LINK RECORDS                            P.O.Box 157
************                            Sittingbourne
[Link Records and Music Ltd.]           Kent ME10 3SD
[link]                                  UK

Exist   : 1987-1992
Owner   : Mark Brennan (aka Lol Proctor)
          Laurtie Pryor (The Business bassist and manager)
Distr.  : UK - Pinnacle
Sub lab.: Beat Of The Street / Chuck Flintstone Presents/
Style   : punk / oi! / psychobilly / hardcore punk /

LINKLP  1       V / A                   OI! THE RESURRECTION            LP        .1987

        A1      The 4 Skins             Yesterday's Heroes
        A2      Vicious Rumours         Pull You Through
        A3      Skin Deep               Self Respect
        A4      Menace                  I'm Civilised
        A5      Renegade                Revenge
        A6      Condemned 84            No Way In
        A7      The Business            Mortgage Mentality
        B1      Cockney Rejects         I Wanna Be A Star
        B2      Section 5               For The Love Of Oi!
        B3      The Magnificent         Heat Of The Street
        B4      Major Accident          Crazy
        B5      The Strike              Hungry Gun
        B6      Intensive Care          Framed
        B7      The Last Resort         Soul Boys
LINKLP  02      THE 4 SKINS : The Wonderful World Of The 4 Skins        LP        .1987
                (The Best Of The 4 Skins)

        A1      One Law For Them
        A2      Yesterdays Heroes
        A3      Clockwork Skinhead
        A4      A.C.A.B.
        A5      I Don't Wanna Die.
        A6      Seems To Me
        A7      Low Life
        A8      On The Streets
        B1      Plastic Gangsters
        B2      Evil
        B3      1984
        B4      Sorry
        B5      Five More Years
        B6      Jack The Lad
        B7      Wonderful World
        B8      Chaos
LINKLP  03      V / A                   OI! CHARTBUSTERS VOL.1          LP        .1987
LINKCD  03      V / A                   OI! CHARTBUSTERS VOL.1          CD        .1992

LP      A1      Menace                  GLC
        A2      The Oppressed           Skinhead Girl
        A3      Infa-Riot               Five Minute Fashions
        A4      The Business            Suburban Rebels
        A5      Splodgenessabounds      Two Pints of Lager
        A6      The Blood               Stark Raving Normal
        A7      Cockney Rejects         Police Car
        B1      The Partisans           Blind Ambition
        B2      Blitz                   Time Bomb
        B3      Combat 84               Rapist
        B4      Cock Sparrer            Running Riot
        B5      The 4 Skins             Clockwork Skinhead
        B6      Angelic Upstarts        Liddle Towers
        B7      The Last Resort         Violence in Our Minds

        1       Menace                  GLC                     2:24
        2       The Strike              Mania                   2:23
        3       Infa Riot               Five Minute Fashions    3:57
        4       The Business            Suburban Rebels (Live)  3:04
        5       Splodgenessabounds      Two Pints Of Lager      1:38
        6       The Blood               Stark Raving Normal     3:22
        7       The Cockney Rejects     Police Car              1:25
        8       The Partisans           Blind Ambition          3:47
        9       Blitz                   Time Bomb               2:04
        10      Combat 84               Rapist                  2:50
        11      Cock Sparrer            Running Riot            3:20
        12      The 4-Skins             Clockwork Skinhead      2:20
        13      Angelic Upstarts : The Murder Of Liddle Towers  4:40
        14      Last Resort : Violence In Our Minds             3:01
        15      Sham 69                 Give A Dog A Bone (Live)2:47
        16      Infa Riot               Riot Riot               1:40
        17      Accident                Borstal Breakout        2:06
        18      The Business            Get Outta My 'Ouse      2:34
        19      Splodgenessabounds      Two Little Boys         3:15
        20      The Blood               Such Fun                2:17
        21      The Cockney Rejects     Motorhead               2:06
        22      The Exploited           Daily News (Live)       2:34
        23      Blitz                   4Q                      1:39
        24      Combat 84               Poseur                  1:37
        25      Cock Sparrer            Run For Cover           3:16
        26      The 4-Skins             Plastic Gangster        3:27
        27      Angelic Upstarts        Leave Me Alone          2:22
        28      Last Resort             Held Hostage            3:02
LINKLP  004     SHAM 69                 LIVE AND LOUD                   LP        .1987
LINKCD  004     SHAM 69                 LIVE AND LOUD                   CD        .1990

LP      A1      Angels With Dirty Faces
        A2      Tell Us the Truth
        A3      Questions and Answers
        A4      Joey's on the Street Again
        A5      Borstal Breakout
        A6      Red London
        A7      Hersham Boys
        B1      That's Life
        B2      Mister You're a Better Man
        B3      Money
        B4      Poor Cow
        B5      White Riot
        B6      They Don't Understand
        B7      If the Kids Are United
CD +    15      Voices
        16      Give A Dog A Bone
        17      Lost On Highway 46
        18      Day Tripper
        19      Stockholm Kids Are Innocent
LINKLP  005     COCK SPARRER            LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1987

        A1      Riot Squad
        A2      Watch Your Back
        A3      I Got Your Number
        A4      Take 'Em All
        A5      We Love You
        A6      Working
        A7      Argy Bargy
        B1      Where Are They Now?
        B2      White Riot
        B3      Running Riot
        B4      The Sun Says
        B5      Secret Army
        B6      England Belongs to Me
        B7      Chip on My Shoulder
LINKLP  006     THE METEORS             LIVE AND LOUD                   LP        .1987

        A1      Shout So Loud
        A2      Teenagers From Outer Space
        A3      Bertha Lou
        A4      Into The Darkness
        A5      Another Half Hour Till Sunrise
        A6      Attack of the Zorch Men
        A7      The Hills Have Eyes
        A8      Wild Thing
        B1      My Daddy Is a Vampire
        B2      Who's That Calling
        B3      Phantom of the Opera
        B4      Get Off My Cloud
        B5      Domino
        B6      Radioactive Kid
        B7      Wild Cat Ways
        B8      Rattle Snakin' Daddy
LINKLP  007     BAD MANNERS             LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1987
LINKLP  007     BAD MANNERS             LIVE AND LOUD!!                 CD        .1989

CD      1       Echo 4+2
        2       Just A Feeling
        3       Wooly Bully
        4       Only Funkin
        5       My Girl Lollypop
        6       The Undersea Adventures Of Ivor The Engine
        7       Lorraine
        8       Samson And Delilah
        9       Walking In The Sunshine
        10      Inner London Violence
        11      Special Brew
        12      The Magnificent Seven
        13      Lip Up Fatty
        14      Can Can
        15      El Pussycat
        16      Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu
LINKLP  008     SECTION 5               FOR THE LOVE OF OI!             LP        .1987

        A1      Every Saturday
        A2      We Shall Rise Again
        A3      Big 5
        A4      Why Me?
        A5      Nightclub
        A6      Section 5
        B1      For The Love Of Oi (Album Version)
        B2      Nothing To Look Forward To
        B3      Just A Bitch
        B4      Full Of Shit
        B5      A Love So Fine
        B6      Fat Thing
LINKLP  009     COCKNEY REBEL           LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1987

        A1      The Rocker
        A2      Bad Man
        A3      I'm Not A Fool
        A4      On The Waterfront
        A5      Easy Life
        A6      War On The Terraces
        A7      Fighting In The Streets
        A8      Greatest Cockney Rip Off
        B1      Because I'm In Love
        B2      Police Car
        B3      Join The Rejects
        B4      Hate Of The City
        B5      East End
        B6      Teenage Fantasy
        B7      Flares And Slippers
        B8      Bubbles
LINKLP  010     THE ADICTS              LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1987

        A1      Sensitive
        A2      Easy Way Out
        A3      Joker in the Pack
        A4      Chinese Takeaway
        A5      How Sad
        A6      Hurt
        A7      Tango
        B1      Viva la Revolution
        B2      Just Like Me
        B3      Numbers
        B4      My Baby Got Run Over by a Steamroller
        B5      Too Young
        B6      Straight Jacket
        B7      Let's Go
LINKLP  011     V / A                   THE SOUND OF OI!                LP        .1987

        A1      The Business            Coventry
        A2      Vicious Rumours         Surfin In Newquay
        A3      Skin Deep               My Lifes Fine
        A4      The Burial              Sheila
        A5      Renegade                Fictional Kicks
        A6      Condemned 84            Battle
        A7      Cock Sparrer            Old
        B1      4 Skins                 Norman
        B2      Section 5               Headcase
        B3      The Magnificent         Coming Out Strong
        B4      Five O                  The Best
        B5      Van Del & The Hooligans : Confusion
        B6      Close Shave             The Law
        B7      Cockney Rejects         Beginning Of The End
LINKLP  012     MAJOR ACCIDENT          CRAZY                           LP        .1987

        A1      Crazy
        A2      Get Ready
        A3      Valerie
        A4      Camouflage
        A5      Band Played On
        A6      Get Ready (Dub)
        B1      Bad Co.
        B2      Leaders
        B3      Sorry
        B4      The Man on the Wall
        B5      Respectable
        B6      Twisted Mind
        B7      Cue the Dead
LINKLP  013     THE RUTS : LIVE AND LOUD! OFFICIAL BOOTLEG              LP        .1987
LINKCD  013     THE RUTS : LIVE AND LOUD! LIVE                          CD        .1992

        A1      Something That I Said
        A2      H-Eyes
        A3      Gotta' Little Number
        A4      I Ain't Satisfied
        A5      Babylon's Burning
        A6      Backbiter
        A7      Out of Order
        B1      Jah Wars
        B2      Criminal Mind
        B3      In a Rut
        B4      Blue Suede Shoes
        B5      Ditty Part 1
        B6      Society
        B7      Love Song
        B8      Ditty Part 2
LINKLP  014     V / A                   OI!...THE PICTURE DISC          LP        .1987

        A1      Sham 69                 Hersham Boys
        A2      4 Skins                 One Law For Them
        A3      Splodge                 Two Pints Of Lager
        A4      The Angelic Upstarts    Police Opression
        A5      The Blood               Megalomaniac
        A6      The Last Resort         Violence In Our Minds
        A7      The Exploited           Dogs Of War
        B1      Cock Sparrer            England Belongs To Me
        B2      Menace                  G.L.C.
        B3      Blitz                   Criminal Damage
        B4      The Business            Smash The Discos
        B5      Combat 84               Combat 84
        B6      Cockney Rejects         Police Car
        B7      The Partisans           17 Years
LINKLP  015     THE 4 SKINS             A FEW 4-SKINS MORE VOL.1        2LP       .1987
LINKCD  015     THE 4 SKINS             A FEW 4-SKINS MORE VOL.1        CD      10.1992

LP 1    A1      Plastic Gangsters
        A2      Jealousy
        A3      Yesterdays Heroes
        A4      Justice
        A5      Jack the Lad
        A6      Rememberance Day
        A7      Manifesto
        B1      Wonderful World
        B2      Sorry
        B3      Evil
        B4      I Don't Wanna Die
        B5      A.C.A.B.
        B6      Chaos
        B7      One Law for Them

LP 2    C1      Five More Years
        C2      Waiting for a Friend
        C3      Johnny Go Home
        C4      The Gambler
        C5      I'll Stick to My Guns
        C6      On File
        D1      Forgotten Hero
        D2      The Spy From Alaska
        D3      H.M.P.
        D4      No Excuse
        D5      Betrayed
        D6      City Boy
        D7      New War

CD              The Good The Bad & The 4-Skins
        1       Plastic Gangsters
        2       Jealousy
        3       Yesterdays Heroes
        4       Justice
        5       Jack The Lad
        6       Remembrance Day
        7       Manifesto
        8       Wonderful World (Live)
        9       1984 (Live)
        10      Sorry (Live)
        11      Evil (Live)
        12      I Don't Wanna Die (Live)
        13      ACAB (Live)
        14      Chaos (Live)
                A Fistful Of 4-Skins
        15      Five More Years
        16      Johnny Go Home
        17      The Gambler
        18      I'll Stick To My Guns
        19      On File
        20      Forgotten Hero
        21      H.M.P.
        22      No Excuse
        23      Betrayed
        24      City Boy
        25      New War
LINKLP  016     V / A                   OI! CHARTBUSTERS VOLUME 2       LP        .1987

