Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : garage punk / r&r /

CHEWY   3       BABY SHAKES             STARRY EYES                     LP      08.2015

Baby Shakes crafted 11 songs that draw on '77 punk and, in the vocal department,
infectious saccharine '60s girl group melodies. Fans of garage bands and/or the heroes
of '77 (think Ramones, Boys, Protex, Buzzcocks a.o.) will surely dig these fuzzed up
Rickenbacker leads and candy apple hooks!
CHEWY   4       BABY SHAKES             TURN IT UP                      LP      05.2017
CHEWY   4       BABY SHAKES             TURN IT UP                      CD      05.2017

The 2017 album by the rock'n'roll-punk band from New York City featuring Mary on lead
vocals and guitar, Judy on lead guitar and vocals, Claudia on bass and vocals, and
Ryan on drums. With catchy melodic vocals over dirty guitars and a killer rhythm
section, their influences range from The Ramones and Slade to Chuck Berry and '60s
Motown girl groups.