LITTLE BLACK CLOUD RECORDS              Richmond
**************************              Virginia


Owner   : Tracy Wilson
Distr.  : US - Cobraside
Style   : punk / post punk / drone / shoegaze / ethereal / experimental /
          black metal / doom metal / avantgarde /

The label began with the release of Ringfinger’s (that's me!) debut in 2008 and I have
been putting out just a few records a year (by other artists) as a hobby ever since.
It is all about quality for me, not quantity. I don't have one particular style of
music I favor so the only goal I have with this label is to release music that truly
takes my breath away. That could be ambient Metal or that could mean candy coated twee
Pop and or anything in between. I don't care about music trends or following just one
lonely little genre. Great music comes in all forms and I am happy to explore as much
of it as possible and to share it with others via small, limited edition pressings.

My other passion besides music is creating thoughtful and interesting record packaging
with my creative better half Kenneth Close. Music is truly important to me but so is
the art that surrounds it.When you buy something from LBC, I want you to feel like you
own something special, something you won't regret taking up room on a shelf or in a
music folder on your desktop. Ideally I would like to be the kind of label that reminds
people why they enjoy owning music in the first place. Little Black Cloud Records may
not be a very big label but I am truly a massive fan of music.

The artist roster is as follows:

*Ringfinger * Malhombre * Dynamic Truths* Runhild Gammelsaeter * Gauchiste * Dunebuggy
** Universe People* Stephen Brodsky * Positive No * Teargas Rock

We have a brand new exclusive distributor. If you are a store or distributor, please
contact the great people at COBRASIDE or reach out to me:

I would also like to thank Dave and Rob for helping me get the record label off the
ground and Kenneth Close for being instrumental in the artwork process. jan.5, 2017

LBC     001     RINGFINGER              DECIMAL                         CDR     11.2007

        1       Typewriter Tourist                              2:26
        2       Waving Goodbye                                  3:51
        3       Joy Lingers                                     3:53
        4       Viking Funeral                                  4:14
        5       Landing Strip                                   3:13
        6       Pin Me Down                                     3:25
        7       Miss Me                                         5:06
        8       Elegant Excuse                                  2:41
        9       AWOL W/ Adore                                   3:45
        10      Mining For Diamonds                             3:52
        11      Four Misused Letters                            5:12
        12      Death Star                                      3:48
                (Note : CDR , 100 copies)

Lp      Magic Bullet            MBL 099         2008    US
LBC     002
LBC     003     DYNAMIC TRUTHS          UNDERSTANDING IS OVERRATED      LP        .2010

        A1      Headed For The Halfway House
        A2      With The Angels
        A3      New Light
        A4      Uh Huh
        A5      I Want To Know
        A6      I've Got Your Psychic Friend
        A7      Behind The Killer...
        B1      Bus Stop
        B2      The Past Is Black & White
        B3      Good Time
        B4      Sailors Of The Highway
        B5      Total Victory
        B6      Your House
LBC     004     RUNHILD GAMMELSAETER    AMPLICON                        LP+DLc  06.2011

        A1      Collapse - Lifting The Veil
        A2      Expanding The Universe
        A3      Life
        A4      Evolution
        A5      Incubation
        A6      Birth
        B1      Coming To
        B2      Love
        B3      Senesence
        B4      Dying
        B5      Void - Empty Spaces Between Elements
                (Note : LP , 2 pressings, 100+100 clear copies)

CD      Utech           URCD 017        2008    US
LBC     005     GAUCHISTE               GAUCHISTE                       LP      01.2012

        A1      Viols                                           4:19
        A2      When We Are Gone /                              3:21
        A3      Choeur I                                        4:49
        A4      / The Light Is Alone                            5:19
        B1      Choeur II                                       7:01
        B2      Autist Hammer                                   7:49
        B3      Stop Believin                                   7:34
                (Note : LP , 100 copies)
LBC     006     DUNEBUGGY               DUNEBUGGY                       LP      03.2012

        A1      Humdinger
        A2      Domino Fawn
        A3      Tungsten
        A4      Bucket
        A5      Green Eisenhower
        B1      14 Metal Pulleys
        B2      Chump Change
        B3      Pelican
        B4      Preserves
        B5      White Chocolate
        B6      Pediddle
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on white vinyl)
LBC     007     MALHOMBRE               MUSIQUE ROCK                    7"      11.2012

        A       Musique Rock
        AA      Fini
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on opaque red-merbled vinyl)
LBC     008     STEPHEN BRODSKY         HIT OR MYSTERY                  12"+DLc 04.2013

        A1      Hit Or Mystery
        A2      Dear Luna
        A3      Days Of Heaven
        B4      Real Surreal Beauty
        B5      Rose Hips
        B6      Your Sweet Love
        B7      Thing In The Spring
DL +    8       Muddy Jar
                (Note : LP , 500 clear/500 black copies)
LBC     009     UNIVERSE PEOPLE         GO TO THE SUN                   12"       .2013

        A1      Hang On
        A2      Vampire Prison
        A3      Bad French
        A4      For Tonight Only
        A5      Go To The Sun
        B1      Now I Am
        B2      Bus Route
        B3      Druids
        B4      I Will Not Bounce To Your Party
        B5      Breakaway Effect
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)
LBC     10      POSITIVE NO             VIA FLORUM                      12"+MP3 10.2013

        A1      Pocket Park                                     2:39
        A2      Powers Of Ten                                   4:04
        A3      Dreamland, VA                                   5:13
        B1      Georgia Purchase Agreement                      4:02
        B2      Mercurious E. & Broth                           3:38
                (Note : LP , 300 copies + insert)
LBC     11      TEARGAS ROCK            TEARGAS ROCK                    12"     08.2014

        A1      Resign From The City
        A2      Blue Demonstration #9
        A3      As Thousands Cheer
        A4      Funky Funk Pt. 1
        B1      Tear Gas Rock
        B2      Thursday Night Prayer Meeting
        B3      The Ballad Of '85
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 300 copies + insert)