        A1      Sham 69                 Give A Dog A Bone
        A2      Infa Riot               Riot Riot
        A3      Major Accident          Borstal Breakout
        A4      The Business            Get Out Of My House
        A5      Splodgenessabounds      Two Little Boys
        A6      The Blood               Such Fun
        A7      Cockney Rejects         Motorhead
        B1      The Exploited           Daily News
        B2      Blitz                   4Q
        B3      Combat 84               Poseur
        B4      Cock Sparrer            Run For Cover
        B5      4 Skins                 Plastic Gangsters
        B6      Angelic Upstarts        Leave Me Alone
        B7      The Last Resort         Held Hostage
LINKLP  017     COMBAT 84/THE LAST RESORT : DEATH AND GLORY             LP        .1987

        A1      The Last Resort         Violence in Our Minds
        A2      The Last Resort         Held Hostage
        A3      The Last Resort         Soul Boys
        A4      The Last Resort         Stormtroopers in Sta-Press
        A5      The Last Resort         Resort Bootboys
        A6      The Last Resort         King of the Jungle
        A7      The Last Resort         Oi Oi Skinhead (Out-Takes)
        B1      Combat 84               Right to Choose
        B2      Combat 84               Barry Prudom
        B3      Combat 84               Violence
        B4      Combat 84               Poseur
        B5      Combat 84               Skinhead
        B6      Combat 84               Combat 84
        B7      Combat 84               Soldier
        B8      Combat 84               I'm Alright
        B9      Combat 84               1982
        B10     Combat 84               Trouble
LINKLP  018     THE EXPLOITED           LIVE AND LOUD!                  LP        .1987
LINKCD  018     THE EXPLOITED           LIVE AND LOUD!                  CD        .1990

LP      A1      Law and Order                                   2:32
        A2      Let's Start a War                               2:27
        A3      Horror Epics                                    3:09
        A4      Cop Cars                                        2:00
        A5      Blown to Bits                                   1:55
        A6      Hitler's in the Charts Again                    2:49
        A7      Belson Was a Gas                                1:09
        B1      Alternative                                     1:48
        B2      I Hate You                                      1:30
        B3      UK 82                                           1:46
        B4      Rival Leaders                                   1:42
        B5      Maggie You Cunt                                 1:49
        B6      Troops of Tomorrow                              2:54
        B7      Sex and Violence                                4:30
CD +    15      Daily News                                      3:08
        16      Crashed Out                                     2:33
        17      S.P.G.                                          2:14
        18      Exploited Barmy Army                            2:36
        19      Dead Cities                                     1:48
        20      I Believe in Anarchy                            4:23

CD      Anagram         CDPUNK 18       1993    UK
LINKLP  019     ANGELIC UPSTARTS        BLOOD ON THE TERRACES           LP      12.1987

        A1      Pride of Our Passion
        A2      Everyday
        A3      I Wanna Knighthood
        A4      Heart Attack in Paris
        A5      Four Grey Walls
        B1      I Don't Wanna Fight the Soviet
        B2      Our Day Will Come
        B3      Blood on the Terraces
        B4      Heroin Is Good for You
        B5      It's Your Life
        B6      Ruby
LINKLP  020     ANTI-HEROS              THAT'S RIGHT                    LP        .1987

        A1      The Anti-Heros Are Here
        A2      Disco Riot
        A3      You Can't Kill the Blues With a Gun
        A4      The Other Side
        A5      The Young Loner
        A6      The Herbert Moonstomp
        A7      Some Fun
        B1      He's a Skin
        B2      I'm Hungry
        B3      Choose
        B4      The Bomb
        B5      Porch Monkey
        B6      What's a Skin
        B7      Smash a Window
LINKLP  021     4 SKINS                 A FEW 4 SKINS MORE VOL.2        2LP       .1987
LINKCD  021     4 SKINS                 A FEW 4 SKINS MORE VOL.2        CD        .1987

LP 1    A1      Wonderful World
        A2      Jealousy
        A3      On The Streets
        A4      Johnny Go Home
        A5      1984
        A6      Bread Or Blood
        A7      Saturday
        B1      A.C.A.B.
        B2      City Boy
        B3      Five More Years
        B4      Evil
        B5      On File
        B6      Clockwork Skinhead
        B7      Chaos

LP 2    C1      Clockwork Skinhead
        C2      Evil
        C3      1984
        C4      Sorry
        C5      A.C.A.B.
        C6      I Don't Wanna Die
        C7      Chaos (Herbert Version)
        C8      Summer Holiday (Live)
        D1      Brave New World
        D2      Get Out Of My Life
        D3      Bread Or Blood
        D4      Yesterday's Heroes
        D5      Norman
        D6      Dambusters
        D7      Merry Xmas Everybody
        D8      Sretsgnag Citsalp

CD      1       Wonderful World
        2       Jealousy
        3       On The Streets
        4       Johnny Go Home
        5       1984
        6       Bread Or Blood
        7       Saturday
        8       A.C.A.B.
        9       City Boy
        10      Five More Years
        11      Evil
        12      On File
        13      Clockwork Skinhead
        14      Chaos
        15      Clockwork Skinhead
        16      Evil
        17      1984
        18      Sorry
        19      A.C.A.B.
        20      I Don't Wanna Die
        21      Chaos (Herbert Version)
        22      Brave New World
        23      Get Out Of My Life
        24      Bread Or Blood
        25      Yesterday's Heroes
        26      Norman
        27      Dambusters
        28      Merry Xmas Everybody
LINKLP  022     VICIOUS RUMOURS         THE SICKEST MEN IN TOWN         LP        .1987

        A1      Wipit
        A2      Too Close for Comfort
        A3      Some Day
        A4      Bob on the Job
        A5      Never Been in Love Before
        A6      Pull You Through
        B1      Time to Run
        B2      One Thing on Our Minds
        B3      Lap It Up
        B4      Moose on the Loose
        B5      All the Things We Used to Do
        B6      Splad Rap, Splid Rib (Pony Machine)
LP      23      V / A                   OI! GLORIOUS OI!                LP        .1987

        A1      Section 5               Work It Out
        A2      Angelic Upstarts        I Wanna Knighthood
        A3      The Burial              Holding On
        A4      Anti-Heros              Some Fun
        A5      The Glory               Where Were You
        A6      Vendetta                Willing to Kill
        A7      Cockney Rejects         Rip Off
        B1      Sham 69                 Lost on Highway 46
        B2      Vicious Rumours         One Thing on Our Minds
        B3      Indecent Exposure       Bank Holiday
        B4      Youth Defense League    Turncoat
        B5      The Strike              Action Man
        B6      Close Shave             I'd Rather Be Down the Pub
LINKLP  024     THE BLOOD/THE GONADS : SOUTH LONDON 5 HULL 4            LP        .1988
                [FULL TIME RESULT]

                Comin' Blood
        A1      The Blood               Stark Raving Normal
        A2      The Blood               Megalomania
        3A      The Blood               Such Fun
        4A      The Blood               Alconaut
        5A      The Blood               Napalm Job
        6A      The Blood               Drunk Addict
        7A      The Blood               Coffin Dodgers
                Hey Hey We're The Gonads
        B1      The Gonads              Go Mad With The Gonads
        B2      The Gonads              I Lost My Love To A UK Sub
        B3      The Gonads              Sandra Bigg Really Big
        11B     The Gonads              Got Any Wrigleys John?
        12B     The Gonads              Punk Rock Will Never Die
        13B     The Gonads              The Drinking Song
        14B     The Gonads              Jobs Not Jails
LINKLP  025     SHAM 69                 LIVE AND LOUD VOLUME 2          LP        .1988
LINKCD  025     SHAM 69                 LIVE AND LOUD VOLUME 2          CD        .1991

LP      1       What Have We Got
        2       I Don't Wanna
        3       Rip Off
        4       Angels With Dirty Faces
        5       Everybody's Innocent
        6       Ulster
        7       They Don't Understand
        8       Hurry Up Harry
        9       Voices
        10      Who Gives a Damn
        11      Daytripper
        12      Borstal Breakout
        14      If the Kids Are United
CD +    15      Tell Us The Truth
        16      Money
        17      You're A Better Man Than I
        18      Questions And Answers
        19      Joey's On The Street Again
LP      026     STIFF LITTLE FINGERS    LIVE AND LOUD                   2LP       .1988
CD      026     STIFF LITTLE FINGERS    LIVE AND LOUD                   CD        .1990

LP 1    A1      Alternative Ulster
        A2      Roots Radicals Rockers and Reggae
        A3      Silver Lining
        A4      Wait and See
        B1      Gotta Gettaway
        B2      Just Fade Away
        B3      Wasted Life
        B4      The Only One
        B5      Nobody's Heroes

LP 2    C1      At the Edge
        C2      Listen
        C3      Barbed Wire Love
        C4      Fly the Flag
        C5      Tin Soldiers
        D1      No Sleep Til Belfast
        D2      Suspect Device
        D3      Johnny Was
LINKLP  027     THE MAGNIFICENT         HIT AND RUN                     LP        .1988

        A1      Shadow of Life
        A2      Get Out of the Way
        A3      She's Sensual
        A4      You're the Best
        A5      You Got Away
        A6      I Suspect
        A7      Feeling of Eternity
        B1      Mort d'amour
        B2      If I Had a Hammer
        B3      Keep It Coming
        B4      India Rebel
        B5      Old Man's Sorrow
        B6      Heat of the Street

        A1      4 Skins                 Clockwork Skinhead
        A2      Sham 69                 Angels With Dirty Faces (Live)
        A3      Cock Sparrer            Working (Live)
        A4      Bad Manners             Lorraine (Live)
        A5      Section 5               Every Saturday
        A6      Cockney Rejects         Police Car (Live)
        A7      The Adicts              Steam Roller (Live)
        A8      U.K.                    The Door Is Closed
        B1      The Ruts                In a Rut (Live)
        B2      The Last Resort         King of the Jungle
        B3      The Exploited           Alternative (Live)
        B4      Angelic Upstarts        Pride of Our Passion
        B5      Anti-Heros              The Anti Heros Are Here
        B6      The Blood               Megalomania
        B7      The Business            Never Be Taken
        B8      Stiff Little Fingers    Nobody's Heroes (Live)
LINKLP  029     BLITZ                   BLITZED-AN ALL OUT ATTACK       LP        .1988
LINKCD  029     BLITZ                   BLITZED-AN ALL OUT ATTACK       CD        .1992

LP      A1      HQ
        A2      Time Bomb
        A3      Criminal Damage
        A4      Razors in the Night
        A5      Attack
        A6      Escape
        A7      Never Surrender
        A8      Nation On Fire
        B1      Warriors
        B2      Someone's Gonna Die
        B3      45 Revolutions
        B4      Fight to Live
        B5      Youth
        B6      I Don't Need You
        B7      Propaganda
        B8      Closedown

CD      1       Warriors (Alternative Version)                  2:57
        2       4Q (Demo)                                       1:58
        3       Time Bomb (Demo)                                2:08
        4       Criminal Damage (Demo)                          1:00
        5       Razors In The Night (Live)                      3:07
        6       Attack (Live)                                   1:57
        7       Escape (Live)                                   2:33
        8       Never Surrender (Live)                          1:41
        9       Nation On Fire (Live)                           2:36
        10      Warriors (Live)                                 1:42
        11      Someone's Gonna Die (Live)                      2:49
        12      45 Revolutions (Live)                           1:52
        13      Fight To Live (Live)                            2:01
        14      Youth (Live)                                    2:02
        15      I Don't Need You (Demo)                         1:36
        16      Propaganda (Demo)                               2:39
        17      Closedown (Demo)                                2:56
        18      Your Revolution (Demo)                          2:06
        19      New Age (Live)                                  2:44
        20      Bleed (Live)                                    2:42
        21      Cabaret (Live)                                  2:57
        22      Warriors (Live)                                 2:12
        23      Vicious (Live)                                  3:21
        24      Escape (Demo)                                   2:19
        25      4Q (Demo)                                       1:40
        26      Youth (Demo)                                    2:05
        27      Bleed (Demo)                                    2:08
        28      Criminal Damage (Demo)                          1:43
LINKLP  030     V / A                   SON OF OI!                      LP        .1988

