Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   : psychedelic /

LEAFY   2       VOKA GENTLE             WRITHING!                       2LP     12.2021
                (Note : 2LP , sol-yellow coloured vinyl)
LEAFY   2 CD    VOKA GENTLE             WRITHING!                       CD      12.2021

        1.       Kestrel
        2.      Necrofauna/The Garden Of Eden (feat. Wayne Coyne)
        3.      Horse Latitudes
        4.      A Selving
        5.      Respect My Eccentricity pt. 1
        6.      Respect My Eccentricity pt. 2
        7.      Miasma Field Modulator(Trafalgar Square)+/-field recs
                (feat. Oliver Wilde)
        8.      TV Bra™
        9.      See Damage (????)
        10.     Election Day
        11.     Dread/TKOE (feat. BELLS)
        12.     [When We Go, We’re Taking You All With Us!]
        13.     Slow Joe
        14.     The Black Swell

London-based trio Voka Gentle present their sophomore studio album. Following on
from the Sixties-influenced psychedelia of 2019 debut ‘Start Clanging Cymbals’,
the band reach even grander and more cosmic heights with ‘WRITHING!’, which includes
guest spots from The Flaming Lips’ singer Wayne Coyne and Pigsx7 guitarist Sam Grant.