Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie / alternative /

LBB     1       LA BELLE BLEUE          FENETRES                        CD      04.2017

        01.     FENETRES
        02.     A TES C“TS
        03.     MON BATEAU
        04.     100 PHRASES
        05.     LE TYPE … LA TETE DU TRUC
        06.     RENGAT
        08.     NOIR
        09.     AMOUR REVOLVER
        10.     AVALE
        11.     INTERLUDE
        12.     FOLIE FA‹ENCE
        13.     LA BERCEUSE
        14.     LA MACHINE

With "Fenetres" La Belle Bleue releases its fourth album and ,maybe, the most beautiful
invitation to a journey since its beginnings. The ethnic tones are still present and
from now on the musicians come up against other musical horizons by integrating
instruments such as tzouras (Greek bouzouki) and the caisa drum. Through its
humanitarian songs "in French", ranging from the whispered ballad to the enraged
lampoon, the quintet lays claim to the right of dreaming, to immoderation, to ordinary
ourage and to sharing. Through these 13 titles, the songs mingle, the guitars resound
and the words fly away through this window left opened onto another world, that of
daydreaming, of a fanciful reality. And as such a journey entails exchange, La Belle
Bleue has invited several friends . Thus you will listen to Laurent Kbous (singing),
Vincent Serrano (violin), the roarings of Lo, Mael Morel (saxophone) as well as
Elisabeth Hardy (cello).