        A1      Cock Sparrer : Chip On My Shoulder (Live)
        A2      Kraut                   Onwards
        A3      Prole                   Generation Landslide
        A4      Garry Johnson           The Young Conservatives
        A5      Paranoid Pictures       Tomorrow's Whirl
        A6      The Gonads              Jobs Not Jails
        A7      Clockwork Destruction : Violent Playground
        A8      Phil Sexton & Mick Turpin : Joe Public
        A9      Alaska Cowboys          Herpes In Seatle
        A10     Gary & The Gonads       Lager Top Blues
        A11     Terry McCann            Made In England
        A12     Mick Turpin             6.27 To London
        B1      The Orgasm Guerillas : Sing Something Swindle
        B2      Newtown Neurotics : Andy Is A Corporatist/Mindless Version
        B3      4 Skins                 On The Streets
        B4      Garry Johnson           Boy About Town
        B5      The Business            Out In The Cold
        B6      Maniac Youth            Make Mine Molotov
        B7      Angelic Upstarts        I Understand (Live)
        B8      Oi! The Robot           Manifestoi!
        B9      Phil Sexton             Top Of The Pops
        B10     Vicious Rumours         This Is Your Loife
        B11     L.O.L.S. Choir          Jerusalem
        B12     Oxo's Midnight Stumblers : Beano
LINKLP  031     SECTION 5               STREET ROCK'N'ROLL              LP        .1988

        A1      Madman
        A2      Didn't Like My Face
        A3      Remember the Night
        A4      Work it Out
        A5      City of the Night
        A6      Dance Dance Dance
        B1      Who Shall It Be
        B2      Stand Up
        B3      Back in the U.S. of A
        B4      Loser
        B5      Last Train Out of Cardiff
        B6      Street Rock N Roll
LINKLP  032     COCK SPARRER            RUNNIN' RIOT                    LP        .1988

        A1      Run With The Blind
        A2      Is Anybody There?
        A3      Price Too High To Pay
        A4      Think Again
        A5      Don't Say A Word
        B1      The Sun Says
        B2      They Mean Murder
        B3      Closedown
        B4      Chip On My Shoulder (Live)
        B5      Runnin' Riot (Live)

LP      Syndicate       SYNLP 7         1984    UK
LINKLP  033     THE PARTISANS           THE TIME WAS RIGHT!             LP        .1988

        A1      I Never Needed You
        A2      Anger And Fear (Your All Alone)
        A3      The Money Rolls In
        A4      Only 21
        A5      Time Was Right
        A6      White Flag
        B1      17 Years
        B2      Change
        B3      Arms Race
        B4      Come Clean
        B5      Overdose
        B6      Partisans
        B7      Blind Ambition
LP      034     V / A                   OI! CHARTBUSTERS VOLUME 3       LP        .1988
LINKCD  034     V / A                   OI! CHARTBUSTERS VOLUME 3 & 4   CD        .1992

CD      1       The Gonads              Joys Of Oi!
        2       Menace                  Last Years Youth
        3       Accident                Blitzkrieg Bop
        4       The Blood               Napalm Job
        5       Sham 69                 Tell Us The Truth (Live)
        6       Splodgenessabounds      Wiffy Woman
        7       The Partisans           Change
        8       The Business            Outlaw
        9       Chron Gen               Living Next Door To Alice (Live)
        10      Blitz                   Youth
        11      The Ruts                Babylons Burning (Live)
        12      Combat 84               F82123
        13      Angelic Upstarts        Never Return To Hell
        14      Cock Sparrer            Teenage Heart
        15      The Partisans           Come Clean
        16      The Business            Product (Live)
        17      Case                    Smiling My Life Away
        18      Section 5               Street Rock N Roll (Live)
        19      The Gonads              Gonads Theme
        20      Infa Riot               Emergency (Live)
        21      Splodgenessabounds      Delirious
        22      Angelic Upstarts        When Will They Learn
        23      Accident                Garageland
        24      Blitz                   Escape
        25      Cockney Rejects         Dead Generation
        26      The Blood               Gestapo Khazi
        27      Vice Squad              Stand Strong Stand Proud (Live)
LINKLP  035     THE BUSINESS            WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD       LP        .1988

        A1      Mouth an' Trousers
        A2      Do a Runner
        A3      Ten Years
        A4      We'll Take 'em On
        A5      Fear in Your Heart
        A6      Welcome to the Real World
        B1      Never Say Never
        B2      Hand Ball
        B3      Living in Daydreams
        B4      Look at Him Now
        B5      We Gotta Go
        B6      Never Say Never (Reprise)
LINKLP  036     V / A                   THE OI! OF SEX                  LP        .1988

        A1      Prole                   We'll Never Say Die
        A2      Cock Sparrer            The Sun Says
        A3      The Gonads              S.E.7 Dole Day
        A4      The Burial              Old Mans Poison
        A5      Vicious Rumours         Vicious Rumours
        A6      Jimmy Mack              Zombie Mind Eaters
        A7      Rat Patrol              Rat Trap
        A8      Crossed Hammers         Here We Go
        A9      Swift Nick              The Sun
        B1      The Burial              Friday Night
        B2      Prole                   Destination Room 101
        B3      The Orgasm Guerillas    Frankie Goes To Pot
        B4      Little Dave             Being Short
        B5      Nick Toczeck's Britanarchists : Stiff With A Quiff
        B6      Vicious Rumours         Take The Blame
        B7      A.B.H.                  Don't Mess With The S.A.S.
        B8      Dogsbody                Murder
        B9      Garry Johnson           If Looks Could Kill

LP      Syndicate       SYNLP 4         1984    UK
LP      037     V / A                   OI! THE PICTURE DISC VOL.2      LP        .1988

        A1      The Business            Harry May
        A2      The Cockney Rejects     Flares And Slippers
        A3      Section 5               For The Love Of Oi!
        A4      The Angelic Upstarts    Last Night Another Soldier
        A5      The Partisans           I Never Needed You
        A6      Blitz                   Escape
        A7      The Exploited           Alternative
        B1      Cock Sparrer            The Sun Says
        B2      The Gonads              Jobs Not Jails
        B3      Combat 84               Combat 84
        B4      Vicious Rumours         This Is Your Life
        B5      The Last Resort         Resort Bootboys
        B6      The 4 Skins             Chaos
        B7      Sham 69                 Borstal Breakout
LINKLP  038     V / A : OI! TRAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC                    LP        .1988

        A1      The Crack               Don't Just Sit There
        A2      The Magnificent         (I Don't Wanna) Be Like You
        A3      The Glory               Scarred For Life
        A4      Anti-Heros              Six Pack Daze
        A5      Betrayed                Don't Waste Space
        A6      The Blood               Bad News
        A7      Condemned 84            The Boots Go Marching In
        B1      The Business            Mouth An' Trousers
        B2      Kicker Boys             I Gotta Handgun
        B3      Section 5               Remember The Night
        B4      The Strike              Victims
        B5      Judge Dread             Bring Back The Skins
        B6      Splodgenessabounds      Wiffy Smells
        B7      Sham 69                 Pretty Vacant
LINKLP  039     THE GLORY               WE ARE WHAT WE ARE              LP        .1988

        A1      The Glory of Oi!
        A2      Shoot for the Sun
        A3      Life Must Go On
        A4      Boots
        A5      Where Were You
        A6      Nobodys War
        B1      Scarred for Life
        B2      Should Have Paid
        B3      Who'll Bear Shame
        B4      Runaway
        B5      Ulster Boy
        B6      Clockwork Land
LINKLP  040     ANGELIC UPSTARTS        LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1988

        A1      I'm An Upstart
        A2      Leave Me Alone
        A3      Never 'Ad Nuthing
        A4      Solidarity
        A5      Guns For The Afghan Rebels
        A6      Last Night Another Soldier
        A7      We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
        B1      Teenage Warning
        B2      I Understand
        B3      Two Million Voices
        B4      Kids On The Street
        B5      Police Oppression
        B6      Liddle Towers
        B7      White Riot
LP      041     V / A                   OI! THE MAIN EVENT              LP        .1988

        A1      The Magnificent         Heat Of The Street
        A2      Judge Dread             Big Six
        A3      Section 5               Every Saturday
        A4      Condemned 84            Unite
        A5      Vicious Rumours         Moose On The Loose
        A6      The Business            Saturdays Heroes
        A7      Angelic Upstarts        One More Day
        B1      The Magnificent         Rockaway
        B2      Judge Dread             Disco Flasher
        B3      Section 5               We Won't Change
        B4      Condemned 84            Wonderful World
        B5      Vicious Rumours         This Is Your Life
        B6      Angelic Upstarts        Two Million Voices
        B7      The Business            Harry May
LINKLP  042     SLODGENESSABOUNDS       LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1988

        A1      Intro
        A2      Hold Your Cherries
        A3      Crabs
        A4      I Fell in Love With a Female Plumber From Halesden NW10
        A5      Tough Shit Wilson
        A6      Two Little Boys
        A7      Pathetique
        B1      Bohemian Walkway
        B2      Morning Milky
        B3      Michael Booth's Talking Bum
        B4      The Butterfly Song
        B5      What's That Funny Noise
        B6      Two Pints of Lager
        B7      Big Boy Shorts
LINKLP  043     THE BUSINESS            SUBURBAN REBELS                 LP        .1988

        A1      Get Out While You Can
        A2      Blind Justice
        A3      Work Or Riot?
        A4      The Employer's Blacklist
        A5      Nobody Listened
        A6      Suburban Rebels
        B1      Mortgage Mentality
        B2      Guttersnipe
        B3      Real Enemy
        B4      Another Rebel Dead
        B5      Sabotage The Hunt
        B6      Harry May
        B7      Drinking And Driving

LP      Secret          SEC 11          1983    UK
LINKLP  044     MAJOR ACCIDENT          TORTURED TUNES                  LP        .1988

        A1      Cue the Dead
        A2      Fight to Win
        A3      Brides of the Beast
        A4      Schizo
        A5      Freeman
        A6      Mr. Nobody
        A7      Sorry
        B1      Respectable
        B2      Bad Co.
        B3      M.C.E.
        B4      Warboots
        B5      White Riot
        B6      Oxo
        B7      Hokey Cokey
        B8      Breakaway
        B9      Headbanger
        B10     Dayo

LP      Syndicate       SYNLP 9         1984    UK
LINKLP  045     THE LAST RESORT         KINGS OF THE JUNGLE             LP        .1988

        A1      Freedom
        A2      Skinheads In Stapress
        A3      Rebels With A Cause
        A4      King Of The Jungle
        A5      We Rule O.K.
        A6      Changing
        B1      Lionheart
        B2      Rose Of England
        B3      Violence In Our Minds
        B4      Resort Boot Boys
        B5      Red White And Blue

LP      The Last Resort TLR 001         1982    UK
LINKLP  046     THE BUSINESS            SMASH THE DISCO'S               LP        .1988

        A1      H-Bomb
        A2      Sabotage The Hunt
        A3      Nobody Listened
        A4      Tell Us The Truth
        A5      National Insurance Blacklist
        A6      Blind Justice
        A7      Work Or Riot
        B1      Last Train To Clapham Junction
        B2      Suburban Rebels
        B3      Do They Owe Us A Living?
        B4      Guttersnipe
        B5      Law And Order
        B6      Smash The Discos
        B7      Dayo
        B8      Disco Girls
LINKLP  047     THE HEAVY METAL KIDS    LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1988

        A1      Chelsea Kids
        A2      Squaliday Inn
        A3      Jackie The Lad
        A4      She's No Angel
        B1      The Cops Are Coming
        B2      It's The Same
        B3      Ain't Nothing But A Houseparty

        A1      Intro (Death to Disco)
        A2      I Bonked the Pope
        A3      16 Pints Beautiful
        A4      I'm a Ba-Ba
        A5      D.N.D.
        A6      Clinic
        A7      Gender Bender Manker (Misprint)
        A8      Abort the Royal Family
        A9      A Noise to Get Glued By
        B1      Positive Pooh Pooh Head
        B2      Wildmen and Noise
        B3      Blow Job
        B4      Pucking Pun (Misprint)
        B5      Master Bates
        B6      Dirty Words

LP      Syndicate       SYNLP 12        1984    UK
LINKLP  049     THE GONADS              LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1988

        A1      Go Mad With The Gonads
        A2      S.E.7 Dole Day
        A3      I Lost My Love To A U.K. Sub
        A4      Dying For A Pint
        A5      Sandra Bigg And Jackie Wyde
        A6      She Can't Whip Me
        A7      Chaos (Herbert Version)
        B1      Stay With Me
        B2      Harry May's Revenge
        B3      T.N.T.
        B4      Run Run Run
        B5      Tuckers Ruckers Ain't No Suckers
        B6      Jobs Not Jails
        B7      Punk Rock Will Never Die
LINKLP  050     VICE SQUAD              LIVE AND LOUD                   LP        .1988

