically, a more mature sound sparking from their jangly 60's psychedelic pop
LPOPCD  334     HOLY YOUTH              HEAVY BORED                     CD      05.2017

        01.     PUSHED OUT
        02.     OVERWHELMED
        03.     GOLDEN AGE
        04.     HANGING AROUND
        05.     RAVE ON
        06.     DREAM SONG
        07.     GETTING ALONG
        08.     HEAVY BORED
        09.     CRAWLING HOME

Badass debut record from Birmingham, AL post punk rippers, Holy Youth!