Distr.  : FR -
          NE - Shiny Beast/ Clear Spot/
Style   : garage rock / punk /

LDLMG   1       V / A  BORN BAD RECORD SHOP 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!        LP      01.2020

SIDE 1: 1.      Arndales                Cue The Revolve
        2.      Lars Finberg            New Permanent Prowl
        3.      Mini Skirt              Untitled
        4.      Ero Guro                Sunshine
        5.      Reverend Beat-Man       Right Now Or Tomorrow
        6.      Wireheads               The Detective
        7.      Exek                    Too Steep A Hill To Climb
SIDE 2: 1.      Conery Island           Born Bad (Jack Starr Cover)
        2.      Entracte Twist          Aquaboulevard
        3.      Komplikations           1914
        4.      Bracco                  Chewing Bones
        5.      Pierre & Bastien        Sim Sim
        6.      The Shifters            Toffler
        7.      Frustration             Roses Of Doubt

The famous Parisian record shop Born Bad is celebrating 20 years of active rock'n'roll,
garage and punk rock music! Here's a great compilation LP on the Les Disques Les
Mauvais Garçons label with 14 of the best international garage punk and post punk
bands. 14 previously unreleased songs by Arndales (UK), Lars Finberg from Intelligence
(US), Miniskirt (AUS), Reverend Beat-man (SWI), Ero Guro (BE), Wireheads (AUS), Exek
(AUS), Conery Island (with Looch from The Magnetix, FR), Entracte Twist (FR),
Komplikations (BE/GER), Bracco (FR), Pierre & Bastien (FR), Shifter (AUS) and
Frustration (FR).