        A1      Coward                                          2:02
        A2      Rock n'Roll Massacre                            2:32
        A3      Angry Youth                                     1:18
        A4      Evil                                            2:00
        A5      Living on Dreams                                1:44
        A6      Stand Strong, Stand Proud                       3:21
        B1      Humane                                          2:04
        B2      Latex Love                                      1:17
        B3      Last Rockers                                    4:52
        B4      Out of Reach                                    2:22
        B5      E.M.I.                                          2:57
        B6      Upright Citizen                                 2:53
LINKMLP 051     FRANTIC FLINTSTONES     ROCKIN' OUT                     LP        .1988

        A1      Rockin Out
        A2      What the Hell
        A3      One Night Stand
        A4      Hot Head Baby
        B1      Chuck Blows a Fuse
        B2      Rockin' Bones
        B3      Let's Go Somewhere (Rockin')
        B4      No One Stays
LINKLP  052     INFA RIOT               LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1988

        A1      Feel The Rage
        A2      Riot Riot
        A3      Triffic Spiff Ya, O.K.
        A4      You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
        A5      We Out Number You
        A6      The Catalogue Kids
        A7      In For A Riot
        B1      Drug Squad
        B2      Punch The Air With Glory
        B3      Still Out Of Order
        B4      Each Dawn I Die
        B5      Emergency
        B6      Punch The Air With Glory (Encore)
        B7      Riot Riot (Encore)
LINKLP  053     V / A                   UNDERGROUND ROCKERS             LP        .1988

        A1      Guitar Gangsters        That's When the Razor Cuts
        A2      The Magnificent         You're the Best
        A3      Mega City Four          Shattered
        A4      Instigators             Full Circle
        A5      The Four Guns           Revenge
        A6      The Crack               Don't Just Sit There
        A7      The Sect                Forever Seventeen
        A8      Red Letter Day          23/23
        B1      Guitar Gangsters        Everybody Wants to Be My Friend
        B2      The Magnificent         Lucky Day
        B3      Mega City Four          Claudia
        B4      Instigators             Rules
        B5      The Four Guns           Two Sides
        B6      The Crack               Nag Nag Nag
        B7      The Sect                Best of Enemies
        B8      Red Letter Day          Great Wall of Leicester
LINKLP  054     V / A                   OI! CHARTYBUSTERS VOLUME 4      LP        .1988

        A1      The Partisans           Come Clean
        A2      The Business            Product
        A3      Case (6)                Smiling My Life Away
        A4      Section 5               Street Rock N' Roll
        A5      The Gonads              Gonads Theme
        A6      Infa Riot               Emergency
        A7      Splodgenessabounds      Delirious
        B1      Angelic Upstarts        When Will They Learn
        B2      Accident                Garageland
        B3      Blitz                   Escape
        B4      Condemned 84            Skinhead
        B5      Cockney Rejects         Dead Generation
        B6      The Blood               Gestapo Khazi
        B7      Vice Squad              Stand Strong Stand Proud
LINKLP  055     V / A                   A GUARANTEED MUG FREE ZONE      LP        .1988

        A1      The Business            Never Say Never
        A2      Section 5               Madman
        A3      Splodgenessabounds      Hold Your Cherries
        A4      Angelic Upstarts        Two Million Voices
        A5      The Glory               Shoot For The Sun
        A6      Blitz                   Time Bomb
        A7      Major Accident          Blitzkrieg Bop
        A8      Heavy Metal Kids        She's No Angel
        B1      The Magnificent         Get Out Of The Way
        B2      Cock Sparrer            A Price Too High To Pay
        B3      Vice Squad              Last Rockers
        B4      Infa Riot               In For A Riot
        B5      The Crack               Don't Just Sit There
        B6      The Gonads              Jobs Not Jails
        B7      The Partisans           I Never Needed You
        B8      Frantic Flintstones     Hot Head Baby

        A1      Give Us Back Our Rose
        A2      Scrounger
        A3      Telly Adict
        A4      Sunday Sport
        A5      Stick To Your Guns
        A6      Rather Be Down The Pub
        B1      The British Land
        B2      The Law
        B3      Don't Take The Piss
        B4      When The Weekend Comes
        B5      Rockin' With Fluffy
        B6      Singalong A Shave
LINKLP  057     V / A                   THE U.S. OF OI!                 LP        .1988

        A1      Warzone : Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget
                The Streets
        A2      Moonstomp               Having Fun
        A3      The Uprise              Winning The War
        A4      Anti-Heros              Hate Edge
        A5      Youth Defense League    Skinheads 88
        A6      The Bootboys            American Heritage
        A7      Immoral Discipline      United We Stand
        A8      The Kicker Boys         Sitar (I Hate Hippies)
        B1      Moonstomp               Strong Free Nation
        B2      The Uprise              We're Right
        B3      Anti-Heros              Dignity
        B4      Youth Defense League    Youth Of America
        B5      The Bootboys            Richard Cory
        B6      Immoral Discipline      Boots n' Braces, Stars n' Stripes
        B7      The Kicker Boys         I Gotta Handgun
LINKLP  058     COFFIN NAILS            FISTFUL OF BURGERS              LP        .1988

        A1      Penetration (Orgasmic Mix)
        A2      Please Little Woman
        A3      Come Back to School
        A4      Trust In Me (Do the Moose)
        A5      Heartbreak Hotel
        A6      For a Few Burgers More
        B1      If Only Mother Could See You Now
        B2      My Baby Left Me
        B3      Coffin Nails
        B4      Nothing to Lose
        B5      Blubbery Love (Saintly Snails)
        B6      Loose, Loose Woman (She's a Moose)
LINKLP  059     ANTI-HEROS              DON'T TREAD ON ME               LP        .1988

        A1      National Debt
        A2      Escape to the City
        A3      Criminal Mischief
        A4      Catch-22
        A5      In the Cards
        A6      Dignity
        A7      All Hail Santa
        B1      Hate Edge
        B2      Jailhouse Rock
        B3      Six - Pack Daze
        B4      Dead Inside
        B5      Alcoholics Anonymous
        B6      Dark Streets
        B7      Gone With the Wind
LINKLP  060     THE DELTAS              TUFFER THAN TUFF                LP        .1989

        A1      Where'd You Stay Last Nite?
        A2      Come Back Baby
        A3      Teenage Ball
        A4      Tuffer Than Tuff
        A5      Crazy News
        A6      Ice Cold Baby
        B1      Had My Fun
        B2      Cool Off Baby
        B3      It Ain't Right
        B4      'Erd the Gossip
        B5      John I'm Only Dancing
        B6      Nine Below Zero
LINKMLP 061     COMBAT 84               CHARGE OF THE 7TH CALVARY       LP        .1989

        A1      Rapist
        A2      Violence
        A3      Combat 84
        A4      Skinhead
        A5      F82123
        A6      Poseur
        B1      1982
        B2      World War
        B3      Trouble
        B4      Soldier
        B5      Rapist (Encore)
        B6      Combat 84 (Encore)
LINKLP  062     THE NITROS              NIGHTSHADES                     LP        .1989

        A1      The Cat With Nine Lives
        A2      Deadley Nightshade
        A3      Saigon Baby
        A4      Misery
        B1      Crazy Crazy Crazy
        B2      Medusa
        B3      Get Off My Wagon
        B4      Well Now Baby
LINKLP  063     SEX PISTOLS             LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1989
LINKCD  063     SEX PISTOLS             LIVE AND LOUD!!                 CD        .1989
LINKMC  063     SEX PISTOLS             LIVE AND LOUD!!                 CS        .1089

LP      A1      No Feelings
        A2      Problems
        A3      Pretty Vacant
        A4      Anarchy in the U.K
        A5      I Wanna Be Me
        A6      God Save the Queen
        B1      Seventeen
        B2      New York
        B3      E.M.I
        B4      Belson Was a Gas
        B5      Bodies
        B6      Holidays in the Sun

CD      1       Seventeen
        2       New York
        3       E.M.I.
        4       Belson Was A Gas
        5       Bodies
        6       Holidays In The Sun
        7       No Feelings
        8       Problems
        9       Pretty Vacant
        10      Anarchy In The U.K.
        11      I Wanna Be Me
        12      God Save The Queen
        13      No Fun
LINKLP  064     THE BUSINESS : LOUD, PROUD'N'PUNK, LIVE                 LP        .1988

        A1      H-Bomb
        A2      Blind Justice
        A3      Get Out While You Can
        A4      Loud Proud and Punk
        A5      Nobody Listened
        A6      Law and Order
        A7      Last Train to Clapham Junction
        B1      Sabotage the Hunt
        B2      Real Enemy
        B3      Disco Girls
        B4      Guttersnipe
        B5      Smash the Discos
        B6      Do They Owe Us a Living
        B7      Pretty Vacant

LP      Syndicate       SYNLP 6         1984    UK
LINK    065     THE EXPLOITED           PUNKS NOT DEAD                  LP        .1989
LINKCD  065     THE EXPLOITED           PUNKS NOT DEAD                  CD        .1989

LP      A1      Punks Not Dead
        A2      Mucky Pup
        A3      Cop Cars
        A4      Free Flight
        A5      Army Life (Part 2)
        A6      Blown to Bits
        A7      Sex & Violence
        A8      Dogs of War
        B1      SPG
        B2      Royalty
        B3      Dole Q
        B4      Exploited Barmy Army
        B5      Ripper
        B6      Out of Control
        B7      Son of a Copper
        B8      I Believe in Anarchy

CD      1       Punks Not Dead
        2       Mucky Pup
        3       Cop Cars
        4       Free Flight
        5       Army Life
        6       Blown to Bits
        7       Sex & Violence
        8       S.P.G.
        9       Royalty
        10      Dole Q
        11      Exploited Barmy Army
        12      Ripper
        13      Out of Control
        14      Son of a Copper
        15      I Believe in Anarchy
        16      Dogs of War
        17      What You Gonna Do

LP      Secret          SEC 1           1981    UK
LINKLP  066     THE EXPLOITED           TROOPS OF TOMORROW              LP        .1988
LINKCD  066     THE EXPLOITED           TROOPS OF TOMORROW              CD        .1989

LP      A1      JIMMY BOYLE
        A2      DAILY NEWS
        A3      DISORDER
        A4      ALTERNATIVE(REMIX)
        A5      USA
        A6      RAPIST
        A7      TROOPS OF TOMORROW
        B1      UK 82
        B3      WAR
        B4      THEY WON'T STOP
        B5      SO TRAGIC
        B6      GERMS
        B7      DEAD CITIES
CD +    15      Attack
        16      Computors Don't Blunder

LP      Secret          SEC 8           1982    UK
LP      Roadrunner      RR 9981         1982    UK
LINKLP  067     V / A                   CARRY ON OI!                    LP        .1989

        A1      Garry Johnson           United
        A2      JJ All Stars            Dambusters March
        A3      The Business            Suburban Rebels
        A4      Infa Riot               Each Dawn I Die
        A5      The Partisans           Arms Race
        A6      The Ejected             East End Kids
        A7      Peter And The Test Tube Babies : Transvestite
        A8      Blitz                   Nation On Fire
        A9      The Last Resort         King Of The Jungle
        B1      The Gonads : Tuckers Ruckers Ain't No Suckers
        B2      4 Skins                 Evil
        B3      The Business            Product
        B4      Red Alert               SPG
        B5      Oi The Comrade          Guvnors Man
        B6      Peter And The Test Tube Babies : Maniac
        B7      The Ejected             What Am I Gonna Do
        B8      The Partisans           No U Turns
        B9      Blitz                   Youth
        B10     Oi The Choir            Walk On

LP      Secret          SEC 2           1981    UK
LINKLP  068     V / A                   OI! OI! THET'S YER LOT!         LP        .1989

        A1      The Business            Real Enemy
        A2      Five O                  Dr. Crippens
        A3      The Strike              Victims
        A4      Sub Culture             Stick Together
        A5      Crux                    Liddle Towers
        A6      The Warriors            Horror Show
        A7      Attak                   Big Brother
        A8      Black Flag              Revenge
        B1      Arthur & The Afters     Arthur's Theme
        B2      Frankie & The Flames    On Yer Bike
        B3      The Magnificent Gonads : Getting Pissed
        B4      Attila The Stockbroker : Willie Whitelaw's Willie
        B5      Judge Dread             The Belle Of Snodland Town
        B6      Skin Graft              Oi Oi Music
        B7      Attila The Stockbroker : Away Day
        B8      Coming Blood            Such Fun

LP      Secret          SEC 5           1982    UK
LINKMLP 069     POLECATS                LIVE AND ROCKIN'                LP        .1988

        A1      Pink And Black
        A2      Blue Jean Bop
        A3      Rock Billy Boogie
        B1      Hip Hip Baby
        B2      We Say Yeah
        B3      Runnin' Back
        B4      Miss Bobby Sox
LINKLP  070     CONDEMNED 84            LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1989

