LIMP RECORDS                    UK

Distr.  : Pinnacle
Style   : punk / new wave / synth pop /

LIMP    1       DEEP THROAT             Rock & Roll Discharge           7"        .1978
LIMP    2       MODERN ENGLISH          Drowning Man                    7"      09.1979
                                        Silent World
LIMP    1001    V / A : 30 OVER D.C. - HERE COMES THE NEW WAVE          LP        .1978

                THE PENATRATORS         The Break
                THE RUDEMENTS           Imagination
                MOCK TURTLE : Thank You For Sending Me An Eno
                THE SLICKEE BOYS        Attitude
                CHUMPS                  Jet Lag Drag
                BILLY SYNTH             Every Time You Give Me A Call
                JEFF DAHL               Get Up N Dance
                1/2 JAPANESE            I Want Something New
                WHITE BOY               I Hate
                THE NURSES              A Can Explain
                MARK HOBACK             No Fun
                JUDIES FIXATION         Martyr
                TINA PEEL               Knocking Down Guardrails
                YOUNG TURDS             Murder One
                DA MORONICS             Mr.President
                RAISINETS               Stay Limp
                (Note : LP , 500 numbered copies , red vinyl)