Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   :

LSS     001     THET LITURGISKE OWASENDET : CATALINA                    LP      12.2016

(Note : LP/180g wax with an LSS logo hand-stamped centre, encased in a black matte
        silver screen-printed sleeve, including a B&W matte A6 postcard insert)
LSS     002     NIGHT FOUNDATION        MEMORY BELLS                    12"     10.2017

(Note : silver ink hand-stamped white label 12" EP in a black matte with silver
        screen-printed design front and LSS logo on Back. Includes an A6 postcard
        insert. Edition of 300 copies)
LSS     003     SONIKKU                 DIAMOND DUST                    LP      03.2017

        1.      Earth Temple (Mobbs Version)
        2.      Earth Temple (Original Mix)
        3.      Sky Garden (Mobbs Version)
        4.      Sky Garden (Original Mix)
        5.      Diamond Dust (Mobbs Version)
        6.      Diamond Dust (Original Mix)

(Note : LP , reverse board white card sleeve with metallic holographic die-cut sticker
        and Lobster Sleep Sequence sleepy lobster logo stamped on reverse. Pink/silver
        two-tone angry dog ink stamp on centre label)