        A1      Keep the Faith
        A2      Teenage Slag
        A3      Face the Aggression
        A4      Young Blood
        A5      Strength to Strength
        A6      The Nutter
        B1      Boots Go Marching In
        B2      Oi! Ain't Dead
        B3      Under Her Thumb
        B4      We Will Never Die
        B5      Skinhead
        B6      Wonderful World
LINKLP  071     KICKER BOYS             THE KICKER BOYS                 LP        .1989

        A1      Solo Song
        A2      Sitar
        A3      Kicker Bois
        A4      Mike McArt
        A5      Hated and Proud
        A6      Beer Song
        A7      Ska Boys
        B1      I Don't Scare
        B2      I Hate You
        B3      Handgun
        B4      Disorderly
        B5      You Gotta
        B6      Out From the Underground
        B7      Terminus Wallus
LINKLP  072     FRANTIC FLINTSTONES     NOT CHRISTMAS ALBUM             LP        .1989

        A1      Frantic
        A2      Wider Road to Hell
        A3      Honey Maker
        A4      Necro Blues
        A5      Oh Little Town of Bedrock
        A6      Gone Gone Well Gone (Harp Mix)
        B1      Alone Again/Round Mountain
        B2      Just Because
        B3      Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me
        B4      Santa Claus Is Back in Town
        B5      Blue Christmas
        B6      Ole Black Joe
LINKLP  073     THE CRACK               IN SEARCH OF THE CRACK          LP        .1989

        A1      My World
        A2      Take Me Away
        A3      You Keep Running
        A4      Hard Road
        A5      Don't Just Sit There
        B1      Don't You Ever Let Me Down
        B2      The Glory Boys
        B3      Everybody's Dreaming
        B4      I'll Be There
        B5      The Giddy House
LINKLP  074     SOME KIND EARTHQUAKE    DEVASTATING                     12"       .1989

        A1      Just When
        A2      You'll Be Gone
        A3      Brand New Day
        A4      I Hate Rabbits
        B1      I Seen Her
        B2      Can't Let Go
        B3      Endless Days
        B4      Clock 'a' Beatin' Boogie
LINKLP  075     SHAM 69                 SHAMS LAST STAND                LP        .1989
LINKCD  075     SHAM 69 : SHAMS LAST STAND-THE BEST OF LIVE!!           CD        .1989

LP      A1      What Have We Got
        A2      I Don't Wanna
        A3      They Don't Understand
        A4      Angels With Dirty Faces
        A5      Tell Us The Truth
        B1      That's Life
        B2      Rip Off
        B3      The Cockney Kids Are Innocent
        B4      Voices
        B5      Borstal Breakout

CD      1       What Have We Got
        2       I Don't Wanna
        3       They Don't Understand
        4       Angels With Dirty Faces
        5       Tell Us the Truth
        6       That's Life
        7       Rip Off
        8       The Cockney Kids are Innocent
        9       Voices
        10      Borstal Breakout
        11      Sham Pistols - Pretty Vacant
        12      Sham Pistols - White Riot
        13      Sham Pistols - If the Kids are United
        14      Sham Pistols - What Have We Got
        15      Hurry Up Harry
        16      Hersham Boys
        17      Questions and Answers
LINKLP  076     GUTTERSNIPE ARMY        NEVER DIE                       LP        .1989

        A1      Never Die
        A2      Kick To Kill
        A3      Suspicion
        A4      The Real Oi!
        A5      War Dead
        A6      Taken For A Ride
        B1      Englands Soldier
        B2      Maniac
        B3      British Born
        B4      Just The Same
        B5      Armed Robbery
        B6      Number 1
LINKLP  077     V / A                   KATZ KEEP ROCKIN'               LP        .1989

        A1      Frantic Flintstones     One Night Stand
        A2      Stage Fright            Get Away Little Girl
        A3      The Radiacs             Al Capone
        A4      The Tailgators          Doo Doo
        A5      Turmoil                 Damnation Alley
        A6      Some Kinda Earthquake : Mean And Moody Rockin' Machine
        A7      Rockin' Rocket 88       Playin' Around
        B1      Frantic Flintstones     Wider Road To Hell
        B2      Some Kinda Earthquake   Joe 90
        B3      Rockin' Rocket 88       My Baby's Gone Away
        B4      The Radiacs             Hellraiser
        B5      Stage Fright            My Babys Gone
        B6      The Nitros              Echoes Of Love
        B7      The Coffin Nails        Brand New Caddilac
LP      078     V / A                   THE SECRET LIFE OF PUNKS        LP        .1989

        A1      The Exploited           Dogs Of War
        A2      The 4 Skins             One Law For Them
        A3      Infa Riot               Kids Of The 80s
        A4      The Partisans           No U Turns
        A5      The Business            Employers Black List
        A6      The Gonads              I Lost My Love To A UK Sub
        A7      Blitz                   Youth
        B1      The Business            Harry May
        B2      Chron Gen               Jet Boy Jet Girl
        B3      The Last Resort         King Of The Jungle
        B4      Peter And The Test Tube Babies : Maniac
        B5      Infa Riot               Catch 22
        B6      The 4 Skins             Yesterdays Heroes
        B7      The Exploited           Army Life

LP      Secret          SEC 10          1982    UK
LINKLP  079     INFA RIOT               STILL OUT OF ORDER              LP        .1989

        A1      Emergency
        A2      You Aint Seen Nothing Yet
        A3      Five Minute Fashion
        A4      Each Dawn I Die
        A5      The Drug Squad
        A6      Still Out Of Order
        A7      Catch 22
        B1      Power
        B2      Boot Boys
        B3      The Winner
        B4      Friday Oh Friday
        B5      Catalogue Kids
        B6      In For A Riot
        B7      Kids Of The Eighties

LP      Secret          SEC 7           1982    UK
LINKLP  080     BOZ & THE BOZMEN        DRESS IN DEAD MEN'S SUITS       LP        .1989

        A1      Shake 'Em Up Rock
        A2      Midnight Shift
        A3      Drag Strip
        A4      Slippin In
        A5      Mary's Place
        A6      Wild Heroine
        B1      Baby Boomerang
        B2      Everybody's Rockin'
        B3      Rock Ol' Spotnick
        B4      Catch On
        B5      Mars & Jupitar Stomp
LINKLP  081     V / A : OI! CHARTBUSTERS VOLUME 5                       LP        .1989
LINKCD  081     V / A : OI! CHARTBUSTERS VOLUME 5 & 6                   CD        .1992

LP      A1      Frankie And The Flames : On Yer Bike
        A2      Crack                   You Kept Me Waiting
        A3      Angelic Upstarts        I Won't Pay For Liberty
        A4      Criminal Class          Soldier
        A5      Sham 69                 The Cockney Kids Are Innocent
        A6      Infa Riot               Schools Out
        A7      Slaughter And The Dogs : Were Have All The Boot Boys Gone?
        B1      The Gonads              Eat The Rich
        B2      The Partisans           The Time Was Right
        B3      The Business            Chasing Rainbows
        B4      One Way System          Stab The Judge
        B5      Peter And The Test Tube Babies : Transvestite
        B6      Exploited               Computers Don't Blunder
        B7      The 4 Skins             Summer Holiday

CD      1       Frankie & The Flames    On Yer Bike
        2       The Crack               You Kept Me Waiting
        3       Angelic Upstarts        I Won't Pay For Liberty
        4       Criminal Class          Soldier
        5       Sham 69                 The Cockney Kids Are Innocent
        6       Infa Riot               Schools Out
        7       Slaughter And The Dogs : Were Have All The Boys Gone?
        8       The Gonads              Eat The Rich
        9       The Partisans           The Time Was Right
        10      The Business            Chasing Rainbows
        11      One Way System          Stab The Judge
        12      Peter & The Test Tube Babies : Transvestite
        13      The Exploited           Computers Don't Blunder
        14      The 4 Skins             Summer Holiday
        15      The Blood               Stark Raving Normal
        16      Slaughter And The Dogs : Twist And Turn
        17      Angelic Upstarts        Brighton Bomb
        18      The Business            Disco Girls
        19      Case                    Oh!
        20      Section 5               Every Saturday
        21      The Last Resort         Eight Pounds A Week
        22      The Lurkers             I'm On Heat
        23      Peter & The Test Tube Babies : The Jinx
        24      The Crack               Cum On Feel The Noize
        25      The Exploited           Class War
        26      Cockney Rejects         It Will Only Ever Be
        27      Frankie & The Flames    Dick Barton
LINK    082     THE BATFINKS            WAZZED 'N' BLASTED              LP        .1989

        A1      Brain Damage
        A2      Gonna Kill My Baby
        A3      She's a Vampire
        A4      Sleep Kills
        A5      Midnight
        A6      Soul Trader
        A7      Kali's Blood
        B1      Wazzed 'n' Blasted
        B2      Sexy Glove
        B3      Dracula's Castle
        B4      Raisin' Hell
        B5      Witch Hunt
        B6      Drunken Sailor
        B7      Wreck Mutes
LINKMLP 084     DEMENTED ARE GO : THE DAY THE EARTH SPAT BLOOD          12"       .1989

        A1      Country Woman
        A2      Brain Damaged Chile (Slight Retard)
        A3      One Sharp Knife
        A4      Flight 103
        B1      Termite Man
        B2      Skitzoid Brain
        B3      Now She's Dead (Warp Mix)
                a. Demon Ted Boogie
                b. Life's a Bitch
                c. Now She's Dead
LINKLP  085     THE GONADS : The Revenge Of The Gonads                  LP        .1989
                (The Best Of The Gonads) 

        A1      Tuckers Ruckers Ain't No Suckers
        A2      I Lost My Love To A U.K. Sub
        A3      Punk Rock Will Never Die
        A4      Got Any Wrigleys John
        A5      Sandra Bigg (Really Big)
        A6      Go Mad With The Gonads
        A7      T.N.T.
        A8      Getting Pissed
        B1      Gonads Anthem
        B2      She Can't Whip Me
        B3      Punk City Rockers
        B4      Jobs Not Jails
        B5      Joys Of Oi!
        B6      Eat The Rich
        B7      Se 7 Dole Day
        B8      S.L.A.G.
LINKLP  086     MOONSTOMP               THEY NEVER SEE                  LP        .1989

        A1      Nothing at All
        A2      Too Proud to Beg
        A3      Head Kicked In
        A4      Stars 'N' Stripes
        A5      Streets at Night
        A6      They Never See
        A7      Satch
        B1      Strong Free Nation
        B2      Get You Back
        B3      No Money
        B4      Honest Working Man
        B5      Under Attack
        B6      Having Fun
        B7      Blue Ridge Mountains
LINKMLP 087     THE LURKERS             KING OF THE MOUNTAIN            LP        .1989

        A1      Barbara Blue
        A2      Never Had a Beachhead
        A3      Unfinished Business
        A4      Going Monkee Again (Hey Hey Hey)
        B1      King of the Mountain 1
        B2      Lucky John
        B3      King of the Mountain 2
LINKLP  088     THE RESORT              1989                            LP        .1989

        A1      Right To Remain Silent
        A2      American Faces
        A3      Horror Show
        A4      Seven Days Seven Nights
        A5      King Of The Jungle
        B1      Waiting For A Friend
        B2      Rock'n'Roll
        B3      Rebels With A Cause
        B4      Rubber Jenny
        B5      Freedom
LINKLP  089     V / A                   ROCKIN AT THE TAKE 2            LP        .1989

        A1      Screaming Dead          Swords Of A Thousand Men
        A2      Sugar Puff Demons       Dance With The Dead
        A3      The Hepilectics         Burnin Fever
        A4      The Tailgators          Norman Bates
        A5      The Tailgators          Should I Stay Or Should I Go
        A6      The Batfinks            Sleep Kills
        A7      Some Kinda Earthquake : Brand New Caddilac
        A8      Some Kinda Earthquake : Love Rock Jive
        B1      The Radiacs             Jungle Rock
        B2      The Radiacs             Radiac Drive
        B3      Frantic Flintstones     Ring Ring Ringing
        B4      Frantic Flintstones     Alcohol Buzz
        B5      The Deltas              Ragin Sea
        B6      The Deltas              Heart Attack
        B7      The Deltas              Cigarette
LINKLP  090     THE 4 SKINS             LIVE AND LOUD                   LP      06.1989

        A1      Wonderful World
        A2      Sorry
        A3      Summer Holiday
        A4      A.C.A.B.
        A5      Chaos
        A6      Jealousy
        B1      1984
        B2      Clockwork Skinhead
        B3      I Don't Wanna Die
        B4      Evil
        B5      Wonderful World (Encore)
        B6      Chaos (Encore)
LINKLP  091     THE TURNPIKE CRUISERS : DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE               LP        .1989

        A1      Weird & Crazy Guys
        A2      Assault & Battery
        A3      Soaked Hell
        A4      Sleaze Attack At The Edge City Drive In
        A5      Eddie's Ghost
        A6      Can't Judge A Book By Loocking At The Cover
        B1      Do It
        B2      I Wish Someone Would Come And Take My Baby Away
        B3      War
        B4      Drive Drive Drive
        B5      Nice & Slow

        A1      Situations
        A2      Twist And Turn
        A3      Boston Babies (Demo)
        A4      I'm Mad (Demo)
        A5      Cranked Up Really High (Live)
        A6      Where Have All The Bootboys Gone (Live)
        B1      White Light White Heat
        B2      Scream And Scream Again
        B3      The Fight
        B4      Slaughter Speak
        B5      Runaway (Live)
        B6      Johnny T (Live)
LINKLP  093     RADIACS                 HELLRAISER                      LP        .1989

        A1      Radiac Wrath
        A2      Baby Let's Play House
        A3      Lost
        A4      Al Capone (Part 1)
        A5      Please Give Me Something
        A6      I Was Wrong
        B1      Shakin' All Over
        B2      Women And Wine
        B3      Jungle Rock
        B4      Al Capone (Part 2)
        B5      Radiac Drive
        B6      1,2,3
        B7      Tramps
        B8      Hellraiser
LINKLP  094     V / A                   UNDERGROUND ROCKERS VOL.2       LP        .1989

        A1      H.D.Q.                  One Word
        A2      Senseless Things        Busload To Bingo
        A3      The AB'S                Fear Is The Key
        A4      The Price               Shattered Land
        A5      Manic Street Preachers : Suicide Alley
        A6      Identity                Caroline
        A7      Suspect Device          Nothing To Me
        B1      H.D.Q.                  Love Alone
        B2      Senseless Things        Legal Lies
        B3      The AB'S : Engelbert Humperdink's Racing Pigeon
        B4      The Price               The Cover Up
        B5      Manic Street Preachers : Tennesse I Get Low
        B6      Identity                What's The Point
        B7      Suspect Device          Raw Deal
LINKLP  095     V / A                   POP OI!                         LP        .1989

        A1      Slaughter And The Dogs : Situations
        A2      The Crack               Going Out
        A3      The Hoopers             Ginger Cringe
        A4      Criminal Class          Fighting The System
        A5      Five O                  Little Powers
        A6      American Eagle          American Oi!
        A7      Kicker Boys             I Don't Scare
        A8      Frankie Flame           England Belongs To Me
        B1      Moonstomp               Nothing At All
        B2      Guttersnipe Army        Never Die
        B3      Foreign Legion          Surf City
        B4      The Strike              Agony Of A Nation
        B5      The Mad Hatters         Black Hat
        B6      The Resort              Rubber Jenny
        B7      The Business            Out In The Cold
        B8      Frankie Flame           Harry May
LINKLP  096     THE DELTAS              LIVE AND ROCKIN'                LP        .1989

        A1      Introductions
        A2      Shake Your Money Maker
        A3      Early in the Morning
        A4      Gimme the Drugs
        A5      Mad for It
        A6      London Girls
        B1      Pie 'N' Mash
        B2      "Erd the Gossip?"
        B3      How Come You Do Me
        B4      Where Did You Stay Last Night?
        B5      This Train
        B6      Whip It Up
LINKLP  097     THE BUSINESS            LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1989

        A1      Suburban Rebels
        A2      Blind Justice
        A3      Real Enemy
        A4      Product
        A5      Never Be Taken
        A6      Do A Runner
        A7      Out In The Cold
        B1      Welcome To The Real World
        B2      Saturday's Heroes
        B3      Smash The Discos
        B4      Drinking 'N' Driving
        B5      Hurry Up Harry
        B6      Harry May
LINKLP  098     FRANTIC FLINTSTONES     LIVE AND ROCKIN'                LP        .1989

        A1      Alone Again
        A2      Round Mountain
        A3      What The Hell
        A4      Honey Maker
        A5      No One Stays
        A6      Rockin' Bones
        A7      Necro Blues
        A8      Hang Ten
        A9      Bedrock
        B1      Old Black Joe
        B2      Gone Gone Well Gone
        B3      Playschool Baby
        B4      Just Because
        B5      Whiskey Bottle Baby
        B6      One Night Stand
        B7      Blue Christmas
LINKLP  099     SUGAR PUFF DEMONS       FALLING FROM GRACE              LP        .1989

        A1      Family in a Suitcase
        A2      Burn the Church
        A3      Germs
        A4      Phantom of the Fog
        A5      100 Rifles
        A6      Gotta Get Out
        A7      Stan Likes Making Babies
        A8      The Mask
        B1      Nice Day for a Homocide
        B2      Suspect
        B3      Dance With the Dead
        B4      Burke and Hare
        B5      Costa Del Hell
        B6      Weedin
        B7      Nervous Breakdown
LINKMLP 100     THE ABS                 MENTALENEMA                     mLP       .1989

        A1      Popular in Bradford
        A2      Grease Your Ralph
        A3      Sweetest Kiss
        A4      Toes Stamped Flat
        B1      Diamonds
        B2      Concrete Hits Bone
        B3      Wrecking Hour
        B4      Everything's Exactly What You Think It Is
LINKMLP 101     TAILGATORS              LIVE AND ROCKIN'                mLP       .1989

        A1      High Life
        A2      Norman Bates
        A3      Should I Stay or Should I Go
        A4      Bought You Diamonds
        A5      Shake You Tailgators
        B1      Angel Baby
        B2      Something Else
        B3      You're No Good
        B4      Slam Psycho and Wreck
LINKMLP 102     ROCKIN' ROCKET 88       COMING HOME                     LP        .1989

                Blues Side
        A1      I'm Coming Home
        A2      Until The Sun Goes Down
        A3      High Temperature
        A4      Big Boss Man
                Hillbilly Side
        B1      Give Me The Time
        B2      Only One Thing I Can't Do (The Hillbilly Rock 'N' Roll)
        B3      Down In Memphis
        B4      Red Hot Lover
LINKLP  103     THE LURKERS             LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1989

        A1      Ain't Got A Clue
        A2      I Don't Need To Tell Her
        A3      Unfinished Business
        A4      Pills
        A5      Barbara Blue
        A6      Rubber Room
        A7      Just Thirteen
        A8      Uptown Or Downtown
        A9      Going Monkee, Again (Hey Hey Hey)
        A10     Shadow
        B1      New Guitar In Town
        B2      Miss World
        B3      I'm On Heat
        B4      Freak Show
        B5      Take Me Back To Babylon
        B6      Then I Kissed Her
        B7      Drag You Out
        B8      Cyanide
        B9      Jenny
LINKLP  104     SCARED STIFF            DARK STREET                     LP        .1989

        01      Johnny Cynic
        02      The Untouchables
        03      My Babe
        04      She's So Fine
        05      Tear It Up
        06      Dark Streets
        07      Scared Stiff
        08      Ghost Hunter
        09      One More Bite
        10      Elvis O'Leary
LINKLP  105     GUITAR GANGSTERS        PROHIBITION                     LP      06.1991

        A1      Nothing to Shout About
        A2      Turn the Tables
        A3      What Did I Do (this Time)
        A4      That's When the Razor Cuts
        A5      Everybody Wants to Be My Friend
        A6      It Must Be Physical
        B1      Radio Shakedown
        B2      It's So Sad
        B3      Gotta Get Out of Here
        B4      Long Division
        B5      Endless Saturday Night
LINKLP  106     KING KURT               LIVE AND ROCKIN'                LP        .1989
LINKCD  106     KING KURT               LIVE AND ROCKIN'                CD        .1991

LP      1       She's As Hairy
        2       Road To Rack N Ruin
        3       Kneebone Knock
        4       Destination Zululand
        5       Billy
        6       Banana Banana
        7       Ghost Riders In The Sky
        8       The Shag
        9       Lonesome Train
        10      Alcoholic Rat
        11      Horatio
        12      Mack The Knife
CD +    13      Sammers
        14      Gather Your Limbs
        15      Nervous Breaktown
LINKLP  107     999                     LIVE AND LOUD                   LP        .1989
LINKCD  107     999                     LIVE AND LOUD                   CD        .1990

        A1      Let's Face It
        A2      Hit Me
        A3      English Wipe Out
        A4      Stranger
        A5      Feelin' Alright With the Crew
        A6      The Boys in the Gang
        A7      Me and My Desire
        B1      The Biggest Price in Sport
        B2      Fun Things
        B3      Hollywood
        B4      Inside Out
        B5      Homicide
        B6      Boiler
                [LIVE AND LOUD!!]
                [LIVE AND LOUD!!]

LP      A1      Keep Britain Untidy
        A2      Boozanza
        A3      Every Second Counts
        A4      Spirit Of Keith Moon
        A5      Guest List
        A6      Goodbye Forever
        A7      Blown Out Again
        B1      Ghost In My Bedsit
        B2      Maniac
        B3      Banned From The Pubs
        B4      Elvis Is Dead
        B5      September Part 3
        B6      Moped Lads
        B7      Vicars
CD +    15      Key To The City
        16      He's On Whiskey
        17      Loius Wouldn't Like It
        18      The Jinx
        19      Pissed Punk's
        20      Run Like Hell
        21      Leader Of The Gang
LINKLP  109     FRANTIC FLINTSTONES : The Nightmare Continues ...       LP        .1989
                Demonic Verses ... Chuck's Revenge

        A1      Smack Smack
        A2      Dog Rip
        A3      Bone Rest
        A4      Twisted Retard
        A5      Rasppin' Grasses
        A6      Burned 'N' Turned
        A7      Dustbin Case
        B1      Five Clawed Talon
        B2      Angel
        B3      Lost Love
        B4      Astral Cowboy
        B5      Waste of Life 
LINKLP  110     THE CROPDUSTERS         IF THE SOBER GO TO HEAVEN       LP        .1989

        A1      Banjo Hill
        A2      You Were The Pilot
        A3      Gold Against The Soul
        A4      Oliver Reed (Goes To Salt Creek)
        A5      Jammit O'Reilly
        A6      Just Poppin' Out To Fight A War
        B1      Can't Slowdown On The Old Hoedown
        B2      Alligator Come Across
        B3      Proverb
        B4      Mason's Apron/Lannigan's Ball
        B5      John Henry
        B6      Southern Life
LINKLP  111     V / A                   KATZ KEEP ROCKING VOL.2         LP        .1989

        A1      The Frantic Flintstones : Bone Rest
        A2      Demented Are Go         Country Woman
        A3      Sugar Puff Demons       Burke And Hare
        A4      Coffin Nails            Penetration
        A5      The Radiacs             Heart Attack
        A6      Stage Frite             Island Of Lost Souls
        A7      The Batfinks            Soul Trader (Ya)
        B1      The Frantic Flintstones : Twisted Retard
        B2      Demented Are Go         One Sharp Knife
        B3      The Tailgators          Bought You Diamonds
        B4      The Radiacs             Trampus
        B5      Sugar Puff Demons       Family In A Suitcase
        B6      Some Kinda Earthquake   Washin' Your Hair
        B7      The Nitros              Taxi Cab
        B8      Red Hot Cadillacs       I Tought You Loved Me

NKLP    113     STAGE FRITE             ISLAND OF LOST SOULS            LP        .1989

        A1      Island of Lost Souls
        A2      Pink and Black
        A3      Noises (Ain't Arf Wierd)
        A4      One Last Dream
        A5      Bad Moon Rising
        A6      Black Magic
        B1      Slippin' In
        B2      The Ripper
        B3      Take the Money and Run
        B4      Searchin'
        B5      Let's Play House
        B6      Freight Train
LINKLP  114     V / A : New York Hardcore: Where The Wild Things Are    LP        .1989

        A1      Outburst                The Hardway
        A2      Outburst                Controlled
        A3      Killing Time            The Brite Side
        A4      Killing Time            Backtrack
        A5      Life's Blood            Reckoning Force
        A6      Life's Blood            Counting On
        A7      Breakdown               All I Ask
        A8      Breakdown               Dissed And Dismissed
        A9      Breakdown               Kickback
        B1      Sheer Terror            Cup Of Joe
        B2      Sheer Terror            Not Giving Up
        B3      Maximum Penalty         Immaculate Conception
        B4      Maximum Penalty         Hate
        B5      Uppercut                Down For The Count
        B6      Uppercut                Am I Clear?
        B7      N.B.S.H.                Hellminded
        B8      N.B.S.H.                Desperate
        B9      Gorilla Biscuits        Sittin' Round At Home
LINKLP  115     THE BUSINESS            SATURDAYS HEROES                LP        .1990

        A1      Spanish Jails
        A2      All Out Tonight (Remix)
        A3      Never Been Taken
        A4      Harder Life
        A5      Freedom
        B1      Frontline
        B2      Foreign Girl
        B3      Shout It Out
        B4      Nothing Can Stop Us
        B5      Saturdays Heroes
        B6      Drinking And Driving (New Version)
LINKLP  116     DEMENTED ARE GO!        LIVE AND ROCKIN'                LP        .1990

        A1      Holy Hack Jack                                  2:57
        A2      Human Slug                                      2:28
        A3      Surf Ride to Oblivion                           2:30
        A4      One Sharp Knife                                 3:02
        A5      Rubber Rock                                     2:32
        A6      Busted Hymen                                    3:00
        A7      Be Bop a Lula                                   2:24
        A8      Pervy in the Park                               2:28
        B1      Cripple in the Woods                            2:59
        B2      Cast Iron Arm                                   2:03
        B3      Sick Spasmoid                                   2:02
        B4      PVC Chair                                       2:20
        B5      Transvestite Blues                              3:08
        B6      Anal Wonderland                                 2:24
LP      117     CLOSE SHAVE             HARD AS NAILS                   LP        .1990

        1       Intro - Can't Play 'ere
        2       We're Coming Back
        3       Never Surrender
        4       On Your Own
        5       Death Row
        6       S.A.S.
        7       Hard As Nails
        8       Lock Up Your Daughters
        9       Caught In The Act
        10      All For England
        11      Hidden Few
        12      Red Light Girl
        13      Ding Dong Merrily Oi! Oi!
        14      Outro - Can't Play 'ere...Again!
LINKLP  118     COFFIN NAILS            LIVE & ROCKIN'                  LP        .1990

        A1      Please Little Woman
        A2      Heartbreak Hotel
        A3      Skateboard Frenzy
        A4      Brand New Cadillac
        A5      Penetration
        A6      Let's Wreck
        A7      Myra Hindley
        B1      Do You Love Me
        B2      Loose Loose Woman
        B3      Uncle Willy
        B4      Blubbery Love
        B5      Psycho Disease
        B6      My Baby Left Me
LINKLP  119     SECTION 5               THE WAY WE WERE                 LP        .1990

        A1      Beat Of The Street
        A2      Election Day
        A3      People Say
        A4      Stand Up In The Crowd
        A5      Maggie Maggie
        A6      Do Anything You Wanna Do
        B1      The Way We Were
        B2      Your Revolution
        B3      Bring The Wall Down
        B4      Too Many People
        B5      Final Flight
LINKLP  120     ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE     LIVE AND LOUD!!                 LP        .1990
LINKCD  120     ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE     LIVE AND LOUD!!                 CD        .1990

LP      A1      For You
        A2      Queen And Country
        A3      Johannesburg
        A4      Wreck A Nowhere
        A5      Streets Of London
        A6      Crime
        A7      We Will Survive
        B1      Branded
        B2      Woman
        B3      Can't Stand Rock'n'Roll
        B4      We Are The League
        B5      Something Else
        B6      Let The Country Feed You
        B7      Let's Break The Law
CD +    15      I Hate People
        16      Snowman
        17      On The Waterfront
        18      Going Down
                Bonus Tracks
        19      So What
        20      Fuck Around The Clock
LINKLP  121     DISTORTED TRUTH         SMASHED HITS                    LP        .1990

        A1      No Trust
        A2      Life For a Life
        A3      Change
        A4      Policeman
        A5      Life Goes On
        A6      Party Political Bullshit
        B1      Brainwashed to Hate
        B2      Join the Army
        B3      Sick Generation
        B4      Daily Scum
        B5      We Don't Need This Revolution
        B6      Show Me the Way to Go Home
LINKLP  122     THE BATFINKS            LIVE AND ROCKIN'                LP        .1990

        A1      Brain Damage
        A2      Sleep Kills
        A3      Dracula's Castle
        A4      Midnight
        A5      Raisin' Hell
        A6      U.S.A.
        A7      Killer Clowns
        B1      Wreck Mutes
        B2      Suicide
        B3      Overdose
        B4      Wazzed 'n' Blasted
        B5      Darren
        B6      Gonna Kill My Baby
        B7      Kali's Blood
LINKLP  123     V / A  : ROCKIN' AT THE TAKE TWO VOL.2                  LP        .1990

        A1      Stage Frite             Island Of Lost Souls
        A2      Stage Frite             Ball And Chain
        A3      Grovel Hog              Take A Trip
        A4      Grovel Hog              Disease
        A5      The Batfinks            Brain Damage
        A6      The Batfinks            Sleep Kills
        A7      The Radiacs             Hellraiser
        A8      The Radiacs             Indian Reservation
        B1      The Coffin Nails        Skateboard Frenzy
        B2      The Coffin Nails        Myra Hindley
        B3      Frantic Flintstones     44
        B4      Frantic Flintstones     Hang 10
        B5      Demented Are Go         One Sharp Knife
        B6      Demented Are Go         Rubber Rock
        B7      Demented Are Go         Rubber Buccaneer
        B8      Demented Are Go         Rubber Plimsoles
LINKLP  124     THE TERMITES            THE OVERLOAD                    LP        .1990

        A1      Who's That Chick
        A2      Home Sweet Home
        A3      Crazy Mama
        A4      Say Mama
        A5      Out Of My Mind
        A6      Train To Misery
        A7      Overload
        B1      Shaggin' All Night
        B2      Brand New Cadillac
        B3      Don't You Know
        B4      Shout It Out Loud
        B5      Last Nite
        B6      Big Evil Eyes
        B7      Rockin' All Night
LINKLP  125     999                     THE CELLBLOCK TAPES             LP        .1990

        A1      Quite Disappointing
        A2      Me and My Desire
        A3      Crazy
        A4      Lie Lie Lie
        A5      Rael Rean
        A6      Soldier
        A7      Nasty Nasty
        A8      I'm Alive
        B1      Dead or Alive
        B2      Tomorrow's World
        B3      Kiss the Blood or My Hand
        B4      Arabesque
        B5      Got My Eyes on You
        B6      How Can I Tell You
LINKLP  126     TAILGATORS              TAILGATORS                      LP        .1990

        A1      Johnny Six Strings
        A2      Private Dick
        A3      Should I Stay or Should I Go (Lazer Mix)
        A4      Tainted Love
        A5      Angel Baby
        A6      Twenty Flight Rock
        A7      Bought You Diamonds
        B1      Sitting Pretty
        B2      21 Days
        B3      Johnny Six Strings (Wang Mix)
        B4      Godzilla
        B5      You're Not Good
        B6      Croc Rock (Toast Goat Mix)
        B7      Taught My Dog How to Rock 'n' Roll
LINKLP  127     V / A                   OI! CHARTBUSTERS VOL.6          LP        .1990

        A1      The Blood               Stark Raving Normal
        A2      Slaughter And The Dogs : Twist And Turn
        A3      Angelic Upstarts        Brighton Bomb
        A4      The Business            Disco Girls
        A5      Case                    Oh
        A6      Section 5               Every Saturday
        A7      The Last Resort         Eight Pounds A Week
        B1      The Lurkers             I'm On Heat
        B2      Warfare                 No Fun
        B3      Peter And The Test Tube Babies : The Jinx
        B4      The Crack               Cum On Feel The Noise
        B5      The Exploited           Class War
        B6      Cockney Rejects         It Will Only Ever Be
        B7      Frankie And The Flames : Dick Barton
LINKLP  128     RADIACS                 LIVE AND ROCKIN'                LP        .1990

        A1      Radiac Wrath
        A2      Baby Let's Play House
        A3      Please Give Me Something
        A4      Hell Raiser
        A5      Let Him Rest
        A6      Women and Wine
        A7      Radiac Drive
        B1      Don't Drive Baby
        B2      Al Capone
        B3      Lost
        B4      Indian Reservation
        B5      Jungle Rock
        B6      Shakin' All Over

        A1      Drugs in the Valley
        A2      Holy Sisters
        A3      Playschool Baby
        A4      Absolution
        A5      Endless Sleep
        A6      Hang 10
        A7      Trips
        A8      Pantman
        B1      Breakout Mania
        B2      Gonna Miss Ya!
        B3      Sexy Red Number
        B4      West of London
        B5      The Race Is On
        B6      Legion Song
        B7      D.S.
        B8      Pantman
LINKLP  130     V / A                   OI! OI! OI!                     LP        .1990

        A1      Section 5               Beat Of The Street
        A2      Distorted Truth         Party Political Bullshit
        A3      The Last Resort         Johnny Bardens 89
        A4      Blitz                   Those Days
        A5      Close Shave             Man At The Top
        A6      Skinhead                One Of The Boys
        B1      The Crack               Don't Stop Me
        B2      Guitar Gangsters        Nothing To Shout About
        B3      Distorted Truth         Fallout
        B4      Close Shave             Get Out Of Our Way
        B5      The Boneshakers         Boneshaker
        B6      Section 5               We Won't Change
LINKLP  131     RANTANPLAN              TWO WORLDS AT ONCE              LP        .1990

        A1      Rantanplan
        A2      Watch Me Goin' Off
        A3      Unknown Girl
        A4      Go Out Cherie
        A5      Bad Gamers
        A6      Container Love
        B1      Chinese Boy
        B2      Liberty Baby
        B3      Riding to Nowhere
        B4      My Bed Is Too Small
LINKLP  133     KING KURT               DESTINATION DEMOLAND            LP        .1990
LINKCD  133     KING KURT               DESTINATION DEMOLAND            CD        .1990

        A1      67 Heaven
        A2      Slick Black Cadillac
        A3      Stomp
        A4      Jungle Feet
        A5      Bye, Bye Baby
        A6      Momma Kurt
        B1      Zulu Joe
        B2      New Club
        B3      Humpin' in the Backseat
        B4      Martin Momma
        B5      Loud and Dirty
        B6      Fuck Off Status Quo





LINKLP  140     ANGELIC UPSTARTS        LOSY & FOUND                    LP        .1991

        A1      I Won't Pay For Liberty
        A2      Solidarity
        A3      Never Return To Hell
        A4      When Will They Learn
        A5      The Tut Shuffle
        A6      Box On
        A7      Living In Exile
        B1      No Nukes
        B2      Calypso
        B3      Never 'Ad Nothin' (Live)
        B4      Leave Me Alone (Live)
        B5      Teenage Warning (Live)
        B6      Last Night Another Soldier (Live)
        B7      Guns For The Afghan Rebels (Live)
LINKLP  141     COCK SPARRER            SHOCK TROOPS                    LP        .1991








LINKCD  151     V / A : THE BEST OF OI!-25 BRICKWALL PUNK CLASSICS      CD        .1991

        1       The Business            Suburban Rebels
        2       Blitz                   Someone's Gonna Die
        3       Sham 69                 George Davis Is Innocent
        4       Menace                  GLC
        5       Angelic Upstarts        Police Oppression
        6       Cock Sparrer            England Belongs To Me
        7       The 4 Skins             One Law For Them
        8       The Last Resort         King Of The Jungle
        9       Red Alert               SPG
        10      The Partisans           Police Story
        11      The Business            Smash The Discos
        12      Cock Sparrer            Runnin' Riot (Live)
        13      Combat 84               Right To Choose
        14      The Last Resort         Working Class Kids
        15      The 4 Skins             Yesterday's Heroes
        16      Cockney Rejects         Police Car
        17      Blitz                   Razors In The Night
        18      The Blood               Megalomania
        19      Peter & The Test Tube Babies : Maniac
        20      The Gonads : Tuckers Ruckers Ain't No Suckers
        21      Splodge                 Two Pints Of Lager
        22      Infa Riot               Kids Of The 80's
        23      Sham 69                 They Don't Understand
        24      Angelic Upstarts        England (Live)

LINKCD  153     V / A                   APOCALYPSE PUNK TOUR 1981       CD        .1992

        1       Anti-Nowhere League     We're The League
        2       Anti-Nowhere League     Animal
        3       Anti-Nowhere League     I Hate People
        4       Chron Gen               Chronic Generation
        5       Chron Gen               Change Me
        6       Chron Gen               Living Next Door To Alice
        7       Anti-Pasti              Another Dead Soldier
        8       Anti-Pasti              Two Years Too Late
        9       Anti-Pasti              I Wanna Be Your Dog
        10      The Exploited           Sex And Violence
        11      The Exploited           Exploited Barmy Army
        12      The Exploited           Daily News
        13      The Exploited           Dead Cities
        14      Discharge               Maimed And Slaughtered
        15      Discharge               Decontrol
CD      154     THE 4 SKINS             THE BEST OF THE 4 SKINS         CD        .1991

        1       One Law For Them                                2:37
        2       Yesterday's Heroes                              2:15
        3       Clockwork Skinhead                              2:21
        4       Brave New World                                 3:17
        5       Chaos                                           2:05
        6       Wonderful World                                 1:40
        7       Evil                                            1:35
        8       Sorry                                           3:11
        9       1984                                            2:11
        10      A.C.A.B.                                        1:29
        11      I Don't Wanna Die                               3:12
        12      Plastic Gangsters                               3:24
        13      Yesterday's Heroes (Single Version)             2:29
        14      Get Out Of My Life                              2:07
        15      Justice                                         2:31
        16      Jack The Lad                                    3:32
        17      Low Life                                        3:08
        18      Bread Or Blood                                  2:52
        19      Seems To Me                                     3:20
        20      Norman                                          4:34
        21      On The Streets                                  2:48
        22      Five More Years                                 3:20
        23      Betrayed                                        3:41
        24      Saturday (Live)                                 3:27
        25      Dambusters                                      2:12
LINKCD  155     FRANTIC FLINTSTONES     BEST OF                         CD        .1991

        1       Rockin Out                                      3:04
        2       What The Hell                                   1:34
        3       One Night Stand                                 3:06
        4       Chuck Blows A Fuse                              2:22
        5       Wider Road To Hell                              3:11
        6       Oh Little Town Of Bedrock                       2:11
        7       Alone Again / Round Mountain                    2:33
        8       Blue Christmas                                  2:24
        9       Smack Smack                                     2:14
        10      Bone Rest                                       1:42
        11      Twisted Retard                                  1:43
        12      Rasppin' Grasses                                3:10
        13      Dustbin Case                                    3:05
        14      Drugs In The Valley                             2:41
        15      Holy Sisters                                    2:07
        16      Absolution                                      2:40
        17      Endless Sleep                                   2:31
        18      Hang 10                                         1:57
        19      Trips                                           2:50
LINKCD  156     THE BUSIONESS           THE BEST OF THE BUSINESS        CD        .1992

        1       Out In The Cold
        2       Streets Where You Live
        3       Harry May
        4       National Insurance Blacklist (Employers Backlist)
        5       Suburban Rebels
        6       Product
        7       Smash The Discos
        8       Disco Girls
        9       H-Bomb
        10      Blind Justice
        11      Get Out While You Can
        12      Guttersnipe
        13      Real Enemy
        14      Loud Proud And Punk
        15      Get Out Of My House
        16      Outlaw
        17      Saturday's Heroes
        18      Frontline
        19      Spanish Jails
        20      Freedom
        21      Coventry
        22      No Emotions
        23      Do A Runner
        24      Welcome To The Real World
        25      Fear In Your Heart
        26      Never Say Never
        27      Look At Him Now
        28      Drinking And Driving
LINKCD  157     EDDIE & THE HOT RODS    THE CURSE OF THE HOT RODS       CD        .1992

        1       At Night                                        2:36
        2       I See The Light                                 2:19
        3       Wide Eyed Kids                                  3:51
        4       I Got Mine                                      3:10
        5       Romance In A Used Car Lot                       3:58
        6       You Better Run                                  2:44
        7       Making The Body Respond To The Brain            2:32
        8       Observations Of The 2nd 2nd Time Around         4:36
        9       Hit Or Miss                                     2:46
        10      Looking Around                                  2:04
        11      Red Light Blue Light                            2:20
        12      Act Sharper                                     2:31
        13      Boxes                                           4:45
        14      Pompeii Lovers                                  5:04
        15      Ties That Bind                                  2:54
LINKCD  158     V / A                   THE BEST OF OI! VOLUME 2        CD        .1992

        1       The Business            Harry May               2:14
        2       Blitz                   Nation On Fire          3:08
        3       4-Skins, The            Evil                    1:34
        4       The Last Resort         Johnny Barden           3:51
        5       Cock Sparrer : Chip On My Shoulder (Live)       1:58
        6       Menace                  I'm Civilised           3:01
        7       The Blood               Such Fun                2:32
        8       Cockney Rejects         I Wanna Be A Star       2:16
        9       Peter & The Test Tube Babies : Transvestite     3:18
        10      The Gonads : I Lost My Love To A U.K. Sub       3:06
        11      The Ejected             What Am I Gonna Do      1:49
        12      Section 5               For The Love Of Oi!     3:47
        13      The Business            Real Enemy              2:16
        14      Combat 84               Rapist                  2:48
        15      Infa Riot               Each Dawn I Die         2:19
        16      Sham 69                 I Don't Wanna (Live)    1:41
        17      Cock Sparrer            Take 'Em All            2:32
        18      Vicious Rumours         Take The Blame          3:20
        19      The Partisans           Arms Race               2:08
        20      The Crack : Don't You Ever Let Me Down          3:34
        21      The Last Resort         Violence In Our Minds   3:01
        22      4-Skins, The            On The Streets          2:46
        23      The Strike              Action Man              2:17
        24      Infa Riot               Emergency               2:17
        25      Angelic Upstarts : Kids On The Streets (Live)   2:23
LINKCD  159     THE ADVERTS             LIVE AND LOUD!!                 CD        .1992

        1       Gary Gilmore's Eyes
        2       New Boys
        3       One Chord Wonders
        4       On The Roof
        5       New Day Dawning
        6       Quick Step
        7       Safety In Numbers
        8       The Great British Mistake
        9       We Who Wait
        10      New Church
        11      Bombsite Boys
        12      Bored Teenagers
        13      One Chord Wonders (Encore)
LINK12  01      THE BUSINESS            DO A RUNNER                     2x12"     .1988

12"/1   A       Do A Runner
        B       Coventry

12"/2   C       Welcome to the Real World
        D       No Emotion
LINK12  02      SHAM PISTOLS            WHAT HAVE WE GOT                12"       .1988
LINK12  03      STIFF LITTLE FINGERS    THE LAST TIME                   12"       .1989

        A       The Last Time
        B1      Mr. Fire Coal Man
        B2      Two Guitars Clash
LINK12  004     ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE     FUCK AROUND THE CLOCK           12"       .1990

        A1      So What
        A2      I Hate People
        B1      Snowman
        B2      Fuck Around the Clock

LP      A1      One Chord Wonders                               2:49
        A2      Bored Teenagers                                 1:44
        A3      New Church                                      2:26
        A4      On the Roof                                     3:01
        A5      Newboys                                         3:13
        A6      Gary Gilmore's Eyes                             2:17
        A7      Bombsite Boy                                    3:28
        B1      No Time to Be 21                                2:36
        B2      Safety in Numbers                               3:15
        B3      New Day Dawning                                 2:40
        B4      Drowning Men                                    2:18
        B5      On Wheels                                       3:17
        B6      Great British Mistake                           3:46

CD      1       One Chord Wonders                               2:49
        2       Bored Teenagers                                 1:44
        3       New Church                                      2:26
        4       On the Roof                                     3:01
        5       Newboys                                         3:14
        6       Bombsite Boy                                    3:45
        7       No Time to Be 21                                2:36
        8       Safety in Numbers                               3:16
        9       Drowning Men                                    2:18
        10      On Wheels                                       3:17
        11      Great British Mistake                           3:49
        12      Gary Gilmore's Eyes                             2:21
        13      We Who Wait                                     2:00
        14      New Day Dawning                                 2:40

LP      Bright          BRL 201         1978    UK
CLINK   2       THE BOYS                THE BOYS                        LP        .1990

        A1      Sick on You                                     2:06
        A2      I Call Your Name                                2:08
        A3      Tumble With Me                                  1:56
        A4      Tonight                                         1:25
        A5      I Don't Care                                    2:27
        A6      Soda Pressing                                   2:28
        A7      No Money                                        1:47
        B1      First Time                                      2:19
        B2      Box Number 939                                  2:35
        B3      Kiss Like a Nun                                 2:05
        B4      Cop Cars                                        2:02
        B5      Keep Running                                    1:45
        B6      Tenement Kids                                   1:35
        B7      Living in the City                              2:09

LP      NEMS            NEL 6001        1977    UK
CLINK   3       THE BOYS                ALTERNATIVE CHARTBUSTERS        LP        .1990

        A1      Brickfield Nights
        A2      U.S.I.
        A3      Taking on the World
        A4      Sway (Quien Sera)
        A5      Do the Contract
        A6      Heroine
        A7      Not Ready
        B1      Classified Susie
        B2      T.C.P.
        B3      Neighbourhood Brats
        B4      Stop Stop Stop
        B5      Talking
        B6      Backstage Pass
        B7      Cast of Thousands

LP      NEMS            NEL 6015        1978    UK
CLINK   4       U.K. SUBS               ENDANGERED SPECIES              LP        .1990

        A1      Endangered Species
        A2      Living Dead
        A3      Countdown
        A4      Ambition
        A5      Fear Of Girls
        A6      Lie Down And Die
        A7      Down On The Farm
        B1      Sensitive Boys
        B2      8 4
        B3      Ice Age
        B4      I Robot
        B5      Flesh Wound
        B6      Plan Of Action
        B7      I Dont Need Your Love

LP      NEMS            NEL 6021        1982    GE/UK
LP      Roadrunner      RR 9986         1982    UK

        A1      Done Some Brain Cells Last Nite
        A2      Degenerate
        A3      Gestapo Khazi
        A4      Well Sick
        A5      Sewer Brain
        B1      Sucker
        B2      Mesrine
        B3      Rule 43
        B4      Joys Of Noise
        B5      Waste Of Flesh And Bone
        B6      Throttle Ya Blue

LP      Noise           NOYZLP 1        1983    UK
CLINK   6       ANGELIC UPSTARTS        POWER OF THE PRESS              LP        .1990

        A1      I Stand Accused
        A2      Nottingham Slag
        A3      Joe Where Are You Now?
        A4      Soldier
        A5      Empty Street
        A6      Brighton Bomb
        B1      Power Of The Press
        B2      Stab In The Back
        B3      Here I Come
        B4      Thin Red Line
        B5      I'd Kill Her For Sixpence
        B6      Greenfields Of France

LP      Gas Music       GAS 4012        1986    UK
LRMO    1       THE BUSINESS            IN AND OUT OF BUSINESS          LP        .1990

        A1      Get Your Tits Out
        A2      Tina Turner
        A3      Do a Runner
        A4      Nineteen
        A5      Out in the Cold
        A6      Never Been Taken
        A7      Outlaw
        A8      Coventry
        B1      Malicious Damage - Lunatic Fringe
        B2      The Blackout - Never Say Never
        B3      Chapter 4 - Foreign Girl
        B4      Sabre Dance - All Out Tonight
        B5      Prole - Chasing Rainbows
        B6      The Blackout - Sweet Salvation
        B7      Bandits at 4 O'Clock - In the Shadow of the Morning
        B8      Smack - Fire Down Under
LRMO    2       V / A                   THE JOYS OF OI!                 LP        .1990
LRMO    3       V / A                   THE ODDITES OF OI               LP        .1990
LRMO    4       THE LOAFERS             SKARATIES                       LP        .1990

        A1      Too Late Rudy
        A2      The Laughing Loafer
        A3      Keep Walking
        A4      Liquidator
        A5      Melancholy Sally
        A6      Skankin' at the O.K. Corral
        A7      Average Man
        A8      Summers Day
        B1      Skankanstein
        B2      It's So Easy
        B3      Feelings Right
        B4      Living in a Suitcase
        B5      Z-Cars
        B6      The Undertaker - Version
LRMO    5       DEMENTED ARE GO!        GO GO DEMENTED                  LP        .1990

        A1      Rubber Buccaneer
        A2      Rubber Plimsoles
        A3      Satans Reject
        A4      Shadow Crypt
        A5      Old Black Joe
        B1      Country Woman
        B2      Call of the Wired
        B3      Frenzied Beat
        B4      Move It
        B5      Vibrate
Note : many records re-issued on UK labels such as      Dojo
                                                        Step-1 Music
                                                        Harry May Rec. Co.
                                                        Captain Oi!
                                                        Let Then Eat Vinyl